What Is A Wooden Mortar And Pestle Used For?

Well, not so many people know the actual uses of mortar and pestle that is why we have you asking, what then is wooden mortar and pestle used for? 

To start with mortar and pestle were used in ancient days for the purpose of pounding herbs and ingredients but they are still in use up until today. 

They are equipment used in the kitchen also for pounding cooking ingredients as well as other spices like ginger, turmeric, cloves, garlic etc for cooking. 

They are basically good in crushing these ingredients until they turn into a smooth paste but this process must be aided with your hands. 

You have to use your strength to do the pounding and crushing, I guess this is why a lot of people dropped the idea of using mortar and pestle to crush their ingredients because no everyone has the strength to do the pounding.

The mortar the bowl looking equipment while the pestle is the club like equipment used to do the actual pounding.

Mortar and pestle (like this one on Amazon) can be made of Olivewood, plastics, granite, metal and ceramics but for the purpose of this article, we shall be discussing only wooden mortars and their uses.

What is a wooden mortar and pestle?

Just like I said earlier the wooden mortar and pestle are kitchen equipment that is used for pounding and crushing either ingredient for cooking or medicinal herbs.

Wooden mortar and pestle are made from hardwood because they require rigorous continuous pounding hence if you make it with softwood it is not going to last more than one day.

The woods used for making mortar and pestle are carefully selected and carefully prepared to give you a smooth inner surface when you are pounding or crushing your ingredients.

Most people are confused when it comes to identifying the mortar from the pestle.

For that reason, I will like to tell you now that the mortar is the bowl-like one in which the pounding is done while the pestle is the club-like one that is used to do the actual pounding.

The substance to be pounded in the mortar may be dry or wet, it is placed inside the mortar and the pestle is used to press and rotated onto the substance until you achieve your desired texture.

What are the uses of wooden mortar and pestle? 

What is a wooden Mortar and Pestle Used For? 

In the old days, wooden mortar and pestle were more rampant until more advents lead to the production of both plastic, granite, metallic and ceramic mortar and pestle.

If you are looking for the uses of mortar and pestle, it is very simple.

They are used for many things in the kitchen but the most important uses of the mortar are;

  • They were used traditionally by pharmacies and herbalists to crush different ingredients before they make prescriptions.
  • They are used as drug paraphernalia to grind up pills to help speed up the absorptions of the drugs when ingested.
  • They are used for mincing ingredients
  • They are used in food preparation to grind different food ingredients to any texture you need.
  • They are used in developing countries to husk and dehull grains. These type of mortar and pestle are often made of wood.
  • They are used to crush and grind ingredients to a powder.

You see the uses of the mortar you have in your kitchen. You can use it to crush and grind your cooking ingredients. Many people claim that ingredients grounded with mortar and pestle taste better when compared to the ground of the one with food processor or mixer.

When next you see a mortar and pestle it is good you know that they have a variety of uses and purposes for which they were made.

What should I do when I buy a new mortar and pestle?

You bought a new wooden mortar and pestle and you are wondering what to do to it before using it for pounding or grinding.

It may be because you have tried using it to pound and found out that it changes the colour of the ingredient you wanted to pound.

Now when you buy a new wooden mortar and pestle, there are processes they must undergo before you can comfortably use them to pound your ingredients. Failure to do so will result in you damaging all the ingredients you will use the mortar and pestle to pound.

The major process a wooden mortar and pestle undergoes is what we call Seasoning of mortar and pestle.

Before you use a new mortar and pestle you bought, you must season them before using.

Seasoning can also be called curing of mortar and pestle and it is the act of conditioning the mortar and pestle in preparation of further use.

To cure the mortar and pestle you must first of soaking the wooden mortar and pestle overnight inside water. Then the next morning you prepare to start the seasoning process.

First, all pour a small amount of rice into the mortar and start pounding the rice, you will notice that the colour of the rice will change.

Once the colour changes pour it away and pour more rice and then continue pounding. You will continue this process until the rice in the mortar stops changing colour.

You can now stop pounding and wash the mortar and pestle with clean water.

During the seasoning process of the mortar and pestle, you are not supposed to use soap in washing the mortar and pestle just wash them with clean water and dry properly then store away.

Want to read more about mortar and pestle seasoning?

How to clean your wooden mortar and pestle after use

Just like every other utensil in the kitchen the mortar and pestle should be kept clean after each use.

Cleaning the mortar and pestle in the kitchen does not require a lot of efforts since they are small and you can easily wash them just like you wash plates.

To achieve best results using the mortar and pestle you must take care of them after each use and below are ways of taking care of the mortar and pestle;

  • When you are done using them rinse the mortar and pestle under running water, this will ensure that all food particles are removed.
  • Put mild dish detergent on your sponge and use it to wash the mortar thoroughly
  • Rinse the mortar and pestle thoroughly with warm water
  • Dry the mortar and pestle properly with a dry towel and fully air dry it before you store.

You can see that taking care of the mortar and pestle is not as hard as taking care of the equipment in the kitchen like the food processor.

So if you have a mortar or trying to buy just follow these simple steps above to care for them.

I could remember I have a mortar and pestle hiding somewhere in the kitchen cabinets that I use on very rare occasions to grind my spices.

I bought that mortar a long time ago I can still remember where and how I got it because they have been so helpful and efficient all these years.

Are you interested in having a mortar somewhere in your kitchen that you can easily bring out for use while cooking? Well, I got my own mortar because I needed something like bringing out the mortar each time to grind and mash up the ingredients I use for cooking.

The iron Gourmet Olmec wooden mortar is made from gorgeous acacia wood that is known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns.

It is very effective for reducing herbs, spices and nuts to powder or paster. And of course, it is very easy to maintain and clean, you just have to simply wash with warm soap and air dry in preparation for the next use.

While using this mortar and pestle you can use the salt cellar as a stand out condiment cup and keep your guests impressed.

It also helps you to make beautiful powders and pastes as the base for sauces. Keeping the salt cellar close at hand will help you to add flavour to all your meals.

The design of the salt cellar is beautiful enough to leave out countertops while storing your favourite salts and spices.

What is a wooden Mortar and Pestle Used For? 
Iron Gourmet mortar

Do you own your own herb? Or you enjoy adding them into your culinary creations?

This mortar and pestle are great for grinding and crushing all of your herbs and spices! Adding herbs and spices to your dishes improves tastes and grinding them yourself is the only way to ensure that yours are at their full flavour and potency.

This mortar and pestle is made of gorgeous acacia hardwood and features a pre-Columbian design. Ensure perfection in your own cooking by grinding your spices with your own mortar and pestle.

You can rejuvenate the wood after washing by rubbing it down with ironwood butcher block oil. Apply the oil liberally and allow it to soak in thoroughly before use.

Regular application of the butcher oil will prevent cracking and preserve the rich natural colours of the wood.

Are you interested in owning this mortar and pestle? You are just one click away.

I hope you’ve got answers to your question, what are the uses of wooden mortar and pestle? 

Do you have more questions about wooden mortar and pestle then drop them in the comment section.

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