Best 1HP Meat Grinder To Buy (2021 Detailed Review)

We have put together this well-detailed guide on the best 1hp meat grinder that you can buy. Go through and pick the one that fits your pocket and budget.

A meat grinder is a kitchen utensil that is used for mincing raw meat into a fine texture. The meat grinder is a kitchen utensil that replaces the old-fashioned mincing knife which Is also used to mince raw meat into a fine texture.

One Horsepower meat grinders are usually sought after by buyers all over the world. Aside from home usage, a one-horsepower meat grinder can be used in hotels and other small businesses.

Let us quickly show you our quick recommendation on the best 1hp meat grinder to buy

Best 1 HP meat grinder to buyWhere to buy
Avantco MG12 Meat GrinderBuy on Amazon
Eastman Outdoors Professional Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP Buy on Amazon
Omcan Commercial Electric Meat GrinderBuy on Amazon

A lot of people find it difficult to identify quality one horsepower meat grinders online, perhaps because they bought one online that was not up to their expectations.

It is not advisable to always go for cheap grinders if you seek great quality you should be willing to spend some money to buy the great quality that you want.

Buying cheap grinders may lead to spending more money in the future fixing it when it starts to develop faults.

The aim of this article is to help prevent you from making similar mistakes of buying low-quality one-horsepower meat grinders that may develop faults in the future.

Sit back and relax as we take you through the detailed review of the best one-horsepower meat grinder to buy.

Best 1HP Meat Grinder To Buy (Detailed Review)

Detailed Review of the best one horsepower meat grinder to buy

The 1HP Meatgrinder will meet most of your grinding needs, in homes or hotels. It is a heavy-duty grinder capable of grinding up to 150 pounds in one hour.

When you are buying from a good source that we will recommend you should expect it to meet your expectations with no disappointments.

Avantco MG12 #12 1 HP Meat Grinder

THIS meat grinder is very ideal for efficiently breaking down beef, wild game, sausage, and most kinds of meats you throw into it.

Avantco meat grinder is designed to help you grind with ease any meat you choose to grind for your food-making processes.

When it comes to power you are assured of maximum efficiency with its 1 HP motor, it can overcome the stress of daily usage and features various accessories to help you run smoothly.

These accessories help your meat to be ground very conveniently and ensures safe and accurate use.

So, if you have been searching for a good meat grinder that powerful and affordable this product has your answers with it.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Gear-driven
  • Helpful accessories
  • Sausage tube stuffer
  • Stainless steel feed tray
  • Nonskid feet
  • Carrying handle


  • Its steel construction gives it a unique design away from other meat grinders, making it highly corrosive resistant and easy to clean.
  • The gear design allows for significant meat grinding of up to 260lb of meat per hour, with a direct drive transmission that enables consistent grinding speed
  • Additional sausage stuffer can make long links of tasty sausages.
  • You can grind a large amount of meat due to its large feed tray, also comes with a pusher to force-feed meat down the chute
  • For maximum stability while grinding, the feet are nonskid. They stay rooted to a spot or tabletop as you work allowing you to feed meat without it sliding off the table.


  • Size might be cumbersome.

Omcan FA12G81 commercial Electric meat grinder

Omcan company delivers an excellent product with this design. It is constructed with an aluminum finish that is polished to shine, with a complete set of the pan, stomper, three spouts, and two plates.

Omcan meat grinder can deal successfully with all your meat grinding tasks with ease. The company has a reputation in the food processing industry for making quality products and this is no exception.

You have absolutely no regret in using this product. With a reversible switch allowing you to grind forward and backward, your meat grinding takes a new and complete process with no meat left unturned from the beginning to the end of your work. You are left with smooth and neat ground meat.

It also deals well with tough meat due to its high rpm of 200 which is ideal for those who hunt their own personal game.


  • Polished aluminum construction
  • Reversible switch
  • Operates at 200rpm
  • Multiple accessories


  • With a solid polished aluminum finish, you find it easy to clean as dirt wipes off easily
  • No fear of rusting or corrosion from constant use or cleaning
  • The reversible switch makes allows for thoroughly grinding meat to your desired texture
  • Operating at 200 rpm guarantees that your meat is processed in all its parts with non-left untouched.


  • Pricey than others

Eastman Outdoors Professional Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP

Best 1HP Meat Grinder


The Eastman Outdoors Professional Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP is a heavy-duty machine with a stainless-steel design. This machine is quite small and does not occupy so much space for storage.

This small but mighty machine grinds up to five pounds of meat per minute.

Key benefits

The Eastman Outdoors Professional Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP machine is very easy to assemble, easy grinding capabilities. The meat crusher has a removable lid which makes it easy to store the blade, plates and tubes.

Key features

  • Stainless-steel design
  • Heavy-duty 745.5W
  • Lightweight


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Powerful motor grind
  • Three cutting plates for a fine, medium and coarse texture.


  • While using the Eastman Outdoors Professional Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP machine you may experience some sort of meat stacking every five minutes.
  • Take note that you should always clean the grinder.
  • Considering the size, this machine looks small but if you are not aware of its powerful capability you may end up not buying it.

Final verdict

The Eastman Outdoors Professional Electric Meat Grinder 1 HP is lightweight which is an advantage for buyers, it will not take up so much space for storage in the kitchen.

You should get this machine if you prefer something effective but portable. Its metal gear is designed for durability, the stainless-steel blade does great when you wash it in the dishwasher.

If you are not a lover of smaller machines you may not like to buy it.

Uniworld Commercial Meat Grinder

THIS meat grinder boasts a strong, fast motor. This means all your meat grinding needs can be chopped effectively to your desire and texture. It comes with a stainless steel construction which means it’s easy to wipe clean and rust-free.

Its gear-driven transmission ensures your meat is ground at a continuous pace as long as you are feeding the machine meats to be ground and processed.

It has a large work capacity of 250lb per hour which is suitable for doing large batches of meat grinding and also quicker.

It features multiple plates for different grinding sizes and is free-standing to ensure a stable and comfortable meat grinding process.


  • Electric meat grinder
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Gear-driven transmission
  • Forward, reverse, and overload switch
  • Removable stainless steel grinding head
  • ETL approved
  • Accessories include feed pan, feed stomper, and grinding plates


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Can withstand large scale meat grinding and processing
  • Long hours of use due to its gear-driven transmission
  • Different switch settings for maximum and efficient chopping and grinding of meats
  • The steel grinding head is removable which allows for easier cleaning.
  • Comes with multiple accessories for smooth operation


  • Weak packaging of the product.

Things to check out for before buying a 1HP meat grinder

Best 1HP Meat Grinder To Buy (Detailed Review)

What are the most important things to check out for before buying a 1HP meat grinder? Many chefs, cooks at home or even restaurant owners ask this question a lot.

Seeking an answer to this question will save you a lot of stress and money. For those buying a 1HP meat grinder for the first time, you need to pay attention to the details of this section.

There are two types of meat grinders:

  1. Electric meat grinders
  2. Manual meat grinders

Manual meat grinders: This is the good old meat grinder that is usually mounted on a table and then it is operated manually with the hand.

Electric meat grinders:  This is the modern meat grinder powered by electricity, has a blade and does the grinding pretty fast. Obviously, it is faster than the manual meat grinders.

Take note of these before buying your 1HP meat grinder

Consider your available space: Do you have a small or large kitchen? This is a good factor to consider before buying. You would not want to buy a large 1HP meat grinder like the Sunmile Electric Meat Grinder – 1HP 1000W if you have a small space.

This grinder obviously will occupy space in your kitchen if you have a small one.

Consider the brand: There are lots of brands out there in the market, make your decision on the kind you want to buy. The Sunmile meat grinders are advantageous because it comes with a one-year warranty.

If it has a factory fault to can always return it to save you from spending excess money on repairs not damaged by you.

Consider your safety: Avoid buying meat grinders that the blades are too exposed. It may actually cause accidents.

Consider the materials: Buying stainless-steel material is advisable anytime because it prevents rust or corrosion. Plastic material may be prone to breakage.

Consider your pocket: What are you able to afford? Know how much you have in the bank and plan your budget before you set out to buy your 1HP meat grinder. Planning your budget is very important.

Consider your time: When you want to buy a 1HP meat grinder consider how long it will take you to assemble and disassemble the machine. Buying a grinder that is easy to assemble will save your time.

Consider quantity: Do you want a grinder that can take in a large amount of meat or a small amount of meat? Consider quantity before you buy.

If you need one that can take in a large quantity you should go for that exact one and not something lesser.

Consider the Blade: You would not want to be in the middle of grinding your meat and you hear the blade snap. Going for stronger stainless-steel blades is always the best bet.

Consider the accessories: Your meat grinder should come with different kind of stainless-steel plates that can grind the meat into a fine, coarse or medium texture.

Consider the speed: Meat grinders with slow motor makes no sense at all while grinding. You need something efficient to combine a great quantity of meat for mincing.

Consider the Noise: With such a powerful machine in the kitchen, you expect it to be noisy, but there are quiet meat grinders like the ones we have listed in this article. Consider using more quiet machines in the kitchen.

Consider the grind quality: In as much as the machine can grind the meat into fine, coarse and medium texture, you should not settle for average grind quality.

A meat grinder should not give you a medium texture instead of a fine texture. Take note of this and always make sure your machine gives a good grind quality.

Consider ease of cleaning: Some grinders are easy to clean than the other, make sure you always go for meat grinders that are easy to clean. This will save you your energy and time.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying a 1HP meat grinder

Can meat grinders grind chicken bones?

Yes, the Sunmile Electric Meat Grinder – 1HP 1000W is capable of grinding chicken bones and be used to make cat food.

Can this machine grind peas?

Yes, the machine can grind almost anything, specifically, you can make use of the Sunmile SM-G31 Electric Meatgrinder. It can grind almost anything, but take note it takes a large volume to push the product out of the machine.