Best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder (2021 Detailed Review)

We have reviewed for you the Best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder that you can buy online. Not to worry, your stress is over. Keep reading.

Spices are ingredients with lots of vitamins that give taste to our food. We need them on a daily basis almost everywhere, at home, restaurants, hotels, eateries, bars, beaches, and many more. Spices are normally milled before usage.

There are various ways through which spices can be powdered. They can be ground with mortar and pestle, coffee grinder, sometimes blenders but the special grinder made for the milling of spices is called a spice grinder.

Let us take a look at the various Spice Mill Grinders we can recommend for you.

Best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder – Top Recommendations

ImageNameWhere to Get it
Waring, Steel Commercial WSG60CHECK ON AMAZON

Best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder – Detailed Review

Waring Steel Commercial WSG60 Electric Spice Grinder


When your dream is to have a good commercial grinder that will grind your spices to your satisfaction, Waring is a very good choice you should go for. It will give you that perfect result right now in your mind.

The features of the product

  • The product comes with simplicity, no complication at all
  • It is made of 1HP motor that is very suitable for its design
  • It comes with a stainless steel container that accommodates 3 cups, and you can purchase an additional container if you so wish
  • This spice grinding machine is a continuous grinder, always-on operation
  • it has 120-volt power, 6.25 amps, and the dimensions are 5 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches
  • It is designed to help you grind fresh spices, and if you want to make pastes, dressings, butter, sauces, and many more, it is the right machine for you.
  • If you need the perfect grinder for your peppercorns, cinnamons, nuts, garlic, herbs and various other fry and wet ingredient, this is the perfect machine for that job
  • It is made of 25,000 RPM, 125 Watts, 6.25 Amps.
  • It is a heavy-duty monster die-cast housing.
  • The product is also made of upper housing safety interlock for your safety and the machine protection
  • It comes with durable stainless steel blades.

Get this powerful machine to give your spice the best grinding that will bring out the entire flavour and potential.


  • It is a durable machine
  • The blade is made of stainless steel which makes it a recommendable machine
  • It is very versatile and can grind both dry and wet ingredients


  • It can’t grind everything as mortar and pestle will do.
  • It takes about 2 minutes and a half to shut down.

CGOLDENWALL Stainless Steel Safety

Best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder


This is an upgraded grinding machine and for sure, it will help grind your spices the best way you want it. The operation is safer compared to many other grinders.

If you need a perfect milling job, don’t even think of not trying this very grinder. Here are the features that won the heart of the users.

The product’s features

  • The machine is first of all, automatic. If you open the cover, it automatically stops, and this feature makes the machine usage safer and more reliable.
  • It comes with an ergonomic overload protection feature. When it overworks, it automatically turns off itself and then restarts its operation easily.
  • It is well designed and buckled, so there is no leakage while you mill your spices.
  • It is a versatile machine that can work on many food items. It can grind dried ingredients such as herbs, cereals, and spices.
  • I love speed and I am sure you like it too. This machine works at high speed with swing type milling and copper which makes it easy for the grinder to pulverize ingredients in a minute.
  • It comes with triple-blade which includes: rotary blade, powder removable blade, and grinding blade.
  • It can crush to a fine of between 30 and 300 meshes.
  • Talking about convenience usage, this is your machine. It is built with a timer feature, and the fineness can be adjusted to your desire while you grind.

You may want to test the power of this powerful machine as it will do a great job grinding different kinds of ingredients apart from the spices it is specifically made for. It may not be the best, but it really worth the price.


  • The entire body is made with stainless steel
  • It is a very versatile grinder
  • It is a quite machine


  • If a part is missed, you may not easily get it
  • A customer said the machine is good but the electrical accessories are cheap types

CGOLDENWALL 2500g Commercial Electric Grain Grinder


I have another capable machine for you. It is a special one that can grind your spices to fineness, at the same time put smiles on your face.

Believe me, this commercial machine is just the ideal one for you if your aim is to grind spices commercially. It has good money value that will impress you soon.

The product’s features

  • It is a highly accepted machine that can grind whole grains such as soybeans, black rice, corn, and many more. It can also grind Chines medicine, super hard ingredients, such as sesame, peanut, and so on.
  • This machine is beautifully designed with small size, lightweight, highly efficient and easy to operate.
  • it is safe to use and can grind in two phases—rough and fine within 3 seconds to 2 minutes
  • The motor is ultra-high-speed and has a high-quality bearing, the structure is precise and the machine is quite.
  • You may be in haste, this machine will aid your hastiness and grind very fast for you as it can smash all kinds of dried ingredients such as corn, soybean, fish feed, pepper, herbs, and so on in minutes.

I will rather recommend this machine to you for its simplicity and speed. It is well structured and at the same time, a money value machine.


  • It is an excellent machine that grinds like a breeze
  • The structure is beautiful for decorative purpose
  • It is light in weight, small in size but rugged in operation
  • It is a versatile machine


  • There is yet a negative review of this product at the time of the development of this work.

CGOLDENWALL 2000g Commercial Electric Grain Grinder

Best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder


This is another amazing commercial grinder. The brand is always good at producing powerful grinders for spices, so their reputation cannot be taken for granted.

Here are the features you should know about this product.

The product’s features

  • In terms of safety, this machine, in particular, is safe to use. It is made of open cover stop type that is upgraded from 300g swing timing grain grinder. This means, if you open the cover of this machine, will stop automatically and as a result, the operation is safer and more compliant with ergonomics.
  • It is designed with high speed to crush and grind your spices with absolute ease. This means, your ingredients can be ground into powder in one minute due to the swing type milling and 300 watts motor watts.
  • The machine will give you super fine ground ingredients and it comes with grinding blade, rotary, and powder removable blade that can easily pulverize your ingredients. The crushing and fineness are up to 30 to 300 meshes.
  • What about the timing function? It is designed in such a way that you can adjust the fineness of the crushing of your ingredients as you may desire through the provided setting. Especially this swing type which gives you more comfort compared to the stand type.
  • The grinder is designed so that you can swing it to pour the powder out instead of picking the whole grinder that will make it a bit inconvenience for you
  • It is a versatile machine that can be used to grind all kinds of dried ingredients such as herbs, grains, and spices or cereals included.

I recommend this machine to you so that you can get your spices crushed with ease and great speed. You need it for a commercial purpose judging by the power and speed it possesses.


  • It has great speed and can grind your spices within a minute
  • It is made of swing feature that makes it more convenient that the stand type
  • It is an easy and versatile machine to use


  • A customer claims that the blades are hard to remove
  • The same customer said it has bad design but most of the customers rated this machine higher

NEWTRY 700g Electric Grain Grinder Spice Mill 2400W

Best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder


Every brand comes with its uniqueness, this very one is not excluded. The machine is exclusive; it will make your cash useful for you. If at all you are looking forward to grinding pure, healthier, and fresher spices, it is ideal to have this type of machine. This is a stainless steel material machine, built with your interest in mind.

The product’s features

  • It is made of stainless steel material which makes it a strong and durable machine. So, it means you are going to enjoy the longevity of a powerful machine. It is in fact a generational grinding machine for commercial purposes.
  • This commercial grinder is easy to clean, very well hygienic, and will give you healthier food intake.
  • The machine is designed with a rust-free feature. It doesn’t rust; it doesn’t mix with your food items.
  • It is made of three layers of stainless steel quenching blades and this feature gives it the ability to make the upper and lower ingredients form a three-dimensional circulation and the power is elusive.
  • This powerful machine can give you a fineness that reaches up to 70 to 300 meshes.
  • The product is made of bold copper wire motto with high power of 2400W, it has a thick coil, the speed is high i.e. 28000r/min, and the force is very strong.
  • The machine can save you the energy of using mortar and pestle and also save extra energy for you to relax.
  • The machine without any doubt is durable and reliable.
  • It comes with timing features that give you the control to be able to set the time from 0 to 5 minutes. This means your machine will stop immediately it reaches the time limit without human supervision. So, can go and relax and save your time and effort.
  • It is a very safe machine to use as it has an overload switch, this means if the machine is overloaded, the power will cut off automatically so that the operation will be safe without having the need to burn the motor.
  • The fuse is always intact, no need to change it.

My advice on this product is that it okay to go for it as it is a promising machine that can take your grinding experience to the next level.


  • It does its work well and at the same time, it is easy to use
  • It grinds products to fineness as you want it
  • It works as advertised


  • There is only one negative review from a USA customer: “Very pretty but not very functional. Low quality”.

Frequently Asked Questions on Commercial Spice Mill Grinder

What is the actual difference between mixer/grinder and spice or coffee grinder

A mixer grinder has the potential to work as a blender and at the same time as a grinder. It is normally used in the kitchen with different container and blades depend on what you want to use it to perform.

This means a mixer has two different blades, one for blending ingredients, and the other one for grinding dry materials.  A spice or coffee grinder is a special machine that doesn’t have a removable jar and it is designed to only be able to grind spices or coffee.

Especially coffee beans that require a very specific machine for different methods such as French press and the rest while making coffee.

Why does anything made on a grinding stone taste better than that made in an electric grinder?

The science behind this is that the speed at which an electric grinder grinds spices causes some heat that can damage some of the nutrients and flavour contained in them.

The stone, on the other hand, is done naturally and manually and the rate at which spices or grains are ground is very slow and does not involve enough it that can damage the nutrients of the spices or grains or whatever ingredient ground with a stone mortar and pestle.

This is the reason why the nutrients and flavour of spices ground in a manual grinder come out better than those done in an electric grinder. In fact, a modern manual or hand grinder will also give better taste than an electric grinder based on the same reason mentioned.

What is the absolute best machine for grinding spices

If we are to go by the maintenance of natural nutrients and flavour, the best absolute machine that you are supposed to use to grind your spices is no more than mortar and pestle.

However, if you need your spices to be ground quickly and still retain some reasonable amount of nutrients and flavour, the best grinder to do the job is an electric grinder like these ones above.

How can I grind up spices to a fine powder without a grinder or mortar and pestle

There are methods you can use to grind your spices without a grinder or mortar and pestle but the issue here is that it will be tedious and yet will not give you fine powder but will get a half.

Get two metal spoons and place your spice in between them. Rob the two spoons against the spice and press it again the container. It takes energy to do so though, but in the end, it will give you something close to powder. This method cannot grind hard spices such as cinnamon and other spices similar in hardness.

You can get a carving knife that is designed with good mass and then use it to chop the provided spices on a clean hard surface. This cannot also give you a powder but will get to a half.

Get two plastic baggies, place the spices inside them, and hammer them with a hammer. You can still wash the hammer and then smash the spices on a clean hard surface alternatively. I prefer using the plastic baggies with a hammer instead of the hard surface with a hammer because the baggies hold the spices from flying away.

What can I use instead of a spice grinder

Yeah, commercially, if we want to meet up to the demands of the modern people, we are supposed to use a very fast machine and that’s should be an electric heavy-duty grinder.

Some situations may arise that our already purchased machine cannot serve us, in such case, you can use heavy-duty mortar and pestle large enough to accommodate large amounts of spices for commercial a commercial purpose.

Should in case you don’t have mortar and pestle, you can still make use of a manual spice grinder or coffee grinder to support your business for the time being.

What is the difference between a spice grinder and a coffee grinder that I should know

A coffee grinder is known to usually grind coffee beans into a fine or coarse texture using burr while spice grinders use the blade to grind spices into smaller pieces, most commercial types can grind spices into powder.

Can I use spice grinder for coffee grinder if I must

It is quite known that spice grinders use blades to crush ingredients such as grains and spices into smaller substances. Definitely, they can be used to grind coffee beans but it is more ideal to use a coffee grinder so that the coffee beans will be evenly ground.

Can I grind spices in a coffee grinder for real

Use an electric spice grinder to grind your spices for better flavour. You can actually get a coffee grinder as an alternative grinder to crush your spices into a fine powder. In fact, in the absence of both,  you can use mortar and pestle to grind your spices.

Can you use a food processor to grind spices if need be

If you want to grind spices like ginger, onions, and garlic in a coarse texture, the food processor will do just well. You should have used a spice grinder made for that purpose but not still bad either.

However, if you need more pasty spice, a blender will do that job perfectly compared to a food processor.

How can you grind spices without a spice grinder

My favourite has always been a manual grater if I must replace a spice grinder with anything else. It depends on your choice. For instance, if you have the power and energy, you may want to grind spices with mortar and pestle. It brings out the natural flavour of those spices.

Do you need spice grinder in the first place

In the commercial aspects, you need a commercial spice grinder. It is the key machine that should be used to grind your ingredients. If the spices are for home use, you don’t actually need a spice grinder since it can be replaced either by mortar and pestle or coffee grinder.

Can I use a blender to grind spices

A blender is meant for its own specific reason; the best alternative for an electric grinder is mortar and pestle especially whole spices. The reason why I feel reluctant to suggest a blender is that a standard blade of a blender is not meant to grind dry ingredients; no wonder a brand like Vitamix sells a dry grain container to handle this purpose.


These products deserve big accolades. They are all reliable and customers are excited about them. This means they are reliable.

Thus, if you need a commercial grinder for the upkeep of your business, these are the grinding machine you should go for.

They are versatile, durable, easy to use, and easy to clean and also work perfectly as advertised. They may not be the best ever, but the fact remains that you will enjoy the value of the money you invested in it.

Final words on best Commercial Spice Mill Grinder

Made any purchase yet? Let us know when this is done, so you can make our research better.