Best 2 HP Meat Grinder To Buy – 2022 Detailed Review

Looking for the best 2 hp meat grinder to buy? I have put together a very useful guide that will help you in making a great choice. Follow through with the article to the end.

Hardly will you enter any modern kitchen or restaurant and you will not find a meat grinder in there. There is a rush for meat grinders now as people are drifting away from just eating meat in solid form to grinding it and enjoying it that way.

The era of manual meat grinders has passed, now is the age of electric meat grinders which are more efficient and saves a lot of time and energy

With the rate at which companies are making new meat grinders, there is usually confusion in the mind of buyers when they want to get one.

The aim of this article is to help you make the right choice on the best two horsepower meat grinder to buy.

There are various kinds of meat grinders based on the Horse-power, there are one, two & three Horse-power meat grinders, this article is focused on two Horse-power meat grinders.

Be rest assured that after reading this article you will find it easy to make your decision on the best two horsepower meat grinder to buy. Be sure to take note of all the details this article.

Our quick recommendation – Best 2 HP meat Grinder

Best two Horse-power meat grinders to buyWhere to buy
Pro-Cut KG-22W-XPBuy on amazon
Weston (10-3201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat GrinderBuy on Amazon

Best 2 HP Meat Grinder To Buy – Detailed Review

Pro-Cut KG-22W-XP #22 Meat Grinder 2HP


This machine was majorly designed for long hours of use. One good thing that comes with it is that it is four times the capacity of some other meat grinders in the market.

This good feature is enough to convince one to buy it. That is If you bother about the capacity of this machine.

It comes with a powerful oil bathe steel gear transmission that has no belts; this feature makes the machine to grind for longer hours than other meat grinders out there.

The heavy-duty model is capable of grinding 1700 pounds of meat.

Another good feature you will love Is that this machine is very easy to clean and maintain, it is made of a beautiful stainless-steel transmission.

This grinder is a very good companion and you will not have to make use of tools to disassemble. Be rest assured that after buying the Pro-Cut KG-22W-XP #22 Meat Grinder 2HP will make you enjoy your work, because of its high performance and superb durability.

Below is all the pros and cons of this machine. If you are satisfied with them then you can go for it, if the specifications do not meet your expectations then you should not go for it to avoid complaints or regrets.


  • Durability
  • High capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Capable of grinding 1700 pounds of meat
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Stainless-steel design


  • Extra-large in size
  • Occupies space
  • Loud noise

PRO-CUT #22 Meat Grinder



The PRO-CUT KG22W2XPSS #22 Meat Grinder, 2HP is specifically a machine made for commercial use. It comes with a powerful 2HP motor and a lubricated transmission. You should expect durability from a machine made with stainless-steel.

This machine comes with robust construction, a washerless design which reduces friction, this helps in faster and more efficient grinding. This machine is also a huge one which occupies space and probably will make so much noise when it is in use.

Do you like large meat grinders? If you do not mind, this machine is a good buy and it is going to meet your expectations. However, we will add some of the positives and negatives of this heavy-duty machine. After going through, you should be able to make your decision without doubts.


  • ETL certified
  • Stainless-steel material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • This machine may be too noisy while using

Weston (10-3201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat Grinders (2 HP, 1500 Watts)


One good thing about the Pro-Cut KG-22W-XP #22 Meat Grinder 2HP is that it is permanently lubricated, and it is not noise like other machines of its type. It can disassemble very easily without much hassle, easy to clean up and it has a non-slip rubber which helps the machine for more stability.

This machine is an improved pro version which rinds with up to 50% more power. Like other machines of its kind, it is very easy to clean and store. If you get this machine, rest assured that it will meet your needs, expect it to last a very long time.

With a five-year warranty, you do not have to bother if this machine has a factory fault, all you need to do is take it back for repairs as long as the fault was not from you.

Adding a five-year warranty for this machine is a good reason to buy it. It saves you repair cost and other unforeseen expenses. Like I stated earlier, this machine is a quiet one, using it will not cause noise pollution, its engineered steel gears were built for quiet performance.

It grinds up to 12-18 Lbs. per minute. It comes with a tray guard which keeps your hands safe. This machine can also grind raw pet food. Take a look at the positives and negatives of this machine. The pros obviously outweigh the cons which means you will face fewer problems with this machine.


  • Easy to disassemble
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Permanently lubricated
  • No noise
  • Improved 50% power
  • Comes with tray guard for your safety
  • Can be used to grind chicken bones


  • It takes a long while to start when it has not been used for long.

How to care for your meat grinder

Meat grinders are becoming one of the most important tools in the modern-day kitchen, small food businesses or restaurants. After spending a huge amount of money, you will not want the grinder to get worse because of lack of care.

Taking care of your meat grinder is not as hard as it may sound.

Your meat grinder will last for many years if you take out time to look after it and to do the little things that will keep it safe. This segment will show you how to properly care for your meat grinder.

Take care of your blades

This includes sharpening your blades after using the machine for a very long time. If the blade gets blunt after so much ground it is advisable to sharpen it as soon as possible. A sharp blade is a secret to having great blended meat.

Clean and wash the parts

You need to know the methods of cleaning your meat grinder before you start. All the parts should be washed in soapy water. Remember to unplug the machine from the socket before you start cleaning.

The screw, blades etc. should be properly washed. The dishwasher might change the colour of these parts. While washing the blades remember it is sharp and be careful so it does not cut your hands.

One important thing you need to do before you start washing the parts is to disassemble and soak in hot soapy water to remove some of the meat stuck on the blades

Scrub the parts well

The screw, cover and most especially the blade should be scrubbed with a sponge. Later switch to using a brush. Take it slowly and do not rush the scrubbing process. Rinse when you are done scrubbing.

Dry the parts

After washing and scrubbing, first of all, use a towel to clean to remove excess water from it. Also, prevent it from rust.

Common meat grinders problems and solution

Blunt blade: The blade often gets blunt when you have been grinding with the machine for a very long time the blade tends to get blunt.

Solution: Always disassemble your blade and make sure you sharpen your blade to ensure effective grinding.

Rusting: When the meat grinder is exposed to water excessively which leads to rusting.

Solution: Store your machine in a freezer or make use of lubricating oil.

Grinder teeth problem: The grinder teeth tend to wear down after so much continuous usage. Most times when you grind bones it is going to increase the rate at which the grinding teeth wears down,

Solution: Disassemble it and check if it needs to be sharpened if it is beyond sharpening you can consider getting a new one.

Friction problem: You will experience this when you grind fresh meat.

Solution: To solve this you can either lubricate the interior parts of the machine or you can store the meat in the freezer 30 minutes before grinding.

Problem with switching on: This problem will be due to the main outlet or the cord.

Solution: Try with a new battery if you think the old one is bad. Make sure you are using the correct power supply.

Grinder Head Issues: If there is a problem with the grinder head that pushes the meat to the blade you need to try this solution.

Solution: The best thing to do in this situation is to remove the head and insert it back, as this may be as a result of continuous usage.

How to store your meat grinder after washing

Why is storage important?

Proper storage is important if you want to use your grinder for a long time. Storage can also help prevent rusting because of the metal parts. Take note of these tips:

Add oil to the metal parts

It is always advisable to keep all the moving parts of your grinder lubricated and also prevent from rust during storage. Pay attention to the parts that come in contact with the meat while grinding.

Sterilize the oiled parts

After oiling the parts, you should sterilize them with bleach. Mix a tablespoon of bleach and 3.8 litres of water, pour into a spray gun and then spray it on all the oiled parts.

Store in the freezer

Storing in the freezer is also a good way to prevent rust and keep bacteria away. Another good reason for storing in the freezer is that when you want to use it you won’t have to clean all over again.

Frequently asked questions about 2 HP meat grinders

Does the meat grinder come with all the accessories when you buy it.

Always read carefully on Amazon on what is included, whatever is included in the pack is what you get. Some may come with two grinding plates, three stuffing tubes, a stomper etc.

Will bones hurt the grinder

You can check out for grinders that are capable of grinding bones, once you find out the exact grinder that can take on the bones you are good to go.

Is the meat grinder difficult to clean?

The clean up is very easy, some people make use of the dishwasher. You can take some hints from the steps I provided above.

Final words on the best 2 HP meat grinder to buy

Meat grinders cannot be overemphasized, the role of meat grinders in one’s everyday life cannot be compromised.

Meat grinders are not just for grinding meat only, there are various uses like making sausages, grinding bones, Grinding vegetables etc. It can be used in the kitchen, for small business and those that run restaurants as well as hotels.

People are now going from eating just solid meat to grounded meat, that is where the use of these meat grinders come in. Always buy the meat grinder that suits your exact need to prevent regrets or return of product.

There are a whole lot of meat grinders out there in the market that is why we wrote this post to guide you, and I hope it has fulfilled its purpose.

With the few we have listed in this article you should not find it hard to make your decision on the best 2 horse Power meat grinder to buy.