5 Best Meat Grinder With Metal Gears (2021 Detailed Review)

Looking for the best meat grinder with metal gears? Jump right in.

Meat grinders are now sought after in the modern-day kitchen. Hardly will you enter any modern kitchen or restaurants without coming across a meat grinder.

However, there are meat grinders with metal gears. These are quite different from the normal meat grinders we see out there in the market.

If you do not want to rely on grocery stores for your ground meat, it is best to get your own meat grinder, especially those with metal gears, of which we are going to review on this article.

This will give you the flexibility of making use of a meat grinder and not be dependent on what you get in the grocery stores.

It gives you the opportunity to experiment and try out a whole lot of stuff with new recipes.

It will also make you be creative and discover new things. Check out these best meat grinders with metal gears we have listed out here.

Quick recommendations

Best meat grinders with metal gearsWhere to buy
American Eagle Food Machinery AE-G12NCHECK ON AMAZON
Cuisinart Electric Meat GrinderCHECK ON AMAZON
The Powerful STX Turboforce Classic 3000 SeriesCHECK ON AMAZON

Best meat grinders with metal gears – Detailed Review

American Eagle Food Machinery AE-G12N 1HP #12 Commercial Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder


This powerful American Eagle Food Machinery AE-G12N 1HP #12 Commercial Stainless-Steel Meat Grinder is a heavy-duty grinder that has a metal gear transmission.

It is designed with a rifled chamber with a quick pass auger which reduces wastage of food. This grinder is permanently lubricated and sealed with a motor design for safety.

One good thing about this is its ETL certification. This grinder is a good grinder, best value for money. It is very good for food professionals.

The attractive design, reliability, and compactness make it a great choice for kitchen use and commercial purposes.

The grinder plates, feed chamber, auger, etc., are all stainless-steel construction which means this machine will be very durable and easy to clean after grinding.

The grinder head has a hundred percent metal-gear-driven transmission and a one-horse-power motor, this means this grinder will be able to grind tougher meat without too much hassle.

The air-cooled motor also ensures that the food you put into the grinder comes out safe. There is an inbuilt circuit breaker that helps to prevent damage to the motor.


  • Metal gear-driven transmission
  • ETL certified
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • This grinder is super heavy

Final Verdict

The fact that this grinder is has a metal gear transmission is an added advantage. Like we said above, this grinder is super heavy and if you want to take it apart after grinding you may experience some difficulty.

If this grinder will meet your needs then it is advisable you get it except you do not like the fact that it is heavy and may require more than one person to handle.

SuperHandy Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer Electric #32 1.5 HP 1080LBS Per/Hr


The shinny SuperHandy Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer Electric #32 1.5 HP 1080LBS Per/Hr is a heavy-duty stainless-steel meat grinder that grinds up to 1080-Lbs per hour.

The motor has two speeds: The forward grind and the reverse mode. It also has a large capacity meat pan. This grinder is heavy-duty and very efficient.

It was built with stainless-steel metal gears, an auger, grinder head, blades, and plates which are all rustproof and anti-corrosion.

When raw meat comes in contact with this grinder it is usually safe because of this stainless-steel build. It has a quiet operation; this means this grinder will not be noisy like some other heavy-duty grinders out there.

It has an in-built circuit breaker that protects the motor. Take note that you should keep your hands and fingers away from the feeding area.

You can also use this machine to grind small chicken bones, but not chicken thigh bones or read meat.

This grinder is also dishwasher safe which means that you can wash it in a dishwasher.


  • Easy to use
  • Stainless-steel design
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Metal gear transmission
  • Anti-rust
  • Can grind small bones
  • Quiet grinder


  • Cannot grind thigh bones

Final verdict

This grinder is not large like some other grinders out there, when you put this machine in your kitchen do not expect it to take so much space. It is capable of grinding small chicken bones but not thigh or red meat bones.

The most important of them all is that this grinder has a metal gear which makes grinding easy, with this metal gear transmission, it will be able to grind more tough meat than other meat grinders cannot without the metal gear transmission.

Before you buy this you need to be sure if this will meet your needs to avoid buying it and then figuring out it is not what you need.

Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel


If you are looking for a durable meat grinder with metal gears for your restaurant or just regular home use, look no further.

This meat grinder is highly durable and versatile, you can use this to grind whichever kind of meat you want. You can also use it to make sausage.

The grinder pulverizes the meat with a fine consistency, leaving no lumps or large pieces of meat in the final form.


  • POWERFUL MOTOR: It is equipped with a very powerful motor of 300W that allows you to grind up to 4 pounds of meat per minute.
  • METAL CUTTING PLATES: This machine is equipped with two metal cutting plates that allow you to choose the level of thickness of the meat and also the texture in its ground form.
  • SAUSAGE STUFFER: This meat grinder comes with two sausage stuffing nozzles that you can use to make sausage for breakfast.
  • REVERSE FUNCTION: This feature allows you to run the meat grinder in reverse, in case your meat grinder gets clogged.


  • When it comes to versatility, this meat grinder has it all. You can use it to grind a wide variety of meat, as well as make sausages. It’s as simple as switching nozzles.
  • It is easy to operate, with very minimal buttons of this machine. It is easy to use it even for a first-time user, however, you still need to read the instructions or manual to ensure you don’t break it. Or hurt yourself.
  • The reverse function allows you easily unclog the meat grinder if it gets stuck.


  • Some users have complained about this meat cutter overheating in Amazon online customer reviews.

Food Meat Grinder Attachments Designed for KitchenAid Stand Mixers, Durable Metal Food Processor


The fancy Hozodo Food Meat Grinder Attachments Designed for KitchenAid Stand Mixers, Durable Metal Food Processor comes with a metal structure which is made of metal aluminum metal.

You will find a kidney shape plate and two stuffing tubes that can expand the mixer’s flexibility. This machine is not dishwasher safe, this means it is not advisable for you to wash this grinder in a dishwasher, instead wash it with your hands.

When you are washing it you will find it very easy because it is easy to wash. The parts can be disassembled and it is made of shiny metal finishing which is very easy to clean after washing.

When you are cleaning ensure you make use of warm soapy water, then you rinse and dry it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Shinny design and finishing
  • Durable
  • Metal gear transmission


  • Not dishwasher safe

Final verdict

This grinder has a lot of advantages which is enough to convince you to buy it if it has the exact specifications you are looking for in a meat grinder with metal gear transmission.

The shinny design of this grinder makes it easy to clean after use and still retain its shiny look without wearing off.

Final words are to make a good survey before setting out to buy this machine, also if it is within your budget you can also go for it.

The Powerful STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer


The Strong  STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer is a very powerful machine that is capped at 3000 Watts power, but most times it is used between 800 and 1200 Watts. This grinder is capable of grinding from 180 to 240 lbs of meat per hour.

Take note that you should not grind plants, animal tendons, etc., as this grinder is a heavy-duty meat grinder and not for commercial use. When you purchase all STX international products rest assured that you will get a thirty-day unconditional money-back guaranty.

This means that your money can be refunded if you experience some sort of factory issue. You will also get a three-year warranty with the cost of parts and labor.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to disassemble
  • East to clean
  • Thirty-day unconditional money back guaranty
  • Three-year warranty with the cost of parts and labour.
  • Metal gear transmission


  • Cannot grind fruits
  • Cannot grind thigh bones
  • Grinder may overheat

Final verdict

This grinder is a heavy-duty machine which means that you should not grind things like plants, vegetables, and fruits in it.

You should use it for grinding meat and any other tough meat as this heavy-duty meat grinder is capable of grinding tough meat because of the metal gear transmission which makes it able to handle tough meat.

It comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee and also a three-year warranty, these two features attract buyers and even give buyers more confidence and more reasons why they should get it.

Do your survey and make your findings based on this review and if you feel this particular grinder will meet your needs without disappointment then you should go for it.

Do not make the mistake of not making your finding to avoid regret after you must have purchased the grinder.

The difference between metal-gear transmission and others

Things started to advance as new meat grinders were being made, there came a need to make meat grinders with better performance that is one of the reasons meat grinders with metal gear transmission were made.

It is different from others in such a way that other meat grinders without the metal gear transmission will find it difficult to grind tougher meat, while meat grinders with the metal gear-driven transmission will do it without stress.

Why you should get a meat grinder with metal-gear driven transmission

As stated earlier, meat grinders with metal-gear-driven transmission will grind tough meat without stress and in less time.

If you have tough meat to grind and you do not want to risk using normal meat grinders without the metal-gear-driven transmission, then you need to get one of these grinders we have listed here for you. Be rest assured that they will do the job well without complaints.

Final words

No one wants to waste time anymore, faster ways to do things are being invented, and that is one of the major reasons the meat grinder with metal-gear driven transmission was made, you need to get one for yourself so that you can save time and do better things with it.

Go through the list and review we provided, they are among the best you will find on Amazon, pick one for yourself and see how your grinding experience will become enjoyable.