Best Pepper Grinder (2021 Top Picks)

Best pepper grinder: Pepper is one of the best spices identified with humans, it is accepted all over the world especially in the making of pepper stew that includes pepper, tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients blended together.

This pepper sometimes is called peppercorn and there is a need to grind it when necessary. You can grind peppercorns using top-notch pepper grinders that will bring out their flavor as expected.

I am going to do reviews of some important peppercorn grinders so that you can enjoy the usage and longevity of each of them.

Let’s look at the best pepper grinders together in order to make this year 2021 the best experience in pepper grinding.

Of course, this is the step to making more delicious meals and spicing our other recipes with great tastes.

Best Pepper Grinder
Best Pepper Grinder

Our Top Recommendations of the Best Pepper Grinder

Name of pepper grinderImageWhere to Buy
COLE & MASON Derwent Pepper GrinderBUY ON AMAZON
Le Creuset Pepper Mill, 8-InchBUY ON AMAZON
OXO Good Grips Pepper GrinderBUY ON AMAZON

The Best Pepper Grinder – Detailed Review

Here are some various pepper grinders that are very good at giving you a great result when used to grind your whole peppercorn.

With the reputations and excitement of thousands of people talking about this product, I am sure, you will equally enjoy using it too.

COLE & MASON Derwent Pepper Grinder


The product has got a lot of good reviews of which many people can’t stop praising its performance. For that reason alone, you are already planning to get one of the best pepper grinders out there.

Let us look at the summary of the features of the amazing grinders so you can further observe it yourself.

The Brief Summary of the Product’s features

  • Made of modern design, and fit for home decoration due to its beautiful shape and appearance.
  • It operates in two stages which are cracking and shaving of the peppercorn and then helps to release optimized flavor.
  • There are six adjustable coarseness settings that give you full control over the coarseness of your peppercorn, this means you can either grind your pepper fine or coarse as you may desire.
  • You can easily refill this pepper grinder with the aid of a simple pop-off top design.
  • There is a lifetime guarantee policy for this machine, so enjoy the simplicity of your grinder.

A detailed description of the product

There is a need to mention other amazing things about this product. This is the purpose of opening this paragraph in particular.

This detailed information is from the manufacturers as an aid to further increase the knowledge of the users about the product.

Gourmet Precision Carbon Steel Mechanism of the Product

This product is now designed to feature a new precision mechanism for expert seasoning and great flavor. This is the good news of course.

This mechanism makes it easy for different flavors within these layers released and then they mix together to give you a great and intense flavor of your ground peppercorn.

The Six Adjustable Grind Settings

There are six adjustable grind settings for this grinder that allow you to easily select between 6 precise grinding levels for fine and coarse textures.

The product also allows for 3 settings adjustment as you want it.

It is this ability to select from various size options that give you that power to make seasoning your food an extra ultimate experience.

The machine doesn’t waste the flavor of your peppercorns at all.

The Refilling Process is one Step

The product is easy to refill all you need to do is pull up the stainless steel top of the machine so that you can reach the chamber, and then pour in new peppercorns and start grinding once more. You can always grind either coarse or fine peppercorn or salt using this item.

Upon observing this product carefully, I realized that it will do a great job for you. Although you will definitely find negative reviews about products, the fact remains that positive reviews are always prevailing.

I recommend the product with a strong will and hope you will find it useful while using it.

The Pros of the Product

  • The product lasted for two years and still counting according to a customer. This means the product lasts longer when maintained.
  • American Test Kitchen recommended this product as one of their favorites; imagine such honor for a product.

The Cons of the Product

  • One of the complaints is that the pepper grinder releases small amounts of ground peppercorn but the salt grinder works fine.

Le Creuset Pepper Mill, 8-Inch

Best pepper grinder



This product without a doubt is coming up in terms of good rating. People are already talking about it in large number and for that a great success for whoever finds time to get it for use. The summary of the product’s features is:

  • A ceramic grinder
  • This is hand wash only grinder
  • The size is 8 inches by 21/2 inches
  • It matches any kitchen decoration
  • The warranty is 10 years limited

Detailed Description of the Product

This grinder is a kind of amazing product and its performance will surely leave you astonished. It combines classic form and modern technology with the iconic color chosen by the manufacturers.

Remember, this is a ceramic grinder, so it is strong enough to crack your peppercorns and also corrosion-proof when grinding salt too.

As soon as you are done grinding your acrylic ABS-finished ingredients, do not absorb odors or moisture from the grinder and yet, the grinder is easily wiped and clean.

The Amazing Colors of the Product

The product for sure is beautiful, so it doesn’t just give you an odor-free result but the compelling appearance is a nice experience.

The grinder is made to resist scratching and chipping which makes it a better option against wooden construction. This product is made to last long on your countertop for many years.

Adjustable Settings for the Product

You can always adjust the setting of the grinder with a turn of the knob that comes with it. If you want a finer ground, turn it clockwise but if you want the coarse texture, turn it anti-clockwise.

The Power of its Material

The material it is made of is ceramic, strong enough to grind peppercorns and also mill your salt in any form you want them.

It is refillable

What is the usefulness of a grinder that’s not refillable? In the case of this grinder, it is refillable, and to do so, you only need to unscrew the metal knob and then release the top. Fill the grinder with your peppercorns or coarse salt. You can always replace the top and knob of the mill as well.

I will equally recommend this product to you since it gives its performance to many as far as I am concerned. I have read a lot of positive reviews about this product which I suspect have become a reason for the rise in rating.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is of good quality and reasonable prices for sure
  • It is simple, easily usable, and then beautiful

The Cons of the Product

  • A customer reviewed that the product is complete plastic rather than the claimed ceramic.

OXO Good Grips Pepper Grinder

Best pepper grinder



Get this amazing product for yourself this year and say goodbye to a bad peppercorn grinding experience. The product is in fact made for great people like you so grab the opportunity and utilize it appropriately. Here are the features of the product summary:

  • Functional machine
  • Stainless steel accents and acrylic body
  • Soft nonslip grip for easy grinding
  • None corrosive ceramic grinder

The detailed information of the Product

Easy usage of the product

  • The product is beautiful and can be used as kitchen décor. It is a functional pepper grinder and can be easily moved from the kitchen to the dining room with ease.
  • The design is intended to make it last longer and that’s why it was designed with stainless steel accents and a transparent acrylic body for your convenience.
  • The soft nonslip grip of the grinder makes it an ideal technological product and as such you are already planning to get one of the best machines ever, so grab the opportunity for a comfortable experience.
  • The ceramic grinder is made to not absorb flavors or odors of the ingredients ground in it, and in the end, provides the best result.
  • The top grinding mechanism aids in ensuring countertops are neat and free of salt and pepper spillage.
  • The grinder is made of wide openings and level tops that allow your grinder to rest flat while it is upside down so that you can easily refill it.
  • It is made of smooth rotating tabs that aid in adjusting the grinder settings from fine to coarse as quickly as possible.

Don’t miss out on the benefits and features of this product, it will for sure give you the best performance as expected. I am recommending this product to you with the hope that you will finally solve the problem of bad grinding experience.

The Pros of the Product

  • It cracks peppercorns with great fun, so having it cannot be a mistake
  • It is a brilliant pair of pepper and salt grinder
  • It is a great grinder for cooking and very ideal for grinding salt and pepper.

The cons of the Product

  • A customer gave a review that this product is not durable.

XQXQ Pepper Grinders

Best pepper grinder


Scanning the reviews, I was impressed by the five stars roaming on this tiny but powerful grinder. Well, it is made of wood but still one of the most amazing grinders I have ever given a review about.

The features are so cool and for sure, you will like what you are about to check out.

Summary of the product’s features

  • This is made of solid wood material which qualifies it to be a natural oak wood salt and peppercorn grinder set. The rotor is ceramic, and there is no single plastic material attached to it. This product is non-corrosive, and therefore, offers safe use.
  • Large accommodation for ingredients. The wooden salt and pepper grinder comes with a tall 3 ounces capacity and therefore, you don’t need to refill every time.
  • The product is refillable. You can refill peppercorn or the sea salt by lifting the top cover without even causing a mess.
  • The product is made of an adjustable grinding mechanism, this means there is an industrial pepper and salt shaker that comes with an adjustable ceramic grinding core, this allows you to easily adjust the ground level from coarse texture to fine after twisting the top nut. The anticlockwise twisting is for coarse texture while the clockwise direction is for fineness.
  • If you check towards the bottom of the grinders, you will see the letters “S” and “P” on the wood, and on the knurled knob located on top can easily tell you which is for salt and pepper.
  • There is a 100 percent guarantee policy on this particular grinder so, you can actually, return the product if you are not satisfied.

I will urge you to ensure that you get these grinders if you are planning to get one already. As you can see, there are thousands and hundreds of ratings on it, this is an indication that it is a great product for kitchen service at home.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is a product that comes with great value for money, energy, and time
  • The grinder is good at performance and the customer service is excellent
  • It has a great appearance for kitchen décor and is still functional

The Cons of the Product

  • One of the customers said he or she loves everything about the product except the rust, but no other customer gives such complaints.

Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set


A good pepper grinder should offer many grinding levels for your choice, and this is represented in the gravity electric pepper and salt grinder set. It allows you to grind your pepper and spices from coarse to fine.

The electric pepper grinder uses a high-quality ceramic rotor and puts you in control to decide on the coarseness of your spice, salt, or pepper using the adjustment knob at the head of the grinder.

Summary of the product features

  • First is the Gravity sensor switch, which eliminates the need to even press a button to grind your pepper. All you need to do is simply flip the grinder and you will have freshly ground pepper. Very convenient, and yes, it is battery powered
  • It provided many grinding levels for your choice allows you to grinder your pepper from coarse to fine.
  • Designed with a high-quality ceramic rotor.
  • Multifunctional since it doubles as a salt grinder, and grinder for other solid grain seasonings and spices.
  • Made with a transparent acrylic material(BPA-FREE) at the bottom that allows you to see remnants of spices.
  • Designed with the blue LED light that allows you to easily see the amount of grounded spices you put in your food.


  • Automatic Operation
  • Adjustable Grinder
  • Super-versatile – not for pepper alone
  • Unique Design


  • When the grinder keeps jamming on pepper grinds, you will often need to dismantle it with a screwdriver and clean it with every use.
  • Batteries not included

PepperMate Traditional Peppercorns and Salt Grinder

Best pepper grinder


I decided to come up with a manual pepper and salt grinder. It is a good set for a great experience in the kitchen. The features are quite worth it, you will enjoy using the grinders.

Summary of the Product’s Features

  • It is easy to use, so don’t hesitate about your plan anymore
  • It comes with variable settings
  • It is a manual grinder, so you can save money
  • This is recommended by celebrity chefs
  • It operates with a lifetime guarantee

Detailed information about the Product

Let us check this information about the amazing product. I am sure you will actually enjoy using it after this review.

The Large capacity and Reliability

Everyone wants a product that is large enough to accommodate ingredients so they don’t pour on the countertop or cause a mess.

In terms of reliability, this product is not left out as it can be easily refilled. You can fill up to 1.7 ounces of peppercorn or 4.8 ounces of salt and enjoy the grinder to your satisfaction without causing any mess.

The refilling process still doesn’t cause a mess due to the large opening on the top of the grinder.

There is a cup at the bottom

If you are so much concerned with a mess, please use this grinder, it is designed with a bottom cup that makes it mess-free. This means the cup catches the ground ingredients as they fall off. This cup can still serve as a measuring cup for easy sprinkling.

It is made of a ceramic mechanism

I love the ceramic grinding mechanisms too, this enables you to be able to use the grinder for all kinds of ingredients grinding to enhance your recipes. The ceramic is non-corrosive and located on the inside; it is highly dependable and will never absorb tastes or flavors from your ingredients.

If at all you feel reluctant to purchase this product, I will rather advise you to focus more on this product in particular because it is doing a great job for people out there.

The pros of the Product

  • It is faster at grinding peppercorn compared to some manual pepper grinders
  • It has great control and design
  • It doesn’t cause pepper mess on the floor

The cons of the Product

  • A customer detests this item after one year of using it, claiming that it comes out to become of poor quality and design.


The entire grinders featured in this article all have evidence of the best machines that should be used to grind your peppercorn or salt. Most of the featured items are pairs and as such makes the products double grace.

You can all enjoy the product if you can follow the instructions of the manufacturer in terms of maintenance.

Don’t forget that there are both manual and electric pepper grinders, so I featured some manual pepper grinders too.

We can always find the best in these products, ranging from the ideal mechanism of most of the grinders used in grinding, to the simplicity of the machine.

Summarizing the entire writing, it will be a great decision for you to get any one of these products for yourself before this year runs out of hand. They will serve you to the fullest.