Best Corn Grinder for Masa (2021 Detailed Review)

It is important that you review your corn grinder properly before you decide on making a purchase for masa and other grains you intend to grind.

When you want to make masa, because it is made out of corn, you need a good corn grinder that will be able to do the job just fine. There are a lot of corn grinders that you can get out there that will enable you to be able to successfully grind your corn for masa.

That is what we would be looking at in this article, we will be reviewing the best corn grinders that you can get for you to successfully make your masa.

My top recommended corn grinder for masa

In a hurry? Check out my top 4 corn grinders for your masa. Check out the features and let me know your choice.

Best corn grinder for masaFeaturesBuy Online
Electric Grain Mill GrinderAn amazing and great design
Easy to assemble and use
Very durable
Powerful grinder
The CGOLDENWALL Corn GrinderGreat blending power
Value for money
High speed with a powerful grinding capacity
Comes with timer function
The Naizea Electric corn grinderVersatile usage
Very sturdy
Powerful and efficient 300-watt speed
The SLSY Electric corn grinderEasy to clean
Stainless-steel build
Versatile usage
Powerful 2400-watts

My top 7 corn grinders for masa

You should also try to spend time reviewing each of my recommendations before you make that purchase.

The CGOLDENWALL Corn Grinder


The CGOLDENWALL Electric Grain Grinder’s safety open-cover-stop has been upgraded. This means that when you open the cover it stops automatically.

This is a very rare feature that many corn grinders out there do not have. It also comes with overload protection, when there is overwork or an irregular malfunction, the machine goes off on its own.

This remarkable feature helps in the longevity of the life span. It has a very high speed which is capable of grinding a large variety of grains.

It can grind a good amount of grain in just one minute. It also comes with triple blades: The rotary blade, the grinding blade, and the powder and removal blade.

It is also a versatile grinder that makes it possible for you to be able to grind a wide range of foods, foods like wheat, rice, oats, etc.

This will also help you to save some more money because you will not have to get a different machine to grind different foods, you can just purchase this particular one and then use it to grind as many types of food as you want.

This grinder also comes with a timer, this is an amazing feature, the timer helps you set how long you want it to grind depending on the fineness and texture you prefer.

One of the advantages of using grinders with timers is that, if you are in the kitchen it can help you multitask in such a way that you can put grains in your grinder, set the timer, and then are free to do other things pending the time it stops grinding.

This is one cool feature that may trigger people to buy this grinder.


  • Easy to use
  • Great blending power
  • Value for money
  • High speed
  • Comes with timer function
  • Triple blades
  • Versatility


  • Heats up quite easily

Final verdict

This grinder comes with cool features which will make it quite difficult for buyers to resist. One of the attractive features is the upgraded open-cover-stop which you may not find in many other grain mills out there.

With the elegant and shiny look of this corn grinder, it makes it very attractive and when you put it in the kitchen it adds beauty to it and makes the kitchen look more attractive.

This grinder is also easy to use and operate. It is value for money, if you are able to afford it then you should definitely go for it.

The Heavy-duty Electric corn grinder


This corn grinder comes with a high-quality material which makes it to be very durable and ensures that it lasts very long for you.

The body of this machine is made up of anti-corrosion cast iron which is also resistant to rust.

You will so much love the build quality of this machine because it cannot be affected by rust. Rust is one of the things that usually reduces the life span of kitchen equipment.

With this machine, you will not experience anything close to this at all. It also has a powerful 300-watt speed which is able to do a whole lot of work in a short time.

With this machine, you will be able to do a lot more things than just to grind corn. You can use it to grind rice, wheat, bread, etc.

This is very advantageous because you can buy one of these corn grinders and use it to accomplish a whole lot of tasks other than grinding corn.

This will help you save money that could have been used to buy a separate machine to be used for grinding other foods.

With this machine, you can use it and accomplish a lot of tasks at once. When you get this grinder, you can mount it on a stand and then make use of it on the stand.

The stand can be in form of a stool.

You are not going to have regrets about buying this corn grinder, it is going to give you a very enjoyable experience.


  • Versatile usage
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and efficient


  • Machine Is heavy

Final Verdict

This machine is huge and also heavy, this means that you will find it difficult to move this machine from one place to another.

Some buyers may not find this machine nice because of its weight, especially those who love to move their machine from one place to another with ease.

Despite the size of this corn grinder, you can still accomplish a lot with it. If you do not mind the large size and heavy weight of this machine then you can as well go for it.

Those who will enjoy this corn grinder the most are those who are using it for commercial purposes.

If you are making your masa commercially, then this will serve you a whole lot. You should go for this corn grinder if you are satisfied with the specifications. You will definitely not regret it.

The SLSY Electric corn grinder

best corn grinder for masa


With a power of 2400W, you will be able to achieve a lot with this corn grinder, the power is enough for you to grind a lot of corn and then use it in making your masa.

It is also made of stainless steel which makes it very durable and it will also last so long for you.

Stainless steel is a very durable material that makes kitchen equipment last longer than expected. Why this is possible is that stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, rust will spoil your kitchen equipment quickly if you expose it to moist continuously.

With a stainless-steel material, you will not experience any of these. This is an added advantage to this corn grinder.

Also, the smooth inner wall of this corn grinder, it will make it easy for you to pour out when you have ground. When you buy this corn grinder newly, you will not have any difficulty in making use of it.

The manufacturers of this machine have their consumers in mind, that is why they have made the corn grinder easy to use so that when you buy it new you will not get stranded at all. It is also very portable; you will be able to carry it and use it in any place that you want.

Unlike those large corn grinders that are not easy to move around, this particular corn grinder is portable and light enough for you to carry it from one place to another and use it in any place that you want.

Also, when you are done using it, you will not have difficulty in washing and cleaning it, the stainless-steel build has also made it easy to clean.

When you clean it, it gets shinny and it looks very attractive. When you want to clean it, you can easily detach all the parts of the corn grinder even down to the blades.

When you detach all the parts of the corn grinder, you will be able to wash all the parts thoroughly.

Cleaning your corn grinder is another way to help it last long, aside from this corn grinder, it is also applicable to the other kitchen equipment that you have.

How you clean it will determine how long it is going to last for you. Remember that this corn grinder deals with food, any kitchen equipment that deals with food are supposed to be as clean as it can.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless-steel build
  • Versatile usage
  • Powerful 2400-watts


  • Noisy

Final Verdict

The fact that you can use this corn grinder for more tasks than just grinding corn, you can also use it to grind rice, wheat, flour, etc.

This will prevent you from buying separate machines to accomplish different tasks in the kitchen. You can buy one corn grinder and then use it to grind corn, rice, flour, etc.

You will also get a one-year manufacture guarantee when you buy this corn grinder. A 30-day return and money-back guarantee.

What this means is that when you buy this corn grinder and you do not like the performance or you are not satisfied with it, you can return it, as long as you do not damage it and as long as it is within the period of 30 days.

Powerful Wondermill Electric grain grinder

best corn grinder for masa


This grinder is capable of grinding over 100lbs of food in just one hour. That is a lot and it shows how powerful this machine is. It is able of doing this without overloading the grinder.

You can do more than just grind corn with this grinder, you can as well grind foods like wheat, rice, etc. It is also tough and durable.

You will get a certified lifetime warranty with this corn grinder. It is also quiet and dust-free.

There are no complicated parts or switches in this grinder, it is very simple to operate, especially for those who are using or are just buying it for the very first time.

The quiet feature of this machine will make it possible for you to be able to use it at night without disturbing anyone with noise.

Noisy machines do not make any sense at all, this is because while you are making use of it, you could be constituting a nuisance and making noise and disturbing those living close by.

This corn grinder is a very good one, if you make the decision to get this corn grinder, you will have no regrets at all.

With this machine you will have no need to worry about rust and corrosion, this is because of the materials used in making this.

The material is resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • No Overheating
  • Quiet usage
  • Durable
  • Rustproof
  • Corrosion proof
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not dishwasher safe

Final Verdict

You are going to enjoy using this corn grinder. You will not experience any form of overheating at all.

What this means is that you can make use of this machine for a very long time and you will not experience any form of overheating.

You could use this grinder for about ten hours and still not experience overheating. What this does is that it helps to preserve the quality of nutrients that you are grinding.

When you are grinding your food in the mill and it gets heated, it could reduce the quality of the nutrients of the food.

This is a very good feature as well. When you have it in your grinder, you are going to love the outcome of it.

Another good thing is that this grinder is very portable, you will be able to carry it from one place to another easily.

Moongintgo Electric Grain Grinder


Moongintgo electric grain grinder pulverizes most grains with amazing efficiency and smoothness. This grain grinder would grind your corn grains to fine power for sweet and smooth Masa.

The whole structure is constructed with premium stainless steel for long-lasting performance.

Grinding corn and other grains using this product is safe with safety measures installed to maximize protection while in use.

You can rest assured your Masa would have a fine texture because of its ability to grind corn smooth and even.

It’s also versatile in operation grinding a wide range of grains and spices quickly and smoothly.

A 1500-watt motor powers the rotating blade at over 28000 rotations per minute, pulverizing grains with ease.

Safety features in the lid cover and wiring prevent operational hazards from occurring. A timer allows you to grind in a controlled operation for significant production.


  • Safety lid design
  • Stainless materials
  • Multipurpose grinding
  • Timer switch
  • Overload protection mechanism


  • The lid is designed with a safety feature that switches of the grinder if the lid is opened during the grinding operation. This measure prevents injury from occurring.
  • Stainless steel construction covers its entire body making it durable and rust-resistant.
  • It can grind different kinds of grains and spices such as coffee, beans soya beans, etc. with the same efficiency.
  • It is fast and easy to use.
  • A timer knob combined with the switch allows you to fully control the grinding at any pace you want.
  • Installed is overload protection that prevents damage to the blades and motor by switching off when overloading occurs.

BI-DTOOL 2000gram Electric Grain Grinder


If you seek a portable designed grinder with the ability to handle a large number of grains, then your BI-DTOOL electric grinder is your best choice.

All your corn for masa production would be pulverized in this grain grinder, with a smooth and uniform texture for better tasty Masa.

Its powerful 3500w motor can grind any grain you throw into it. with large mesh for handling larger grains and 2000 grams’ volume for more grain grinding. It’s very easy to use and operate and control with a manual or time switch input.

The blade design comes in three-layer which means all milling is significantly increased with this product than many others out there.

The blades are removable and can be replaced with ease with carbon brushes installed to, prevent loss of grinding materials.


  • Three-layered blade design
  • LCD timed switch
  • Manual controls
  • Multipurpose grinding
  • High-pressure pulverizer
  • Rotating parts


  • A three-layered blade design guarantees all grain is subjected to fine grinding. The final result is smooth and powder-like. This design makes milling grain quicker in every operation.
  • The grinder can be rotated at 270 degrees to allow complete removal of content from the bowl. A brush is also used to remove residue keeping the device clean always.
  • The switch control has an LCD with a timer function for fast and controlled grinding. Manual control is also present depending on the choice of operations.

Electric Mill Corn Grain Wheat grinder


This high-performance corn and grain grinder can be used commercially and also for domestic purposes. Dry and strong grains are grounded to a fine powder with its high-powered motor.

Its bucket is large to deal with a large amount of corn for making Masa for commercial and even home use. It’s a leader in the milling industry for efficiently handling all types of grain produce and seeds, cereals and wheat aren’t left out nuts and flour grains easily and quickly milled.

It also enables dry and wet grinding, this makes it possible to mix other food items and ingredients directly with your corn for your Masa preparation.

It is relatively easy to operate and clean. An auger design in the gear wheel gives control over the sizes of the finished grains, reducing and increasing engine RPM to suit your needs.

Made from high-quality cast aluminum is resistant to corrosion and has wooden staffs to push in grains.


  • ¼ horsepower
  • Dry and wet grinding
  • Large capacity
  • Auger gear control
  • Versatile grinding
  • Cast aluminum construction


  • The horsepower drives the blades to deliver substantial grinding pressure to completely crush all grains and food items placed in them.
  • The gear wheel comes with an Auger system to reduce engine speed this gives better control of any grinding tasks.
  • Wet and dry grains can be ground in the grinder, letting you mix other food ingredients and flavors.

Final words on Best corn grinder for masa

Making masa is a very common Latin American food, it is usually made from the ground preparation of corn.

When you want to make masa by grinding corn, you need to make use of the best corn grinders that you can get in the market. That is why we have written this article, to give you a review of the best corn grinder for masa.

These corn grinders that we have listed here are the best that you can find online. After going through this review, you should be able to make your own decision on the exact one that you wish to get for yourself.

When you want to pick one, you should look at the specifications and also you should look at the price as well. If the price and the specifications suit you then you can go ahead and pick one for yourself.

These machines are not all dishwasher safe, when you are washing it you should wash it with your hands and not throw it in the dishwasher. Take your time and look at them all and pick the one that you are most satisfied with.