How To Open Alessi Pepper Grinder For A Refill

The Alessi pepper grinders are of good quality, very large, and both the pepper and salt come out with a fine texture but there comes the question of whether they can be refilled.

Steps to open the Alessi grinder

There are quite many hacks on how to open up a disposable grinder from baking it in the oven to soaking the lid inside the water and some even drilling a hole into it or some people resorting to just ripping off the top.

Practically, it would just be best to buy a real pepper grinder and not have to worry about all this but we are not here for practicality.

All you have to do to open this is

  • Get a hairdryer, set it to high, and just use it to blow it directly, around and underneath the lid of the pepper grinder for up to ten seconds
  • The lid will pop right off once you open the pepper grinder

If for some reason, you don’t have a hairdryer then you can follow the steps below where I will be properly explaining other methods on how to open the pepper grinder

What you will need

  • A big cooking pot
  • Oven gloves
  • tongs

Step 1: Put the Alessi Pepper Grinder inside a cooking pot

Put the pepper grinder inside the pot making sure that none of the plastic parts like the lid or any other part made of plastic does touch the bottom or the sides of the cooking pot.

Step 2: Pour water into your cooking pot

Completely fill the cooking pot with water until the pepper grinder is submerged completely in water also taking note of the plastic sides not touching the side or bottom of the cooking pot.

Step 3: Boil your water

Put the heat on and bring water in the cooking pot to a boil. Turn off the heat immediately the water starts boiling.

Step 4: You will need tongs to remove the Alessi grinder

At this point, the pepper grinder would be very hot, and to avoid burning your hands, take the tongs to use and remove it from the boiled water and it will be advisable to turn it upside down to drain out most of the water that got inside it while it was boiling back into the cooking pot.

Turn it back again to keep most of the hot water inside.

Step 5: Heat gloves will be important to hold the Alessi Grinder

Wear your oven mints or any other heat gloves around then hold the body of the per grinder with one hand while using the other hand to hold the other end then gently pry it open apart. Viola, it is open. Let it dry before refilling and then snap it right back

The main thing right here when opening the pepper grinder is just making sure the plastic lid is softened enough with any heat

Another way you can open a pepper grinder

Set the pepper grinder in the oven at 250F and leave the grinder in for about ten minutes. Bring it out and proceed to gently pry off the top while making sure to use oven mitts or any heat gloves when handling the pepper grinder because it might not look like it but it will be very hot.

When you are done refilling, you would want to use your fist to tightly bang the top of the pepper grinder until it clicks.

Pepper Grinder Alternatives

KitchenBliss professional salt and pepper grinder set


This does not include the salt and pepper

This shaker is designed in such a way as to keep the spices fresh. The taste of the ground spice is good and fresh while also reducing messes. This pepper grinder lids are airtight and the spices last longer because it maintains the quality and maximum flavor of the spices.

The mechanism of this salt and pepper grinder makes sure that the spices end on your food and doesn’t spill on the table to create a mess. The elegant design of this grinder is better when compared to the cheap plastic pepper and salt grinders. The Kitchenbliss professional salt and pepper grinder is made with premium steel that is rustproof and stainless.

It has BPA free plastic and has a crystal clear glass bringing a chic design that is sure to complete the design of your kitchen or dining area. These salt and pepper grinders are quite large and they are easy to grip.

The large size removes the constant need to refill. It has an adjustable grinder that gives you the opportunity to decide how coarse or fine you want the salt of pepper to be. The salt and pepper grinder look so nice that you might be tempted not to even use it but just keep as décor and they are quite easy to clean.

They are a thoughtful idea for a gift-giving any home a fantastic look the Kitchenbliss salt and pepper grinders come included with a free cleaning brush and bamboo spoon with a one hundred percent money-back guarantee. If that doesn’t convince you to jump right to buy it then I do not know what will, this is a deal to keep you hooked.


  • They are very easy to refill with the option given to you to adjust the fine or coarseness of your grind to the one that suits you. They are extremely easy and quick to clean
  • When using the Kitchenbliss grinder, you can season like a master chef with its design and high-quality glass that add elegance to your table setting leaving an impression on your table
  • It is precise and leaves you with the ultimate control to decide the texture and give you the desired grind. they are very functional and has a timeless design

Note: Spices are not included


5.5*2.8*5.8 inches

Item weight: 1 pound

Latent pepper and salt grinder set


This grinder is easy to operate with its one-touch button system that automatically grinds any spice of your choice. It comes with a mill tray that helps keep your kitchen surfaces clean and tidy.

You are able to regulate the settings of the spice size with the fine and coarse knobs and the bright light helps prevent you from over flavoring your food by illuminating the food.

Features and descriptions

  • Each set comes with
  1. Electric salt and pepper grinder (2)
  2. Acrylic mill rest; this helps keep your kitchen surfaces clean and tidy because the mill rest will catch any debris from the salt or pepper
  3. Mill lids
  4. Set of Instruction(one) with warranty card
  • Very simple button operation. all you have to do is just push a button to use this grinder
  • The adjustable knob for the fine and coarseness of the spices is found underneath the grinder giving you the choice of choosing the desired coarseness of the spice
  • Salt, pepper, and batteries do not come included in this set. the grinder needs 4AA batteries


4.41*3.15*8.66 inches

Item weight; 1.69 pounds

Unicorn magnum pepper mill


It has a large storage chamber and is made of ABS plastic for easy cleaning .there is a thumbscrew on the bottom of the grinder that adjusts the grind size and the grind size does not change while filling.

The grinders are hand-operated and not electric with a superior steel mechanism. The grinder is easy to fill


  • This grinder loads very quickly/ and it has very large storage. it has ranges of grind size making it efficient for your taste, they range from medium-fine to extra coarse and it can be adjusted by using the thumbscrew on the bottom of the grinder
  • The grinder comes included with a serving tray to contain the pepper dust


6.18*2.4*2.4 inches

Item weight; 9.6 ounces

UMIKAkitchen SYNCHKG087844 pepper mill


This grinder is both elegant and fancy. The material of this grinder is solid wood and it has a ceramic rotor. This grinder has no plastic material at all and it is very safe to use. It saves you from having to refill the grinder every single time because it has a 3 oz capacity saving you the stress.

They are of course refillable and it is very easy to refill them, all you have to do is just remove the top cover and no mess is created. Perfect as a gift be it as a wedding gift, anniversary, house warming, etc and is sure to complement your kitchen décor. You are given a refund if this product does not meet your expectations.

Features of this grinder

  • The carbon steel screw cover is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted to make the pepper finer or coarser. To adjust the grind, you turn the screw clockwise for a powdery grind while you turn it anticlockwise for a coarser grind. Adjust it anyhow to suit your taste.

A little note, avoid tightening the screw too much

  • It is very hard for the grinder to rust and it is wear-resistant and very stable
  • When grabbing the grinder, it gives a warmer feel due to its concave arc shape that conforms to your grip. It also has a large storage capacity and It is easy to refill


8.5*2.2*2.2 inches

Item weight; eight ounces

How to use

Firstly unscrew the stainless steel nut and then open the wooden lid. Put the pepper inside and cover the lid by screwing it. To crush the pepper, spin the lid several times.

Willow and Everett grinder set


Made with high-quality glass and stainless steel, this pepper and salt grinder with the stand features a very elegant and stylish design for your kitchen table. It is very convenient and functional with the grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder preventing any mess from spilling on the table.

The ceramic grinder does not absorb the flavors, is noncorrosive and the plastic knob on top of each grinder gives you access to adjust from a coarse to a fine grind. The clear glass bodies let you know when it is time to refill the salt and pepper grinders and the size is perfect cutting down on constant refills.

It is very to refill and it does not make a mess, just screw off the stainless steel top and refill. You just require your and a few twists of it on the grinder to give your food some spice. They are of high quality and are built to last.


  • Comes with a stainless steel stand that is not bulky and does the work of helping you transport the salt and pepper grinders from your kitchen to the dining table while making the design elegant
  • The ceramic grinders do not absorb the flavor and they are non-corrosive.
  • The clear glass design comes in handy when letting you know it is time to refill. The steel top is easy to screw off. when you are done refilling, you can grind without breaking a sweat


9.6*6.2*3.2 inches

Item weight: 1.7 pounds

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