Can You Grind Peppercorns In A Food Processor?

Do you have peppercorns that need grinding and you have to ask The question, can you grind peppercorns in a food processor? Well, you are the right place if you are looking to get the answer to your question.

Grinding your peppercorns manually to make your food is great but have you never thought that it was stressful doing that and wanted to do it faster and easier.

Is that not why you want to know if that food processor stuck away somewhere in the kitchen shelf will be of help in grinding your peppercorns?

Well, whether you have a food processor already for grinding your peppercorns or you are interested in getting new ones to help in grinding your peppercorns the truth is that you must, first of all, make sure that you can use a food processor to grind your peppercorns.

We know peppercorns are a small berrylike spice that grows on piper nigrum a plant in the family Piperaceae.

It is most times dried and use for cooking as a seasoning.

After it has been dried, it can’t be used to cook just like that, it needs grinding and that is where it becomes important that you get your hand on the best kitchen equipment to properly grind your peppercorns before using them to cook.

Is that cooking equipment for grinding peppercorns, food processor? Well, you will get to find out as you read further.

Can You Grind Peppercorns In a Food processor?

Can You Grind Peppercorns In a Food processor

The question, can you grind peppercorns in a food processor? is very important because it’s best to know which equipment in your kitchen is best for grinding each spice used for cooking.

To answer your question, yes, you can use a food processor to grind your peppercorns for cooking but in doing this you have to make sure that you monitor the grinding process to ensure that you don’t over grind the peppercorns.

When you use kitchen equipment for grinding the wrong spices the only result you get is that you weaken the equipment thus reducing their durability as well as efficiency, this is why it is best to know what each equipment in your kitchen is meant for and make sure to use them solely for that purpose.

To grind your peppercorns with a food processor you must have a food processor that is equal to the task that will give perfect grinding process.

If you don’t have one yet then it is time you considered investing in getting yourself a food processor that not only will help you to grind peppercorns but help you also to prepare your other spices during cooking.

Are you at loss on the best way to make your choice of food process, not to worry because I have taken great efforts to give you a list of food processors that are not only highly efficient but also within your budget.

Do you have to have a look at them? Then keep reading!

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Best Food Processors For Grinding Peppercorns

As I mentioned earlier I have taken great effort to get you a list of food processors that will give a smooth grinding process with long time durability and efficiency.

So, if you have been at a loss on the best food processors to buy for your cooking purposes then keep a tab on this screen for me because I will give you the best list of food processors that will take the stress of you and leave you with smoothly prepared recipes.

All you have to do is carefully read the specifications and features, then make your choice from the list below.

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Hamilton Beach Professional 14 Cup Dicing Food Processor

Can You Grind Peppercorns In a Food Processor?

This food processor is very easy to assembly, there is no twisting required with the stack and snap design.

It is designed with 5 attachments and storage case; dice, slice, shred. knead, chop, mix and puree after which you can store the attachments easily in a storage case.

It comes with a 3 in 1 big mouth feed tube: large tube fits whole foods for less precutting while the two smaller tubes hold thin foods upright. It has a powerful 600 Watts motor that powers the food processor and ensures its efficiency.


  • Heavy-duty powerful 600 watts motor
  • 3 in 1 feed tube
  • Easy stack and snap assembly
  • Leak-free bowl
  • Convenient storage case
  • 2 speeds plus pulse


  • Easy stack and snap assemble with no difficult twisting
  • It is a 14 cup capacity food processor BPA free bowl with no pour spout and a leak-free seal
  • The 3 in 1 feed tube makes it easy to feed everything into the food processor without the need to precut.
  • The food processor bowl is designed to easily stack directly on the base- no twisting required
  • The touchpad features illuminated buttons labelled with their functions to simplify speed selection and the pulse settings give you better control over consistency
  • The compact storage box keeps accessories safely organized and easily accessible


  • It is a little bit expensive

Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor

Can You Grind Peppercorns In a Food Processor?

This food processor is made with a stainless steel slicing disc, shredding disc and a new chopping blade.

It is a 720 Watts large-capacity food processor with intuitive ON/OFF and pulse buttons. It comes with a 14 cup Lexan work bowl, extra-large feed tubes, small and large pushers and is made with a BPA free plastic.

The package includes a spatula, instruction or recipe booklet. The parts of the food processor are dishwasher safe plus they are very efficient and durable.

The Cuisinart food processor makes cooking for a crowd easy and fast because the 720 watts motor makes it highly efficient and capable of large scale use.


  • 720 watts capacity motor
  • 14 cups Lexan work bowl
  • ON/OFF pulse buttons
  • BPA free plastic
  • Small and large pushers
  • Stainless-steel slicing disc


  • It is durable
  • It is efficient
  • It is very easy to use
  • The parts are safe for the dishwasher
  • It is useful for large scale cooking


  • It is a bit on the expensive side but worth every penny spent

I am very sure I have answered your question, Can you grind peppercorns in a food processor?

Have any more questions about using a food processor to grind your peppercorns then do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comment section below.

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