Mortar And Pestle Or Electric Grinder?

You are not sure of which equipment works best for grinding; either a mortar and pestle or electric grinder. We are going to be playing a vital role in the decision you are going to make in grinding any edible substance; mortar and pestle or electric grinder? Let find out!

What are mortar and pestle?

Mortar And Pestle Or Electric Grinder

Best simplified, a mortar and pestle is a manual grinding tool used for grinding edible substances. They are local kitchen equipment (although has been modernized over years of development), and this kitchen equipment is like a pounding machine which is used to mash substance together.

It has been an existing tool for over a century. A few decades back; some part of the world started the idea of visiting mortar and pestle in other to do their cooking chore better. Majority of people across the globe use the mortar and pestle to turn their spices into finely ground food ingredients.

What is an electrical grinder?

Mortar And Pestle Or Electric Grinder?

As the name implies, this is a grinding machine that uses the electrical source of power to grind substances.

It is a machine that does the work of the mortar and pestle. Inventors thought of something that can make work easier and faster when it comes to grinding of food materials, then they came up with a product called the grinding machine.

The limitation is that it works only when there is a source generating light, either alternating current or direct current.

Mortar And Pestle Or Electric Grinder?

In this article, we are going to be talking from experience, giving you information of what does the work better, a mortar and pestle or an electrical grinding machine, also the reason we are recommending that for you.

With utmost sincerity, we are telling you using one of them does not mean that the other one might be dangerous for the stuff you will be grinding. Don’t get me wrong, it is just to make clarification on the best kitchen equipment to grind substance, either the mortar and pestle or using the modern electric grinder.

You can as well use both by substituting one for the other anytime you feel like, but I guess you going to fall in love with the grinding machine because it is easier in one way or the other. Though some people prefer a mortar and pestle to a grinder, to them they feel it does the job well.

Maybe they love to adjust the texture of what they are grinding, this is what a grinder will not do, it grinds it once so you might not necessarily have control over the texture of your substance.

Also, a mortar and pestle have its own shortcoming. How do you feel using a whole lot of energy to grind something a grinder will do in less than a minute?

Yes, we know it has stress in it but the kind of stress worth it, there is a solution to relief you. It is by getting the best set of mortar and pestle, for instance, I want to grind a pesto, to avoid stress you know I am definitely going to go for the best grinding machine for grinding pesto.

Pesto is just like a weed, so I think that link to that post will really be of help only if you go through it.

We feel we are analyzing this very well, of course, that is the best thing we can do so that this information will be useful to you and as well glad to share this to the world.

The same thing applies to the grinding machine, imagine you are grinding a lump of meat, as you will go for the best mortar and pestle for grinding pesto, you will also do the same thing by getting the best meat grinding machine.

That is the logic, everyone wants to make their work much productive by putting in lesser effort in other to yield bountiful output, so sure that is the reason you are checking this post out for you to know the best kitchen equipment to use between the mortar and pestle or the electrical grinding machine.

Which one do people purchase the most – Mortar and Pestle or Electric Grinder?

Looking at this two equipment, it is very difficult to know which one customer buys most, they serve the same purpose. But with our research, we have come to realize that the electrical grinding machine has the highest sale in 90% part of the urban region and 30% in the rural region.

With these statistics, it shows a great turn up on the grinding machine instead of the mortar and pestle. We need to know the factors that make a lot of purchase the grinding machine on yearly bases, possibly those factors might worth it.

Why people choose Electric grinder over mortar and pestle

Lot of possible reasons a gentleman will walk to the market and pick the electrical grinding machine over the mortar and pestle.


The days are moving with the speed of light, the men are ageing, lot of things are beginning to get substituted.

Most people out there consider a mortar and pestle an outdated tool, this is one of the reason even you reading this will want to take the grinder, let’s move towards the modern world.


Like the popular saying, “No soldier will run after a dog he can kill with a gun in his hand”, you will always find it hard to see people using a mortar and pestle in the urban and developed part of the world, just a few percentage make use of the mortar and pestle. They want a work that will not be so hard on them


By saying this, I mean the washing and the oiling aspect. Think of this, “I will rather wash a grinding machine with soap and water rather than going through a lot of stress in other to see my mortar and pestle in good condition”, says someone who is a regular fan of the grinding machine.

They just want to wash it, be it using cold or warm water, unlike the mortar and pestle where it is more important to use warm water while cleaning the mortar and pestle.

Proximity to a power supply

Maybe I should tell you this, one of the reasons most rural parts of the world use the mortar and pestle is because they were limited of their right by the power holding company.

If I stay in Texas and electricity is stable, then I don’t need to make use of a mortar and pestle since I already have the source of energy to power my electric grinder. So let say this is another good reason for the high demand in the grinding machine.


People often love to follow what is trending, even the old woman will love to use what is trending if she is introduced to it. That is the reason you see people using the most quality phone because they will be classed so high if they are one of the big phone or cars gang.

Although all this information is on the rightful sight of the electrical grinding machine, perhaps this is not a conclusion to jump into the electrical grinder as the best grinding tool over the mortar and pestle.

The paragraph below explains which tool is the best to use in ground substance.

Why people choose mortar and pestle over an electric grinder


Unlike the mortar and pestle, using the electrical grinding machine, you will have to read the manual and understand before you can handle.

The mortar and pestle has been done in a way that avoids bias. It has no age restriction; your younger ones should be able to handle it even when you are not available.

Texture control

This is the advantage of grinding it manually, you chose to stop and check if the texture is preferable, you can stop because you are in full control.

You won’t get a perfect texture with a grinding machine because it works faster. Before you could think of stopping to confirm how satisfactory the texture is, voila, it has gone beyond the regular control.

Whereas, using a mortar and pestle will make it fun to get the best texture you ever wanted for a meal.


It is quite affordable; the mortar and pestle tool, when compared to the electrical grinding machine, is very much affordable to buy. Even a young college boy can save up some money to purchase it at an affordable price and get fast delivery.

No stressing here friend.

It can be used at any time: what if there is fuel scarcity in the nation and the power holding company decides not to give you electricity.

Definitely, they have put an end already to you using the electrical grinder, I am sure you have not forgotten that you bought something that can work on one condition, which is the power supply.

So no light, no grinding machine, this might lead to hunger strike if you never had a good alternative. The mortar and pestle made it very easier to use it any point in time without any support of the electricity, so cool you are now independent.


The life span of a mortar and pestle is not something for you to panic on.

The electrical grinding machine will surely have an electrical issue, but the mortar and pestle will never take such issue as an excuse to stop working.

Need to buy some mortar and pestle, here are a few recommended ones

The following are the mortar and pestle you can buy online.

Mortar And Pestle Or Electric Grinder?
Chef Sofi mortar and pestle: This is one of the best set of mortar and pestle to get; you can see them on the net with various types of specs. Different colours and size. It comes mostly in 8 inches in size.

Mortar And Pestle Or Electric Grinder?

Cole Parmer mortar and pestle: Just like the first recommended mortar and pestle above, the Cole Parmer mortar and pestle also rocks it better. The nature of the mortar and pestle makes it easier to handle and maintain, you can go to stores to select out of the series of colours and sizes.

If you will be taking the other alternative, you might need a great electric grinder. In order to make your purchase productive, you need to get the best set.

CGOLDENWALL Stainless Steel Safety Upgraded Electric Grain Grinder Mill High-speed

This is one powerful milling machine that is created for the 21st-century user.

It can grind spices like Pepper, fennel and grains like rice, millet, soybean, rice, corn, dog food, bird food etc.

It can also grind herbs and fat materials like peanut, sesame, walnut etc

Mortar And Pestle Or Electric Grinder?

The grinder is safe, high-speed, convenient and can enable you to get your superfine grinding out and fast.

You should check it out HERE for other details you need.

Have you tried any or both of this before? Do you have a preference? Let me know your thoughts.

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