Can You Use a Meat Grinder to Grind Apples?

Every applesauce lover would look for the easiest way to transform apples into smooth liquid or their preferred texture without spending too much to get the best appliance to get it done. The apple fruit can be used to prepare several recipes which usually require the apple to be crushed or ground.

You are here probably because you are looking for a way even a large number of apples can be quickly and easily processed without wasting much time and also saving effort. From the need to satisfy the cravings of the sweetness of dinner, many apple lovers love to get the best out of their apple by blending, grinding, or crushing several apples to make any sweet recipe.

While it is considered very easy to make apple puree using a juicer or blender without having to cook the apple initially, many Apple fans have been discouraged simply because they don’t have a blender or a juicer is far from reach.

If this is your case, then you have no reason to develop hard feelings, there may be a bright idea in using other kitchen appliance that will work well for grinding not only apples but also other veggies or fruits.

So, can you use a meat grinder to grind apples?

Can You Use a Meat Grinder to Grind Apples

The answer is YES. If you have a boatload of apples to process, a meat grinder is a great option to crush them. The technology of a meat grinder makes the grinding process easy, fast, and time-saving. So you don’t have to be worried about not being able to make your favorite apple jam during the apple season simply because you don’t have a juicer or blender.

Even the cheap hand-cranked meat grinder can do the job. However, to get a smoother grinding of your apples using a meat grinder, you have to choose softer apples or peel the skin of the apples before grinding.

The major point of concern when using a meat grinder for apple is that you may not get the right amount of juice. But you can always use a machine presser to get a total extraction of the juice.

There are many benefits of having a meat grinder at home. Most chefs use their electric meat grinder for so many functions which include mincing of meat, juicing fruits, chopping veggies, and nuts as well as milling soft grains. We may end up comparing the functions of a meat grinder and that of a food processor and calling it the same (but not)

It is understandable not to be too sure about using a meat grinder for the juicing job because really, not all meat grinder will deliver the perfect fruit grinding job. This is because the meat grinders that may work well for juicing will have to be equipped with the right attachments. These apples to both manual and electric meat grinders.

Deciding to use a meat grinder for mincing or grinding meat is very easy as we all know the sole purpose of the appliance. But when it comes to using a meat grinder for fruits like apples, you want to be very sure it can do the job. And even if it can, what type of meat grinders are advisable to use?

The only situation where we will not advise you to make use of a meat grinder for grinding apple is when you have a large gathering to serve your apple recipe. This is usually regarding commercial purposes. Some people prefer to use a food processor or blender for crushing blender. But these two appliance doesn’t have to be the only two options available.

The good thing about using meat grinders is that they are affordable and serve many functions. So instead of getting a juicer that will just serve a singular function, you have an appliance that has the capability of mincing meat, crushing fruits, and other veggies.

When mincing apples in a meat grinder, you may not get the perfect consistency at the initial processing, so you can simply send thee ground apples several times through the auger to get the right quality of juice. Meat grinders are safe to use for juicing and even when you decide to clean the auger, they are not as sharp as blender blades.

So considering all the features of an ideal meat grinder both electric and manual, as well as the attachments that come with them for juicing and grinding veggies, coupled with the benefits attached to their use, we can conclude that you can use a meat grinder to grind apple. But please note that we do not recommend using meat grinders for making apple juice for apple cider or beer.

This will take a huge amount of time except you can afford huge industrial meat grinding machine like the one below

What are the benefits of using a meat grinder to grind apples?

As mentioned earlier, there are some benefits attached to using a meat grinder for grinding apples. The first advantage is that a meat grinder remains the perfect replacement for a food processor and an upgrade to the current features of modern meat grinders would make them as effective and versatile as food processors.

Another significant advantage and benefits f using a meat grinder for grinding apples is that the cleaning process is safe and easy, you don’t need to worry about the risk of cutting yourself.

It is a very affordable kitchen appliance that can serve so many functions in the kitchen. And the slow apple grinding technology keeps the nutrients of the apple packed in the liquid.

Lastly, Even a beginner can conveniently use a hand-cranked meat grinder for grinding apples as the parts are very easy to assemble.

Are there downsides to grinding apples in a meat grinder?

When using a meat grinder for grinding apples, we want you to be concerned about the chances of the apple juice flowing back to the motor housing, this can post as a serious disadvantage if you do not grind appropriately. Hence, you have to apply great care so that there will be no leakage of juice.

A significant disadvantage of using a meat grinder for the juicing job that we have noticed is that you will not get the perfect extraction of juice if you do not have the right juicing attachment when using a meat grinder. So we encourage you to choose meat grinders with these extra attachments.

Using a juicer or blender may give you the opportunity of separating the speed, but this is not like using a meat grinder. That is why we suggest cutting the apples before grinding.

How to use a meat grinder to grind apples

So when it comes to grinding apples, in this case, we are going to be using a cheap grinder which is a hand crank grinder.

We want to see how it can be used as a perfect replacement for an apple Crusher and we will see how that goes.

You can also use an electric meat grinder that we believe will work quickly and conveniently when you have lots of apples to grind.

  • So, the first thing is to cut the apples on a chopping board using a sharp knife. If you are using a hand-cranked meat grinder, you will need to cut the apple into pieces such that it will fit into the tube and passed easily to the auger. Do not forget to peel the skin of the apple to get a very smooth texture at the end.
  • For electric meat grinders, cutting them into moderate sizes should be done before putting them into the meat grinder hole.
  • After cutting the whole apples, switch on the electric meat grinder and insert each of the pieces of apple into the hole.
  • Before now, you should have a deep bowl placed below the output where the crushed apples will come out from.
  • It is a very easy, fast, and convenient process. But if you are using a hand-cranked meat grinder, you will need a food pusher to ensure the apples go through to the auger as you manually roll the handle for the apple to be crushed. And as you know, apples can be pretty hard. So you want to find a convenient way to make sure the hand-cranked meat grinder maintains position while you revolve the handle.

In the end, we recommend using an electric meat grinder because they make the work easier and faster without putting much effort.

After all, apples have been crushed, and you’ve got the fluid texture you want, unscrew the mouth of the meat grinder output phase, and the auger to get rid of any hard to remove apple particles. You may need a small knife to get them all out into the bowl.

That’s it. But the ultimate advantage and surprising thing about using a meat grinder for grinding apples are that you will discover that an ideal electric meat grinder can be used to grind and crush almost any type of fruit and veggies including tomatoes.

Can You Use a Meat Grinder to Grind Apples

Are there Other ways of grinding apples at home?

The use of a Blender

Using a blender to pulverize apple into juice form should be a familiar process for those who have a blender in their homes. A blender is equipped with the right motor powers to make fruits from their sold state transforms to their liquid state while preserving the nutrients

To use a blender to grind or crush apple, the first thing is to wash the apples with clean water and make them dry. Afterward, use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin of the apple, you can also use your hand if you are highly skilled with the knife, the purpose of this is to make sure the result is super smooth.

You want to make sure the apples are sliced into smaller pieces that will be able to contain the blender container. You also want to get rid of the stems of the apples as well as the seeds.

Fill the blender container halfway with the sliced apples and blend on high speed until you get your preferred consistency. This is also where the pulse button of a blender will come to play to get a better result

Be careful when removing the apple juice from the blender container so you don’t make a mess. To avoid too much foam in your apple juice as well as separation, you may want to choose using a vacuum blender.

The use of a food processor to puree fruit and vegetables including apples

A food processor can be your best option when it comes to any food prep task in the kitchen. It is a very versatile kitchen appliance that can help in making the best delicious pureed side dishes, sauces, and soups. The act of Pureeing your apple in a food processor helps breaks the fruit down to a liquid and helps meld flavors.

When using a food processor for grinding a large number of apples, you will need to work with batches to prevent spillover through the lid. Even as hard a vegetable apple can be, along with other similar fruits like butternut squash, fennel, and cauliflower, they can become tender enough to easily drink using a food processor.

My final verdict on using a meat grinder for grinding apples 

Apples are softer than grains and nuts and it won’t be a difficult thing for them to be ground In a manual or electric meat grinder. Apples can also be ground in a meat grinder to make apple beers if it is going to be your first brewing experience.

However, when every you are using a meat grinder for grinding apples, we want you to be concerned about the juice which might overflow into the motor housing and affect the motor.

You also have to use the proper juicing attachment for your meat grinder when grinding fruits like apples so that there will not be leakage while collecting the juice from the meat grinder.

Let me know if you have any questions.