Can A Meat Grinder Be Used As Grain Mill

A lot of people have been asking this same question if a meat grinder can be used as a grain mill. We will answer your question in this article.

Can a meat grinder be used as grain mill?

Well, some meat grinders can actually grind grain, but this is under some conditions. Not every meat grinder can grind grain. You can make the meat grinder grind grain by getting a suitable attachment for the meat grinder, then you can make it work by doing a few adjustments.

Take note that the manual meat grinders are the ones that you can give a try to mill the grains. However, using the electric meat grinder to a grain mill is likely to make the meat grinder to breakdown due to overheating.

All the different meat grinders were built for their specific purpose, so if you are using a meat grinder as a grain mill you should not expect it to give you the exact texture that a grain mill will give you.

To use your meat grinder as a grain mill you need to modify the plates and extend the hopper and try it with a manual meat grinder. This may not give you the best result that a grain mill will give you.

Features required for a meat grinder to work as a grain mill

As we mentioned, an ordinary meat grinder cannot be used as a grain mill without some modifications and adjustments. Here are some of the features that are required for your meat grinder to be used as a grain mill.

The speed controller is required for the coarse, fine and middle texture of the grain. This is important because it will help determine the texture in which the product of the grain comes out, it could be either coarse, fine or middle.

It needs to have a powerful motor for it to mill naturally. Also, if the meat grinder is motorized, with the help of an attachment you can use it as a grain mill.

However, if you choose to use the hand crank meat grinder then you should add a few nuts and washers etc. and see the best method that works.

Cons of using a meat grinder as a grain mill

Even though the meat grinder was not built for the purpose of grain mill, you can still make some adjustments and attachments so it can be used as a grain mill. There are some disadvantages of using a meat grinder as a grain mill, we will list them below.

  1. After using the meat grinder as a grain mill you will see that the result may be very sticky, this depends on the moisture of the grain content.
  2. Using the meat grinder as a grain mill is time and energy-consuming. If you want to do this then you need to be ready to spend that much time on the grinder.
  3. After grinding, you may notice that the quantity would have reduced, meaning the quantity you out in the grinder may not be the exact one you get as a product.
  4. It may result in damaging your tools. If you use your meat grinder as a grain mill too often, it may result in damage of your tools.
  5. You need to be very cautious while trying to use your meat grinder as a grain mill to avoid some damages.
  6. This may result in wastage of products. While using this grinder, you may end up wasting a lot of the products and you may not get the exact texture and products that you want.
  7. Too much trial and error. When you try to use a meat grinder for a grain mill, for the first time you may not get it or get the products that you want. Therefore, this will result in excess trial and error which may be a waste of time.

Having read this, you should have taken note of these disadvantages and you will decide for yourself if you should try this method.

I will advise you that instead of using your meat grinders to grind grain, why not check out featured grain mills in our review below to make your best choice in buying the grain grinder that is perfect for you.

What do you say?

Best grain milling machines to buy

BI-DTOOL 2000gram Electric Grain Grinder Stainless Steel Pulverizer Grinder

Can A Meat Grinder Be Used As Grain Mill


The BI-DTOOL 2000gram Electric Grain Grinder Stainless Steel Pulverizer Grinding Machine with a motor speed of 25000 revolution/minute. It is strong and suitable for grinding a large variety of food.

This stainless-steel is a high-speed grain grinder mill has a very attractive design, small size and lightweight.

It is very efficient and easy to use.

It comes with an LCD screen which does the job of a time switch, you can control the grain grinder mill machine manually, or you can set the time by using the LCD screen.

This is good in such a way that you can set the timer for the mill grinder and do other things and then come back to meet your grinder in a good shape.

This machine has enhanced security. The security works in a way that it has a specially designed overload button protector, what it does it that it automatically cuts off the power when there is an abnormality going on in the machine.

It is very easy to use and it is value for money.


  • Easy to use
  • LCD screen
  • Improved security
  • Stainless-steel body
  • Powerful motor
  • Value for money
  • Portable


  • Heats up quickly

Final Verdict

Honestly, this machine is a very good portable one, easy to use and it also comes with an LCD which makes it possible for you to manually control the grinding, or you could set a timer and go do other things.

The prudence of the LCD screen and timer makes the job faster, as you may not have to always be there to look after it while grinding, you can just set the timer and do other things.

This feature is really time and energy saving. It also has a stainless-steel design which makes it very durable. This machine is portable, so, it will not occupy so much space wherever it is kept.

You can even store it in your kitchen and you will not have to bother if you will have space to put other things. It is portable and value for money.

ALD Kitchen Professional Grain Mill Grinder | High-Speed Powder Machine

Can A Meat Grinder Be Used As Grain Mill


The ALD Kitchen Professional Grain Mill Grinder | High-speed Powder Machine is a machine with versatile usage.

It is a powerful machine capable of grinding a wide range of grains and materials.

It is potent and reliable with a plastic handle. It is also very simple to use, after buying this machine you do not need to bother about how to assemble or make use of it, the manufacturers made it very easy, even if you are buying it for the first time you will not find it hard at all.

This grinder also has an efficient design and great quality build which makes it look attractive. It also comes with an overload protector which does the job of stopping the machine when there seems to be an abnormality.

This helps prevent the grinder from being burnt out and it gives the grinder long life.

It also comes with flexible customer support in which there is a return policy and a money-back guarantee.


  • Easy to use
  • Very durable
  • Powerful grinder
  • Versitility of use
  • Great design
  • Return policy
  • Money-back policy


  • Plastic handle may be breakable

Final verdict

This grinder is a good one based on the review we gave above. The part that buyers will find interesting is the part that it has a return policy and a money-back guarantee.

Buyers may be pushed to get this because they will be rest assured that is anything goes wrong the company can take care of it without spending money on repairs.

The machine also has a plastic handle, this handle may be breakable, take note that you need to handle it with care to prevent breakage. You should buy this machine if it has met your needs.

CGOLDENWALL 700g Safety Upgraded Electric Grain Grinder

Can A Meat Grinder Be Used As Grain Mill


The CGOLDENWALL 700g Safety Upgraded Electric Grain Grinder is an upgraded safety open-cover-stop type. This means that when you open the cover it stops automatically. It also comes with overload protection, when there is overwork or an irregular malfunction, the machine goes off on its own.

This remarkable feature helps in the longevity of the life span. It has a very high speed which is capable of grinding a large variety of grains. It can grind a good amount of grain in just one minute. It also comes with triple blades: The rotary blade, the grinding blade and the powder and removal blade.

This grinder also comes with a timer, this is an amazing feature, the timer helps you set how long you want it to grind depending on the fineness and texture you prefer.

One advantage of using grinders with timers is that, if you are in the kitchen it can help you multitask in such a way that you can put grains in your grinder, set the timer and then you are free to do other things pending the time it stops grinding.

This is one cool feature that may trigger people to buy this grinder.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with timer function
  • Triple blades
  • Upgraded open-cover-stop type
  • Great blending power
  • Value for money
  • High speed
  • Versatility


  • Heats up quite easily

Final verdict

This grinder comes with cool features which will make it quite difficult for buyers to resist. One of the attractive features is the upgraded open-cover-stop which you may not find in many other grain mills out there.

This feature is quite attractive. This grinder is also easy to use and operate. It is value for money, if it is within your budget then you should get it without hesitating.

NEWTRY 700g Electric Grain Grinder Spice Mill 2400W Stainless Steel grinder

Can A Meat Grinder Be Used As Grain Mill


The NEWTRY 700g Electric Grain Grinder Spice Mill 2400W Stainless Steel High-speed Food Mill comes with a stainless-steel material which is strong and durable and it does not rust easily.

The stainless-steel design made this grinder easy to clean and also hygienic. It comes with a speed of 28000 revolution per minute and a high-power of 2400 watt.

This grinder also comes with a timer which helps you to automatically set how long you want this machine to grind. When you want to grind all, you need to do is put the grains inside, set the timer and go do something else with your time, then come back and meet it in perfect condition.

This timer feature helps to save time.

It also comes with the overload switch, what it does it to turn off the grinder automatically when there is a malfunction somewhere. This helps to increase the life span, prevent the blender from burning and to also ensure the fuse is not changed all the time.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Overload switch
  • High power and speed
  • Stainless-steel design
  • Free from rust


  • The grinder does not heat the grain (No heating function)

Final verdict

This grinder is obviously a good one, despite the fact that it may not come with the warranty like some other grain mills, it still has some cool features that potential buyers will love.

The stainless-steel design makes the grinder free from rust, this will prevent contamination and will keep whatever you are grinding in good health.

The stainless-steel design is also durable and it is not breakable, so expect it to survive if it mistakenly falls off from a surface.

The very high grinding power, the timer and also high speed will make it capable of grinding a high quantity of grain within a short period of time. Having gone through the reviews, it is left to you to decide which you want to get. Make sure you buy the one that meets your exact needs.

Can A Meat Grinder Be Used As Grain Mill – Final words

If you have a small kitchen you should not get a big grain mill because it will occupy space. Therefore, buy the one suitable for you so that you will not have a storage issue.


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