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Best Mortar And Pestle For Pills In 2021 [Detailed Review]


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Looking for the Best Mortar And Pestle For Pills for you to buy? Jump right in.

Pills are solid tablets or capsules that are medicinally purposeful.  They are small round mass of solid medicine for swallowing whole.

The question now is that, can pills be ground or crushed using mortar and pestle?

Our quick recommendation for our top 3 mortar and pestle for pills

Mino ware Chinese Mortar and PestleBUY ON AMAZONExcellent
Pestle and Mortar Set Premium Solid GraniteBUY ON AMAZONExcellent
GG-Mortar & Pestle Copper EnamelBUY ON AMAZONExcellent

A detailed review of the 8 best mortar and pestle for pills

1. Mino ware Chinese Mortar and Pestle

Mino ware is made in Japan product and with lots of good reputation since1974 has been an awesome mortar and pestle used in grinding a lot of ingredients.

Pills are not left out of what this well-configured machine can grind or crushed.

The Surface is designed in such a way that it holds any ingredient contained in it firmly so that not even single one falls off.

This product is not for play at all because it took the ancient manufacturers 9 good years to arrive at the current design when traced back to the first invention.

You need to get this mortar and pestle to help grind your pills as you want it.

It easy to use, shaped like a plate of rice, don’t you want to imagine that you are eating a full plate of rice while you grind your pills? The product is also easy to wash, clean and maintained.

Final Verdict

This is a nice product that you are supposed to have in your workshop right away. It will save you time and energy and will not waste your pills while you crush and grind.

This is an ancient design, well managed and produced to suit your need at any given time.

2. Pestle and Mortar Set Premium Solid Granite

Pestle and Mortar Set Premium Solid Granite

Yes, this product looks peaceful, in fact, the shape and design are mind-blowing.

I like using mortars that are well-shaped and decorated, in fact, they increase my morale to crush and grind better.

This is the kind of mortar and pestle everyone should have either in the kitchen or at the laboratory.

It is simple to use and you don’t even need to evacuate your pills or ingredients after grinding.

The black and white peace as I call it is a modern style of design, simple, and made of polished granite – a well-finished design that will make your surfaces pop.

It is basically, perfectly practically made for crushing and grinding any kind of ingredient the pressure can carry, pills are not excluded.

Okay, let’s assume you need to use it for another purpose such mixing spices from a wet mixture to dry spice coating; this item can do an ideal job for you.

It is strong and sturdy and made from hard-wearing granite which means this mortar can withstand frequent heavy use.

The bowl is also made large; it has an extra deep sloped shape and rough matte texture that can help keep your ingredients or pills in the centre to avoid pouring on the floor.

Final Verdict

Getting a mortar like this is a great move. It means you are about to unleash the power of a traditional machine that will help grind your pills to the best result.

You will be glad when used after purchase. It is made in a modern shape and can also be used as a kitchen decorator.

3. GG-Mortar & Pestle Copper Enamel

GG-Mortar & Pestle Copper Enamel

I am naming this Mr. GG. You are already planning to get a mortar and pestle to crush your pills into powder, why roaming around the city when you have this superb metallic mortar?

This is a well-designed grinding and crushing machine that can deliver your work perfectly.

It has the power to maintain the volume of your ingredients.

The colour is golden, and perhaps it may come in other colours but it is not revealed in the product’s description.

It is made of the special curved surface and more close to the inner wall and the efficiency is higher when rotating and rolling as you crush and grind.

It is made of one-piece copper enamel brass. The body is beautiful and durable.

If you are looking for a good grinder, this is the first factor you must look into. It gives you the comfort to crush and grind.

This product as a whole is anti-sputtering because it has such designed cover to prevent powder spillage and the size is nice and accurate.

The mortar is designed to grind your ingredient as though you are in the ancient days. So, I call it a time travel mortar.

It grinds your herbs in speed, turns them into powder. Well, less I forget, it is used in medications to grind pills into powder for quick and future use.

The grinding action of the item is so gentle and tender and will bring out the fragrance of what you are grinding.

Your herb spices and pills will be well arranged as you desired just believe this and it will bring out the natural flavour of any ingredient ground in it.

The cover is made of silica dust, it prevents the pills and herb to spill and therefore maintaining the volume of your substances.

It is made of heavy stainless steel material that will last for a lifetime. It is a multipurpose manual spice grinder for herbs, grains, spices, nuts, seeds, tea, garlic, pills and so on.

Final Verdict

The mortar is an extra useful product. It will last for a lifetime since it is made of stainless steel and one-piece copper enamel brass.

It is used for medical purpose to grind pills for elders or vitamin for kids. You can also use it to extract the best fragrance, oil and flavour from herbs.

4. Solid and Durable Natural Granite Mortar and Pestle

Solid and Durable Natural Granite

As the name implies, solid and durable—A mortar without compromise. It can grind like a monster, crush like bull-dozer.

Luckily, it is made of high-quality granite designed to maximize the surface contact between the mortar and the pestle.

This phenomenon I described improves the grinding and pounding power for herbs, spices and pills as well.

It is made with a stylish, polished exterior which gives it the simplicity to be easily cleaned.

It has a ridged base for an optimized grip, this product is reputed for creating and serving dishes. With this, you have got the best product.

Are you intending to process your herb, pills or what have you? The solid stone made monster has set the pace for easy to clean with warm soapy water.

The case of this mortar is different from others when it comes to cleaning with soap.

Since the mortar and pestle are made from solid stone, automatically, it means it has been built to last.

It has a domed end that makes grinding very easy for you; it also has a small, narrow end that makes a comfortable handle.

It is the perfect item for preparation of garlic to pesto and can be used in any commercial kitchen, and laboratories.

5. Professional Bamboo pestle and mortar set

Best Mortar And Pestle For Pills

Professional Bamboo Pestle and Mortar Set

Yes. Are you are professional? Are you a professional cook or doctor? I have glad tidings for you, this is the best mortar and pestle that can handle the professional skill you are about to apply.

It makes crushing and grinding easy. It is the best for you and will always give you that stunning result you can hardly imagine.

This product is durable, elegant, strong and lasting. It can crush garlic, rice, beans, millets, herbs, spices, pills and also mix your ingredients as you wish.

This product is made of premium solid thick wood and therefore meets up the above qualities.

It is a manual operating system, which helps you to easily grind garlic and ginger into minced state or powder.

This product is made of ergonomic pestle with a comfortable grip, smooth surface that secures the health of your hands after long time usage.

It has been adopted in many pharmacies across the globe, so, you are not alone in this game.

Join the league and enjoy the power of a modern traditional technology that helps powder your pills for optimal digestion.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that this product worth it because it meets up with the entire factors you must consider before buying a mortar and pestle.

It will last because it is made of strong premium wood that can withstand heavy pressure for a long time.

It is sturdy and durable and will make you smile after use.

6. Plastic Garlic Ginger Spices Mortar

Best Mortar And Pestle For Pills

Plastic Garlic Ginger Spices Mortar

I have just found you another heavy duty kind of machine that will brutally crush and grind all your spices, herbs or pills in minutes.

It is a high-quality product worth buying and will make your work great and perfect.

No matter your profession, be it a specialist, doctor, chemist, cook or herbalist, this product is the best you can lay your hand on. Grab it before it is too late.

What is it that it cannot grind’ your fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, or pills? Try and see the best result ever.

You will surely enjoy the dramatic impact of this product on your ingredients.

It is designed to operate manually and can help you easily grind garlic and ginger into mixed form or powder. If you want to cook conveniently, this is the product you need.

The product is made of premium solid plastic that features durability, it not toxic and it is hygienic.

Talking about safety, it is guaranteed and will last long.

The plastic crusher and grinder can grind, crush ginger, garlic, herbs, dry spices, fruits and pills to bring out the freshest flavour ever.

The pestle is ergonomic, easy to hold and designed with a smooth surface to protect your hands after long time use.

It is widely used in kitchen, pharmacies and apothecaries, it can help you powder pills for optimal ingestion.

Final Verdict

This is one of the most ideal mortar and pestle. It is of great quality and as you can see, it is quite expensive. You need to have this mortar in your kitchen, restaurants, laboratories and home as the case may be.

The product is made of plastic, durable and perfect for crushing and grinding spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, pills, weed, pills and so on.

7. Premium Solid Granite Pestle and Mortar – Large

Best Mortar And Pestle For Pills

Premium Solid Granite Pestle and Mortar – Large

Looking at the size and shape of this awesome item, you will be greeted with its ability to hold enough quantity of your ingredients when grinding.

It is superb natural and solid mortar and pestle designed to make grinding and crushing memorable. It gives you full confidence when it comes to durability.

If you are willing to grind herbs, pills, grains, fruits, vegetables and spices in this mortar and grinder, it is very possible and will give you a perfect solution as the case may be.

It is 100% genuine solid granite pestle and mortar set. It is made of premium granite that doesn’t absorb any form of liquid and as such allowing you to easily extract oils from herbs and spices, and then add them to your recipes.

The item is designed to look great in any kitchen and laboratory. Whether you are a professional chef or a doctor, you can also make use of this product for decoration and countertop.

It is the best replacement for your old herb, spice, bean, seed, nut or pills grinder.

It is ideal for grinding and crushing of herbs and spices to pastes. Talking about seasoning, dressings and pesto, it is just the best ever.

You can, in fact, crush and grind rice with it, coffee beans, press garlic and so on, is possible.

It is designed with a large 10 cm interior in order to prevent mess up your table or surroundings with ingredient spillage.

It is safe to use and can change the game of grinding and crushing for good.

Final Verdict

This is a multipurpose designed mortar and pestle and as such a must go for. It has made grinding and crushing easy and handy.

It will bring the best out of your spices, pills and other ingredients alike.

8. Stainless Steel Mortar & Pestle and Spice Grinder – Heavy Duty

Best Mortar And Pestle For Pills

Stainless Steel Mortar & Pestle and Spice Grinder- Heavy Duty

The design alone made it look like treasure the first time I saw it; there is no doubt that this mortar and pestle is going to last long.

It is made of one of the best and everlasting material ever discovered on the surface of this earth – stainless steel.

The silver-like or water colour is an incredible view and a fantastic idea for kitchen decoration.

You can grind a lot of ingredients on the item because it will give you the perfect result as the case maybe.

It is an ideal mortar and pestle that helps in grinding and crushing herbs, nuts, and spices, so handling pills is chicken change.

The product is made of double stainless steel construction which is extremely durable and compact.

It is functionally designed with non-skid base, a heavy-duty monster that takes no nonsense while it crushes anything crushable.

If you want to maintain the volume of your pills or food items, this product will give you a fantastic result for that purpose. It is created for your own convenience in heart.

It cannot be stained. When it appeared stained, a mere clean rag is enough to remove the stain and that will definitely be oil stain; it can’t be the ingredients’ stain.

It doesn’t smell after use.

Just clean with clean water and dry with a clean towel.

This product can be used for medical purpose; can crush your pills into powerful powder. It is needed in every home, kitchen, restaurant, hotels, eateries and many other commercial based business centres.

Final Verdict

Being made of stainless steel makes it a reliable product I can recommend for you. It is very special and will serve you very well as the case may be.

Since your primary aim is to use it for crushing and grinding pills, you are good to go.

The answer is Yes. We have various mortar and pestle made of different materials that can be used to crush and grind our pills.

This article will give you a guideline to do so. I am going to recommend some mortal and pestle that are popularly known for doing great jobs on this.

Materials used in making mortar and pestle

Normally, there are 4 major materials used in making mortar and pestle in this modern-day but most ancient ones are stones and wood.

Especially in Africa, we love using the mortar made of stones and wood. Nowadays, manufacturers produce mortar and pestle using, stones, wood, ceramic and metal.

The most popular ones are those made with stones and wood.


How do you maintain your mortar and pestle

This is a question that must be answered since your primary aim is to buy an item that will serve you well and last longer.

  • Keep your mortar and pestle in a clean place. This is the number one disciplinary action you must observe if you want your mortar and pestle to last long. If you cannot do this one action, it means you can’t maintain the rest, so there is no need for you to read further. If you are ready to implement the rest of the steps and this one, proceed with your reading.
  • After every use, ensure that you wipe your mortar and pestle with a clean rag or small broom and then wash it with clean water.
  • Do not wash your mortar and pestle with scented soap or detergent, the smell of the soap or detergent will affect the surfaces of both the mortar and pestle and in return will affect the taste of your pills.
  • After wash, dry in moderate sunlight or find a place where ventilation can reach them so they can dry off gently.
  • Package your mortar and pestle and store in a safe place in your storeroom.

Things you must consider when buying mortar and pestle

As a new person who wants to purchase mortar and pestle, there are many factors you have to consider. For instance, you actually know what you want, so ensure the mortar and pestle meet up with what you aspired.

  • The size of the mortar and pestle: Most people preferred to use small size ceramic mortar and pestle in crushing and grinding pills, but I later observed that most of those people do so for personal purposes. As for a commercial pill grinding either a medium scale or large scale business, you may want to consider using medium or larger size mortar and pestle. It depends on your choice afterwards. So, go for a suitable size for your purpose.
  • What material do you want it to be: Mortar and pestle come in different materials, so you need to determine which of the materials do you want your mortar to be made with, is it wood, metal, ceramic, or stones like marble? I recommend those ones made of wood and stones, they are always good at crushing things especially when the material used is of high quality.
  • Consider the strength of the material: The material mortar and pestle are made of must be high quality so that when grinding your pills will not drop into them. The materials must be hard and uncrushable. If you are sure of the material quality, buy the item.
  • Weight and size of mortar and pestle: You need to consider your convenience before purchasing an item. The mortar you are about to buy, can you manage the weight and size? This question must be answered.

Who can use mortar and pestle and where

Mortar and pestle are generally used by people at home, restaurants, eateries and hotels to grind, pound, and crush food items.

Other specialists such as chemists, biologists, and herbalists make use of mortar and pestle to crush and grind pills, weed or herbs.

Which of these purposes are you using yours for?

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Final words on the best mortar and pestle for pills

Mortars and pestles are great grinders and crushers of every ingredient, they can grind your pills in the medical field. I have recommended many of the great traditional items for you and as such it is your choice to go for the best.

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