Can You Use A Food Processor as A Stand Mixer?

If you are reading this then I am sure you want answers to the question, can you use a food processor as a stand mixer? 

Can You Use A Food Processor as A Stand Mixer

To start trying to use your food processor as a mixer may be because you are trying to compromise or because the food processor is the only that can try as much as possible to replace the stand mixer.

I guess it is why you want to find out if you can use the food processor as a stand mixer during the preparation of foods and recipes in the kitchen.

The right attachments, as well as functions of the food processor and the stand mixer, are close to being the same with each other.

Nevertheless, they have their own individual specific qualities and of course, it is very important that you get to know their individual functions before you try using them in the kitchen.

The stand mixer is used especially for knocking, kneading, and mixing and it comes with standard whisking, mixing and dough hook that is designed specially to take over the intensive process of kneading, knocking and mixing.

It is important to note that some food processors in the market can equally be used to knead, knock and mix, the only difference is that the mixer kneads the dough properly when compared to how the food processor does it.

Can you use a food processor as a stand mixer?

can you use a food processor as a stand mixer? 


We are back to our earlier question, can you use the food processor as a stand mixer? The answer definitely is YES, you can use the food processor as a stand mixer but the only difference is the food processor may not be able to properly knead, knock and mix your dough compared to how the stand mixer would do it.

A food processor can sort of get that mixing job done for you. However, you should know that using a food processor as a mixer stand will not work for you if you are properly into baking. A chopper (food processor) cannot totally replace a mixer, can it?

The food processor is extremely good at chopping, cutting and rasping but not entirely good with knocking, kneading and mixing like the stand mixer.

If you must use the food processor as a stand mixer then you learn to carefully use it to achieve the same purpose you will achieve when you use a stand mixer.

Differences Between A Food Processor And A Stand Mixer

Most times the term food processor and stand mixer can be used interchangeably but there are differences between the two and these differences will enable you to know the best one to use for a particular job in the kitchen.

The differences between a food processor and a stand mixer are not always glaring so it is possible that you may interchange one for the other.

Think about it if you don’t know the difference between the two, how do you plan to buy the best food processor or mixer for a particular job.

Getting the best mixer in the market is a little hard because you have numerous options out there and you may be bound to make mistakes in making your choice of a food mixer.

This is why it is important that you get to know the differences between a mixer and a food processor.

To save you the time and efforts I am going to be listing the differences between a stand mixer and a food processor. Just continue reading!

  • The kitchen mixer is mostly effective for kneading, knocking and mixing food and ingredients in the kitchen while the food processor may be used for kneading, knocking or mixing only when the stand mixer is not available and you are trying to compromise. Even when you use the food processor to knead, knock and mix, it fails to do the job as well as the stand mixer will do it.
  • The mixer comes with the special blender and chopper attachments that will help to control the blending, chopping, grating and blending work. This makes it easier to use the mixer for preparing very hard ingredients( nuts) as well as very soft ones like cheese. The food processor is the chopping, cutting and grating expert. This kitchen appliance makes slicing and grating very easy and simple. It equally comes with special discs for cutting fresh fries.
  • The kitchen stand mixer can be used to make a nice sauce, you can make mayonnaise directly in the mixing bowl of the mixer using blender attachments while the food processor you make sauces and dips directly in the mixing bowl. An example of such sauce that can be made in the mixing bowl is pesto.
  • The stand mixer is very suitable for making pasta and grinder meat using meat grinder attachments and pasta attachment. It is not like this in the food processor because the food processor does not accommodate a pasta or meat grinder attachment.

In conclusion, when you have a job that has to do with kneading, knocking and mixing your best bet is to choose the best stand mixer in the market and use, you want to cut, chop and rasp? Then choose a food processor.

Do I really Need A Food Processor?

If you have ever asked yourself the question, do I really need a food processor, the answer is Yes you need a food processor for the day to day recipe preparations going on in the kitchen?

You can grind your dosa batter in the food processor as well as grind your peppercorns in the food processor.

So, you see? A food processor is very important in your kitchen.

Here are a few of the reasons why you need a food processor in your kitchen;

  • You can use the food processor to grind meat
  • The food processor is perfect for making any type of burger you want from scratch.
  • Your cookies can be turned into cookie crumbs in a matter of seconds
  • The cookie crumbs can equally be turned into the foundation of a beautiful pie.
  • You can use the food processor to whip up delicious mayonnaise in just a few minutes
  • The food processor can quickly shred lots of potatoes
  • You can also thinly slice your potatoes in a food processor
  • It can magically transform plain boiled Yuca into an actual dough
  • You can also use the food processor to grate carrots without losing any of your fingers.

How to keep your food processor clean

The best way to make your food processor to the last longer is to always keep it clean as well handle it properly with caution.

The food processor is an essential part of your kitchen utensils, hence there is a need to always keep it super clean as it will enhance its durability.

The simple thing that may be going through your mind now is how do I keep the food processor need considering that some parts of the food processor are not supposed to be put in the dishwasher.

I have taken time to compile the best ways to take care of your food processor and keep it clean to ensure that it lasts long.

I am sure you will like the list because it will help you to equally take care of your own food processor.

To keep the food processor clean, you need mild dish soap, baking soda and nylon brush.

Once you have all these things then you just follow the process below to keep your dishwasher clean

  • Disassemble the food processor, because they have several parts it will be quite difficult for you to wash them without taking the parts apart.
  • Moreover, tiny particles of food can hide in any of the parts so if you fail to take them apart you may not be able to properly wash them.
  • Now you just have to watch the blade. Washing the blade immediately after use will help to keep it sharp for a long time.
  • Wash the parts you removed, you can use warm water and mild dish soap to wash the different parts. You are not supposed to scrub the parts of the food processor with abrasive cleaners.
  • Do not put the base/motor in water just use a damp cloth to wipe down the base of the motor. If you pour water over the motor you may end up spoiling the motor of the food processor.
  • Allow all the parts to dry then assemble them back together and store away.

Maybe you are wondering the best food processor that will be ideal for all your cooking needs, well I have wondered the same too.

I was doing market research a few days ago and I came across this wonderful food processor and thought you’d love it if you have it in your kitchen.

This professional food processor comes with a new chopping blade, three slicing/shredding discs and a spatula.

It is ideal for making dough so when you have to entertain your family to a recipe that involves making though you will not have to bother about the tool to use because you already have it one step away.

Upon closer observation, I noticed the food processor comes with an extra-large feed tube for larger food slices, hence when you have larger foods or vegetables to slice you can just use the extra-large feed tube.

It has stainless steel thin slicing disc and medium slicing disc for your slicing purposes.

Are you interested in adding this amazing professional food processor to the list of kitchen utensils you already have?

The best reason to consider this food processor is that you will be getting value for your money when you get a food processor to combat almost all your kitchen work without spending extra time in the kitchen.

You can enjoy your cooking time with the best food processor in the market that I have shown you.

All in all, you can use a food processor as a stand mixer and the outcome will definitely be awesome.

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