Is Granite Mortar And Pestle Safe In 2022

Is Granite Mortar And Pestle Really Safe to use?

The fear of a lot of mortar and pestle users bother more on the safety of the mortar and pestle used, and here, we will do justice to that.

One of the important things to look out for is the safety of your mortar and pestle when it comes to grinding your spices and materials to blend. Whether you season or condition your morar and pestle, exercising the fear of microscopic chips as an addition to your spices are valid fears you should have.

The Question: Is granite mortar and pestle safe

Is Granite Mortar And Pestle Safe

The granite stone is a hard one, so hard that it will never make the granite mortar and pestle yield under full force. The granite mortar and pestle gives you the kind of strong hard surface you need to crush stuff. It is also not as brittle as ceramic or wood, which translates to the fact that you can grind as hard as you like without the fear of cracking or chipping.

Generally, the density of the granite mortar and pestle should be checked if it is dense and heavy enough. At least, heavier than what you intend to grind. Hard, dense granite mortar and pestle will not necessarily chip under usage.

The stone of most quality granite mortar and pestle is usually nonporous, and they would not absorb any form of odours or flavours. The inside usually allows for easy cleaning after each use.

Therefore, your granite mortar and pestle must have a hard, abrasive surface so that it can grind your ingredients into a paste. You should avoid smooth, glossy surfaces as much as possible in order to possess that mortar and pestle that will help you shear and grind food very well.

What is important for you to know is to pick up a great granite mortar and pestle that will be worth the money. You should not look at the price of a mortar and pestle before you buy one. You should look at what quality it brings to the table.

Also, before you check out the price of a mortar and pestle you see online. Check out the specifications and product descriptions first, and then you can make your purchase.

Remember, choosing a great mortar and pestle requires that you need to look at the description very well. Mortars are built to last for a very long time. Don’t go for a cheap, low-quality mortar and pestle that will chip or crack after some hard pounding.

Comparing granite with other types of mortar and pestles

Is granite mortar and pestle safe

I’m pretty sure you are now convinced that granite mortars and pestles are safe for use in our homes. Not only are they safe but efficient in munching or grinding any hard, tough herbs and ingredients.

But as you probably know already, there are other mortars that are made of various materials. There are some that are wooden, metal, ceramic and a lot more of the variation.

We are going to compare them individually by using a granite mortar and pestle. And at the end of the day, you may be moved to conclude that granite mortars are the best types of mortars.

The type of mortar you choose to buy depends entirely on personal preference. None of them is bad. But when you search for something tougher, that will grind your hardest ingredients without any cracks or chips, then you need a food bowl as hard as granite.

Like I said, there are indeed various types of mortar, but when they are compared with granite, they may not be as effective as you’ve always thought. Let’s take a look at them individually.

Wooden mortars and pestle

Is Granite Mortar And Pestle Safe

I like to think that most people use wooden mortars in their homes more than any other type of mortars. And as for these people who use them, you will agree with me that wooden mortars absorb moisture.

This will allow a remnant of residue to remain in the mortar even after you’ve thoroughly washed them. They can even begin to smell of the previously ground spice.

Although they get the job perfectly done, this downside is something you should avoid.

Let me also remind you that Germs and bacteria will thrive on a moist surface that is full of nutrients. Unfortunately, wooden mortars are best for this abode. I’m sure you don’t want to use a bacteria house to prepare food for your family.

Even when you’ve studied my article on how to clean smell for a mortar and pestle, you will have to repeat the process on and on until the smell or particles finally disappears. This is not worth the time and effort.

While they are lightweight and good for grinding some specific ingredients, a drawback about wooden mortar that you should be mindful of is that they absorb moisture.

On the other hand, granite mortars do not absorb mister, in fact, it is always dry and will grind almost anything, depending on the energy you force against such ingredients.

So if you are placed before a wooden mortar and pestles on the left and the one made of granite at the right, you know what choice will pay you in the long run.

But is that all? Do you think other types of mortar could beat this? Let’s continue.

Metal mortar and pestle

Is Granite Mortar And Pestle Safe

I should have talked about metal ones first before wood. But it seems most people are accustomed to wooden mortars rather than metal ones.

As a matter of fact, if there is any other mortar that is as best as granite then it will definitely be ones made of metal.

When you use metal tools or appliances, it is assured that it will not break however repeatedly or often you use them. Metal is rigid and tough.

Even when it mistakenly yields and falls, it will not break. It grinds spices perfectly well also. But one significant downside of using a metal mortar and pestle is that they will begin to deteriorate over time.

This is as a result of the type of metal being used to make mortars in general. They are regarded as susceptible to the acidic contents in the herbs and spices that you mash or grind.

Another thing to note is that these metals are not the roughest surface on earth. And to perfectly grind any spice or ingredient, you need a rough, rigid surface.

To this end, granite mortar and pestle comes to the mind before any type.

Marble mortar and pestle

Is Granite Mortar And Pestle Safe

I don’t even need to say much about marble. They are brittle surfaces and material.

When you use brittle materials for grinding hard or regular ingredients often, they become worn out and eventually break over time.

This has happened to me and I know how painful it is when you need a tool and you bring it out of the cupboard only to discover that it has broken or cracked beyond use.

Yes, they are not affected by acid but the way the longevity of these kinds of mortars is affected, you should consider other types.

You can choose to go ahead and buy a marble mortar and pestle (like this one on Amazon). You will think you’ve made a very good choice until they disappoint you one day. I’m not totally rebuffing the use of marble mortar and pestle. You can get it if you want, but make sure you have another mortar as a backup plan.

So with all these that we’ve been able to establish, you would agree with me that granite mortar and pestle is not only safe for use in 2020 but also the best you can use.

Plus, the seasoning process and how to clean a granite pestle is something you are familiar with already.

Benefits of using a granite mortar and pestle

Is granite mortar and pestle safe

From the above explanation, we can deduce some benefits of using granite which will assure us that it is not only safe for use but also the best type of mortar you would want to choose. These benefits can be outlined as below:

  • It is pretty hard and sturdy
  • It will not break randomly at any time soon
  • The rough material allows you to grind your herbs easily
  • Doesn’t absorb water at all
  • It isn’t harmed by acid at all
  • It is easy to use and  clean

The only thing to note about granite mortars and pestles is that they are not lightweight. Very heavy.

But don’t you think that is another benefit?

While they are hard to carry around, they will hardly yield from where you place them. Hence, there is no possibility of them falling and breaking.

And even when they fall, they barely break.

So if I were you, I’ll look for a better place to place them almost permanently. Whenever I need a mortar and pestle, I know where to go in my kitchen. This will help you avoid carrying them up and down and reduce the risk of it falling and hitting someone’s feet. Aww!

Washing a granite mortar and pestle properly

Is granite mortar and pestle safe

So I’ve heard some people saying that the use of soap to wash a granite mortar and pestle after use will permeate into the rock and contaminate whatever you grind next. This is true. So I do not advise that you wash granite mortars with such soap.

I have taken my time to create this article HERE that deals with all you need to know When it comes to cleaning granite mortars at home.

Speaking about contaminating any herbs you grind next, there are many arguments as to if granites are porous or not. And when you Google that, you’ll fall to the winning side.

While some people debate that granite is porous and that detergents used to wash them will travel deep down into the mortar, there are claims that this is not true.

I’ll recommend that the best and reliable way to clean your granite mortar is to grind rock salt or rice into the surface then wipe it out with a dry cloth.

Many people use paper towels to remove the grounded rice. Please don’t. They are probably oblivious to the fact that they’d be grinding some particles of rice or rock salt along with whatever herbs they grind next

But as an expert, as for those who have been using mortars even before I was born, they know that just simply washing them will do the hassle. Don’t ever think of putting soap into the granite bowl.

The advice I give in my articles is always backed up with deep research and consultations from people who use mortars, maybe more often than you do. They are also pure recommendations from manufacturers.

So if you want your granite mortar and pestle to last long, you need to do the right thing when washing, using and keeping them.

Do not forget to put the mortar in an airtight area. This will prevent dust and similar contamination from resting on it.

Granite mortars are not only safe to use but effective in perfectly grinning/munching your herbs, spice or ingredients.

Is Granite Mortar And Pestle Safe

An example of my favourite granite mortar and pestle is this 8″ Thailand Granite Mortar and Pestle. You’d surely love it. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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