Best Electric Pepper Grinder For Home Use (2021 Top Picks)

With so many options available in the market, it may be a challenging mission to choose the right electric pepper grinder to buy. I have developed this article such that it will help you make the right choice without any string of regrets.

It is true that manual pepper grinders will help you achieve a more consistent grind, however, the best electric meat grinders offer an effortless pepper grinding process and easy-to-handle features.

Without beating around the bush, let’s head straight to our top recommendations on the best electric pepper grinder to buy as illustrated in the table below.

Quick recommendations on the best electric pepper grinder to buy

ProductImagesWhere to buy
Ozeri Pepper Mill and GrinderCheck on Amazon
Trudeau Battery Operated Pepper MillCheck on Amazon
Remington Electric Salt & Pepper MillsCheck on Amazon
COLE & MASON Derwent Pepper GrinderCheck on Amazon

One of the downsides assessed by an electric pepper grinder is that it is a bit heavier as a result of the battery-powered feature. Having thought deeply about this, I have provided a list of quality pepper grinders that are easy to handle and use.

The products reviewed here are really convenient to use. If you are under severe conditions like arthritis, these are the type of pepper grinders you can use without having a problem.

But as always, it is not really easy to single out a perfect kitchen appliance without any underground research about the product and expected features.

When choosing an electric pepper grinder, do not, under any circumstances, ignore the material used to put together the grinding mechanism.

Electric pepper grinders equipped with stainless steel are preferred. However, most people go for ceramic materials because they are versatile than metal. Is that all you need to know about what to look out for in an electric pepper grinder before buying?

Definitely not!

Critical things to look out for in an electric pepper grinder

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So here are all the important features and factors to consider before you even think of choosing a particular electric pepper grinder.

Making a wise decision when buying kitchen tools like a pepper grinder will save your time and money. So you’ve got to make your investment worth it by considering these essential features before buying the product.

The grinding mechanism

The mechanism of grinding in an electric pepper grinder is, in fact, the major reason why you choose an electric meat grinder in the first place.

However cheap the product may be, do not settle for ones made with a lower quality grinder system. A very good people grinder should be able to serve you for, at the very least, one year.

Thanks to pepper grinders made when stainless steel grinding system as they are far better than the acrylic mechanism.

An Electric pepper grinder made with stainless steel grinding mechanism is durable enough and consistent in performance, plus, it will be very easy to clean and maintain.

Adjustable coarseness settings

You may need to change the coarseness setting of an electric pepper or salt mill based on, perhaps the recipe being cooked.

This is an inevitable feature that a good electric pepper grinder must have. Coarseness settings in an electric pepper grinder let you change the settings of coarseness without any disturbance.

To this end, you really have to check the product description as to whether the coarseness setting is cool or not.

The capacity of the grinder

While it is not an important factor to consider when using an electric pepper grinder at home, it should be taken seriously when purchasing an electric pepper grinder for restaurant or commercial use.

The larger the capacity, the more easily and quickly you will be able to grind peppercorns. But if our focus here is for using pepper grinders at home, then you may not need to consider this because the recommended grinding capacity for home use pepper grind is 1/8 cup and above.

The materials of the electric pepper grinder

What material is the appliance made of? How best and durable do you think they are? Of course, electric pepper grinders are available in different kinds of materials ranging from wooden to metal, plastic, and acrylic-based grinders.

If you can not maintain proper hygiene with a pepper grinder, then don’t go for a wooden one. Attracting fungus will be inevitable.

I would have advised you to opt for a metallic electric pepper grinder but I don’t know how good you are with your wrist because this poses a serious option as it is a heavy material.

So, electric pepper grinders made with plastic and acrylic are the best reasonable option for anyone. Not only are they easy to clean but also easy to use.

In-Built LED Light

Modern electric pepper grinders are designed with an in-built light at the base which brightens when you press the button to grind.

With this inbuilt light, you won’t add too much salty or spicy food because the light will tell you exactly how much seasoning you are dispensing.

See-through Window

Another important thing you want in your electric pepper grinder is a clear viewing window to be aware of when the mill needs refilling.

That’s the importance of the transparent part of the appliance that you must have seen in some of the images of pepper grinders engrafted above.

Make a wise decision when choosing an electric pepper grinder with these factors to consider. In addition, you are not wasting your time when you read product reviews and descriptions and they help you get a better understanding of what you are about to invest bucks into.

The last thing you want is to regret whatever decision you take.

Let’s get into details of the best pepper grinders to buy. Make your choice and see what you have for yourself.

Best pepper grinders to buy – Detailed review

Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Mill


This is the best electric pepper grinder I have seen so far that supersedes others when it comes to durability, style, and sleekness. It is operated one-handed which aids convenience and user-friendly experience.

While it is elegantly designed and constructed, Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Mill features a top-mounted grind adjustor that never leaves a trail or mess during or after use.

This is a superb pepper grinder ready to attend to your spice grinding needs as it is designed with a fingerprint-resistant ultra-soft grip.


  • Gravity Operated
  • Durable eco-friendly ceramic mechanism
  • Easily grinds peppercorns, salt, and spices.
  • Seasons accurately with the adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Adjusts from fine to coarse
  • Features a top-mounted grind adjustor
  • Ultra-soft textured non-slip grip
  • Users can See-through the container
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Trudeau One-Hand Battery Operated Pepper Mill


The first runner-up on our list of best electric pepper grinders is this Trudeau One-Hand Battery Operated Pepper Mill.

One thing I love about this pepper mill is that you don’t have to refill every week because It contains two and 1/4 tablespoons of peppercorns.

In this way, you can use it for about six weeks without the tension of the refill.

It has a simple system of refilling, this will be very helpful when you are in a hurry. With this powerful pepper mill, you can adjust the coarseness.

All you need to do is to locate the adjustment but at the end that the pepper comes out of and changes the coarseness.

It is also a versatile pepper grinder as you can use it for turning small seeds like chia, poppy, and flex into finely ground powder.


  • Anit-rust ceramic grinding mechanism.
  • Easy to carry, 6-inch battery-operated pepper mill.
  • Both pepper and salt can be used.
  • The warranty period is 1 year.
  • Simple one-handed use.


  • Some reviewers complain of Difficulty in the grind adjustment.

Remington Russell Hobbs Electric Salt & Pepper Mills


Let me show you the three great reasons why I personally included this pepper grinder as a top list.

The first is because of the versatile grinding. You can use the Remington Russell Hobbs Electric Salt & Pepper Mills for salt, pepper, dried herbs, and spices.

Secondly, it is rare to see a quality pepper grinder with a super-duper One Touch Operation like this grinder. All you have to do is to push the button for fast, automatic grinding

Coupled with the reliable Ceramic Grinding System, this electric pepper mill by Remington is defined with an Adjustable Coarseness, which means that It’s simple to adjust from ultra-fine to coarse grinding.

While it is equipped with durable lights that glow when grinding for precise dispensing, this is just one amazing appliance that has 300+ positive ratings on Amazon.

If you are not really strong with hand workings, then this will probably be your best option. It is also designed with a clear-view window located just before the base of the grinder where you can see that the amount of seasoning is balanced.

Along with the super durable battery that is easy to charge, the refilling process is seemingly effortless.

It is equally an ideal pepper grinder to use in your restaurant as is made with a large capacity that will hold more than many other grinders.


  • Uniform performance from the grind.
  • Versatile for salt, pepper, herbs, and spices.
  • Worth the price.
  • Longer-lasting service.
  • Coarseness is very adjustable.
  • Build-in light for meticulous dispensing.


  • Packaging looms impoverished.

iBunnyShop Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

Best Electric Pepper Grinder


iBunnyShop Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder may not appear to be a very popular electric pepper grinder but it was recommended by a friend who actually used it.

This small but might pepper grinder has an adjustable and lasting Ceramic mechanism. Such that this ceramic mechanism provides longer life performance than pepper grinders with metal blades.

This also means that you should know that this pepper grinder will not rust of the blades get dull on time.

Using this incredible pepper mill means that you can manually adjust the grinder to achieve either a fine or coarse texture of peppercorns. All you have to do is to turn the grinding known on the bottom.

It is giving you control over your grinding.

In addition, iBunnyShop Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder is operated One-Handed and made with button control. The product we also designed with a bright light is located at the bottom.

Most electric pepper grinders are made with buttons that are hard to press, even when they are new. This is not the case with iBunnyShop Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder.

It is a handy kitchen appliance you don’t want to put far away from you when preparing steak, salads, soups, and other foods where one hand is busy.

iBunnyShop Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder is a great invention to replace manual pepper grinders that are not really good for people suffering from Arthritis.

Do not worry about the effectiveness of the motor in this pepper grinder, it is powered by 4 AA batteries and can easily grind through the toughest spices.

With this electric people grinder, you can now grind those favourite artisanal tough salts when marinating your steaks.

With the way this product is designed structured and packaged, it can serve as a great gift idea for your mom, dad, sister, friends, or loved ones. Or even yourself.

This is a lifesaver in the kitchen.


  • Premium durable ceramic mechanism.
  • Rustproof, non-corrosive, and non-reactive ceramic core.
  • Convenience and sleek design.
  • One-button single-hand operation with light.
  • No pre-set precision level limitation.
  • Provides longer life performance than metal blades.
  • Will not alter the flavor of the spices ground.
  • Perfect gift for yourself.

CHEW FUN Electric Gravity Pepper Grinder

Best Electric Pepper Grinder


The first noticeable thing about this CHEW FUN Electric Gravity Pepper Grinder is the appealing appearance of the device. Not just about the looks along but the benefits.

It features a big and wide mouth spice container which is actually made with BPA-free body parts. You can rely on the adjustable ceramic blades that are absolutely refillable.

The refilling of this product is really easy.

All you have to do is to remove the screw of stainless steel on top of the wide opening and refill it effortlessly with no mess.

It is indeed made with a modern design that serves as the best gift option to give that a special person in your life who needs a spice grinder or pepper gender.

This impressive gravity pepper grinder sees that you no longer use both of your hands to grind peppercorns or spice.

Grinding peppercorns in this grinder is really funny because, unlike other products where you will need to press a button, by just flipping the grinder, you can produce freshly ground peppercorns and salt.

Most importantly, this is a very stunning electric pepper grinder as it features an adjustable coarseness setting located as the grinder knob.

This feature will allow you to easily decide on the texture of your result. Either finer or coarser texture.


  • Unique design
  • BPA free body parts
  • Automatic operation
  • Adjustable mill
  • Blue LED lights
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Powerful electric pepper grinder

We have come to the end of our listing on the best electric pepper grinder to buy. I hope this article has helped you to make the best choice.

Always remember that you should never put salt in the pepper mill or pepper in the salt mill. It may not seem like a big deal but it will certainly cause you problems. Different mechanisms for salt and pepper.

Above all, electric pepper grinders are a great appliance in the kitchen that can make the grinding of peppercorns really easy, quick, and convenient.

To take your food spicing to the next level, you need these quality electric pepper grinders.

Willow & Everett Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set


We understand that an ideal electric pepper grinder for home use should be one that ensures salts and pepper ends up only on your food – not all over the table.

This among other significant considerations is why we have seen this Willow & Everett Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set as a wonderful try.

The electric pepper grinder is designed with its grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring salt and pepper do not create a mess all over your table, it also has a non-corrosive ceramic which will certainly not interfere with flavors.

Instead of racking your brain to get a little pepper grinder to work to your satisfaction, this one features a plastic knob on the top of each salt and pepper mill that allows you to easily adjust from a fine to coarse grind.

A very pressing problem that this Willow & Everett Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Grinder Set has been able to solve is the issue of being able to refill the grinder easily without making any mess. It is tall and has the perfect size to cut down on constant refills without being bulky.

In addition, just like with other grinders reviewed above, this one can be adjusted to suit your satisfaction – either coarse or fine you want whatever you’ve put in these bottles to be ground.

While it is a grinder set, we do not see any dissimilarity between the two, because they both adjust by twisting the little grinder inside the top.

We like that the bottles are made with heavy glass, the shape is tall and narrow and perfect for home use.

The one and only reason why this will not be number one in any list of the best will have to be about the stand-in which these pepper grinder set come with. Sure, they look nice, but it can be quite ridiculous when you try to place the bottles back while using them.

The stand is too lightweight, and slippery when placed on the granite countertops. Nevertheless, it remains on the best out there.


  • Easy refill
  • Made with nice heavy glasses
  • Elegant design
  • Worth the cost


  • The stand’s not durable

COLE & MASON Derwent Pepper Grinder


Cole and mason have produced different kinds of salt grinders, and we have tried many pepper/salt grinders from this company. And, many of them are probably retired on those old shelves or serving less than the purpose they were bought for.

But this particular COLE & MASON Derwent Pepper Grinder is one that you can look forward to using many more years to come.

This is not only because of its modern and unique style, but also the reliable and guaranteed lifetime grinding mechanism.

Unlike other electric pepper grinders that simply crush peppercorns, this one actually strips them down by their individual layers as it grinds, thereby releasing maximum flavor.

The COLE & MASON Derwent Pepper Grinder also features 6 precise grinding levels that give you fine or coarse granules, coupled with a new durable top design to add that smooth touch to your grinding pepper.

If you want to keep your favorite ground spices fresh and away from moisture and dust, this is one of the best pepper grinders you can have.


  • Adjustable Settings
  • Maintain Freshness
  • Easily Refillable