9 Best Mortar and Pestle For Weed (2021 Detailed Review)

I know you are looking at ways you can grind your weed using a very good mortar and pestle, and I am here to help you find the best mortar and pestle that you’ll use.

In many cases, the regular methods of grinding weed such as the use of the coffee grinder, knife, and knife, and chopping board won’t help you grind appropriately. So, this may need to you to spend more time preparing weed.

The pestle and mortar are one of the ancient tools that are yet to get extinct. With the earliest ones dating to 35,000 BC.

It is used for a wide range of purposes, from alchemy to pharmacology and Mansory. Also, it is a tool that every modern kitchen should have.

Aside from adding a different look to the kitchen decor, they are easy to use, convenient to use, and handy. Looking more further, they can be handy for proper grinding of weed in situations where electric grinders may be ineffective.

Getting the right Mortar and Pestle seems like rocket science due to their enormity on Amazon and other physical stores. To make the process an easy one; let’s take a look at the list of Best Mortar and Pestle.

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Reviews of Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

Just before we get into the review proper, check out our TOP THREE mortar and pestle for weed.

Product NameWhere to buy
Thai Super-Size Granite Mortar and PestleCheck on Amazon
ChefSofi Mortar and PestleCheck on Amazon
Cole-Parmer 3'' Agate Mortar and Pestle SetCheck on Amazon

#1. Cole-Parmer 3” Agate Mortar and Pestle Set, 25 mL

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

The Cole-Parmer 3” Agate Mortar and Pestle Set, 25 mL is the #1 on the list of best mortar and pestle for weed. It is ideal for grinding weed that requires dirt-free results. Being octagonal mortar, it is made up of naturally hard agate stone.

Also, it features a highly polished grinding surface that ensures optimal results.

With a pestle and mortar, such as Cole-Parmer 3” Agate Mortar and Pestle Set, 25 mL, you can rest assured that your weed won’t have first in its result.

Reasons To Buy

  • Clean, good design
  • Very portable
  • The results always dirt-free
  • It can take a large amount of weed at a time

Reasons Not To Buy

  • It is a little bit pricey


#2. Village Decor Ammikallu or GrindStones Hand Grinder

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

The village Decor or GrindStones Hand Grinder is easy to clean mortar and pestle that worth the money it is being sold at.

However, it should not be cleaned placing in a dishwasher; hand washes and get out to dry. Aside from being a good tool for grinding weed, it can be used for grinding ingredients.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to clean
  • It is 100 percent made of natural black stone
  • Worth the price
  • Durable

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review


#3. SMLZV Pestle and Mortar Set Crusher Spice Grinder

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

So do you need a multi-purpose pestle and mortar that can be used for not only grinding of weed but also for grinding herbs, seasoning, and spices?

The SMLZV Pestle and Mortar Set Crusher Spice Grinder has a high level of hardness and does not fade easily.

It has enamel and crowbar that are solidly designed, the inner wall is smooth and the grinder ingredients can easily be cleared.

Reasons To Buy

  • Anti stone powder
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • Multipurpose use

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review


#4. The Chefsofi Cheeseboard mortar and pestle

When you are looking out for the best mortar and pestle for weed, you should not look too far, I have one for you right here.

It is really a portable mortar and pestle made with durable material that has a lot of friction when you grind. Because of the rough inner that this mortar has, it will be able to grind weed to the exact texture that you want.

Another good thing is that you are in full control of how you want the outcome to be. With this mortar and pestle, you are not going to have any to worry about because it will give you the exact texture that you want when you are done grinding your weed.

It is also durable, you can use it for a long period of time without bothering if it is going to get damaged or not. It is also light, meaning that you can take it from one place to another without hassle, it is really going to be easy for you, you will not find it difficult at all.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • No warranty attached

When you store it in your kitchen, it is not going to occupy any space because of how portable it is.

This also serves as a very good gift item for a friend, or if you have friends that just recently got married, this could serve as a very good gift item you can give to add to their kitchen wares.


#5. Thai Super-Size Granite  Mortar and Pestle

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

The Thai Super Size Granite Mortar and Pestle has a beautiful appearance, which can beautify the kitchen. It is one of the largest-sized mortar and pestle on Amazon.

So it has a double size of the common pestle and mortar out there.

With this, no kitchen activities that require grinding will be too large or time-consuming. Besides being easy to clean, the surface texture makes it ideal for grinding herbs like oregano, thyme, and rosemary.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean and requires no special items to get it washed.

To clean the mortar and pestle, simply rinse with warm water and drip dry after using, using soap only as needed.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very heavy duty
  • Excellent quality
  • It is worth the price
  • It is ideal for grinding herbs like oregano, thyme, and rosemary.
  • Easy to clean

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review


#6. Pundund wooden mortar and pestle

This is a very good wooden mortar and pestle that would be able to crush your weed to the exact texture that you need.

It will give you the end product that you need because you are grinding with your hand and you have full control of the weed.

Do not think that the wooden material is not durable, it is very durable and will last super well for you.

When you put this mortar and pestle in your kitchen, you may not really feel it because it will not occupy so much space in your kitchen.

That is what I love about this mortar and pestle.

It is also very friendly to hold, your hands will be able to wrap around the pestle for you to get full control of it.

It comes in attractive colors that add beauty to your kitchen when you put it out there.


  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight


  • No warranty

When you are done making use of this mortar and pestle, you will not find it difficult in washing it.

You can use it for more tasks than just grinding weed, you can do more things like pounding medicine, etc.

This will really serve you well if you make a decision to get one for yourself. When you want to grind weed with this mortar and pestle.

It is simple, you just need to get your weed ready, put in adequate quantity in the mortar, and then start pounding until you get your desired texture.


#7. SkeppShult Cast Iron Mortar & Pestle

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

Are you looking for the best pestle and mortar made with cast iron? You should get SkeppShult Cast Iron Pestle & Mortar set from Amazon.

It is chemical-free. It is the ideal mortar and pestle set that can be used for grinding and other activities.

Furthermore, it has a walnut wood handle and unique shaping, the SkeppShult has a striking aesthetic that blends elements of modern and traditional design.

Besides being used for grinding, it can help add a different look to your kitchen.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is chemical-free
  • Worth the price
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Solid and stable

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review


#8. M.V Trading MTP92 Stone (Granite) Mortar and Pestle

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

The M.V Trading MTP92 Stone (Granite) Mortar and Pestle is another affordable mortar and pestle. It has a beautiful appearance that shows the real work of art, to show off in your kitchen. The material used for its production is of high quality.

Therefore, it won’t crack or chip. 

Furthermore, it is manufactured in Thailand with high-quality material, 9.25 in diameter, and 7.25 in height.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is easy to use
  • Does not chip/crack even with heavy pounding
  • Materials used are of high quality
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Worth the price

Reasons Not To Buy

  • No negative review


#9. JAMIE OLIVER Mortar and Pestle, Unpolished Granite

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle is one of the cheapest mortars and pestles on this list. It has an unpolished interior-exterior that creates enough friction needed for the fast grinding process.

It is constructed with thick walls that can stand enough pressure.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean and allows quick crushing of spice, herbs, and more. The Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle is the ideal grinding set for.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is affordable
  • It is cheap and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • It can withstand enough pressures

Reasons Not To Buy

  • It has no negative review


Which Mortar And Pestle Material Is The Best?

Different reviews of mortar and pestle on Amazon have been provided above, but when it comes to overall quality and ability to perform the functions needed (Grinding weed).

The overall best is Thai Super-Size Granite Mortar and Pestle. It has the right surface and friction needed.

Best Mortar and Pestle for Weed

The Thai Super-Size Granite Mortar and Pestle has a beautiful appearance, it is a perfect art piece to show off in your kitchen.

This set also makes the perfect gift for the cooking connoisseur and other cooking activities/domestic activities for those who enjoy the best for a lifetime.

To clean this set, all you need to do is rinse with warm water and drip after using it.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Mortar and Pestle For Grinding Weed

There are dozens of mortar and pestle online to buy, but not all are perfect for grinding weed. Knowing what to look out for and what to overlook will save you the stress of looking for the perfect pestle and mortar.

Also, it will prevent wastage of financial resources.

Before buying, know what you what to get out of it. Make sure you ask yourself thought-provoking questions and provide answers to them without being bias.

Besides using for grinding weed, do you plan to create pastes and tapenades for dinner? If yes, make sure you go for a pestle and mortar that do not only have the right surface-type but also larger capacity and deep enough to adequately hold ingredients.

However, if you plan on using for the sole purpose of grinding weed, a smaller pestle and mortar can be considered.

Another factor that should be considered is the materials used. Talk of grinding weed, a pestle and mortar that has enough to hasten the process must be of paramount.

It is of utmost importance to look for a set with a matte finish to create the friction needed to crush ingredients, but also easy to clean.

Another factor that may seem insignificant but matters is the overall measurement.

Try to find the ideal set of mortar and pestle for weed that when placed on your countertop won’t fall.

Reasons Why You Need A Pestle and Mortar

Pestle and mortar might be bulky and old fashion. It’s important in a certain aspect of human daily activities can’t be overlooked.

Whether it is for grinding of herbs, spices, and vegetables it can always be used without worries.

Aside from being the ideal tool for grinding of weed, there are other benefits of pestle and mortar.

On a day while grinding of weed is not needed, the best pestle and mortar can be used in the kitchen.

It is the right tool needed to make curry paste or coconut chutney or maybe you want to get your guacamole smashed as restaurants do.

Pestle and mortar like Cole-Parmer 3” Agate and Pestle Set is one of the easy to use and simplest in any culinary arsenal and they are good for grinding activities than anything else.

What Makes Pestles and Mortar Different?

It is a known fact that a pestle and mortar crush plants better than blades. And in situations where extraction of oils from plants or flavours is needed, crushing is the way to go.

Plants such as weed are made of boxy structures that help retain vital nutrients inside. A viable force is needed to release them and crushing with pestle and mortar has been the best so far.

Tips on How To Take Care of Mortar and Pestle

Here we have Mortar & Pestle Care Instructions. There are hundreds if not thousands of pestle and mortar set on Amazon.

How each seat gets clean depends on the materials used. The methods of cleaning for each material are not different but vary due to properties.

Method 1: Taking Care of Stone Mortar and Pestle

To clean mortar and pestle made with stone materials, rinse the set of utensils with water. Hold the mortar and pestle under warm running water then use your hand to remove food debris left hanging.

Once you are done, go on to set them aside on a drying rack or towel to air dry.

Method 2: Taking Care of Glass, Metal and Ceramic Mortar and Pestle

Rinse the mortar and pestle, get a scrub brush. Scrub the mortar and pestle to remove food debris that has gotten into them.

Keep on scrubbing until all food debris is removed. Repeat the process.

Method 3: Taking Care of Bamboo/Wooden Mortar and Pestle

The first step is to remove the debris by making use of a brush or paper towel. Do this till the majority of debris gets removed.

Wipe the mortar and pestle by dampening a clean cloth with warm water. The cloth can be rinsing in-between wipes to ensure thorough cleansing.

Furthermore, leave it to air dry and flip it a couple of times to ensure an even dry on all sides. Make sure the set gets dries before storage.

Other Methods For Grinding Weed Without Mortar and Pestle

There are other methods for grinding weed in situations where mortar and pestle won’t be readily available. Other alternatives such as coffee grinder, cheese grater, scissors, pill bottle, and a coin e.t.c. can be be used.

#1. Coffee Grinder

Aside from mortar and pestle, electric bladed kitchen appliances like Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder is the fastest and most efficient item to use if you want to finely ground your weed.

Other similar items that can be used in place of coffee grinder is a food processor or blender. They are especially ideal if you want to ground a lot of weed at one time.

#2. Knife and Cutting Board

Access to chef-grade knives and cutting boards is another amazing way to grind your weed without mortar and pestle.

However, you should take safety precautions when using this method. Make sure not to use a dull knife, it can cause irritation and unsafe.

#3. Cheese Grater

The use of Cheesegrater for grinding might sound unwell, but using Unee1 Small Cheese Grater Handheld Rotary isn’t a bad idea.

Note that using this method is best for dried weed because it is easier, and you’ll save yourself the stress of scrubbing off residue.

#4. Using Scissors

The use of scissors for grinding weed is one of the crude and DIY approaches. But it’s time-consuming than other methods of grinding, but using scissors gives control oversize.

On Amazon, there are good scissors such as Fiskars All-purpose Kitchen Shears and Kitchen Scissors Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears Detachable Stainless Steel Multi-purpose that can be used for grinding weed at home.

In addition to the methods above, we have other hacks that can be used, hence you are not limited to the methods above.

Other Uses of Mortar and Pestle Aside From Grinding of Weed

There is more to mortar and pestle, the use is not limited to grinding of weed alone. With mortar and pestle you can do the following:

Used in Medicine

Mortar and pestle right from the time is used in medicine to crush ingredients. Also, it is a piece of important laboratory equipment that even modern laboratory can’t do without.

Used for Husking and Dehulling

Large-sized mortars and pestles are commonly used in some countries to husk and dehull grain. Those types are usually made of wood.

Additionally, pestles and mortars can be used for the preparation of food such as pesto, hummus, and guacamole, as well as grinding spices into powder.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Mortar and Pestle

Do You Need To Season a Granite Mortar and Pestle?

If you have/purchased an unseasoned mortar and pestle from Amazon, or one made with granite, then it must be seasoned before use. Doing this is needed as the porous surface can release particles of stone and can grit into your weed.

How Long Can A Mortar and Pestle Last For?

There is no limitation or expiry date for a good mortar and pestle. The least that can happen is the set becoming less effective in weed grinding as the friction decrease with time.

Is Granite Mortar and Pestle Safe?

Good granite mortar and granite pestle is the best combo you can get. The set is hard and dense and they don’t chip under regular usage.

Another reason why granite mortar and pestle are safe is that they do not contain harmful chemical substances. Read more on Is Granite Mortar and Pestle Safe.

Can You Put Oil In a Mortar and Pestle?

Yes, oil can be put in a mortar and pestle.

What Material Makes The Best Mortar and Pestle?

Mortars and pestles are made with different materials and each serves a different purpose. However, the ideal material for a mortar and pestle intended to be used for grinding is granite.

Are Mortars and Pestle Effective?

Yes, the good mortars and pestles are effective when they are used the right way putting the materials into consideration. Below are few of what others feedbacks on the ones bought

Very heavy stone. Nice surface. I`m impressed with the quality of workmanship. An essential tool that I`m proud to own.

Loved this product. Solid Granite. Well made. Tried to grind some rice and as you can see in the pic, it came out very well. Got it for 16.99 and it was the cheapest 2 cup mortar available during my purchase.
Guess i am the first one to review this. Buy without hesitation. There are other expensive mortars, but the expectation is to grind spices and all stones do the same.
I am happy with my purchase. Get one before its gone. Not sure if it will be available for the same price for long.


Conclusion on Mortar and Pestle for Weed

With the review above, you can make your choice from any of the best mortar and pestle for weed reviewed above and enjoy your grinding experience.