Does Grinding Weed Make it Less Potent?

As much as we love to shred our weed to usable buds, is it an act that’s detrimental to the essence of our weed?

Does Grinding Weed Make it Less Potent? NO! In fact, your ground weed due to its larger surface area will be consistent when burning and the surrounding oxygen will help you puff better, giving you a heavier hit. One “joint” of well-ground weed has more potency and will get you high faster than one “joint” of sturdy, bulky weed.

There have been testimonies of folks getting high only from grinding weed while inhaling the smell of the wonderful release of its oils and essentials.

Facts to support increased potency when you grind your weed

There arent many noteworthy facts to support such a hypothesis. But I shall provide seasoned facts that show that grinding weed doesn’t necessarily make it less potent.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) isn’t a wimp

Most people assume that the mind-altering ingredients present in the weed can be easily exhausted just by grinding.

That’s not the case because studies have shown that the THC ingredient can maintain average level quality even in weed left out to extreme exposure least grinding.

Even after intake THC can be detected in the bloodstream for up to 3-4 months, so grinding your weed can’t be the end of the world.

Grinding brings out the best in your weed

Aside from the THC, other essential ingredients make up your weed like cannabidiol (CBD).

The CBD when extracted from weed via grinding in an oil or gel form is known to perform various functions like;

  1. Pain relief from muscle spasms and difficulty in walking.
  2. Treatment for mental disorder

Gets you to contact high

The term contact high refers to the process where sober people can get intoxicated just by being around those under the influence of a particular drug.

Most non-users of weed still enjoy the secondary upliftment it provides them just by being around someone who’s grounding weed.

With the limitless outpour of essential aromas into the surrounding atmosphere, while grinding weed, a non-user can also partake in the experience albeit not directly.

Why do people grind weed?

Does Grinding Weed Make it Less Potent

Weed grinding has become one of the several norms of the present system of the society that most people just seem to engage in without eagerness to understand how it came to be.

Weed grinding is a process that’s as old as when man discovered weed for medical or recreational purposes.

We, therefore, look at the various reasons why weed grinding has become an important aspect that comes before its usage.

The following point below provides a vivid picture of different reasons why people make use of weed grinders or other means to grind their weed;

Weed on the go

Most people just do not have the time to sit back and engage in various religious and time-consuming activities that might come preparing their weed for either smoking or vaping.

Most users want to have their weed in the bathroom; at work, in the boring family Christmas dinner, or before the kids get back from school.

What better way to get this done than grinding weed by any convenient format to produce your preferred fine and consistent weed buds placed in proper containers ready for use anytime. What a relief!


These days everything just seems to require electricity to function, even down to simple everyday tasks of washing dishes. I guess it’s safe to say those manual weed grinding has become a pioneer of an energy-saving society.

They could hence save our lives, SMIRK!


People have always subjected their choices and their preferences even when it boils down to how they like their weed. Different means of grinding weed ranging from the use of mortars, hands, electronic or manual weed grinders or just mashing it with a log of wood while in a plastic bag produce different forms of the end product.

So to achieve a required and preferred form of the final product for vaping or smoking, people tend to stick to one form of grinding their weed.

Different folks for different folks, right?

Is there anyway else?: Yeah!, that’s a question you and I would likely have at the back of our minds in the course of this article.

If I didn’t grind my weed, how else can I make use of it, it’s not like I can place it on the ceiling as mistletoes. I can’t even use it for decoration purposes either, even if it’s a flower like no other.

So the best and renowned way of getting one’s weed to use is by grinding, I mean even our ancestors can attest to the grinding herbs to release its essential oils for various needs.

It’s a fun and bonding experience

Time spent grinding and preparing weed with friends, family members or just your lover who are users of the great flower has proven to provide a bonding experience.

It’s more like your average family dinner or dates but in this case; experiences and emotions are shared without fear or favor.

It’s an avenue where everyone is relaxed while grinding is done and additions of various flavors are made to the weed. A family that grinds together, stays together.

Grinding exposes the essence

It’s no secret that to get gold one must dig deep, that theory applies for weed also but in this case, one must ‘GRIND’.

Grinding is a process that’s not news to the herb world, from medicinal herbs used by our parents to cure our aching tummies grinding weed to expose its essential oils that provide an aromatic-full experience for the user.

In What Situations do you Grind Weed?

Does Grinding Weed Make it Less Potent

There is no timestamp to where and when one should grind their weed. But I won’t advise you to grind weed on your office desk, else you’ll have to henceforth beg for money to buy another bag of your favorite weed.

When you are bored

Grinding weed more like reading books, playing mobile games, or watching movies can become a leisure activity if you will. Most people get out their weed bags and their grinding accessories to work when they feel the need to be occupied.

Try turning up that rock song while grinding and mixing or researching various means through which you can make your weed more exciting and then watch Mr. Bore jump out the window. Just occupy till we come!

Supplier advice

Most people turn to their suppliers when they have issues or questions that relate to their weed. Why not? Those guys are the presumed experts.

Most advise that by grinding into small pieces, you have better access to those tasty essential oils. Grind just before vaping and you have a good chance of getting most of them into the weed. So therefore if your supplier asks you to grind, you grind.

Do not ground in public

Since most people aren’t comfortable with the smell of weed around them, even some are allergic to it. Don’t even think of grinding weed at the office.

It is advisable to do the grinding in your home, with friends, or at a party where everyone is comfortable with its presence.

Don’t spoil the party

Of course, you don’t want to grind weed while at the party, it could be a party spoiler. You want to go prepared with an already ground weed ready to be smeared in the paper of vaporizer.

Whatever you do, please grinding your weed should be done pre-party since you don’t want to bore your guest. That’s how to be the life of the party.

Pros of grinding weed

What then are the pros or merits of grinding weed:

Not your style: We go over to friends and get offered a bag of ground weed to explore.

“What? “

Some people just like to enjoy large chunks of weed in their paper but over here we prefer to grind till it’s fine and its aromas pour out of its every bud. For this lot of us the smaller or tinier the buds, the better.

It looks like weed, feels like weed but is it weed? The best option to overcome this dilemma is grinding. This is because since dried weed might not have its aromas to the extreme level, moist suppliers use this opportunity to earn a few bucks.

They could sell us dried pumpkin leaves for all we know.

So since grinding exposes the pores of the weed which in turn gives out a strong smell of certainty and assuredness. Grinding becomes easier to ascertain fake from the real stuff.

Avoid greed and wastefulness

Those two points go hand in hand since greed and exaggerated need or use leads to the wastefulness of both your weed and money. You don’t want to put out too much weed than you can smoke or vaporize.

Grinding weed helps you know how much weed is alright to get you there! Putting into huge chunks of weed and smearing it over your paper can lead to overdose and thereby you won’t need the weed to take you there but we’ll have to call the ambulance to take you there.

So grinding your weed saves your mind (health), your money, and helps your weed last long. The last thing we need is knocking down the supplier’s door every week.

Safety in Grinding

During grinding, the user is allowed to remove or pick out unwanted particles or harmful substances that most have clogged to your weed during the curing and drying process post-harvest.

These include insects of sharp objects from either your pockets or your careless supplier. You don’t want to smoke roaches, do ya?

So it is safe to say that grinding weed is also a hygienic process that can not only bring out the best in your weed, it can also save your life.

Grinding saves time

Another benefit of grinding your weed is that it makes it faster to use other than having to pick and dump a chunk of it into the paper. Grinding helps to dissipate sticky weed buds and releases them into fine pieces of a smokable joint.

It reduces burn rate

Grinding your weed helps the joint burn slower since it’s packed up to the brim with plenty of tiny pieces of buds. The slower the burn the longer your joint lives on.

The fact that grinding your weed heightens its potency cannot be overstated. Grinding helps bring out the essential qualities of your weed to its full functionality. It heightens the experience.

The Cons of grinding weed

Whenever there are pros sadly there must be cons. We would look at some of the cons of grinding weed.

THC disruption

The presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol in your weed can easily get disrupted by grinding. Albeit minimal there is a drop in the level trichomes in your weed. Most times it drops to a noticeable level that highness isn’t achieved to the optimum.


Grinding your weed into bits and pieces can cause some users to overrate its quantity thereby taking in less weed than required to acquire highness.

This can sometimes be a bore since some stoners can fill long large joints with ground weed for an even poorer experience. It can be a show killer.

It can be time-consuming

Imagine waiting for a friend who likes to grind his/her weed to fine bits before a smoke, that situation can be equivalent to waiting for the London bus to arrive. Who cares for fine bits, we just want to snake some weed!


This article is for those of us who worry about the physical and chemical state of our weed in relation to grinding it. The naysayers amongst who will deter us from enjoying the best that our weed.

The article backed up with scientific and seasoned opinions opens up facts of how much endurance and physical exhaustion our weed can keep with.

The article is based on research work that shows that cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to provide that synergetic feeling to your body found in your weed won’t go AWOL due to grinding.

Do not feel hesitation; grinding up that weed opens its potentials to the max and thereby making your experience a GRINDING one.

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