Best Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle Above $200 (in 2022)

Want to know the best Thai granite Mortar and Pestle above $200 then simply keep your eye focused on this screen because I am going to take you right by the hand and lead you safely into the world of Thai granite mortar and pestle that are above $200.

These are luxury mortar and pestle that is designed to give you the best durability and efficiency when you use them, to grin your herbs and spices.

The Thai people are known all over the world for their excellent skills in manufacturing handmade mortar and pestle and for the fact that the mortar and pestle mean they put in a lot of hard work and concentration while making them.

3 Best Thai Granite Mortar And Pestle Above $200

We have taken great care in listing all the best Thai granite mortar and pestle above $200 in the market.

This guide will enable you to make the right choices of granite mortar and pestle to buy that will give you all the efficiency you need while grinding.

Follow this guide properly and be assured that you won’t make any mistakes in your choices.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. WD Thailand Signature Hand Craft Solid Granite Mortar and Pestle

The WD granite Mortar and pestle is a signature original handcrafted granite stone mortar and pestle that is designed to last for a very long time on your kitchen shelf.

The solid hand-carved Thai Granite mortar and pestle is hefty and made with a very hard white granite rock which ensures its durability over a long period of time.

The mortar is made by the highly revered Thai class of artisans with a rated legacy of making excellent mortars and pestles that promises a high level of efficiency for its purposes.

The matte surface of the mortar and pestle creates enough friction for grinding ingredients and its smooth enough to wipe easily. The sloppy shape of the mortar and its matte texture keeps ingredients in the centre during grinding.

The unique design of the Thai hand-carved mortar and pestle will greatly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen as well as improve the décor.

This mortar requires seasoning before you start using, remember not to use soap during seasoning.

If you have been looking for the best Thai Mortar and pestle to add to your kitchen then this is for you!


Mortar height: 5.8 inch

Diameter: 8 inch

Inner diameter: 6 inch

Inner depth: 4.1 inch

Pestle length: 7 inch

Pestle diameter : 3 inch



  • It is easy to use
  • It grinds ingredients, herbs and spices into smooth particles or pastes
  • The larger inner diameter and depth of the mortar provides a large surface area for grinding
  • The matte surface of the mortar and pestle increases its efficiency in grinding
  • It is made with the best granite Angsila Chonburi from Thailand which is superior to Chinese granite and this ensures its durability
  • It is perfect for gift purposes owing to its aesthetic design


  • It is a little bit expensive


2. Thai Super-Size Granite Mortar and Pestle

This Thai granite mortar and pestle are actually of a larger size so definitely if you are looking for the best-sized mortar and pestle to take care of your needs then this right here is your best go-to mortar and pestle.

With this mortar and pestle right here, no kitchen grinding job will be too large to handle efficiently.

The large bowl size makes it especially suitable for grinding bulky fresh garden herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano. The heavy pestle grinds quickly and efficiently doing the work for you.

Most importantly if you are a professional caterer or own a cooking school, this is highly recommended for you.

This mortar and pestle need to be seasoned properly before you start using them, this will ensure that you get rid of all the tiny rock particles to avoid grinding them in your food or grinding the rock with your teeth while eating.

If you are looking for the best gift to give to the kitchen connoisseur who enjoys the best, then this it! And he will be grateful to you for a lifetime


  • It is made with the best Thai granite available in the market hence it is very efficient
  • It is durable
  • It can serve as a perfect gift
  • The design is a perfect fit for your kitchen
  • It can last for a long time
  • It is great for making your favourite curry paste
  • It has excellent quality and best suited for heavy-duty jobs


  • It is a little bit expensive


3. SMLZV Mortar And Pestle, Granite Mortar And Pestle Natural Stone Grinder

The SMLZV granite mortar and pestle are one of the best Thai mortar and pestles out there in the market. Needless to say that it is specifically designed to attend to your grinding needs in the kitchen.

The whole granite stone is polished and the texture is a little rough and hard which helps it to simply and effectively grind the ingredients to make the food more delicious.

It is widely used and can be used to grind garlic, paprika, nuts, coffee beans, herbs as well as other ingredients.

It is 100% made with natural stone and can largely retain the nutrients of the raw materials themselves.

It has a high level of hardness and it is not easy to fade. The internal matte treatment given to the mortar and pestle prevents crushed food from easily slipping off the mortar.

It has the capacity to easily grind your ingredients and spices to a powder. It is multipurpose and can equally be used in grinding both edible and herbal Medicine

The bottom of the mortar is designed to be non-slip and the base is integrally formed so it is very stable when you are grinding your ingredients.


  • It is stable during use
  • It is durable
  • It is multipurpose and can be used to grind both edible spices and medicinal herbs
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is a little bit expensive but worth every penny spent on it


I know some of us will be wondering what mortars are, and what they are used for.

Best Thai Mortar And Pestle Above $200

What are Mortar and Pestle?

Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle

At the beginning of this write-up, you may be asking yourself what is Mortar and pestle that is if you have no idea what it is.

Well, not to worry because this section of the article will duly explain to you what mortar actually is and how you can use it not only in the kitchen but for other purposes as well.

Mortar is a round bowl-like utensil made of either wood, granite, basalt rock, ceramic etc. that is used for grinding herbs and spices in the kitchen while Pestle is a club like equipment that often comes together with the mortar and is used to do the actual grinding in the mortar.

The mortar piece often looks like a bowl and is made with hard stone, hardwood, ceramic etc and the pestle is often made with the same material.

What are the Uses of Mortar and Pestle?

The uses of the mortar and pestle cannot be overemphasized especially in the kitchen and in grinding herbal medicine. The mortar and pestle are very efficient in grinding herbs and spices into powder.

Spices like ginger and garlic are often mashed with the mortar and pestle to bring out the best aroma and flavours embedded within.

The mortar and pestle are not only found in the kitchen but can also be found in pharmacies and medicine stores used especially for grinding pills to enable easy absorption.

What’s Special About the Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle?

Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle

This article for some reason will be focusing on the Thai mortars and pestles that are available in the market and well over $200.

The Thai Granite Mortar and pestle are very popular in the market maybe because they are handmade or because they are made with granite which is a very good material for making a mortar because of its rough surfaces that provides the mortar with the ability to properly grind your ingredients into a smooth powder or paste.

Do I need to Season my Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle?

If you are wondering if you need to season or cure your Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle before using them, here is the answer you are looking for.

Yes, you need to season your Thai granite Mortar and pestle before use this is because granite mortars, unlike plastics, are made of rocks and these rock particles are always remnant on the surface of the mortar.

Seasoning the mortar and pestle before use will ensure that all the tiny rock particles on the surface of the mortar and pestle are removed before use so that you don’t end up grinding them into your spices or using your teeth to grind them.

So, you see why it is important that you season your Thai Mortar and pestle before using them to grind your ingredients or herbal medicine.

Is Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle Safe For Use?

Who wouldn’t want to use equipment that is safe for daily use especially when it comes to things used in the kitchen?

The kitchen should be the abode of safety and health as everything we eat in the home is prepared there. If you want to be healthy then it is very important that you watch what goes into your mouth.

It is very understandable if you are worried that granite mortar and pestle may not be safe for grinding our spices for cooking what we eat as well as herbal medicine.

Now the answer to your question is YES, Thai mortar and pestle are very safe for use in the kitchen and for grinding herbal medicine.

If you were ever bothered about the safety of the Thai Granite Mortar and pestle you should know now that your health is not at risk.

So go all out and make the choice of your favourite Thai Mortar and pestle after we have successfully listed the best ones among all others in the market.

List of things to Consider Before ChoosingThai Granite Mortar and Pestle Above $200 to Buy

Before making your choice of Thai Mortar and pestle to buy it is important that you look out for the following things as they will enable you to make the best choices of mortar and pestle to buy


The price of the Thai mortar and pestle you want to buy is very important. Before placing your order, it is important that you confirm the price and make sure that you have enough money to get it for yourself.

The Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle that will be listed below the price range is between $200 and $250.


Before buying it is important also that you consider the size of the mortar and pestle you want to buy. Remember that the size you will buy will depend on the quantity of the ingredients you intend grinding with the mortar and pestle.

If you have large quantities of spices or herbs to grind then consider getting a big sized Thai mortar and pestle and vice versa


Knowing the material of the mortar and pestle is very important. For this write up we are specifically talking about Thai granite mortar and pestle and we already know that they are durable and efficient.

This will help you in making your choices faster.


Before buying always make sure to check the interior of the mortar especially, this will enable you to know whether the interior is smooth or a little rough.

Mortars with very smooth interior surfaces are less efficient when it comes to grinding properly while those ones with little rough surfaces are always very efficient in grinding.

Right! We have succeeded in giving the list of best Thai mortar and Pestle above $200 and I am pretty sure by now you must have made your choice on the perfect one that is suitable for your kitchen.

Have more questions about Thai mortars and pestle? Please endeavour to drop them in the comment section.