Where Are Kitchener Meat Grinders Made

Kitchener meat grinders are one of the most powerful grinders out there. Time without number, they have proven to be of great impact in the food industries and also as home use.

Today, we want to know where these magical machines are made. Besides this, we also need to review some of the best Kitchener meat grinders you can choose as soon as possible.

Where Are Kitchener Meat Grinders Made

Where Are Kitchener Meat Grinders Made

Kitchener meat grinders are made in the United States of America. They are good grinding machines that satisfy the owners and users over and over.

Kitchener meat grinder comes with various parts which include: storage drawer, grinder head, quieter gear, motor housing, metal gears, roller bearings, heavy-duty handle, 110 volts permanently lubricated motor, circuit breaker, stainless steel knife, head auger, larger steel pan, stainless steel coarse, and fine plates, stuffing tubes, and meat stomper.

Functions of the various parts of Kitchener meat grinders

Stainless Steel Motor Housing

This is the tool designed to house the Kitchener motor grinder motor for its protection and safety.

Metal Gears

The basic function of metal gears in a grinding machine is to transmit rotational motion and as well as effort from one shaft and other. Gears are normally used to amplify the power of a grinding machine. It is the presence of gear in a machine that controls the speed.

Rolling bearings

The rolling bearing’s function is to carry a load while minimizing the friction between two surfaces. They appear similar to ball bearings. One of their functions is that they transmit loads with the aid of cylinder rolling elements instead of balls in order to maintain the gap between moving parts of a machine’s bearings.

Heavy-Duty Handle

The function of the heavy-duty handle is to enable easy movement of a machine from one point to another with ease.

110 Volts Permanent Lubricated Motor

This is the motor part that is permanently lubricated with improved grease so that the noise of the machine will be reduced.

Built-in Circuit Breaker

Normally designed for safety measures for a user or protection for the machine’s motor.  If for instance, the machine is overloaded with meat, it is the work of the circuit breaker to control the machine by making it stop automatically.

Stainless Steel Knife

The work of the stainless steel knife is not hidden. It is used for cutting ingredients including meat.

Head auger

This is a drilling device attached to a grinding machine.

Large meat pan

The function of a meat pan is to accommodate the amount of meat needed to be ground or ground for a specific batch.

Coarse Plates

If you want your meat to be ground in a coarse form, it is the duty of these plates to make it a reality.

The meat Stomper

The duty of a meat stomper is to ensure that your hand is safe from the grinder blades. So, instead of putting your hand in a meat grinder, you can use your meat stomper to reorganize it.

Review of our top Kitchener Meat Grinders

Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer


Kitchener brand is not relenting in the course of the improvement of their machines. This one, in particular, is a powerful one. It will make your meat as coarse as you want or fine as you desire. Here are some the features of the product

Features of the Product

  • It has a steel gear-driven mechanism design and a maintenance-free air-cooled motor that makes grinding super easy and power, smooth and quiet in operation.
  • It is 550 watts motor machine. This further defines its ability to grind perfectly.  The motor induction can grind 720 lbs per hour which is equivalent to 12 lbs per minute.
  • There is a circuit breaker for safety while you grind with your meat grinder.
  • It also comes with a stainless steel grinder head, auger, a meat pan, stainless steel housing, and a waterproof switch that ensures that the operation is safe. Besides that, it is a rustproof system.
  • The meat pan is graduated into 15 to 3/8 inches by 3/8 by 3 inches respectively with enlarging throat that can hold enough meat.
  • It comes with stainless steel coarse and fine plates, knife, and stuffing plates, solid meat stomper, and four stuffing tubes.
  • It is made of a removable drawer that helps to organize your grinder accessory appropriately.

Get this product on Amazon so that you can smile as other customers do.

Pros of the Product

  • The grinder works as it is described in the advertisement
  • It has parts that fit easily, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble
  • This is a beast machine that works like a horse.

Cons of the Machine

  • Broken After 3 uses, said a customer
  • Stopped working after 3 uses as claimed by another customer

Kitchener Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder


This product has passed the ideal motor power that a grinding machine should have in order to grind the meat perfectly with good speed.

Features of the product

  • It is a heavy-duty product with a motor power of 500 watts.
  • It comes with the following components: cutting blades, auger, grinding plates, meat pan, neck and stuffing tubes.
  • The weight of the machines is 15. 01 pounds

The machine is made of the following materials:  Aluminum Meat Pan, Grinding & Stuffing Plates, Cutting Blade, Steel Gears, and plastic housing.

I am recommending this product to you because it has gained a lot of amazing reputation among the customers. It may not be the best but it can do the work of the best machines around the world.

Pros of the Machine

  • The grinder does its work as needed by a customer
  • It worked great for another customer
  • It grinds well and very quickly according to another customer

Cons of the Machine

  • A customer complained that it broke after three days of use. Sometimes, this could be a technical problem that needs the attention of an engineer.

Why you should use a Kitchener Meat Grinder

Kitchener meat grinders are great grinding machines for home use because they combine both sturdy and durable construction made of stainless steel.

While some of them are made of a plastic housing, they are still the ideal meat grinder you should buy.

If you need a professional grinding experience, Kitchener meat grinder is well known for that. It is safe and convenient and also effective while working with it.

The Kitchener meat grinder brings high-quality results to your kitchen this is what defines most of the cost of each model.

For instance, the model heavy duty SU304 is made of stainless steel housing, a waterproof switch that prevents it from rusting and also has an exceptional power to grind despite it will last long with lasting durable features.

A Kitchener meat grinder model like the one just mentioned can grind about 480 pounds of meat in one hour. This is an amazing and monster-like workaholic feature given to a machine.

There are other features that make Kitchener meat grinder a good choice to go for. For instance, the steel gear-driven mechanism and an air-cooled motor that comes with a Kitchener meat grinder are known for providing enhanced grinding power and silent operation that doesn’t disturb the household or neighbours.

The circuit breaker is one other important feature a Kitchener meat grinder possesses. The job of the circuit breaker is to provide increased safety for the usage of the machine. What about the large meat pan?

Just like a human-machine (a generous person), it accommodates a large amount of meat per batches. The meat pan is 13” x 9” x 2-3/8” designed with an extra-large throat which provides the ease to take on a large amount of meat faster and saves time and energy.

It is ideal to use a Kitchener meat grinder due to its large capacity. Especially in a home where there is always a need to process a large amount of meat on a daily basis.

Why Buy the Kitchener Meat Grinder for home use

When a product is worth it, you will get to know through its powerful features and the testimonies of the users. There are many features that come with a Kitchener product that will satisfy your need.

For instance, the versatility of the product is really amazing. It has functions like stainless steel coarse 3/8 and fine 3/16 inches ideal. The inches of the coarse and fine feature of a Kitchener meat grinder depends on the model.

There are stuffing plates, stuffing tubes some four in number. Stainless steel cutting knife you can use to cut meat manually and high-quality meat stomper for safety. All these features combined will give you the value of your money.

If you want to make sausage too, the Kitchener grinder is the perfect machine to make it achievable. You can, in fact, use it to make raw food for your pets at home or grind your hamburger and many other food items.

Who can buy a Kitchener product

As far as you want the interesting benefits of this product as mentioned above, you can buy it. The Kitchener meat grinders are affordable and yet meet the commercial grade.

You can use them both at home and in the restaurant, eateries or hotels. If possible, you can take them to the beach to make fast meat sausage for your family and friends.

Are you worried that you are a beginner and may not be able to handle it? This is not an issue at all. Kitchener meat grinding machine is easy to use.

Besides being easy to use a machine, it gives you lots of control over the quality of meat that you desire to represent your meals. If you are a pet owner, the Kitchener meat grinder is your best choice.

When you process your meat at home, it makes more sense than buying processed meat or bones for your pets. You need to value the health of your pets first.

If you are really interested in bringing great taste to your household with well-processed meat, you need to give Kitchener a try. It will do great jobs for you.

The Safety Features of Kitchener Meat Grinder

I have discussed the common parts of Kitchener meat grinders before now. I want to proceed with the safety features of the products that give them the uniqueness people are talking about.

The Reverse Motor Function

Every Kitchener meat grinder has a reverse motor function for safety purposes.

Once in awhile your Kitchener meat grinder may become Jammed willing or unwilling.  That is when a reverse motor function plays its role. The safety feature operates by reversing the motor so that it can help evacuate the jam and then continue to grind or cut normally.

Sausage Attachment

If you are the kind that loves making sausage with a meat grinder, a Kitchener meat grinder is made with a sausage attachment that guides the meat into various casing types. This is another safety measure for a person using a meat grinder.

The Plates

The plates are other safety features that guide your meat grinder to either make you meat coarse or fine. It is a safety feature because it prevents you from losing your money just for a mistake of intending to grind meat for coarse and mistakenly grinds it fine.

Maintenance and cleaning of Kitchener Meat Grinder

Maintenance of your meat grinder is not only important but very necessary to extend the longevity of the machine. Maintaining your meat grinder also has to do with the health of your family or customers if you are using it for a commercial purpose.

For instance, if you wash the blades, it will reduce the risk of contracting bacterial or consuming harmful chemicals that could cause a health issue for us.

Let us observe some facts together to see how you can properly maintain your meat grinder. The process of cleaning or maintaining your meat grinder luckily is not tedious at all.

How often should you sharp your meat grinder’s blades

Sharpening the blades of your meat grinder doesn’t have to be every time after each use. In fact, most of the meat grinders are self-sharpen blades. This means in the process while the grinding is on, the blades automatically sharpen each other as they rub and grind against the meat.

You may only want to sharpen the blades at some point you realize it is very necessary to do so.

At some point, you will need a professional to sharpen the blades for you – though it may cause you some penny, but it worth it. After sharpening the blades, to make it last long, wrap it in a clean cloth to preserve and maintain it.

How to store your Kitchener meat grinder

While preparing to store your meat grinder, it is necessary to oil the grinder parts to prevent oxidation and rust. The oiling of the machine should be in a small quantity to avoid over greasing.

Most of the professional chefs prefer to oil their machines with food-grade mineral oil, any other form of oil will be okay for the purpose too if you cannot afford the food grade type.

You can also decide to use a spray bottle containing mineral oil to do the oiling effectively.

Spraying the machine doesn’t take much of your time to do.

What else can you do with a meat grinder like Kitchener

There are different uses of the Kitchener meat grinder:

  • Grinding Meat
  • Making Sausages
  • Burger Patty making
  • Bones Grinding
  •  Cookie Dough Grinding
  • Vegetables Grinding.

Why Should I invest in an electric meat grinder instead of Manual

Where Are Kitchener Meat Grinders Made

A beginner may want to know why he should buy an electric meat grinder when meat can be manually ground with pestle and mortar or other possible ways if at all he wants to cut the meat into smaller pieces.

It is true that you may want to do this stuff manually but you need to consider some advantages of an electric grinder over a manual type. Let us look at these advantages of an electric grinder:

It is safer

most of the electric grinders have been programmed to protect the users unlike manual grinders or cutters such as knife that can injure its users without any alert.

What I am saying here is that the chances of getting yourself injured by an electric grinder are very low. The reason is that an electric grinder comes with some features that make it a safe machine to rely upon.

For instance, a circuit breaker will help to control the speed of the machine when it is overloaded with ingredients.

Depending on the programming used on a machine, some may stop automatically and then restart when a load is too much, while some of them will stop and you will have to restart them by yourself.

Thus, this feature doesn’t only protect you from getting burnt by your machine but also protect the grinder’s motor.

The speed

The speed of an electric meat grinder is another advantage it has over manual grinders. While using a manual grinder, you need to apply a lot of energy and at the same time; it takes time to finish grinding.

In the case of an electric grinder, it is made of a powerful motor with the ideal power of 500 watts and above. This motor gives an electric grinder the power and speed to grind meat in minutes.

Thus, the speed of an electric grinder should be considered over a manual grinder.

Grinding Meat in large quantities

A manual grinder is designed in order to produce meat in small quantities. As for an electric manual, it comes sometimes with large meat pan or sometimes extra-large meat pan that can accommodate as much meat as possible per batch.

So, if you are planning to get a meat grinder for a large family or commercial purpose, you should consider getting an electric grinder.

But if you want to use it personally, getting a manual meat grinder is not bad.

Can you grind cheese in a Kitchener meat grinder

A Kitchener meat grinder can grind everything starting from chicken to beef, including deer and fish. When it comes to grinding meat, Kitchener always does an excellent job.

In fact, a Kitchener meat grinder can grate cheese, mince vegetables for more flavoured soups, sandwiches, casseroles, and sauces.

How do you grind meat with a meat grinder

Step 1

The first step to take when grinding meats in a meat grinder is to cut them into 1 to 2 in slices and then put them in a large baking sheet. The aim is to ensure that the meats are fit into the grinder spout without any inconvenience.

Step 2

The next step is to cover the meats in plastic and put them in a freezer for about 30 to 40 minutes—so that the meat will be cold not frozen. When meats are cold it helps to reduce their gunning at the head of the grinder. This gumming is common with more flexible meats.

Especially fat that can possibly smear up, so it is important you make the meat go cold first before grinding it. Don’t forget to freeze the grinder too—this important so that the whole process will be easy.

Step 3

The next step is for you to set up the grinder and feed the meat into the top gently with your Kitchener grinder, you can make the whole process easier and faster.

The handled attachment should be used to stuff your meat down; the stomper can be used to arrange the meat while the grinder handles the rest of the work. Now, set a bowl below the spout of the grinder so that meet can freely fall into it.

After the entire grinding, you can now clean up the necessary things, wash your hand, and then decide what to make with your newly ground meet. Is it sausage, hamburger, or what have you?

Final Words on Kitchener Meat Grinders

Kitchener meat grinder can do every magic about grinding of meat with ease and speed. It is well built for heavy duties and for grinding large amounts of meat at very great speed especially for large families and restaurants.

You will actually enjoy using the grinders as stated in the advertisement except in some cases that common technical problems may occur.

We will like to observe your opinion about our reviews? How do you see the recommended Kitchener meat grinders? The comment box is always open for your take about our articles.

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