What is an Immersion Blender: Definition, Uses & FAQs

Many times I have seen friends use their immersion blenders and making a mess of it. This either because they do not know how to use the blender to blend well, or they are just too in a rush to get their ingredients pureed on time.

I have therefore decided to help you and them with this little information that can change the game of using your immersion blender without making a mess or splatter of it.

What Is an Immersion Blender?

How to Use an Immersion Blender Without Making a Mess
Immersion Blender Blades

A immersion blender is no other than a manual stick like blender used for blending soup, sauces and other ingredients into liquid. The immersion blender has blender blades at the end that enables it to blend soups and other sauces.

It is so powerful that its work amazes me.

Difference between an immersion blender and a regular blender

A regular blender will work by you pouring your ingredients into the blender cup, closing it and then turning the blender on. The immersion blender is inserted into a bowl or container housing the ingredients and then switched on.

The blades of the immersion then swirl in the customary oscillatory motion that blendes your ingredients into blended pureed form.

One other thing that is unique about immersion blender is that it is helpful when you have a large amount of poured soup or other products you are intending to work with.

What Can I Use Instead of an Immersion Blender

An immersion blender would have done its own job for you perfectly but in a situation where you don’t even have it, what else can you use instead?

The answer is another stick called hand mixer that’s even more versatile compared to immersion. You can insert this stick into a few inches of hot liquid probably soup on the cooktop and then start splashing stuff with the immersion mixer.

How to Use an Immersion Blender Without Making a Mess

Immersion Image oneImmersion Image two

It is possible for you to use the immersion blender without making a mess, all you shouldn’t do is bringing the blade of the immersion to the top so that it is slightly suspended in the air, definitely, you will mess up everywhere with the ingredient you want to blend.

To avoid this mess, kindly start your blending close to the top of the container, after which you should slowly and smoothly move your way down and then return upward.

Some containers allow you to move horizontally, if you have such container, blend at the top layer before moving down.

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The simplicity of an immersion blender will force you to fall in love with it. there is no doubt that it can perform other powerful blending jobs just like the traditional blenders.

The immersion blender is not the same as the hand mixer, so, take note of this before going for one. Another thing you must consider about immersion blender is that the motor power must be 500 watts and above for an ideal result.

This is the reason why I have prepared answers to frequently asked questions about an immersion blender.

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Do I Really Need an Immersion Blender

You might have blended your ingredients but most of the times, there used to be some small last-minute blending tasks to get a perfect creamy soup or liquid; here is where an immersion blender plays its own role.

It will give a finishing touch to the blended ingredients and make them more ideal for consumption.

Can You Chop With an Immersion Blender

Immersion has proven itself useful in many ways not only as a blender but can through its powerful blades cut down ingredients in an impressive way. I am sure you will love to hear that it does so.

You don’t need to transfer your food item into another appliance for blending, chopping or mixing, just perform all your magic in one container and immersion is ready for just that.

Is an Immersion Blender and Hand Blender the Same Thing

Immersion is what the manufacturer called it. there is no difference between an immersion and hand blender. There are three names for this powerful stick and they are stick, hand blender and immersion.

The fact remains that they are all referring to the same appliance.

How Long Can You Rub an Immersion Blender

Talking about duty circles, immersion is sort of has a short duty cycle. It is an appliance that shouldn’t be run for more than one minute per time.

A lot of manufacturers also warned about this. The best way to maintain your immersion blender is to allow it to rest for 3 minutes before using them again.

What is the minimum watt required for an immersion blender

Immersion is a simple machine and the power is not expected to be too high because it is made just for a specific purpose and that’s simple blending—you may be wrong. 100-watt immersion blender is not that expensive but going for it is like a food making suicide if there is anything like that.

You are advised to go for an immersion blender with 500-watt minimum for a good job that will make you smile in the end.

Which Is Better Cuisinart or Kitchenaid Immersion Blender

I prefer KitchenAid in this aspect due to the speed and quietness that’s better than that of Cuisinart.

The KitchenAid blender is powerful and also blends quickly and more ideally. It is convenient for your ingredients so, I urge you to go for a KitchenAid Immersion Blender.

How Can I Use the Best Immersion Blender

The best immersion home blenders for home use are out there in the store but knowing them is the problem. I have taken my time to bring them to your notice and they are as mentioned below:

How Do You Make Soup Without an Immersion Blender

Sometimes, you may wake up and realize that your immersion blender is no longer working or is missing and you need to make food urgently; how do you do? Is it possible to make soup without immersion blender and will still taste as when made with an Immersion blender?

Yes, perhaps you fell in love with using immersion blender because most regular blenders are not meant to puree hot soups. But the good news is that there are safety steps you can take to make hot soup with your regular blender.

  • Allow the soup to change from the hot temperature to the cool temperature a few minutes before blending.
  • Gently remove the middle cap from the lid of your blender
  • Fill your blender halfway to avoid splattering the ingredient on the floor or table
  • Place a clean towel over the top of your blender
  • Blend the soup and then get a pot of soup or bowl
  • Pour the pureed soup into the pot and repeat the same step with the remaining soup.

Other Frequently Asked Question about the immersion blender

Can You Use an Immersion Blender to Make Mashed Potatoes

If you don’t want your potatoes to look like an Evo Stik gum don’t try using it to blend your potatoes as it will release too much starch from the potatoes and then result in heavy and gummy mashed potatoes.

You can use a hand mixer to whip your ingredients in more liquid and fat food substances without liberating too much starch from the food item, especially potatoes—this will give you a smooth and creamy result.

Can You Cream Butter and Sugar With an Immersion Blender

It is not a worthy alternative for a stand mixer. You cannot mix the dough in an immersion blender, you cannot use it to make a creamy large amount of butter and sugar.

The only time I may recommend that you use it as a substitute for a regular blender in this aspect is when you don’t have a storage space in your kitchen.

Can I Use an Immersion Blender Instead of a Food Processor

If you are talking about things like soup, an immersion blender is better and ideal. The reason is that the function of an immersion blender is closer to that of a traditional blender compared to a food processor.

You can better make use of immersion blender for pastes, but it cannot chop nuts or other spices as a food processor would.

Can You Make Smoothies With an Immersion Blender

The powerful blades of immersion blender are just too good for turning frozen fruits into smoothies, so if it is your choice, you have taken a good decision.

They can powerfully puree frozen fruits as they do to vegetables. All you need is blend your smoothie in the provided beaker and enjoy yourself.

Will Immersion Blender Scratch Pots

There is no need for you to be worried about your pot may scratch because immersion blender is made of a bottom that is covered with plastic.

This means it is safe for your pots and pans that may lack nonstick coating. Go for your immersion blender, there is no need to panic.

Can You Beat Eggs With an Immersion Blender

Absolutely yes, you can beat eggs with an immersion blender and it will do a great job for you. Is it scrambled eggs, omelettes, or frittatas that you are planning to make? An immersion blender is your best choice.

It is fast and easy, but it cannot whisk or beat the way a fork does, so it rather blends the egg to ensure that the yolks and whites are evenly mixed.

 Is there a Difference Between an Immersion Blender and a Food Processor

Blender is better when you are working on a liquid food item as for a food processor; it is mostly used for heavier duties such as slicing your veggies and mixing dough and many other preparations not mentioned.

Although, there some regular blender may try to perform some of the tasks meant for a food processor, but exclude immersion blender out of them.

Can You Shred Chicken With an Immersion Blender

Immersion blender to me is one stubborn little tool especially that made by KitchenAid. It has proven itself capable of shredding full Chicken Breasts.

I am very sure that you will love cooking after you must have used an immersion blender to shred your chicken as it will give you an ideally shredded chicken.

Can You Use a Hand Mixer Instead of an Immersion Blender for Soup

I will not advise you to use a hand mixer instead of an immersion blender and the reason is that the hand mixer is not only larger than immersion blender but also not a good idea for very hot or running liquids.

Before you know it, a hand mixer will combine ingredients with another wet or dry and will not turn anything into liquid.

Can You Chop Onions With an Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is a hand blender; it can be used to chop a small quantity of onion and other vegetables.

Note: a hand blender is different from a hand mixer, so they can’t be accurately used interchangeably.

Can An Immersion Blender Chop Ice

An immersion blender can hand the job of crushing a substance as hard as ice. Despite it can blend, puree and emulsify, it doesn’t come last when it comes to crushing tougher ingredients too.

For you to achieve this, you must add enough water for a smoother result.

Should I Use an Immersion Blender in a Mason Jar

Many people will love to go for immersion blenders rather than stand blenders. Probably they prefer immersion blender due to lesser storage space, or maybe other reasons. What about blending more smoothies?

Use a mason jar as your blender jar to increase the storage space.

Final words on using an immersion blender without making a mess

An immersion blender is a hand blender rather than the regular blenders you know. Due to its simplicity, many people prefer to use it.

Most of the regular blenders are not too good blending hot liquids which are another added advantage for an immersion blender that can do it.

I am recommending the best immersion blenders for you, and as such, it will be a good idea to go for them. You can follow the provided links to check the best immersion blenders on the internet.

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