Best Meat Cutting Machine For Restaurant To Buy (2021 Picks)

Meat cutting machine for restaurants that you should get: What’s a meat cutting machine anyways? It’s simple, a meat cutting machine which can also be called the meat slicer/dicer, deli slicer, or simply a slicer, used in the kitchen.

It is also used in butcher shops, restaurants, and delicatessens to slice meats, sausages, cheeses, and other deli products.

This meat cutting machine prepares primal cuts (Primary cut) into a variety of smaller cuts intended for sale in a retail environment, for cooking, snacks, or chops (e.g sausage).

Who wants to go through the stress of being an official butcher in a restaurant? I’m sure you don’t want that. Most definitely not because of the name or position “butcher” but because of the stress and tedious process.

Getting your hands dirty isn’t all you get to do as a butcher but when it comes to the business part which for sure is the restaurant, cutting or slicing the meats with your hands could drag your business on a slow avenue and your time of delivery would be awful.

Just like me, I know you’d want to be more efficient and faster in your dealings with customers.

That’s why you have this masterpiece review for you to get the best available meat cutters in the market.

You’ll get a brief of each product plus reviews and ratings for all our listed review.

Machine NameImageWhere to Buy
Newhai Meat Cutter


Mxmoonant Meat Cutter


Electric Deli Food Slicer


Meat Cutting Machine For Restuarant – Detailed Review

BestEquip Commercial Meat Cutter Machine


This meat cutting machine commercial uses a food-grade high-quality stainless steel, silver body. The seamlessly welded meat cutting machine can effectively resist internal pressure, it is durable and not easy to get deformed.

Made to offer a large feeding throat, perfectly fit for large pieces of meat. It’s a safety protection baffle attached to the top of the opening, to prevent hands from injured and spillage during the grind.

The blades are extremely sharp and they are made of special 3Cr13 stainless steel, with strong hardness, also including a 22 sets/44 pieces. The thickness of its cut pieces is 0.12″ (3.0 mm).

Isn’t that awesome>

Comes with a 600W high-power copper core motor is adopted, with high rotating speed and long-term use, allowing a high cutting capacity of 1100 lbs per hour and that gives you awesome speed plus efficiency.

Those are a few key features of the BestEquip Commercial Meat Cutter Machine 1100 LB/H 3mm Stainless Steel with Pulley 600W Electric Food Cutting machine.

So let’s get to know the key specifications of this meat cutter before you make that final decision.

Key Specifications

  • Power: 600W
  • Rated Motor Frequency: 60HZ
  • Working Capacity: 1100lbs/h
  • Voltage: 110V
  • GW: 33.8Kg / 75lbs
  • Cut thickness: 3mm / 0.12″
  • Its Volume is: 450×310×415mm / 17.72″ x 12.2″ x 16.34″
  • Package Size: 470mm×350mm×430mm /18.5″x13.78″x16.93″
  • Package Dimensions: 24 x 21.38 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight: 99.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: BestEquip
  • Its Item model number: Commercial Meat Cutter Machine 1100 LB/H
  • Material Made With: 100% 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Production : 1100 lb/hour 1100LB/hourDimension : 18* 12 * 18(inch)

With a 4.0 star rating on Amazon, averagely 4.0 on each customers review, meaning almost all the buyers are satisfied with the product. Now give me a reason why this isn’t your best pick.

Mxmoonant Meat Cutter


If you need a machine to make cutting up meat on a large scale easy and efficient, then this is the perfect device for you. It is easy to use and cuts your meat to whatever width or length you need it to be.

It comes with a variety of blade options, so you can cut meat to the degree of thickness you need. It is very easy to operate, very easy to assemble.


  • VARIETY OF BLADE CHOICES: It has an array of blade choices you can equip it with to get your meat to your desired thickness and consistency. The replaceable blades make it easy to get custom slices of meat for specific dishes you want to make.
  • VERSATILITY: This meat cutter is very versatile, you can use it to cut a variety of meats. We all know some meats are a bit tougher than others when it comes to the texture. With this meat cutter, you can cut whichever kind of meat you want.
  • The blades and other metal components are made of stainless steel, which makes it less prone to rusting.
  • VOLTAGE: 110V


  • The power consumption is low compared to other restaurant-grade meat cutters on the market.
  • Comes with a variety of blade options to get your desired thickness.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • Compared to some other cheaper alternatives, this is a little on the high side.

Newhai 850W Meat Cutter Cutting Machine


For the best thickness and consistency on your meat slices, this meat cutter is most suitable for large-scale meat processing and slicing for commercial use.

This machine is made with a highly durable and effective copper motor which makes it cut meat fast. When working on large portions of meat l, this feature will save you a lot of time and energy.


  • DOUBLE FEED PORT: This meat cutter has a double feed port where you pass your meat through to get cut to the desired thickness you want. This makes it easier to get large-scale work done on time.
  • BLADE LENGTH: The blade length is 85mm across.
  • POWER: This machine uses 850W
  • MATERIALS: The Outer part of this machine is made of stainless steel. The gear is made of high-quality and durable nylon on one side and metal gear on the flip side.
  • COPPER MOTOR: This machine is equipped with an 850W copper motor that’s powerful enough to reach speeds of 1420r/min. Which makes the device cut fast, making your job efficient.


  • It is super easy to assemble for use, if you follow the instruction manual it is very straightforward and direct.
  • It is really easy to clean, with not much stress involved.
  • This meat cutter works really fast, which saves you a lot of time when you have much to do.


  • Due to the power output of the motor, the electrical power consumption of this meat cutter is a bit high.

BESWOOD 9″ Premium Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

Meat Cutting Machine For Restaurant


Given the Chromium-plated coating Carbon steel & high-temperature treatment process, Beswood cutter/slicer’s blade stays sharp longer and is protected from corrosion.

Adding to this is that there is no need to sharpen frequently, the blade is more durable and is guaranteed to have a longer lifetime (durability).

The Beswood food slicer also includes

A Premium V-belt with noticeable noise (low) and vibration reduction.

A Doubled illuminated ON and OFF switch 24V to avoid power shock for the best protection.

Skidproof Rubber Feet & Blade Ring Guard for safety.

An Aluminum body with a top-mounted, two stones blade sharpener keeping it in a consistently sharp blade edge.

It is a USA standard approved: ETL, NSF.

Beswood meat cutter or will I say “slicer” is perfect for commercial use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, cafes, and in-home use as well, because it is able to slice boneless meat, cheese, ham, veggies with high standard performance.

Product Specifications

  • Blade Diameter: 9”
  • Power: 110-120V, 240W 1/3HP
  • Blade revolution: 282/min
  • Maximum cutting length: 205mm (8”),
  • Maximum cutting height: 155mm(6”)
  • Slicing thickness: 1-12mm (about 0- 1/2”)
  • The Package Contains 1X food slicer machine, 1X Instruction Manual, 1xcleaning brush, 1x food machine oil.
  • Its Dimensions: 18.75 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight: 30 pounds
  • Manufacturer: BESWOOD
  • Item model number: BESWOOD-220
  • Colour: Silver

The machine has a whooping 4.5-star rating on Amazon and an average of 90 to 95% customer feedback overall satisfaction from all customers.

Does it end here? A sure capital NO! The BESWOOD 9″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade has an amazing price offer and a far valued quality to render.

The Meat Slicers Electric, Food Deli Slicers

Meat Cutting Machine For Restaurant


Now it’s time to include budget-friendly meat cutting machine for a restaurant or the start-up restaurant that needs to get started with the best alternative to the ones mentioned above for an effective cost with good value in return.

That’s where the Oneisall Meat Slicers Electric, Food Deli Slicers with Two Removable 7.5” Serrated Stainless Steel Blade fills in.

Yes! This awesome meat cutter has almost a near-capacity to an average above $200 rated meat cutting machine and can give good results in the food processor meat cutting process in your restaurant.

The meat slicer or cutter is equipped with two 304 stainless steel blades of the serrated blade and a non-serrated blade.

When compared with other slicers, it has one more blade, which cuts cooked food and raw food more healthily, reducing the extra stress of using raw food and cooked food to cross-infection.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 14 x 9.6 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 9.15 pounds


Manufactured and sold by Weifan US

Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 247Reviews

Customers can’t hold back but to share their great experience, and one of such is this and I quote “Love it! I have loved this slicer so far! I think I have sliced everything I could think of from ham for lunch meat to tomatoes and onions and cheese.”

What more convincing would you need because I’m pretty sure with this now, budget nor cost is not the problem. It’s indecisiveness or scarcity of conclusion (just saying anyways).

The Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer with Child Lock Protection

Meat Cutting Machine For Restaurant


Just before we get started, may I have you know that this is currently Amazon’s bestseller and it’s also Amazon’s choice for everyone.

Either you’re in the restaurant business or for home use, whatever you might be needing for, even if you’re a butcher, pick this and pay. Simple…

The Oster slicer is perfectly designed for professional use (but can be used for other purposes too though).

This meat slicer or the meat cutter is made of high-quality anodized aluminum and therefore effectively protected against corrosion.

It is also easy to operate (operandus made easy) as you can adjust the blades to adjust the thickness of the food by simply turning the dial from 0 to 15 mm at your desire.

Make sure to pull the sliding platform against the food guard, then place a tray (not supplied) behind the knife before you use it.

Place the food on the platform and adjust the pusher until it holds the grip of the food in place.

You only need to just grab the pusher with your right hand, keeping your thumb behind the guide after turning on the machine and turning the dial to the thickness you want.

Make sure to apply uniform pressure to achieve desired best results.

Product Specifications

  • Rated Power capacity: 150 Watts
  • Product Dimensions: 14.17 x 9.65 x 10.24 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.64 pounds
  • Manufacturer: OSTBA
  • ASIN: B07S5R3HHV
  • Item model number: SL518-1
  • Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 852Reviews

Having a 4.3-star rating overall and for a price as affordable as $99.99 yet still became and still is Amazon’s bestseller for the category of meat cutting machine for restaurants and other users or uses.

What more would you want if not this? It’s affordable, durable, efficient, effective, made with quality, and made for the real deal (restaurant). It’s clearly stated on Amazon by the manufacturer and I would summarize that again in quote, “made for professional use”.

How awesome can such an affirmation be to any businessman or woman who owns a restaurant?

Best Meat Cutting Machine For Restaurant – Final Words

So, what do you say? You’ve got your choice of cutter here, right? Let’s not get twisted, you can’t actually get better products on Amazon for those range of budget that is, or let’s say “are” better than the ones you’ve just gone through.

You have the ratings, customer feedback, review analysis, and our choice for you.

How big is your restaurant? I guess that question would go far in helping choose a product that fits what your demand is.

The number of customers you need to serve a day (both in the restaurant and home delivery if you do that) varies and your order varies just as your budget does.

Here’s your call to make a mega decision. Remember, first impression matters, choose a cutter that fits your capacity and ability in terms of professionalism and staffing plus customer base.

If you need more than one, don’t wait to test one before buying the other, I guarantee you great value for your money.

Now, make take a pick and place an order to save yourself and staff from unnecessary stress.