Can I Use Coffee Grinder For Wet Grinding

A lot of chefs want machines that can serve as multipurpose use. This is why a number of people online ask questions on how to use a grinding machine to grind different ingredients. One of which is the question on the coffee grinder, which says “Can I Use Coffee Grinder for Wet Grinding?”.

Can I Use Coffee Grinder for Wet Grinding

Can you Use Coffee Grinder for Wet Grinding?  The design of a coffee blender is suitable for grinding coffee beans and other dry ingredients, and as such would not work for wet grinding. A coffee grinder should not have anything to do with water. Anything that you need to wet grind must be done using a blender.  Coffee grinders are not made to welcome water at all.

If you put wet ingredients inside a coffee grinder, you may either end up getting disappointed with your end product or at the worst, get your coffee grinder spoilt.

If you don’t want to use a blender for wet grinding your ingredients, you can use a pestle and mortar or an electric grinder that is designed for that purpose.

I have come to realize how rugged coffee grinder has proven itself to be when it comes to making itself available to grinding almost everything from grains to Spices or nuts. This is one quality that differentiates it from many other grinders.

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What Are the Different Types of Coffee Grinder

There are different types of coffee grinder ranging from an electric coffee grinder (like this one on Amazon) to a manual coffee grinder (like this one on Amazon).

For instance, this electric coffee grinder is one of the best you will ever come across while this manual type is also one of the rarest and yet awesome grinders you will ever get.

It works so much and makes the difference after grinding.

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Other frequently asked questions about Coffee Grinders and their answers

Can a Coffee Grinder Be Used to Grind Onions

Just like I made it clear above, a coffee grinder is made for dry ingredients, so depending on the state of your onion.

I don’t think there is a dry onion, but as long as the onion is a wet spice, a coffee grinder may not be able to grind it. You should get an electric grinder designed for wet ingredients or pestle and mortar.

Is Buying a Coffee Grinder Worth it

With all due respect to this tiny monster, it is all worth it. A coffee grinder is a self-imposed multipurpose grinder.

It grinds like a horse; from rice, beans, almonds, walnut, pear nut, and many other ingredients not mentioned.

Can Coffee Grinder Make a Fine Ground

Yes. It can grind grain, coffee beans and other similar grains to powder. Add such ingredients in small batches and ensure you grind until they become smooth or fine using a coffee grinder.

Why Should I Buy Coffee Grinder

This is because coffee grinder will save you a lot of money. For instance, if you want to grind some dry spices, there’s no need getting a spice grinder, just use your coffee grinder like this very one to grind your spices for a great taste.

Can I Grind Flaxseed With a Coffee Grinder

Preferably, I will advise you to use a food processor to grind your flaxseed but absolutely yes, a coffee grinder will be a very good alternative if the amount is small.

If you lack any of the two suggested grinders, pestle and mortar is always a good friend for all kinds of grinding.

Or, you can use a spice grinder to make it a deal.

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Can I Grind Sesame Seeds in a Coffee Grinder

Yes, you can. However, the coffee grinder must be a new one that has not been used for grinding coffee beans. The reason is that the flavour of the coffee beans can affect that of sesame.

If there is any way you can get rid of the coffee flavour from the grinder, it is still possible to make use of an old coffee grinder to grind sesame.

Other grinders that can be used are pestle and mortar, spice grinders or a food processor. With these grinders, you can do justice to your sesame seeds.

Is Blade Coffee Grinder That Bad

The problem about blade coffee grinder is that the small-sized coffee ground particles that are known as fines will over-extract chemical compounds that cause bitterness, as for the large particles could remain under-extracted.

For these two reasons, I prefer using burr coffee grinder rather than blade coffee grinder. The two setbacks about blade coffee grinder are due to the different surface areas of each particle.

What Is the Best Coffee Grinders for Espresso

I have got other best coffee grinders selected for you again, through them, you can grind anything coffee grinder can grind. You will be convenient using them and there is no doubt about this. Here they are:

  1. Breville Coffee & Espresso Grinder – Best Overall
  2. Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder – Best Commercial Pick
  3. OXO BREW Conical Burr Grinder – Best Value
  4. Coffee Hand Grinder
  5. Baratza Burr Coffee Grinder

Is Burr Coffee Grinder Really Worth It

Yes. Going by the factors considered about the blade coffee grinder above, burr coffee grinder worth it. In fact, it is a deliberate solution for the setback given by the blade coffee grinder.

Laying your hand on a burr coffee grinder is never a bad decision.

What Are the Various Types of Coffee Grinder Mechanism

The Three Main Types of Coffee Grinder are listed below:

  • Blade grinders.
  • Burr grinders that come in two main subcategories: wheel and conical
  • Manual grinders.

What Are Blade Coffee Grinders

A Blade coffee grinder is an inexpensive version of a coffee grinder and yet produces inconsistent particle size.

Burr coffee grinder is an old fashioned hand grinder. It is an excellent device when it comes to grinding coffee and other dry ingredients.

It is a little bit costlier than the blade coffee grinder. It comes in two versions namely disc and conical.

Is Manual Grinder Any Good

There is no too much difference between the manual grinder and the electric grinder except in speed and automatic nature of the electric grinder.

The manual grinder is ideal and worth buying with your cash. They can duplicate the quality of coffee grinder even better than electric grinders. In fact, the slow nature of grinding is the best feature for a coffee grinder in its uniqueness.

Can I tell you something? I am in love with coffee grinders, try this too. If there is any unfortunate thing about manual grinders, it is that they are good.

Is a Manual Grinder Better Than an Electric Grinder

Looking stable what I just explained above, I will say yes. Logically speaking, a machine that gives you more duplicate of your ingredients should be rated as the best above its counterpart that gives you a lesser quantity.

Since the sluggishness in grinding a coffee bean is the best, I will say yes, a manual coffee grinder is better.

When it comes to grinding dry spices and other ingredients, I cannot possibly say yes, manual is the best, rather the electric grinder should be preferred above the manual.

Another issue about electric coffee grinders is that they are expensive but worth it since a high electric grinder have averagely more than 40 grind settings, ranging from French press to espresso.

If the engineers can find a way to regulate the heat production of an electric coffee grinder, I think it should beat the manual grinder hands-down.

How Long Does It Take to Grind With Manual Grinder

I know you will be amazed it doesn’t take more than one minute to grind your coffee or similar ingredients with a coffee grinder.

Going by the name, manual grinder, a person may be scared of buying it considering the sluggishness. One minute is not slow at all, I will rather say it is a moderate speed to get the flavour out of your ingredients.

Can You Put Water in a Coffee Grinder

It is not ideal to do so. Since the base of the coffee grinder contains electrical components, don’t put it in water. If you must clean it immediately after use, just wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.

How Often Should You Clean Your Coffee Grinder

Clean your coffee grinder whenever you are switching blends or roast. For instance, if you are churning through a lot of the same roast for a long time.

It will be ideal for you to clean once a week or two weeks to keep your grinder working fine and then get those stale grounds and oils out of the grinder.

How Do You Clean a Hand Coffee Grinder

This means a manual grinder. You can clean the burrs and other small parts by getting a bowl of soapy water and dip a Q tip in it, scrub lightly the tiny grounds and oils out of the smaller parts.

A dishwasher shouldn’t be used to clean your manual coffee grinder, though others may suggest it.

How Often Should You Replace Your Coffee Grinder

Do so when it begins to wear itself out. You will be able to tell when your grinder is already giving up.

Once you notice that, kindly replace it as necessary so that you will continue to enjoy the good performance it has for you.

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Final Words – Can I Use Coffee Grinder for Wet Grinding

I have recommended the best of coffee grinders for you and also answered several questions on things you need to know about it for a better user’s experience.

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