Can I Use My Immersion Blender for Frosting?

Yes, your hand blender can be used for making the best frosting. Although, in some situations, a whipping attachment has to come into the picture for you to get the maximum use of the immersion blender

Can I Use My Immersion Blender for Frosting

It is quite a different experience compared to the regular electric mixer, there is every need for constant beating to create enough spread. The denser frosting needs more than an electric whisk to produce such results unlike the output power of your immersion blender.

This is because there are some thicker and denser frosting recipes, immersion blenders are introduced to give it a softer texture like the ones done with an electric whisk. The rich taste and flavor of your cinnamon and fruit frostings are maintained as well.

How to use an immersion blender for frosting?

No matter how long I continued to use my hand mixers, I found out it was draining and was never going to keep up. Immersion blenders are wonderful options for preparing the best frostings and also the best frosting textures.

Also, they can achieve these results with a lower workforce than normal whipping and is recommended for larger volumes of processing.

  • The first step to knowing us that the recipe you wish to whip has a good quantity of ice. This makes the process faster and easier.
  • You will need a whipping attachment and most quality immersion blenders come with whisk attachment for beating or whipping various recipes into the cream frosting.
  • Attach your whisk to the blender and use its sheer power, control, and efficiency to make the best quality frostings.
  • Before that though, it is important that the body of your container and the immersion blender should have some degree of coldness by putting them into the refrigerator for around 30 minutes to an hour. After this, add your flavor and recipe into the container with some sugar and mix.
  • Now insert the hand blender into the cup push the button. The more you blend, the more it becomes thicker. Some quantity of the frostings now begins to clog unto the body of your blender but you can easily use a spoon or knife to scrape the creamy recipe back into the container.
  • It is then easy to realize that this can be prepared in a far quicker amount of time than when using a manual or electric whisk. The frosting recipe becomes very smooth and servable.
  • Though thick, you can carefully remove the residue from the base of your hand blender and serve immediately.
  • I have a little tip that could spice up your frostings and it is vanilla. Vanilla flavors are used to make ice frostings like whipped cream, cream cheese, lemon frostings, sugar cookies, and buttercream recipes and it always improves the taste.

Remember that this operation can either be done with whip attachments or with your blender’s powerful blades like the Bamix Pro 3 Immersion Blender. The results are always similar.

Also, this depends on your preference and then the nature of the recipe you want to prepare. Most people like me like to have more ice in my frostings and only the sharp blades and mixing prowess of n immersion blender can achieve this with expected results.

The major difference you are going to notice between using a regular mixer and using a hand blender is the physical application. With the mixer or whisk, you will have to physically beat the frosting recipe with your hand continuously until the frosting thickens.

This is way more workload compared to when you use an immersive blender to simply move around the bowl gently in a scan-like manner.

There are some hand blenders that come with a separate whisk or mixing attachments like the NJTFHU Electric Mixer or the Li Bai Commercial Hand Blending machine.

When getting a new immersion blender, check for the brands with excellent whisking attachments if you love frostings.

Things I consider before using my hand blender for frosting

Can I Use My Immersion Blender for Frosting

It is only normal when you try to put some important things into consideration when preparing frosting with your hand blender.

This can be further explained by the things you are expected to encounter and whether you have the right tools and ideas.

Here are the things I consider before frosting with a hand blender;

The type of blender

The type of hand blender I chose to make my frostings solely depends on how I want to go about it.

What I mean is that in terms of proportion, quality, and speed, knowing and buying the right blender should be the major priority of your shopping.

It is also important to know the component design and how handy and heavy it is. Also, does it have a whisk attachment?

Is it handy enough?

Simply put, hand blenders do really need a large amount of control when in operation and good frosting also results from this.

When mixing, every part of the recipe should be beaten enough to create some needed thickness and smooth texture your frosting so desires.

Do I really need one?

This question might sound dumb, but it is something you should truly ask yourself. Electric mixers like the OCTAVO Speed Mixer are very much capable of making really good frostings and getting a hand blender might make things a whole lot easier.

Although this question is solely up to you, you should also once you have known its importance. This factor will only be welcomed for those on a strict budget.

Advantages of using an immersion blender for frosting

With all that been said, I am quite sure you understand how advantageous immersion blenders are in our kitchen for our favorite frosting recipes.

In the next few sentences, we are going to be highlighting some of them;


Immersion blenders are very fast to use. This is because of their powerful rotors and impeccable blade ensemble. This combination is perfect for slicing, and at the same time, mixing your cream recipe with any volume of ice you desire for the frosting.

When you need more frosting for a party or for a family reunion, use an immersion blender.


When your frosting turns very thick, it now becomes a huge task when using a hand mixer. Immersion blenders handle this stage with relative ease, just keep the pressure and maintain the control.


When the idea of hand blenders is suggested, people tend to talk about pureeing and soups.

There are many more cooking operations your hand blenders can handle like whisking, pureeing, and then frosting. This highlights the undoubted versatility of immersion blenders.


When your hand blender doesn’t take much space in the kitchen, uses little power, or is not very heavy when in operation, you realize how important amazing this machine can be.

Most hand blenders are not usually heavy and preparing creamy frostings with some extra weight is done easier because of the handy advantage of your blender.


Many hand blenders cost as low as $50 and should be better options than expensive hand mixers that can’t do as much work with the efficiency that hand blenders offer.

Also, there is no need to buy a high-end immersion blender when you only need to prepare frosting recipes. Cheaper and middle-end blenders are more than capable.

Disadvantages of using an immersion blender for frosting

More splashing

Your sticky blender works so fast on frostings that there is going to be a lot of splashing. Making frostings can be quite messy with a hand blender than manually mixing it.

That is why there is the option of an electric mixer although, I mostly recommend the Braun Multi-Quick 4-in-1Immersion Hand Blender because of its anti-splash design and it also has a whisk attachment too.


Simply put, immersion blenders are not very safe appliances for beginners or younger people. Using it requires some level of strength and control other than using a simple mixer.

Your children might not be able to prepare their own favorite frosting recipes and this comes as a disadvantage.

Small amounts at a time

My handy blender will process my frostings in the twinkle of an eye, but I can only achieve this in smaller quantities. This is to avoid clogging in the base as this could easily damage the blades.

Although immersion blenders with whisk attachments are a more logical option, these whisks are not as efficient as the blades.

Final Words                                             

Many handy blenders you can find in the market redesigned with fine stainless steel that will handle the chilly conditions of frostings and are easy to use, clean, and then store.

There are many blade options and attachments to make the best frostings for you and the family.

It is quite important to know a lot more about your immersion blender so you can discover the many things it can do. Although there are whisks or electric mixers made especially for frosting, it is good to know that your hand blender can be used also for different types of flavors and ingredients including butter, sugar, and cream cheese.

When it comes to frosting all varieties of recipes, n immersion blender has and will always be the best option for me and if you have been applying a manual or electric mixer, it is time you try a stick blender and discover the difference yourself.

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