What HP Meat Grinder Do I Need?

Before we take a dive into the “meat” (pun intended) of the article, let me quickly get you up to speed with the HP of meat grinder you need to use.

What HP Meat Grinder Do I Need

In this case, buying your meat grinder will largely be dependent on the volume of meat that you intend to grind. So, let’s get to it.

Find Out the HP Meat Grinder You Need?

Lbs of meat HP of meat grinder Meat Grinder to buy
3 – 4 pounds per minute 0.35 HP LEM .35 HP Electric Meat Grinder
7 – pounds per minute 0.75 HP KWS TC-8 0.75HP Electric Meat Grinder
250 pounds per hour 1 HP New Commercial Electric Meat Sauage Grinder
300 pounds per hour 1.5 HP KWS TC-22 Commercial 1.5HP Meat Grinder
600 pounds per hour 2 HP PRO-CUT KG22W2XPSS #22 Meat Grinder

An electric meat grinder model has an average productivity of 100lb to 400lbs per hour, or 5Ibs-8lbs per minute, much better than the average manual meat grinder. It works well without bones and for mincing all kinds of unfrozen beef.

It can also be used for chopping fish and making spices into bits. In terms of commercial or broad meat quantity use, the electric kind of meat grinder is the most used meat grinder.

The electric meat grinder is usually manufactured in different kinds of horsepowers to fit other purposes and budgets. With the multiple choices available, it becomes a serious task to decide which type of new grinder is suitable for you.

What determines the HP of the meat grinder you need?

You tend to buy what you need for what you intend to use it for. Hence, the amount of meat you intend to grind or the purpose you need for the meat grinder would determine the amount of HP you need for your electric meat grinder.

Let’s take a quick dive further

The volume of your grind

If you are a heavy grinder, then you should know that you’ll need to go for a high HP meat grinder.

This will help improve the quality of your grind and your efficiency while grinding your meat or other spices.

The toughness of your grind

The meat grinder you’ll use to grind chicken bones will be different from the type you need when you intend to grind deer meat.

Your speed of operation

If you need to spend less time grinding on an electric grinder, then you should know that a meat grinder of high horsepower is what you need.

The higher your meat grinder HP is, the lesser time you spend tiring out the quality of your meat.

If you need your meat grinder for a multipurpose use

A lot of grinders buy their electric meat grinders for the sole aim of grinding meat.

Others buy only for meat and grains, bones, and to grind other spices.

You are wondering if a meat grinder can serve other uses apart from grinding meat? Well, yes, you should know this by now.

If you fall into the category of those who would need their meat grinder multi-purposely, then a high HP meat grinder is what you should buy.

The quality of the meat grinder parts

The higher the HP of your meat grinder, the better the parts and the attachments. I suppose you know this by now.

The quality of its accessories

A higher HP meat grinder will give you better accessories.

Home Use or Commercial Use

If you need your electric meat grinder to grind a couple of pounds of meat here and there, then a lower HP meat grinder will do the work.

However, commercial meat grinders with a powerful HP is what you need to continuous grinding commercially.

Meat Grinders of Differents HPs

Electric grinders are made in different horsepower versions. Some of them are:

0.35Horsepower Meat Grinder

This type of meat grinder is lightweight compared to the rest and can process at least 3pounds – 4pounds of meat per minute.

An example of these kinds of meat grinders is the LEM .35 HP Electric Meat Grinder.

0.75Horsepower Meat Grinder

This type of meat grinder is slightly heavier than the 0.35 horsepower electric meat grinder and can process at least 6pounds – 7pounds of meat per minute and 176pounds per hour.

An example of these kinds of meat grinders is the KWS TC-8 0.75HP Electric Meat Grinder.

1Horsepower Meat Grinder

This is a heavy-duty meat grinder built to withstand heavy tasks and makes mincing large quantities of meat look less tasking.

This kind of meat grinder can grind roughly up to 260 pounds of meat per hour.

A perfect example of such is the New Commercial Electric Meat Sauage Grinder.

1.5Horsepower Meat Grinder

This type of meat grinder is built better and stronger; although it is heavier than the previously mentioned type of meat grinder, this type of meat grinder can process about 300pounds – 480pounds of meat per hour, roughly 8pounds per minute.

A perfect example of this type of meat grinder is the KWS TC-22 Commercial 1.5HP Meat Grinder.

2Horsepower Meat Grinder

This type of meat grinder is built twice as strong and as resilient as the previous ones, although it is heavier than the previously mentioned type of meat grinder, this type of meat grinder can process more than 400pounds – 600pounds of meat per hour and roughly 12-18pounds per minute.

A perfect example of these types of meat grinders is the PRO-CUT KG22W2XPSS #22 Meat Grinder.

General features you should look out for before you buy a meat grinder

There are numerous things you should look out for when purchasing an electric grinder, asides from the horsepower. Some of them are;

Weight and Size

At a faster pace than competitive machines, a large meat grinder will cut through a large volume of meat. In pounds/hour, the cutting rate is calculated.

Users who prefer manually operated meat grinders should bear in mind that it takes more time to use larger grinders. But, there are some large models of grinder which consist of a long handle with a crank. When using it, the crank handle makes it easier to grind meat.

You have to find out their engine rankings if you like using an electric meat grinder. This is because there are higher motor power levels for stronger and more powerful engines.

When grinding through a large amount of meat, they have more space for expansion and have more energy. Typically, the larger the grinder (electric or manual), the extra it will cost.

Bigger grinders give speed. Their only minor problem is that to run big grinders effectively; you’ll have to use more electricity.

Size Chart for Grind

Your grinder plate’s size is determined by the diameter, outlet opening, and neck of the grinding container. Before making your first purchase, make sure to check the plate size.

For electric grinders, the measures that you see in the chart are the most prominent and common. It also displays the diameter of the outlet opening and how it corresponds to the cutting plate.

Meat Capacity

With the plethora of electric grinders out there, you might wonder,  “What is the best electric meat grinder?

Frankly, there is no “correct” answer to this, we have done our various research and tested a lot of mortar and pestle, and so, we devised our way to reach out to you.

Just in case you want the best mortar and pestle for some specifics, then you should take a look at our various topics below:

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Another immediate solution would be for you to check out “an electric grinder with a large meat capacity” Meat capacity measures how much meat the machine can chop through in one operation.

Check the grinder plate for its scale. The meat’s capability is directly associated with the size of the container, which determines the amount of meat that can be cut in one process.

Plates ranging in diameter from 1⁄8, 3/16 to 1⁄4′ are ideal for making well-grounded meat such as burgers, bologna, and Franka

Grinder plates which are 1⁄2 in size, enable customers to cut higher volumes of meat through them. You’ll find it easier to cut the size of more extensive roots.

Larger plates are often referred to as a medium or coarse plate, helping users make sausages without much effort. A grinder with low container-size is looked for by homeowners.

This makes it possible for you to have a small grinder while still providing enough power from the meat to produce small meals. Professionals may opt for grinders with a scale of 22 inches or more within 40 seconds to make various meat.

Stainless Steel

If you want to take your cooking and grinding experience to the next level, then a stainless steel meat grinder should be at the top of your grinding list.

Stainless steel grinders give you the following benefits:

  • Increased Flavor: With the machine, users have more control over the fat material and cuts. Stainless steel grinders can grind meat effectively than other materials and reduce the possibility of the flavor and nutrients being degraded by oxygen.
  • Safety: Stainless steel models strip toxins from food purchased from the shop.
  • Better Texture: It increases the moisture levels and your food texture when you use a stainless steel grinder.

Power of its Motor

Each electric grinder comes with various power ratings for the motor. The majority of engines have power ratings of between 350 and 700 watts.

The quantity of meat that can be ground up in an hour depends on the engine. The better the engine, the less time it will take for your grinding machine to cut through the meat, by the rule of thumb.

If you are going to use a grinder for commercial use, you will have to buy a high rating because it will require less time to process large quantities of meat.

Ease Of Use

Get a grinder that’s proportional to your cooking skill level before you purchase it. For first-time users, an electric meat grinder is suitable.

They don’t need any manual input and can grind faster than conventional methods by meat. For advanced chefs who have experience, manual grinders are perfect.

Although they require more physical power, in contrast to electric grinders, they are used to produce authentic meals and can be used without electricity.

No matter which grinder you purchase, make sure you can use it properly! You will decrease the risk of being hurt, and you will experience higher efficiency from the grinder.

As a result, with a grinder you’re comfortable with, you’ll produce more exciting and better-tasting meals.

It is also important to remember that after use, an electric meat grinder requires care and cleaning, as a large-scale health risk may result from carelessness in the handling of meat.

Grind a slice of bread, eliminating the little pieces of meat left in the machine once you have done grinding. You need to disassemble the grinder after that and wash it manually.

Most of the components are stainless steel, so I don’t consider using a dishwasher. If you don’t put it properly in the dishwasher, the slicing blades are very sharp; it will fade, the pieces will also rust and decrease your machine’s lifespan.

Remove from the meat all the skin and the silver skin, because if all these parts are ground with meat, the flavor of the meat will deteriorate. It is also possible to kill the vitamins, minerals, and all the macronutrients in meat.

Large bones can’t be ground in a meat grinder, like beef bones. If you want to feed a raw diet to your cat, you can ground smaller bones like poultry bones. These tasks are performed with ease by electrical meat grinders.

Never grind the spoiled and low-quality meat. Rotten meat, even in chopped, dried, and mashed meat, can cause food poisoning humans and animals alike who will consume it.

In an electric meat grinder, both fatty and lean meat can be ground. Beef, chicken, wild animals, fish, rabbits, rats, frozen, and bacon are the meat that can be ground.

Since these machines are more efficient, meat cuts can be larger than ordinary meat grinders. The most straightforward approach is to cut the meat into cubes and freeze them before grinding for an hour.

This will render the grinding process quick and smooth, but practically anything can be handled by these beasts.


What HP Meat Grinder Do I Need

The electric meat grinder is just as important as your car or refrigerator when it comes to a standard kitchen setting. The motor makes up makes grinding meat seamless, and it makes cooking enjoyable. Although you have to bother about the power supply and current consumption, these are nothing compared to the feeling of ease, cooking comfort, and fast track time in the kitchen.

Asides from being used as kitchen machinery, the electric meat grinder has a commercial-scale preference, meaning it is the most used meat grinder on a retail meat processing level.

Imagine using a manual meat grinder to grind about 600lbs of meat, crazy right? The electric meat grinder makes this achievable.

There are countless types to choose from, ensure you make the right choice based on what you need it for, and trust the meat grinder to deliver.

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