Can You Put A Mortar And Pestle In The Dishwasher?

You can wash the home plates in the dishwasher, obviously true, but can you put a mortar and pestle in the dishwasher? What an excellent question to explore, if mortar and pestle have been your favourite, then you should be able to know how best to wash a mortar and pestle.

Can you put a mortar and pestle in the dishwasher

Since the dishwasher cleans the dishes in the kitchen, why not for a mortar and pestle? Of course, the dishwasher should be able to wash the mortar and pestle if the mortar and pestle is put in the dishwasher. But then, it be argued that manua dishwasher may not clean the mortar and pestle as effectively as manual washing will.

Well, in this article, let us dive in deeper and dig further.

Join us.

What is a dishwasher?

Can you put a mortar and pestle in the dishwasher?

Unlike the manual way of dishwashing where you will have to scrub hard and fast to remove dirt from your dishes, a dishwasher provides a mechanical alternative to cleaning your dishes. The mechanical dishwasher helps to wash dishes by spraying hot water at the plates.

The dishwasher regulates the temperature of water used based on the delicacy of what is to be washed.
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How does it work when you put a mortar and pestle in a dishwasher?

Usually, warm or hot water is mixed with a dishwasher detergent (like this type) and then pumped into rotating spray arms. The arms in turn blast the dishes with the mixture, which attempts to wash the dirt off the plates.

After, the water drains and more water is allowed into the tub via an electro-chemical solenoid valve. This allows for rinsing to start. After rinsing the dishes, the dishwasher then dries the plates. There are usually several methods of drying in the dishwasher, which includes using a rinse aid – A chemical that decreases the surface tension of eater.

Can you put a mortar and pestle in the dishwasher?

Another typical way of drying off the dishes is by heating off the water from the surfaces.

Dishes are mostly portable and light that is the reason it is so common and best to wash them in the dishwasher. But when it comes to washing a mortar in the dishwasher, a lot of people are like “I am not sure if you can put a mortar and a pestle in the dishwasher because I never tried it before”.

But what if you have not taken it into action by trying to know if the dishwasher can wash a mortar and pestle, then you must be lucky you are getting it here without making a trial of probation in you.

See a video of how a dishwasher really work below

Now the question is does it really make logic to wash a mortar and pestle and can you put a mortar and pestle in the dish?

Let’s find out.

Can you put a mortar and pestle in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can. It is very possible to put your mortar and pestle in a dishwasher and get it cleaned up.

The further question should be how well will the mortar and pestle be cleaned if it is put in the dishwasher. Right?

While the dishwasher may clean your mortar and pestle, the mortar and pestle may not be cleaned well enough and at the of the day, you may not be satisfied with the cleaning.

This means that it is always better to clean your mortar and pestle manually after use.

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So now how do you clean mortar and pestle using your hand? We will take you through that process.

The way you should clean a marble mortar and pestle are quite different from the way you are to wash a cast iron mortar and pestle, this is the reason you should know how their washing is been done in order to make your mortar and pestle last longer.

Don’t forget, maintaining will always be better than repairing.

Before that, we may let you know that using the dishwasher to wash a mortar and pestle might have an adverse effect; it is either it damages the dishwasher or the mortar and pestle get hurt.

So we advise you not to put a mortar and pestle in a dishwasher.

How can one clean mortar and pestle?

There is a lot of mortar and pestle in the market. Here, we will be taking them one after the other in other to serve its purpose. Come to think of this, if you will be choosing the best mortar and pestle for making your pesto looks great, then why you shouldn’t you make use of the best method also while you are washing your mortar and pestle.

Steps on how to clean a granite mortar and pestle

Because of its nature, it comes with some distinct way to make them clean while washing it with your own hand. Here are step by step user guide to washing a granite mortar and pestle

Step 1: Rinse the mortar and pestle

While you want to prevent sticky particles which will later require extra energy to remove, this is the reason you will need to rinse the mortar and pestle immediately after using it.

Maybe you finish using it to pound weed, it is advisable to rinse immediately after you are done in other to give you more ease whenever you are washing the equipment.

Step 2: Wash the mortar and pestle in warm water

To maintain its nature, it has been said not to use any other water than a warm one.

To save the stress of getting another mortar and pestle, make sure you use warm water while cleaning. I know this might not be the best time to buy from amazon since you just got a new one not long.

Step 3: Use a Dish Rag to Wash

Use a clean dishrag alongside with the warm water you are going to be using to wash the mortar and pestle, the nature of what you are washing determine how careful you should be while cleaning it.

Add little liquid soap: You need to add a very small quantity of liquid soap in order not to contaminate what you are going to be grinding in the mortar and pestle. The dishrag should be clean in other to make the washing neat.

Note that unscented liquid soap will enable no scent on the mortar; this will make sure the flavour of what you shall be grinding does not get transformed.

Step 4: Use a rough dish sponge

You can use a rough dish sponge to scrub the interior side of the mortar and also the dirt on the pestle, instead of using a metallic sponge which might disfigure your mortar and pestle, a rough and hard sponge can be a substitute for that.

Step 5: After washing with a little liquid soap using warm water, rinse the mortar and pestle with warm water thoroughly and ensure no scent of the liquid soap. It is better you rinse it 3-4 times to remove soap residue and also ensure no odour.

Step 6: Finally, use a clean cloth to dry the water in the mortar.

Steps on how to clean a marble mortar and pestle

A great type of mortar and pestle, so you have to be careful while you are cleaning it.

Step 1:Wipe off remnants

Make sure you wipe off any leftover from the last grinding with a very clean piece of material, you can decide to use any material you see but a clean one matters a lot.

Pay close attention to the handle of the mortar so as to wipe them off totally.

Step 2: Use a dish liquid soap

Add a little bit of insignificant dish liquid soap and rub it gently with warm water. For proper wash, ensure you rub the sponge all over the body of the mortar and pestle.

Do not add much quantity of soap in order not to alter the flavour of whatever you will be grinding.

Step 3: Rinse Off

After you ensure proper wash with warm water and little quantity of liquid soap, the next step is to rinse the mortar and pestle in clean warm water till the soap is no more.

Step 4: Dry your mortar and pestle

Wipe off the water away by drying it with a clean dish towel; you need to make sure the water is dried off in other to avoid permeability when the water is still on the surface of the mortar.

This will cause damage to the mortar and pestle, hereby reducing the lifespan.

Steps on how to clean stone mortar and pestle

Step 1: Firstly, rinse the mortar and pestle with clean warm water, you must be so curious to know why you should almost rinse before you start the washing of all mortar and pestle. Well, rinsing it first helps to make it easier to wash.

Once you are done rinsing them, set them in one side to make them dry. Remember we are washing the stone mortar and pestle, so it has to be approached in a new way.

Step 2: Place some grain of uncooked rice in the interior of the mortar, you can make it two tablespoons of rice. Make sure it is uncooked because it going to be doing a whole lot of work here.

Grind it roughly, till it gets to a point it changes its colour to a dark one, throw away the coloured rice and add another 2 spoonfuls of dry grain of rice inside the mortar.

The more you grind it roughly the cleaner the mortar get because the friction is in charge of the scrubbing here.

You may have to repeat this process to make it clean to one’s satisfaction.

Ensure the mortar and pestle is dry before grinding the uncooked grain of rice.

Step 3: Rinse with warm water, never make the mistake of using cool water to rinse the mortar and pestle. That is why we have to lay emphasis here so you can know the importance of using warm water to rinse mortar and pestle.

Steps on how to clean glass, metal and ceramic mortar and pestle

These are 3 sets of the major types of mortar and pestle, we are merging them together because they have almost the same similarities, washing them using the same method will never be harmful to one.

Follow the step by step guide on how to wash this mortar and pestle and pay close attention while reading.

Step 1: Rinse with warm water, this has to be the first step to take while cleaning all mortar and pestle. Make sure you use clean warm water to rinse gently.

Step 2: Scrub the mortar and pestle with a brush, here we should not think of using rice, the nature of these set of mortar and pestle does not support the usage of an uncooked grain of rice.

Step 3: Rinse the mortar and pestle, with warm water.

Rinse again till it is clean!

Step 4: Dry the mortar and pestle well

Steps on how to clean a wooden or bamboo mortar and pestle
How to Cure a Mortar and Pestle

This is a wooden mortar and pestle, so we have to use the best code for a wooden nature, this will make the life span of the mortar and pestle longer.

Step 1: Ensure to empty the mortar and pestle by removing all food debris you find in the mortar, it is a good idea to use a clean dry paper to pick them up.

Step 2: Use a clean cloth to wipe off the mortar and pestle; you do this by using a wet clean dish towel with warm water.

You may rinse the cloth to make the dirt goes off in other to repeat the procedure again.

Step 3: Let it dry, put your mortar and pestle in one side to wipe off the water.

Step 4: Apply some mineral oil, use this to clean the interior side to make the wooden nature glitter again.

Can you put a mortar and pestle in the dishwasher: Our Conclusion

In this article, we have been able to answer your question on whether or not you can put a mortar and pestle in a dishwasher. Make sure you exercise all necessary precautions while you are at it, or better still just wash your mortar and pestle manually.

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