Best Meat Grinder Under $100 (2021 Top Review)

Best meat grinder Under $100: Meat grinders are very essential in today’s world. It helps to get your grinding done, even faster than expected.

Back in the day, we had manual meat grinders which were very stressful to use and time-consuming. It was stressful in the sense that you will have to manually turn the crank handle.

As things began to advance, the electric meat grinders came and it made the whole job easier. Many of them were expensive and above $100, which made a lot of people not to be able to afford them.

Meat grinders can be used for a whole lot of other things aside from just using it to grind meat, it can be used to make sausages, to grind nuts, etc. Many of them are versatile and that is why people adopt meat grinders in their kitchen.

Not everyone has access to these meat grinders, that is why in this article we will be giving you the top meat grinders that are under $100. This will help those that need meat grinders in their homes or places of business but are not able to afford it.

Our Top Recommended meat grinders under $100

Take a look at the best meat grinders that are under $100 we will list them out now.

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Best Meat Grinder Under $100 – Detailed Review

1. Homdox Electric meat grinder


This is a meat grinder with an amazing design, it was designed to be very safe and easy to use. It is safe in the sense that the blades are enclosed. This will help prevent any form of injury.

This meat grinder has multiple functions, it has three different cutting plates that are capable of cutting meat into a fine, coarse and medium texture.

It can also be used for fish, pepper etc. The suction base is so powerful that it helps to keep the meat grinder firm.  This meat grinder is also very easy to operate, once you buy it, you will find everything easy.

It has the on and off switch and also the reverse switch which helps to unclog the meat grinder when it gets clogged. This meat grinder is also ETL certified, this helps you to gain trust in the product.

The customer service is also great, you have a thirty-day money-back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty.

This helps to gain the trust that if the meat grinder has a factory fault, it can be taken back for repairs or replacement.

The good thing about the warranty is that you do not have to pay for it when you take it back for repairs.


  • Great design
  • One-year warranty
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functions


  • The plastic part may be prone to breakage

Final Verdict

This meat grinder will serve its purpose, and you will definitely enjoy it when you are using it. The design, multi-function, and the warranty are one of the things that will attract people to buy this meat grinder.

If you are getting this meat grinder you will definitely not regret it. You will enjoy every bit of it.

2. BBday Electric meat grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $100


This meat grinder has a 2000 Watts power which makes it capable to grind meat so well. The noise reduction facility and the engine can grind up to three pounds of mincemeat per minute.

This meat grinder is a good one if you want to process pork, chicken, or even deer meat. It is also ETL certified, this should be able to give some level of trust to the buyers of this meat grinder.

The body of the meat grinder is anti-corrosion and has a durable quality. Meat grinders with anti-corrosion body help to keep it away from rust, rust can damage your meat grinder and reduce the life span.

In this meat grinder, you will get multiple accessories, you will get three grinding plates, one stainless-steel blade, one food pusher, and three sets of kibbe and sausage.

You will also find it very easy to operate this meat grinder when you buy it, especially when you are a first-timer.

With the on/off button and then the reverse button which helps to rotate the motor in the opposite direction in cases where you may experience clogging.

A one-year warranty is also provided for you the buyers, this helps if there is any factory problem, you do not have to spend extra money to fix or replace it.


  • ETL certified.
  • Noise reduction
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Not dishwasher safe

Final Verdict

Simply put, this meat grinder is value for money. The easy operation of this meat grinder makes it very enjoyable for users. When you want to wash it, you should not make use of a dishwasher, this is because it is not dishwasher safe.

You should rather make use of your hands to wash it, to prevent it from damage. The warranty is also a very good addition to this meat grinder. It will help to build trust with customers.

This meat grinder is a very good one, you definitely will not regret it.

3. Altra Multi-function meat grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $100


This meat grinder is a very fast and efficient one that is capable of grinding up to two pounds of meat per minute. This is because it can power up to 350 watts.

If you are the type that makes use of the meat grinder for a very long time, what you need to do is that you should turn it off and let it cool for 10 minutes.

This is one of the practices that will enable the meat grinder to last longer in your hands. You will also have multiple grinding plates that are capable of grinding meat into a coarse, medium, and fine texture, depending on the exact one that you need at that time.

Aside from grinding meat, you can use this meat grinding to grind other foods like garlic, ginger, etc. The on and off switch of the meat grinder makes it easy to use.

It also has a reverse button just like some other meat grinders, the purpose of this reverse button is that it helps you to unclog the meat grinder when it gets clogged.

How it works is that it rotates in the opposite direction. This meat grinder will not just grind meat for you, it will also add beauty to your kitchen or in any other place that you place it.

This is because of the stunning design it came with.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Professional powerful engine
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean


  • It heats up too fast

Final Verdict

This meat grinder will do a very great job for you if you get it. The ability to be able to get three different kind of textures, the fine, coarse and medium texture when you are done grinding is a very good one as well.

The stainless-steel body it comes with makes it very easy to clean, stainless-steel material also makes it free from corrosion. You will not have to suffer rusting on your meat grinder.

Rust is one of the things that damage and reduce the lifespan of meat grinders. Just like some other meat grinders, this one is not dishwasher safe, what this means is that you should not wash this meat grinder in the dishwasher, you should rather make use of your hands to wash t clean.

We mentioned it earlier that if you will be using this meat grinder for a long time what you need to do is you should turn it off and let it cool down for about ten minutes, when it is cool then you can go on with grinding. The purpose of this is to prevent overheating which can damage the meat grinder.

Whichever place you want to use this meat grinder, either in the home or in restaurants, it will serve you a whole lot and you will barely have any regrets while using it. It is value for money, you should consider getting it.

4. Sunmile 800 W Meat grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $100


This meat grinder is one of the best cheap grinders that you can get in the market. Despite how cheap it is, it performs very well.

The stainless-steel blades ensure that you have a very good product even after grinding. The grinding plates of the meat grinder can also be removed and washed with the hands.

This meat grinder will help you to achieve a lot of ground in such a short time. It also has a large tray that helps you to contain a large amount of meat for grinding.

The stainless-steel body of this meat grinder helps it to be resistant to corrosion, corrosion is one of the things that destroys meat grinders. The stainless-steel body also made it very easy to clean after using.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Single key switch for on/Off function
  • Full set of accessories
  • Grinds up to 150 pounds of meat in one hour
  • ETL certificated for safety use
  • Three stainless-steel cutting plates
  • Stainless-steel blades can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Durable
  • Very easy to use


  • Blades can get blunt easily

Final Verdict

This machine will grind different kinds of meat, including deer meat. The versatility of this meat grinder makes it the choice of the people.

The presence of the three different cutting blades helps you to have fine, coarse, and medium. This will help you have different choices in meat texture after grinding.

While you continuously make use of the meat grinder the blades could get blunt, what you need to do is that you should occasionally sharpen your meat grinder.

This will help you to have a perfect finished product after grinding. If the blade gets worn out after a very long time, you should consider replacing it so that you get the best experience while grinding.

5. Azra 3-in-1 Meat grinder

Best Meat Grinder Under $100


This meat grinder has a very good engine that powers up to 350 watts. This engine also has a noise reduction function. The noise reduction function is a very good one that will help you to be able to make use of this meat grinder any time of the day, especially at night.

When you use a quiet meat grinder at night, you will not be disturbing anybody. But this is not the same with meat grinders without the noise reduction function.

You will not be able to use it at night when everyone is asleep, you will end up waking up the kids and probably disturbing the neighbors.

It has a very simple on and off button as well as a reverse button, the button rotates in the opposite direction which helps to unclog.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Noise reduction function
  • ETL certified


  • May be heavy

Final verdict

One of the best features of this heavy-duty meat grinder is the noise reduction function. You will be able to use it at any time of the day. This meat grinder will serve you so well.

6. Nictemaw 9-in-1 Electric Food Meat Grinder


The Nictemaw 9-in-1 Electric Food Meat Grinder is indeed a versatile meat grinder with a reasonable cost below a hundred dollars.

It allows you to not only perform raw meat processing easily but also make salads. It comes with an interchangeable meat grinding & Sausage Stuffer kit.

The meat grinder also includes 3 Cutting plates with 3 different mesh diameters. These three different cutting plates can be used to achieve coarse, medium, and fine grinding for your meat to suit meat texture preference.

Again, the versatility of this meat grinder covers its ability to make burgers, meatballs, seasoning meat sauce, meatloaf, sausages, kubbe, pizza, etc.

Using the sausage stuffer tubes and the kubbe kit. Plus, a food pusher is added to protect your fingers from the feeder.

This is a safe meat grinder to use, especially if it is your first time using an electric meat grinder.

Apart from the fact that its material is food-grade, the blades grinding plates, sausage tubes, and kubbe kit are made of durable food-grade stainless steel as well.


  • Safe and easy to clean
  • 3 cutting plates to get both coarse, medium, and fine grinding texture
  • Truly versatile
  • Features sausage stuffer tubes and the kubbe kit


  • Not ideal for a large quantity of meat grinding. It will not accommodate much meat for grinding at once which may take time.


If you have always wanted to grind your own meat for things like big coarse ground beef chili, ham salad, etc.

This is a nice, affordable meat grinder that you can use to make your own sausage. The only thing you will have to deal with (which is normal for many cost-effective meat grinders out there) is that it is better suitable for a small quantity of meat grinding.

All in all, we recommend the Nictemaw 9-in-1 Electric Food Meat Grinder as an ideal meat grinder for home use to cater to that little meat grinding needs for cooking.

The cleaning process is easy, and you won’t be spending up to $100 to get this sitting on the shelf of your kitchen.

7. Twinzee Electric Meat Grinder


Powered with a 1500W motor, the Twinzee electric meat grinder will offer you efficiency and a heavy-duty approach to getting your meat ground to the texture that you want.

On the outside, you see that the meat grinder has a trapezoid shape that allows it to be stable without sacrificing the nice looks that a home meat grinder should have.

The Twinzee Electric Meat Grinder can become your favorite meat grinder, not because you are going to buy it for a price below $100, but because it offers durability and versatility.

Speaking of versatility, the beat machine comes with free attachments for the mixer you’ll love three Metalic meat plates (thin 3mm, medium 5mm, and wide 7mm), 3 sausage attachments (thin, medium, and large), and a pusher.

You can prevent food from getting stuck in the pipe by making use of the reverse functional button. The meat mincer’s large tray and pusher allow for chunks of meat to be minced.

Oh, the grinder also comes with a comprehensive recipe book which is actually free. The parts of the meat grinder are easy to disassemble and couple back for easy clean up after grinding.

This means it is going to be among those kitchen appliances that you maintain in a breeze.

Make sure that you do not leave them out to dry or put them in the dishwasher.. you risk damaging the unit by doing that.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe to use and clean
  • 1500W motor power
  • Great stability while in use
  • 30 days return guarantee

Final verdict

We like the Twinzee Electric Meat Grinder because it is offering more value than it actually cost. 1500W motor power to grind any meat, a number of attachments, and 3 metallic meat plates for fine, coarse, and medium textures, plus a trapezoid shape for stability while in use and otherwise.

What is not to like about the Twinzee Electric Meat Grinder?

8. OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder


This OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder is one of the best meat grinders you can find online that cost below $100 as we speak. In fact, there are a number of ‘high end’ meat grinders that this OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder can be equated with in terms of functionality and durability

The unit is super versatile too.

With this OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder, you already have a Meat Mincer, Sausage Stuffers, Kubbe Maker, Vegetable Slicer, and even Tomato Juicer.

With all these, one can be sacred of jamming or having meat stuck in the pipe, but thanks to the reverse function button among the other two OFF and ON button that allows the auger to rotate in an opposite direction such that the head gets empty of meat quickly.

With the OSTBA Electric Meat Grinder, no stress. All parts are easy to disassemble, a couple back, and maintain.

The only inconvenience is that the meat grinder can not be put in a dishwasher, not even some parts… allowing cleaning to be what it is.


  • Professional Powerful Engine&Fast Efficient Meat Grinding
  • 5 in 1 Multifunctional Food Grinder
  • Healthy and Nutritious Grinder Machine
  • Easy to Use and Clean


  • Not a part of this meat grinder is dishwasher safe

9. Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder


A fast and efficient meat grinder is time-saving and less stressful to use. You don’t have to spend much buying a fast and efficient meat grinder, and we can prove this to you by presenting the Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder.

With its  500/1000 watt, the ETL-rated grinder powers through the toughest slabs of meat for fresh, flavorful mince, sausage, and kibbeh.

Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder is also designed with three sharp blades, made of stainless steel, and very durable.

These three different blades allow you to achieve the different textures of the meats you are grinding – either fine, medium, and coarse cuts.

Designed with a durable food tray, the machine has three buttons that function as ON, OFF, and REVERSE.

The reverse ensures that you are able to easily get rid of meats that are stuck in the auger. In addition, all parts are easy to assemble and couple back for efficient and easy cleaning.

You also enjoy using the free accessories that come with this machine such as a food pusher to keep your fingers away from the hole, kibbeh attachment, and sausage horn.


  • Fast and efficient meat grinder
  • Three stainless steel durable cutting blades for various textures
  • Includes food tray
  • Comes with a food pusher, sausage horn, and kibbeh attachment
  • Affordable


  • Not for huge meat grinding task

Final Verdict

We like The Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder, and we think you like it too. It is an ideal meat grinder for light home use.

It is a perfect and affordable meat grinder you can have in your kitchen to grind meats to your desired texture. It also has no risk whatsoever.

This meat grinder is not a good choice if grinding hundreds of pounds of meat a year, or tens of pounds of meat at a time is what you want.

Such a task will require a powerful motor which the Gourmia GMG525 meat grinder is not designed with.

Conclusion – Best meat grinder under $100

The essence of writing this article is to enable you to buy great meat grinders under budget that will do the job. More people want to get meat grinders, but most times they do not have the funds to buy the expensive ones.

This article will help you to choose your best meat grinder under $100.