Can You Grind Idli Batter In A Food Processor?

Most people who are in love with idli barter always ask the question, can you grind idli batter in a food processor?

Idli barter is a very healthy meal that a lot of people always want to make with ease and it is important for them to find out which kitchen equipment is the best to use when making idli batter.

Is it okay to make idli barter with the food processor? How am I sure that when I make my idli with a food processor that it will come out nice without any errors because I do not want to have any issues when I am eating my idli batter.

This and many more are the questions that come to mind when you are preparing to make your barter and I am very sure that is the reason why you are here to get the answer to your numerous questions.

If you are reading this article and have these questions in mind then I assure you that you are at the right place and making your barter will become as simple as after reading this article and finding out if it is good to make your barter with a food processor or not.

Idli is one of the best and most popular breakfast meals eaten in south India.

To make perfect idli you must achieve spongy, fluffy and soft idli that is sweet and perfect for the taste buds.

This is where the problem comes in because a lot of people are torn between using their blenders or food processor to make their barter.

Most people who use blenders to make idli realized that it is doesn’t come out that smooth or fluffy as they wanted and that is why most have come to ask the question, can you grind idli batter in a food processor.

For me to properly answer this question we have to know that grinding your idli barter food processor will give you different results from when you use wet grinders to do the grinding.

If you are interested in finding out the difference between using a food processor and wet grinder to grind your idli barter then keep an eye on this space because I am about to unleash all the information you may need to make the most successful Idli batter of all time.

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Can You Grind Your Idli Barter In A Food Processor?

Are you the one that wanted to know if it is possible to grind your Idli Barter in a food processor? Yes?  Then please keep your finger crossed because I am about to give you the answer you need right away.

The truth is that it is possible to grind your Idli Barter in a food processor because food processors have the capacity to grind them but there is a little problem when you use your food processors to grind Idli batter.

What is the problem you ask? Well, food processors can help you grind your Idli batter only when you do not have any other alternative because using a food processor to grind will not give you the smooth fluffy and soft Idli that will pacify your taste buds and make you savour the traditional taste of Idli.

So yes the answer to your question, can grind your idli batter in a food processor is Yes! You can, but a food processor will not give you the best outcome of idli batter you need. You will find out why a food processor cannot give the best results as you read down this article.

What do I then use, you ask? Since I already told you that it is possible to grind your idli barter with a food processor but you cannot get the best result you will be wondering what next to use in a making a barter that will come out nice just like you wanted.

The best kitchen equipment to make the best idli barter is the wet grinder. The basic problem you will experience in making idli batter will definitely start if you do not have a wet grinder.

Can You Grind Idli Batter In A Food Processor
Wet Grinder

Want to know the difference between using a wet grinder and food a food processor make idli barter? Then still keep your eye on this screen to find out.

Differences Between Using A Wry Grinder and A Food Processor to Make Idli Barter?

What is the Best Wet Blender For Grinding Idli Batter?

Now that you know that even though you can use a food processor to grind your idli barter it is still not advisable to use it because it will not give you smooth and fluffy idli afterwards. You agree with me that it is time to get yourself a wet blender because it will be very useful for you in making a perfect barter.

I have taken time to list out the best-wet blenders out there in the market that you can use to make a perfect barter for you and your family. Read the specifications, features and make your choice.

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Ultra Perfect Table Top 2 litre Wet Grinder with Atta Kneader And Digital Timer,110V

Can You Grind Idli Barter In A Food Processor?

The ultra-perfect table top wet grinder is designed especially help you achieve the smoothest batter from each grind. It has built-in safety features to protect itself against power failures. It is made with rugged plastic and metal and built in such a way that it is very easy to lock and unlock

Hence if you are looking for a wet grinder to give you the best Idli batter then this here is definitely the right choice to make.


  • It is made with ABS body design
  • It is constructed with AISI 304 Stainless steel
  • It has a powerful motor
  • It is also made with patented conical stones
  • It has batter removal attachments
  • It has a multi-utility drum


  • The heavy-duty motor is responsible for swift, even and perfect batter grinding
  • The ultra- wet patented conical stones generate less heat while grinding resulting in a higher rise during fermentation
  • The batter cleaner attachments make it easier to clean batter from the conical stones
  • The multi-utility drum allows you to store the batter in the same drum even after grinding, this saves you the trouble of moving batter into another vessel for storage
  • It comes with an equipped AISI stainless steel These drums are rust-resistant and can be used to store the batter for longer periods of time
  • It is lighter in weight and durable.


  • It is a little expensive but worth every penny spent.


Elgi Ultra Bigg 2.5 Liter Table Top Wet Grinder With Atta Kneader,110V

Can You Grind Idli Barter In A Food Processor?

This is an ultra big wet grinder that is designed to attend to all your grinding needs no matter the quantity.

It is fitted with a sturdy and durable motor. It is designed for efficiency and exemplary performance.

Made with patented conical stones which result in a better batter and less wear and tear of the stone. It is made with food-grade plastic and an excellent SS304 stainless steel drum and rustproof materials.


  • ABS body to ensure lighter weight
  • AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Powerful motor
  • Patented conical stones
  • Multi-utility drum
  • Batter remover


  • The batter remover attachments help you in cleaning remnant batter off the patented conical stone
  • The multi-utility drum helps to store excess batter and reduce the stress of transferring it from one place to another.
  • The patented conical stone is designed to ensure effective grinding and it generates less heat while grinding resulting in a higher fermentation rise
  • The motor is a heavy-duty powerful motor designed for swift even and perfect grinding.
  • The AISI stainless drums are rust-resistant and can be used to store the barter for longer periods of time.


  • It is quite expensive but it will give you all you need to make a perfect idli batter


I am sure I have succeeded in answering your question, can you grind your idli batter in a food processor? And have recommended the best kitchen equipment to use if you want to make a soft and fluffy batter.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to drop them in the comment section.

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