Is Ground Pork The Same As Ground Beef

My mission on this topic is to justify if ground pork is the same as ground beef. I have taken to the path that they are not the same. I came up with my findings, evidence, and assertions to convince you that these two red types of meat have more differences than similarities. The only … Read more

Can I Use an Immersion Blender for Baking?

It is absolutely possible to make your best pastries with the powerful rotors of your immersion blender, giving better alternatives to hand mixers and electrical whisks. With the combination of sugar, butter, eggs, and flavors, it becomes thick automatically, and using my electric whisk or mixer will become a little tedious. The rotors of my … Read more

Can You Slice Ham with a Mandolin?

Yes, you can slice ham with a mandolin. Most mandolins that people own are more ideal for slicing harder foods like vegetables, cheese instead of meat since the whole process involves doing a push and cut. I have noticed that slicing the ham if it is not partially frozen with a mandolin will do a … Read more

Can you use Food Processor as Mixer?

Well, it depends on what food prep task you would be performing. Therefore, my stance would be on both sides at the same time – YES and NO (in certain cases). A Food Processor chops, blends, purees, crushes, grates, grinds, etc, while a Mixer on the other hand as the name suggests, mixes. Looking at … Read more

Can I Use My Immersion Blender for Frosting?

Yes, your hand blender can be used for making the best frosting. Although, in some situations, a whipping attachment has to come into the picture for you to get the maximum use of the immersion blender It is quite a different experience compared to the regular electric mixer, there is every need for constant beating … Read more

How Do You Separate Frozen Meat Without Thawing It

Before we get into the details of separating frozen meat without thawing. Check out my top 5 ways to separate frozen meat without thawing it. Method one: Use a butcher saw Method two: Use an electric or manual meat slicer Method three: Use a meat cleaver Method four: Use a rubber mallet and a chef’s … Read more

Can I Use an Immersion Blender in a Nonstick Pot

Making use of a nonstick or instant pot can be very convenient for various types of food as the browns stick to the coated surface of your pot while cooking. Yes, you can make use of immersion blenders in your nonstick pots. Since an immersion blender scratches the bottom of the non-stick pots, you have … Read more

Can I Grate Cinnamon Sticks?

Sure, you can grate Cinnamon sticks. Most people use graters, or spice grinders to prepare cinnamon spice sticks and this is not a usually heavy task. Once you have the right kind of fine grater box, you can easily grate to your preferred texture. Cinnamon is one of my most favorite spices. I recently discovered … Read more

Can I put Frozen Fruit in a Food Processor?

“Can I put Frozen Fruit in a Food Processor?” – was that your question? Absolutely! Yes, you can! What else were these food processors made for in the first place? To achieve this, you are to put out the frozen fruits for at least 10 minutes, after which you begin to fill them in the … Read more

Can You Grind Shrimp Shells

Yes, shrimp shells can be ground with a food processor, blender or even mortar and pestle. They can be ground to be used for other meals. So rather than throwing away your shrimp shell, you can use it to make other delicious meals. Shrimp shells are very useful and edible. Apart from food, shrimp shells … Read more

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