Best Food Processor To Make Cauliflower Rice (2021 Picks)

A food processor can be used to make cauliflower rice. Yes, that’s why I have put together this list to show the best food processors that can serve well to prepare Cauliflower rice.

Food processors are known for their speed of making food available on the table, especially for a hungry man who has been at work since morning and desires to make fast food.

Cauliflower rice is an alternative grain to rice, and in a situation, whereby it is the next choice you have chosen after rice, it is very possible to prepare it with a food processor.

Food Processor for Cauliflower rice: Quick Recommendation

I highly recommend these food processors for any kind of food preparation, especially cauliflower based on this article.

Product NameWhere to Get itRemarks
KitchenAid KFP1466ER 14-Cup FoodCheck on AmazonExcellent
Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite CollectionCheck on AmazonExcellent
Cuisinart DFP-14CPY Custom 14 Food ProcessorCheck on AmazonExcellent

Selecting the best processor for Cauliflower rice

I have always talked about the best ways to select items. This time around, we have to be specific on the approach we take in selecting the best food processor to make our cauliflower rice.

How do you select the best food processor for your cauliflower? It is simply by searching on the amazon store through our recommendation links.

We are going to create a specific means for you to see what the customers are talking about a product and that’s what we have always done.

We recommend a product with a good reputation.

Let’s get started with the best food processor to make cauliflower rice

KitchenAid KFP1466ER 14-Cup Food


There are many elegant food processors in the market, this very one has shown that it is worth all the praise landed on it.

This product, without doubt, is one of the most important food processors needed anywhere including the commercial and domestic kitchen.

It can make almost everything including cauliflower rice.

It is known for its effortless means of slicing style. It dices effortlessly for food processing.

It has an externally adjustable exact-slice system features which give it optimized speed when on duty.

It also has an external lever that allows you to move between thick and thin with one slide of the lever.

What about the high and low pulse speed option it is made of? It helps you to precisely and properly handle soft or hard ingredient with just one touch of a button.

The machine is made of 2 in 1 feed tube that allows you to either use the large or narrow opening while it slices continuously or when it shreds based on the size of your ingredients.

Model KFP1466 includes 14 cup work bowl, 4 cup bowl, Lid with feed tube, Lid with feed tube, adjustable Slicing Disc, Reversible Shredding Disc, Multipurpose Blade, Multipurpose Blade for 4-Cup Work Bowl, Dough Blade, Dicing Kit, Clean Out Tool, Storage Case.

My pros and cons will be generated through a unique style of using customer reviews to determine the good and bad of a product.

The pros

  • It is easy to use
  • Strong and fast when it comes to delivering quick food preparation
  • It has an adjustable sliding
  • It works great for harder food
  • The dicing kit works very well and gave a very great result.

The Cons

  • The device shut off sometimes
  • The bowl and plastic parts seem to wear out quickly
  • Feeding tube cup came cracked.


This food processor can help you make perfect cauliflower rice in seconds. It is worth going for since it met all the criteria you must consider before buying a food processor.

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection


I have brought this special food processor to your notice because for sure it is a fantastic product to have in your kitchen right now.

If you want to make that cauliflower rice you have desired, believe me, this is just the beginning of the achievement of your dreams.

It is a super fantastic product that can make prepare food items for you effortlessly.

  • This product is well designed and also comes with very interesting features you can always be proud of at any time. It is a 14 cup bowl and 4 ¼ cups small bowl machine with blue LED light. It also has a spatula.
  • The motor is 1300 Watt, you can easily on and off or dough and pulse with a push to release. The item is incredibly made with stainless steel adjustable slicing Disc which is up to 10mm.
  • It comes with an exclusive patent-pending seal-tight advantage system. Seals bowls and lock blades are not left out of the features that come with it.
  • The entire body parts that are removable are dishwasher safe, and there is a manual to guide you on how to use it.
  • It is made of stainless steel reversible shredding Disc, Dough Blade, 20 years motor warranty, and 3-year limited warranty.
  • This machine is made of large and small stainless steel chopping and mixing blade with a blade lock system. It is made of Cuisinart supreme wide mouth-feed tube and cover assembly.
  • It also has an accessory storage case with a lock, retractable cord UC cubic feet 0.92.


  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It has great power and capacity to perform its duty
  • All the attachments work very well
  • It is great for every job you use it for due to its heavy-duty designed nature
  • The accessories and the small bowl attachment make it useful for literally any culinary situation


  • The top of the grater attachment is too far from the bottom of the cover
  • Between the slicing and shredding disks and the edge of the bowl that cause large chunks
  • It is mushed at the top and bottom


This product has worked fine with a lot of Amazon customers, and as such, the reputation remains positive, and despite negative reviews, the food processor remains one of the best in the market. The version, in fact, has been upgraded and reviewed in this article.

Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor


This is another fantastic way to enjoy your cooking. It can be used to cook fast food for the crowd since it is easy and fast to use.

It makes cooking for mass like a snap of your finger with the customized 14 cup food processor.

This very Cuisinart is made of brushed stainless steel, and it is a breeze to use and will whir through preparation and cooking with ease.

What kind of meal are you making? Weeknight or weekend celebration?

You have got the best food processor that can help you make cauliflower and other meals in large quantities because it has a large capacity work bowl that will surely hold everything as the 720-watt motor.

As usual, makes a quick performance chopping fruit, vegetables, shredding cheese or kneading dough, or whatever food item you put such as cauliflower.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is easy to use and will give you great performance and result
  • It is durable and made of lasting stainless steel
  • It lasts long for as long as 31 years
  • It is a heavy-duty machine and can perform many tasks at a time.


  • It is difficult to line up the entire piece in the correct way
  • The blade cracked and deteriorated
  • The normal lid is difficult to store and clean

Final Verdict

Over the years, this product has proven to be one of the best you can ever imagine.

Many of the customers are very excited to use it, especially in its ability to last as long as 31 years.

This is a great product everyone should have in his or her kitchen for convenience’s sake.

Cuisinart DFP-14CPY Custom 14 Food Processor


Whenever you are in need of a food processor that will give justice to your cauliflower or other food items alike, don’t even make the mistake of passing by this fantastic product because it is the ideal one for that purpose.

  • It has been a great food processor every successful home, restaurant and hotels have been using. I will rather say, it is the secret behind their success in making super fantastic taste meals. It has proven itself effective and ideal for you because it has an extra-large feed tube that slices food and vegetables with ease and fragile cauliflower for that matter cannot be overemphasized.
  • It is a machine that is ideal and powerful enough to knead bread dough with speed and ease as the case may be.
  • This product is awesome due to the fact that it comes with 14 cup work bowl too just like the previously reviewed similar model.  It has always been working great and no wonder the manufacturers have to boast with full 5 years warranty policy. Talking about usage, it is very easy to use, clean and BPA free.


  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It works great and makes food preparation quicker and easier
  • It is made with good metal that lasts long
  • The copper colour is great and superb before every beholder
  • It has an extra-large capacity bowl for mass food preparation


  • It suddenly died and never worked again
  • One of the pieces of the lid broke
  • It lacked power enough for some customers’ tastes

Final Verdict

The machine is great for use, especially being a food processor with a large capacity bowl.

The speed at which it prepared food is also something to write home about.

Many customers gave good reviews compared to some customers who gave negative reviews perhaps due to their own personal maintenance approach.

Talking of a good food processor for your cauliflower rice, this is one of the best.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY 14-Cup Food Processor


This is another Cuisinart product that will take your cauliflower meal to the next level.

It is a product with great evidence to perform heavy duty and also keeps you smiling as supposed.

It includes stainless steel slicing disc, and a new chopping blade to take good care of both fruits and vegetables.

  • It is a great heavy-duty machine and the ideal type to buy since it beat the wattage factor of over 500 watts. It is a 720 watt monster with a large capacity that comes with an intuitive “on” and “off” button that makes food preparation like a switch.
  • It also comes with 14 Lexan work bowl, extra-large feed tube, small and large pushers. The entire part of the food processor is dishwasher safe except for the base.
  • It also has a spatula to stir your food, instruction recipe booklet is not left out of the gifts that came with it. What about the detachable disc stem mc cubic feet 1.14?
  • This product is proudly built to North American Electrical Standards in case you want to consider this too.
  • The shredding and slicing blades are not adjustable, and the bowl and work bowl cover must be locked securely into position for the motor to work well.


  • It is effective and will deliver its duty as quickly as possible
  • It has a large bowl capacity that can accommodate a large quantity of food item
  • It is highly recommended by the customers due to its excellent performance
  • It blends, chops, and slices with ease
  • The powerful motor works fine


  • It wasted time at any attempt to shred or chop anything
  • The motor stopped and didn’t start after trying to chop onions
  • Feed tube located at the back of the control made it difficult to add food items.

Final verdict

This model is one in a million types. It has been gaining good reputations from customers who highly recommended it.

You need it at home, restaurants, or hotels for quick and special delicious meals. Get it today and smile tomorrow.

The MAGICCOS 1000 watts food processor


This food processor is a fully upgraded one that comes with a digital LCD display. It has a touch panel and also, an embedded timer which enables you to be able to time when you want your food processor to stop.

With this, it will be very easy for you to start your food processor, go do something else, and then come back and meet your food already processed because you easily turned on the timer.

The timer works well even in your absence, and this is a very good advantage this food processor has over other food processors.

It has an extra-large big capacity, also, with a power of 1000Watts that makes this food processor process your food efficiently, up to the exact texture that you need.

With the stainless steel material, you will be able to clean it easily after use.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel build
  • 1000 watts power
  • Timer included
  • Digital touch panel
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The base is not suitable for dishwasher

Final verdict

The fact that this is a 14 – cup food processor is so good because you will be able to process a large quantity of food in a shorter time.

This is a more advanced food processor with digital operation and timer, you will not see this on many food processors out there.

In as much as you can wash this food processor in a dishwasher, you should not try to put the base in a dishwasher, you will end up damaging it. This food processor will serve you a whole lot.

How to make cauliflower rice

Before you make cauliflower rice, you have to prepare it first. So, I will quickly show you how to prepare the cauliflower rice, and then explain various methods of making it before the review proper.

Preparing Cauliflower Rice

  • Wash the whole head of the cauliflower rice
  • Pill off and discard the green parts of the cauliflower rice
  • Chop your cauliflower rice in half
  • Chop the cauliflower rice into chunks and the size is determined by the machine you are using to make it. Chopping cauliflower rice for ‘box grater’ demands large chunk, while chopping for a food processor or blender demands small chunks.

Making the cauliflower rice

Now, let look into the methods of making the cauliflower rice. There are three methods I am going to share with us and they are:

  • Food processor method
  • Blender method
  • Grater method

Food Processor Method

This is how you make cauliflower rice with a food processor

Grater Attachment: there is a grating attachment for each food processor, whenever you want to make cauliflower rice with a food processor, run the chopped cauliflower through it.

Without Grater Attachment: If you want to make it without grater attachment, it is equally possible.

Fill your food processor container with about ¾ of the way full with cauliflower florets.

Continue to pulse until the cauliflower rice is transformed into a resemblance of rice grain.

The process of making cauliflower with a food processor can be in batches as may be needed. Two batches are usually enough for an average-sized cauliflower.

Blender Method

Perhaps you don’t have a food processor; you can still make your cauliflower rice with a high-speed blender. The process is not differing from that of a food processor.

All you need is to cut the cauliflower into small florets and put in the blender container.

Push the cauliflower down or stop scrape down the side using a tamper as may be necessary. Blender can make cauliflower rice between 15 to 30 seconds due to cauliflower rice tenderness.

Grater Method

The grater method involves chopping the cauliflower into large chunks and yet it is easy and fast too compared to using a food processor or blender.

The problem involved in this method is that it is a little bit messier but what will a man do, when he can’t afford a food processor?

Get used to it but try getting one food processor through our recommendation links.

Back to the business, grate chunks of cauliflower into rice by using medium-sized holes of a box grater. It works well if you need a little amount of cauliflower rice.

How to cook Cauliflower rice

In order to cook cauliflower rice, one can choose one out of the various methods involved. Cauliflower rice is an alternative to rice, quinoa, farro, and other grains.  You can cook it through various options as presented below:

Sautéed cauliflower rice: you can cook the riced cauliflower in a skillet over medium heat for about 6 to 7 minutes or until it becomes soft.

You can decide to use a splash of water or broth to cook or sometimes, use 1 to 3 tablespoon olive or coconut oil.

Stir-Fried cauliflower rice: you should use high heat in this method despite it is similar to the first-mentioned method.

Allow the cauliflower to sit in the pan for some minutes so it starts to brown then stir for some few minutes precisely 6 minutes maximum until it becomes tender.

Steamed cauliflower rice: you can also use a steamer insert or double boiler to steam cauliflower for 4 to 6 minutes until soft.

After the cooking, you can decide to add some veggies to any of the methods explained.

Depending on the kind of person you are, you can flush the cauliflower rice down with chill juice or normal table water as part of self-entertainment.

In my own case, I will prefer to make cauliflower rice with any healthy drink and then flush down with good table water after 30 minutes.

In order to bring out the best taste in your cauliflower rice, add spices like onion and garlic, peas, carrot, bell peppers or broccoli—they all work well.

Other Uses of Cauliflower Rice

These are the other uses of cauliflower rice you should know about:

  • To boost the nutrition, add to your nicely prepared smoothies.
  • You can also add it to stovetop oatmeal for a more delicious experience.
  • You can use it to make cauliflower rice pudding.
  • You can use cooked cauliflower rice in burritos.
  • Serve topped with chickpea curry or Thai red curry.
  • Cook with taco seasonings, the stuff inside bell peppers and bake.

Cauliflower rice recipes to try

Here are some of the cauliflower rice recipes you may like to try:

  • Healthy Fried Cauliflower Rice
  • Pineapple Cashew Cauliflower Rice
  • Thai Red Curry Cauliflower Rice
  • Coconut Cauliflower Dahl
  • Cauliflower Rice Fajitas
  • Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl

Final words on the best food processor for Cauliflower rice

There are many food processors that you can use to prepare cauliflower rice. These recommended ones are highly reputed and that’s why I have brought them to your notice.

These products are great when it comes to cooking meals with fantastic taste.