Best Coffee Grinder for French Press (2021 Detailed Review)

Are you a coffee lover and you are looking for a good coffee grinder that will make a perfect French Press for you? French Press coffee is usually a thick and heavy kind of coffee and for that reason alone, it needs a perfect grinder for it to be achievable.

Many people lost to their coffee in the process of trying to make a French Press coffee. How do I mean? They don’t transfer the coffee immediately they finish brewing it and therefore it turns bitter and inedible.

What makes a perfect French Press lies in the perfect grind, as for that reason, you must get a grinder that is professionally made to do the job correctly.

I love coffee too, so if I must make a thick, dense or heavy coffee I will go for any of the grinders I am about to review.

The coffee you brew at home is more nutritious than the already processed ones and that’s where the game changer resides.

One other thing you should know is that, if you want your coffee comes out great after grinding and brewing, the beans has to be of high quality so your target should be to get fresh beans in the making of your coffee.

I recommend Kona Beans that are pretty much expensive, but ensure you get a good grind; otherwise, you will still get it wrong with Kona Beans.

Quick Recommendations

Name of ProductWhere to Get it Image
KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start MakerCheck on Amazon
Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Professional SeriesCheck on Amazon
Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Black
Check on Amazon

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press – Our Review

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press
Breville Coffee Grinder

There are things you are supposed to understand about purchasing coffee grinders. Look into things like the motor power and it should be at least 500 watts or at most 1000 and above.

Check the customers’ reviews and the reputation of the brand and model you are planning to purchase.

I have these coffee grinders to review for you, so that you may select the best among them while you buy:

KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press


KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker is not just a coffee grinder but an extraordinary grinder that is well designed to willingly match your desire for great coffee taste.

  • The person behind the making is really serious about your satisfaction as I realized that the coffee is endowed with great features you will be amazed about.
  • The coffee grinder is ready to make you smile as it is 10 cup coffee maker with an in-built grinder that will give you an awesome coffee taste at home.
  • The built-in conical burr grinds smoothly or coarsely as you may want it before preparing your coffee (brewing your coffee) for a mind-blowing rich aroma and complete flavor.
  • You don’t even need a separate grinder for this job to be well done for you.
  • The easy monster is not only there to just grind and brew your coffee, there is a reason why it does that well and accurately. It is made of 2 to 10 cup grinder settings should in case you want to customize the amount of cup needed to make.
  • The settings are 5 ground coarse to fine that comes with selective intensity and brew power selector with 3 options for selecting flavor ranging from mild, medium, and strong.
  • The powerful coffee grinder has gained a lot of reviews since and yet, it is not just a coffee grinder but an outstanding one built with auto start and then keep warm as you want it—this means you have been automatically given the freedom to do other things. You can schedule the brewing cycle at a convenient time.
  • Is it that you want to make a wake-up coffee? The coffee grinder can take care of that roaster for you.
  • Another amazing thing about this coffee grinder is that it can keep your coffee of any kind warm for extra 2 hours beginning from the first to the last cup as you may have customized it and they all will stay delicious as if they WERE freshly made.
  • As if it is not enough, the coffee grinder also comes with a glass coffee pot and filter receptacle that must be washed in the upper rack of the dishwasher.
  • I thought it is over until I realized that this amazing coffee grinder can brew pause and precise pouring. This means you don’t need to wait since the pause and serve functions enable you to pour a cup of coffee at any given time as you brew it.  The machine is a comforter that also comes with a carafe with a curved spout which gives you an easy drip-free pouring down to the last drop.
  • There is no one who doesn’t like something that is easy to use. Talking about user-friendly design, forget, this machine is just the very description of what it means to be users friendly. The makers took their time to build it to have intuitive controls and a crystal clear LCD screen was not forgotten.
  • You can now see that it is made with easy programming so that it will be easy for you to use. Grab this golden opportunity and welcome a new style to making your delicious coffee. It is not over until it is over. The grinder master also comes with a gold-tone filter for hassle-free cleaning purposes.

Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Professional Series

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press


Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Professional Series has proven itself worth it as many people in troops are getting used to it properly or probably due to its high quality and great performance when it comes to brewing great taste coffee, especially the French Press every household loves.

  • If you get yourself this high-quality coffee grinder, you will finally chill in the ambiance of your garden in the morning enjoying yourself with the rest of your family. Believe me, this great kitchen appliance is here to make you smile.
  • You are about to unleash the power of a coffee grinder you never knew about. So, this is it before you.
  • It is a special kind of coffee grinder made with high-quality material. This is a new Mueller Conical Burr grinder a human friend that will for sure provide you with the highest quality and fantastic technology on the store anywhere anytime.
  • Mankind is known for his love for something that will last for him. If you are the type that loves such feelings, this coffee grinder is made of hardened alloy steel conical burr and as such is ready to give you new ideal control over the grind size and even grinding you desire for complete coffee flavor.
  • When a house is spacious, the owner lives in it comfortably, and there will be enough space for privacy. The same applies to this very coffee grinder.
  • It is made of a large capacity coffee hopper and removable grounds container that can produce 30 to 32 cups of premium tasting coffee.
  • If there is anything loved by a majority of people, it is a place that remains peaceful and noiseless. In fact, physics has made us understand that noise is pollution, so I give a big elbow to the manufacturers of this coffee grinder.
  • The precision is well built to reach your satisfaction with gear reduction motor technology that grinds your coffee gently and slowly with drastically reduced noise making your coffee filled with amazing flavor and delicious taste.
  • Great coffee that is made of hardened alloy is expected to be expensive no wonder this coffee is reserved for expensive commercial machines plus its ability to give you long-lasting use. So, stay out of trouble by getting yourself this fantastic coffee grinder.
  • There is nothing to sweetens the mind of a customer like when his or her kitchen appliance is easy to use or clean. This machine is designed for such customers, this coffee grinder is made of removable top burr with an embedded cleaning brush that ensures total ease in cleaning.
  • Apart from that, it is easy to operate because It is made of a one-touch operation on and off button along with auto stop fixed at the end of the grinding cycle.
  • The mission of the manufacturers has been to get a great and simply superior product to your doorstep and this is one of them staring at you. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder


Coffee is an essential part of our daily routine, it is considered one of the most Ideal “Picker Upper” when you have a long day of activities ahead. Whether you are drinking it for energy or just getting your scheduled caffeine hit.

Making your own coffee is the best way to get the best quality stuff to kick your day off if you need the most amazing coffee grinder on the market. Then this coffee grinder and maker is the perfect “caffeine wrangling” device for you.


  • PRECISION GRINDING: This Professional level coffee grinder with steel conical burr is made with the capacity to grind coffee with precision. All the coffee beans are grounded to the same texture and size, therefore maximizing the coffee yield when brewing.
  • WIDE GRINDING RANGE: No matter your preference on the texture of your coffee Beans, whether it’s Ultrafine, extra smooth Turkish, or something more grainy like French press coarse. With this coffee grinder, you can have whichever texture you want and everything in between.
  • PRESERVES AROMA: The fact that this machine does not “rush” the process of coffee grinding but instead the gears build up steadily as it works, is an added advantage due to the fact that it preserves the aroma of the coffee. This is a very intricate part of the experience, the aroma gets your palette ready for what’s to come. Therefore heightening the taste of the coffee.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: This machine allows you to grind more coffee than most coffee grinders you find on the market with its 8.8-ounce bean container and the 4-ounce ground coffee compartment.
  • POWER CAPACITY: With a capacity of 100W/120V. This coffee grinder minimizes power usage.


  • It is easy to access the gears by removing the upper burr, which makes this device very easy to clean.
  • This coffee grinder does not consume much power, thereby saving you a ton of money on electricity bills.
  • It is easy to operate with little to no guidance at all.


  • Although this is sort of inevitable, like most coffee grinders it makes a lot of noise when being operated.

10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Machine

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press


Surely, getting work done accurately is always the aim of every man. Sometimes we need machines to do the job for us and that’s why our effort in creating robots to aid our daily routines will never cease.

10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Machine, is one of its kind, it is ready to handle your coffee-making tasks, grind and brew it on a daily basis and it will never disappoint you unless there is a problem somewhere.

  • People don’t like bitter things especially when the intention is to take something sweet or delicious. The mind of a man is powerful so, give it exactly what is expected. This machine will ensure that your coffee brewing comes out fantastic. Be it Cappucino, Espresso, or French Press, whatever name you call it, this machine will brew it well and no taste of bitterness will be traced. Forget about what some customers complained, they are the normal program that exists among other models, if you dig deeper, you will see most customers praising this amazing coffee grinder above other models bought previously.
  • I know you will like to be in control; especially humans don’t like to be controlled by other humans, not to talk of an ordinary machine. The coffee grinder has been designed for you with an automatic timer that enables definitive control over the final outcome of your coffee.
  • No one with the love of coffee made of any method rejects a creamy type. As for me, I love thick creamy coffee as it gives me a kind of inspiration I cannot explain. The machine is cool and has been designed in such a way it comes with a burr grinder that gives you fresh flavor any time you grind new beans and that ensures a luxurious and creamy coffee such as French Press and so on.
  • Abundance is bliss. When you have things in excess, you will find comfort in your heart. The grinder is one such that can brew almost 10 cups of coffee. It has been made to allow you to set your coffee powder into; 2, 4,6,8,10 by just pressing the “cup 2-10” button as you may desire.
  • This machine demands that there should be enough water during the grinding and making process. In fact, the water should always correspond with the amount of coffee you put in the grinder.
  • The default number is 10. You can see that you have some great control over this machine. So feel free to make your desired coffee.
  • This product is another machine that is easy to use or operate. You may be the type who doesn’t like stress at all. This is an opportunity for you to grab. You can decide to choose coffee beans or powder to prepare drip coffee. The machine is well equipped with a burr grinder which means you can brew a cup of fresh coffee before going to work in the morning. The coffee beans are normally gathered and ground by the burr grinder attached to this powerful machine. Another amazing thing about it is that it can retain the complete flavor of the beans while the coffee powder falls directly on the provided filter.

Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press


When I saw the coffee maker written as part of this grinder’s description, I thought it was a chef until I realize that it is a machine.  An outstanding machine you cannot do away with.

For sure, you are going to enjoy the usage to the fullest and at your convenience in the ambiance of your home.

If you are reading this post, it means you are a coffee lover who needs a way out to get a machine that will grind fresh whole beans perfectly before brewing for the best of flavors.

Hurray, this is the very kind of grinder that can do exactly that for you.

  • When it comes to a spaciously designed coffee grinder, this conical burr grinder is one outstanding type with direct feed technology that comes with a compact space-saving model.
  • You don’t have worries concerning space since the machine components accommodate space.
  • I don’t know why I love anything that satisfies my soul. Well, maybe that’s human nature.  You may also be the same kind of person as me.
  • Do you know that this coffee grind has 10 cups of a thermal carafe, 6-ounce bean container? It didn’t end there, it is also designed with a very powerful motor of 1000 watts and 60 Hz. Isn’t that amazing?
  • It is not good to accumulate some dirt while your coffee is due to be consumed. The manufacturers see into this and decide to provide a goldtone filter that can avoid the use of messy paper. Besides that, the machine is dishwasher safe.
  • Programming in technology is the very reason why it stays alive until this moment. You see, there is power in settings.
  • It gives you full control over things and also gives you the power to customize the way you want. As for this particular grinder, it is programmable, this means you can automatically grind your coffee and then brew at the time you programmed for it.
  • I think with this kind of technology, you will have time to do other important things even though it is a minute to kiss your spouse.

Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Stainless Steel

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press


I have brought another ideal coffee burr grinder to you and for sure, it will take care of the previous bad grinding experience. When you are diligent, definitely, you will be the first to be taken—this is the case of the powerfully made coffee grinder. It has a lot of customer reviews which made it an item with the upper hand when it comes to being the best.

Here are the features descriptions you need to know about

  • If there is no precision grinding in a coffee grinding machine, what do stand to gain? This grinding machine is exceptionally well designed to fit your need. It is a commercially graded machine that equally has solid steel conical burrs along with the progressive cutting design that will help grind your coffee beans either fine or coarse.
  • One other thing I love about a grinding machine is the wide grinding options. When you are accommodative, people will be free with you. In the case of this amiable coffee, I am assuring you that you can grind your coffee beans to any form you want. It could the ultrafine Turkish or French Press as you may desire it.
  • You can’t love bad odor or odorless substances. This is for sure for an adult to love something that smells nice. You see this monster machine, it has got all it takes to give you the best aroma you ever need in a coffee. The reason this is possible is that the gear reduction motor is structured to grind your coffee slowly with very little noise and little static build-up.
  • You may have a big family and for that, it is your responsibility to want to ensure they all enjoy the aromatic and flamboyant coffee you are about to make. This means you will need a large container to grind your coffee beans. This very grinder is your answer. It has a large capacity storage container which is graduated into 8.8 ounces so that it can contain beans while it also has another 4-ounce ground container for coffee.
  • One thing most customers complain about a product is the ease to clean and use. How do you see this? I am very sure that you will be glad to purchase a product that will be easy for you to clean after use. This machine is the type you need. It is easy to clean, lasting, and promising.
  • Finally, the housing of a product also matters. What kind of housing does this powerful product have? It is a heavy-duty zinc die-cast. Imagine, this product looks small but the material it is made of is seriously amazing, this is one of the things that will make it last long with you. It can be passed from generation to generation as a gift and still work fine.

Grinding tips for this machine

  • The machine is designed to only grind when the black dot that is built on the bean container points to the direction of one of the fineness settings. Just turn on the timer and the grinding process will begin.
  • If you want to stop grinding, all you need to do is turn the bean container marking that is located in the exterior of fineness and it will stop immediately.
  • If you want to resume your grinding, turn the same black dot back and it will immediately resume its work.
  • You may also decide to run a pulse grinding, it is your choice.
  • If you want to remove the bean container from the base, ensure that it is empty so that the beans will not scatter around.

How to brew a French press coffee

First step

You will need enough water to boil the beans to an ideal level to make a good French press coffee. If you actually want to make good French press.

Second Step

As you are heating the water, start grinding your coffee to meet up with time. There is no need to wait for the water to finish boiling.

It demands coarse and even grinds. So I recommend more water to coffee in this aspect. What I mean is that, if you must be using 400 grams of water, then your coffee should be 40 grams.

Third Step

At this point, pour the heated water gently twice the volume of coffee onto the grounds. Maybe you can start with 70 grams of water to 25 grams of coffee, that will do a good job for you.

Fourth Step

You can now stir the ground coffee gently with a spoon or spatula. Some people prefer to stir it with a bamboo paddle or chopstick. After stirring the coffee, allow it to respond for about 30 to 35 minutes.

Fifth Step

You can now pour the remaining water and then keep the lid gently on the coffee grounds. You may want to be patient plunging your coffee, allow the coffee sheer for about 5 minutes before the plunge.

Sixth Step

Remove your French Press gently from the scale and place on the provided counter. Ensure that the filter is pressed down. If you find it difficult to press, check whether your grind is too fine.

The grind has to be coarse otherwise; you are not making any French Press coffee.

On the other hand, if the plunger bounces immediately to the floor, it means the ground coffee is too coarse.

The ideal press pressure is between 15 and 20 pounds; so, get it right so that you can get the right French Press coffee. After the whole steps above, you can now serve the coffee.

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press – Final Words

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press

From the looks of the entire coffee grinders reviewed, you will realize that they are all worth your cash. There is no need to hesitate in getting them. Just look for a means to ensure they are now in your kitchen store. You can always refer to our website anytime you need great recommendations.