Best Meat Grinder Under $200 But Over $100 (2021 Top Picks)

Best Meat Grinder Under $200: Looking for a great meat grinder higher than $100 but under $200, then on this post, you will find the best review for you to make a very good choice.

The priority of everyone is to find a good meat grinder that will perform great when it comes to grinding both soft and hard ingredients.

There are certain things you should for when purchasing a meat grinder. For instance, a meat grinder should be made of powerful motors whose wattage should begin from 500 and above.

There should be functional gears, essential sausage attachments and then you want to look at the price.

For sure, you want a grinder that will suit your desires and also serve you for a long time. I will review the best meat grinders under $200 for you to select the best choice around the market.

Our Top recommendations for the Best Meat Grinder Under $200

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LEM Electric Meat Grinder GET ON AMAZON
STX Turboforce Classic Meat GrinderGET ON AMAZON
Kitchener Electric Meat GrindeRGET ON AMAZON

Best Meat Grinders under $200 – Detailed Review

Now let me reveal the long awaiting meat grinders. I want you to observe them all carefully and then select the best one for yourself. They are all great blenders with various proofs that back them up. For sure, you are going to enjoy using these meat grinders.

STX Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $200


Looking at this product, you will realize that it is a powerful product. Well, as adults that we are, we can’t judge the capacity of a machine by merely looking at it in the picture; but people’s reviews about it and your experience after the usage will tell how good its performance is.

Let us look at the features below perhaps we will pick something fascinating you need in a meat grinder.

The features of the grinder

  • This is a 3000 series machine, a classic monster, powerful and reliable. It is a home-use machine that will give you a complete performance suitable for the meat you want to grind.
  • The meat grinder comes with 3000 wattages, so powerful and I am actually scared if it may even cut elephant meat into pieces in a matter of seconds. However, it normally uses between 800 to 1200 watts since the total 3000watts are for the locked motor.
  • The machine is excellent and it grinds between 180 and 240 lbs of meat per hour, this is actually amazing.
  • The number of lbs. of meat it can grind depends on the size of the grinding plate you are using, the type of meat—either soft or hard, and the consistency of the meat you ground.
  • These are the parts that come with this precious machine: 1 size #12 polished aluminum grinding head, meat hopper, 3 to 304-grade stainless steel cutting blades, 3 sizes of grinding plates, 1-beaner plate, 3 sizes of sausage stuffing tubes—1/2, 5/8 and ¾ inches, 1 kibbe/kibbe making attachment and one meat pusher or stuffer.
  • There are also 2 free meat shredder claws and a free 3 in 1 burger slider, press maker that is useful.
  • The product comes with a meat auger with the AVI—Advanced Variable Intake features technology and when you combine it with the 2- 5/18 inches hopper opening for feeding your meat, will provide you with the ability to grind a larger portion of sizes of meat.
  • The grinder is made of a size #12 grinding head and the grinding plates that come with the grinder are 5/8 inches and the size #5 meat grinders.
  • This grinder should not be used to grind animal tendons, vegetables, plants, nuts, or fruits.
  • It is a heavy-duty household machine and is not designed for commercial use. If used for commercial purposes, you will definitely not be disappointed.
  • This product is an STX International Products as such comes with a 30-day money-back policy so be free to buy and test this meat grinder.

I have to recommend the product for its speed and power; the motor wattage is really superb which automatically turned it into a very powerful machine.

Being a household machine is another advantage, this means your ingredients will be ground consistently.

The Pros of the Product

There are always pros and cons for every product and this one, in particular, will not escape it.

  • The machine for sure is versatile and simple to use
  • It is a breakage resistant product
  • It comes with multiple plate options
  • It is a highly durable machine

The cons of the Product

  • It can’t be wash in the dishwasher
  • It can’t be used commercially

LEM Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $200


Best meat grinders are known for the great performance they give when it comes to grinding ingredients. It could be that you are highly interested in grinding meat; this grinder will do the magic for you.

Features of the Product

  • The entire body housing of the motor is stainless steel, the gears are all metals with roller bearings, and the handle makes it easy to move.
  • The machine operates with 110 volts, and then it is made of a permanently lubricated motor with an improved grease formulation that reduces the noise of the motor.
  • There is a built-in circuit breaker, stainless steel knife, head auger, and large meat pan that come with this amazing machine.
  • The stainless steel coarse 3/8 inches and the fine stainless steel of 3/16 inches plate come with this powerful meat grinder.
  • There are stuffing tubes included and the meat stomper is not left out of the amazing parts of this machine.
  • There is five years factory warranty policy on this meat grinder, so this automatically secures your purchase.
  • There is lifetime customer support for the product, so anytime you have a problem with this product just call customer care.
  • It comes with ETL Certified standards.
  • There is improved speed and performance that delivers a premium grind within 30 minutes while it virtually eliminates stomping and vastly improves the function of the sausage stuffing.
  • You can make delicious sausage from this amazing meat grinder as it is designed for home use, restaurant, hunters, in fact for everyone.

Possessing this product makes life easy and this should be your dream for convenience. If you actually need the best performance for home meat grinding or commercial purpose, don’t miss out on the legendary machine.

The Pros of the Product

  • It does a great job when it comes to raw feeding so, accepting the grinder as your companion is not a bad decision.
  • It is a machine that gives you easy control over itself and doesn’t stress you to clean
  • It offers you easy grinding, for instance, if you are grinding 200 pounds of meat at a time, go for this product.

The Cons of the Product

  • A customer complained that the design is poor and the grinder is too huge for a small size kitchen.

Kitchener Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $200


This product for sure will be superb when used. It is made from the popular Kitchener brand you know and for sure, you should expect great performance unless you purchase the wrong machine.

The Features of the Product

  • The grinder is designed for heavy-duty jobs. The product is crafted with metal gears that last long, it doesn’t lack stainless steel knife and an aluminum meat pan all make up a reason for lasting service.
  • The power of the machine is up to standard and also reaches Grindiit motor power recommendation which is 500 watts and above. The product precisely runs the speed motor of 500 watts that can help you grind up to 330 lbs. per hour and that’s equivalent to 5.5 lbs. per minute.
  • If you need good safety at home – this has to be so since the grinder comes with a removable large meat pan for easy maintenance as well as cleanup.
  • It comes with a water-proof switch that ensures superior safety and is rustproof.
  • If you need convenience using a grinder, you shouldn’t allow this very one to pass you by. The product comes with a set of 3/8, ¾, and 1-1/8 inches stuffing tubes and a meat stomper for you to store your accessories.
  • The item comes with a one-year limited warranty and there are dedicated customer support services.

It is recommended that you purchase this product if at all there is a need to possess a meat grinder. It is convenient to use and the best for you.

The pros of the product

  • The meat grinder grinds fast and conveniently
  • The product is fast and can be easily used and clean up

The cons of the Product

  • A customer gave a complaint that the grinder easily breaks

OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $200


  • This machine is a monster professionally powerful engine, efficient, and the best for you to try this year.
  • It is an electric meat grinder engine with a standard motor power base of 500 watts and the wattage is 2000watts maximum.
  • It can produce 3.3 pounds (1.5) of minced meat per minutes
  • If you need the best ground meat either for home use or a party or whatever, this grinder can give you an excellent result.
  • It is excellent when it comes to stuffing making, fast, and convenient to use.
  • This is a 5 in one versatile food grinder that can work as a meat mincer, sausage stuffers, Kubbe Maker, vegetable slicer, and Tomato Juicer as you may want it.
  • The meat grinder also comes with 3 different stainless steel cutting plates, 1 sausage kit, 1 tomato juicer, 1 kubbe attachment, and 4 vegetable slicer kits.
  • If you want to make the seasoning meat sauce, spaghetti sausage, pizza, kubbe, or smooth sausages, use this machine.
  • The machine will give you healthy and nutritious food because it is made for high torque force. This is normally done through the extrusion of three spiral circles of the Auger attachment, the meat will then be squeezed without destroying the meat.

Enjoy using this powerful meat grinder and in the end, you will actually appreciate this review.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is an excellent grinder with lots of amazing functions, so it does it all
  • It works so ideally that it saves your time and effort, all you need is to guide the meat into the grinder and that’s all, leave the rest for the machine to handle.
  • It is a nice product that works as described and advertised

The Cons of the Product

  • A customer encountered a technical problem in which the juicer stopped working.

CAMOCA Electric Meat Grinder


Camoca meat grinder, electric, stands out from most other meat grinders within its cost range, it is stylish, and safe to use.

Featuring a Professional Powerful Copper Motor and Durable Metal Gear Box, it is a simple meat grinder to use and safe to operate at home. See what makes it among the best meat grinder you can get under $200:

The features of the product

  • The material of this meat grinder is made of stainless steel and thick aluminum alloy and high-end ABS, however, the part that comes in contact with the food is made of food-grade materials that make it a safe meat grinder to use. This is a clearer reason you should have your own meat grinder than using public ones, and the CAMOCA Electric Meat Grinder seems to be an affordable option
  • You can grind 5 pounds of meat in one minute using this meat grinder, it has heavy-duty, 400W rated power and 2000W max locked power. Making meat grinding faster, smoother, and more efficient than manual.
  • Unlike other cheap meat grinders with archaic locking styles, this meat grinder is designed with the locking method in vogue. It looks professional and stable while in use.
  • Features the ON/OFF/Reserve button. The latter allows you to unclog the unit.
  • It is designed with an Anti-overload and Anti-overheat Protection System which makes the machine automatically stop during overheating or when not properly used.

The cons of the product

  • This would have been all-embracing perfect meat grinding that can be bought under $200, but the fact that one will have to shut down the unit for 15 to 20 minutes after using it for 10 minutes to cool down poses a great inconvenience. Still, this is no match with the value it offers.

Panasonic Meat Grinder


If you do not have it in mind to spend more than you intend on a meat grinder, or you are on a budget that frowns at anything beyond $200, then the need to pay attention to the originality and durability matters.

The Panasonic meat grinder has proven to be among the best choice for such a budget and here is why:

The features of the product

  • You can make multiple homemade meals that a fresh using this heavy-duty meat grinder with a powerful working motor rated 180 watts, which allows you to grind up to 2.2 lbs per minute.
  • Super versatile, that is, it can grind any kind of meat and beyond such as pork, beef, venison, and more. This, coupled with the above feature, allows you to even make enough meat which you can freeze till you need them without losing the flavor.
  • You are not just buying single meat grinding machine, the unit also comes with other useful attachments such as a metal hopper, auger, and stainless-steel cutting blades.
  • It is compact, easy to move around the kitchen area, and most importantly, easy to store. It measures: 6 9/16″ (W) x 9 7/16″ (D) x 7 7/8″ (H)

The pros of the product

  • Heavy-duty electric meat grinder for fresh homemade meals
  • A food grinder with so many uses
  • Easy storage
  • Precision Japanese technology
  • Flavorful, chewy meat

The cons of the product

  • An observable flaw of this Panasonic model which the manufacturers should have considered is not including the motor reverse function. With the omission of this feature, meats get stuck in the auger making the unit a little harder to clean after use. On the brighter side, the noise reduction and nice design placed the machine on a better side of the competitive market.

MINJAN Electric Meat Grinder


The features of the product

  • Built-in a 1800W Max locked power all-copper wiring motor, MINJAN electric meat grinder is a  powerful, durable, and long-lasting meat grinder you can get below $200. with this unit, you will be able to process up to 5 pounds per minute which makes it ideal for home kitchen and commercial use.
  • The meat grinder is truly versatile as you grind not only ground beef, pork, but also garlic, pepper, and more.
  • The parts of this meat grinder that comes in contact with the food are made of food-grade material which prevents pollution of ingredients.
  • The electric meat grinder features durable food-grade stainless steel blades and grinding plates, it also features sausage tubes and kubbe kit which are equally made of food-grade PP.
  • Backed with a 24-month warranty.
  • The machine comes with three Grinding Plates, two Cutting Blades, one Kubbe Kit, three Sausage Tubes, one food Pusher, a Food Tray, a User Manual.

The pros of the product

  • High-efficiency meat grinder with heavy-duty copper motor
  • healthy food professor machine with food-grade material
  • reliable meat mincer with lifetime support

The cons of the product

  • We could not see any improvement in the level of noise that this unit makes as with any other 1800W grinder would make. But this one appears faster than many others.
  • You have to allow the machine to cool after using it for 10 minutes

What are the aspects you should check when selecting a meat grinder

The motor standard: One of the most important parts of a meat grinder is the motor. This is what will determine how perfect your meat grinder can perform.

I have always advised readers to consider the power of the motor of any kitchen appliance they are about to purchase. It shouldn’t be less than 500 watts if it is to be used for heavy-duty.

Consider the Speed of the Grinder: You don’t want to waste your time grinding meat, so you need to be serious about considering the speed of your grinder.

One of the reasons why an electric meat grinder has to replace the manual grinders is that it saves people’s time and energy; especially these modern days’ people are always on a tight schedule.

The Durability of the Machine: The durability of your meat grinder is another important aspect of it that will enable you to enjoy it.

I am sure you don’t want something that will stress you or will not give your money value.

The Attachments can’t be taken for granted. The attachments of your meat grinder matter too. If at all you want to be creative with your kitchen appliances, ensure that they come with enough attachments.

The Manual is ideal. Most people don’t give much attention to the manuals that come with their meat grinder and a reason why they can’t manage it well.

If you are the type that ignores the manuals of machines, try and adjust and then do the needful.


These food grinders are carefully selected, and not only that, but they come with evidence of their good performance of which you can testify from the reviews of the verified buyers on amazon.

Get these products to your kitchen if you actually are interested in getting a good meat grinder.