Can You Crush Biscuits With A Stick Blender

There are ways by which biscuits have been crushed in the past, like, wrapping the biscuit in a plastic bag and crushing it with your hand, or with a rolling pin. This process might have been useful in the past but it wasn’t the best way. Here enter blenders in crushing biscuits. So, yes, a … Read more

Is Pork Sausage and Ground Pork the Same?

Although both are from pork, pork sausage and ground pork are not the same. Pork sausage is the seasoned and flavored version of ground pork while Ground pork is simply ground pork meat. Ground pork is also known as minced meat, a variety of different parts of a pig ground together. Pork Sausage is a … Read more

Can you make Hummus in a Blender?

Yes! Absolutely, you can! Your Hummus will definitely come out better in your blender than making in a food processor. Blender makes your hummus creamier delivering your top-notch hummus fast and smoother. As technology takes its full course, hummus is often made in a food processor. What then happens if you have neither of these … Read more

Can You Grind Frozen Meat and Refreeze?

Can you really grind frozen meat and refreeze it? If your priority is your meat preservation, since you don’t want to consume your meat immediately, and you aren’t concerned about the quality, taste, texture, and safety of your meat, then surely, you can go ahead and refreeze your ground frozen meat. Otherwise, No. Do not … Read more

Can You Grind Frozen Deer Meat?

Freezing deer meat helps preserve it for an approximate duration of 6 – 9 months while maintaining its best quality. Freezing helps to prevent the meat from oxygen which can cause bacteria growth. But, can one grind this frozen deer meat? Let’s get to it. Can You Grind Frozen Deer Meat? Yes, frozen deer meat … Read more

Can You Eat Cooked Gammon the Next Day

In old English, when a dish is made from the hind leg of pork, sometimes topped with jelly or pineapple, it is called gammon or ham. Can You Eat Cooked Gammon the Next Day? Yes, you can eat cooked gammon the next day depending on how quickly you preserve it and what method of preservation … Read more

What HP Meat Grinder Do I Need?

What HP Meat Grinder Do I Need?

Before we take a dive into the “meat” (pun intended) of the article, let me quickly get you up to speed with the HP of meat grinder you need to use. In this case, buying your meat grinder will largely be dependent on the volume of meat that you intend to grind. So, let’s get … Read more

Does Grinding Weed Make it Less Potent?

Does Grinding Weed Make it Less Potent

As much as we love to shred our weed to usable buds, is it an act that’s detrimental to the essence of our weed? Does Grinding Weed Make it Less Potent? NO! In fact, your ground weed due to its larger surface area will be consistent when burning and the surrounding oxygen will help you … Read more

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