Can You Crush Biscuits With A Stick Blender

There are ways by which biscuits have been crushed in the past, like, wrapping the biscuit in a plastic bag and crushing it with your hand, or with a rolling pin.

This process might have been useful in the past but it wasn’t the best way. Here enter blenders in crushing biscuits.

So, yes, a stick blender or hand blender is a very useful tool for crushing biscuits. Unlike using your hand or a rolling pin, which might not make the biscuit turn out well crushed and smooth, the stick blender is easier to hold and control.

You can control how much you want to crush your biscuit, whether to a fine smooth powder or into little cubes.

Can You Crush Biscuits With A Stick Blender

Stick blenders can easily crush biscuits because unlike other blenders that you have to put the biscuit inside and then leave the blender to work on its own, stick blenders are more versatile and controllable. You can easily crush biscuits to your preference.

It also has a comfortable grip that will not make your hand get tired while crushing.

Biscuits are typically hard and flat-shaped baked food products. They can also be soft depending on what type you’re baking and what country you’re from.

Biscuits can come in different sizes and shapes. It can also have different flavors of cream or chocolate sandwiched between two biscuits, depending on the individual’s preference.

It is commonly eaten as snacks, some people also eat a biscuit with tea, which is made mostly with flour, baking powder, butter, and milk.

Biscuits are sometimes called cookies or scones.

Blenders are one of the most essential home appliances. They make cooking in the home easy and faster.

It is highly useful in the kitchen, it saves time and helps with the things that will be really hard to do with your hands.

Like grinding pepper, instead of going through so much stress to grind your pepper with your hands and a kitchen knife, you can just use your blender.

Instead of using your hands to blend and mix your fruits, you can just make use of a blender.

Blenders are useful for mixing, grinding, blending, and crushing any substance (especially food).

How do you crush biscuits with a stick blender?

Can You Crush Biscuits With A Stick Blender

There are tons of biscuit and cookie recipes you can make with broken and crushed biscuits.

I have made fine caramel biscuit cake, digestive crumble, cheesecake, and lime pie with crushed biscuits.

I will like to take you through my crushing process.

One of the most important tools to use for crushing biscuits is a stick blender, the other methods of crushing biscuits might not be very advantageous which is why I recommend using a stick blender; you will prevent biscuit crumbs from flying around your kitchen and also prevent worrying about how to pack your crumbs together after grinding.

Let me show you how to use a stick blender to crush your biscuits.

The stick, hand, or immersion blender is a usually straight appliance in the shape of a pointed stick, it is held at the top when used and pointed into the bowl containing the biscuit you want to crush.

  • Usually, before I crush my biscuits, I break them with my hand into smaller pieces into the bowl I intend to grind them into, then I put the stick blender inside and I switch it on.

The stick blender has a whirling blade underneath that grinds and crushes whatever comes its way, so you have to be careful not to put your hand, finger, or any substance apart from what you intend to grind when it is switched on.

  • After preparing my broken biscuit in the bowl, I put the stick blender inside the bowl and allow it to grind.
  • You can switch it off occasionally while grinding to adjust the biscuit in the bowl with a spoon. This helps you to position the crushed biscuit properly.
  • Then you resume crushing.
  • Move the stick blender around while crushing, so it would crush every biscuit in the bowl. Don’t stop crushing until the biscuit is crushed to your satisfaction.
  • You should also use a bigger and deep bowl while crushing in order to avoid the biscuits from pouring out or splashing about while crushing.

It is quite fun and easy compared to other forms of crushing.

It is also a really fast method. When you start to crush your biscuits, in no time, they’d begin to form a powdery texture.

It is now left to you to continue to grind or stop grinding, depending on how you want your biscuit crushed or depending on what snack you’re preparing.

Using Stick blender is also a good way to work fast and neat.

You don’t have to do a lot of cleaning, unlike other blenders that need careful cleaning of the blade, then the bowl and cover, and so on.

All you need to do with a stick blender is wash the bowl you used and the blender.

And you’re done.

You can now take your crushed biscuit and use it for whatever snack or dessert you’d like to prepare.

Blenders great for crushing biscuits

While preparing to crush your biscuits, I’d like to recommend to you highly effective blenders that will help you crush your biscuits effortlessly and easily.

Vitamix Immersion Blender

Vitamix Immersion Blender is a fast working hand blender that makes crushing easy and fast.

It has a 5 times speed settings that allow you to crush faster depending on the speed you put it.

The part I like most is the ergonomic handle design. It gives your hand a comfortable grip that helps you concentrate on crushing rather than feeling discomfort when grinding for a long time.

It will not also scratch your bowl while crushing because it has a scratch resistance guard around its blades.

Li Bai Immersion Blender

Li Bai commercial immersion blender is a multi-function long hand blender. It is long enough to reach into deep and tall bowls and still comfortable to hold while being used.

It has a soft rubbery feeling when held and it does not make noise when used.

It is perfect for crushing and grinding with a one-press speed control button that allows you to decide how fast and smooth you want to grind your biscuit.

Another amazing thing about this product is that it is detachable; which makes it easy to clean.

You can easily detach the parts and clean them, but be careful not to put the electric cord in water.

Bamix Hand Blender

Can You Crush Biscuits With A Stick Blender

Bamix mono immersion hand blender is an efficient and controllable blender that allows you to blend, mix and crush any food substance.

When it comes to crushing biscuits, it has 3 interchangeable blades that move swiftly and at a controllable speed to get your biscuits crushed and smooth.

It has a comfortable ergonomic-shaped handle that allows you to hold and control the blender as much as you want to.

NJTFHU Immersion Blender

Can You Crush Biscuits With A Stick Blender

NJTFHU 20 Inch Commercial Immersion Blender is a detachable blender that can be used in deeper bowls and pots. It is made of stainless steel that mixes and crushes at a fast pace when used.

It can be controlled by a single click of a button, which makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold. Crushing biscuits might be sometimes hard depending on the kind of biscuit, but you don’t need to worry about that with this blender, it has sharp blades that can crush any texture of the biscuit.

How to crush biscuits without a stick blender

What if you don’t have a stick blender and you really need to crush your biscuits immediately or what if you’re tired of using only one method and you need to know other methods of crushing your biscuits.

If you prefer not to use a stick blender, there are other methods you can use to crush your biscuits:

Use a masher

To crush your biscuits easily, especially if you want to make some other snacks or dessert with it immediately like a biscuit base, you can put your biscuits in the pot and then use a masher to crush them by grinding them the biscuits into the pot.

When it is done, pour your milk into the pot directly (if you’re making a biscuit base). This makes your work faster.

Use a rolling pin

You can also put biscuits into a plastic bag, the grind with a rolling pin. You should use a thicker plastic bag so as not to damage the plastic bag easily.

This can sometimes make a lot of noise and can also destroy plastic bags and send biscuit crumbs splashing and flying all around the kitchen. All you need to do is roll over the biscuits with the rolling pin and crush them.

Some people also substitute a rolling pin for a wine bottle or a pestle.

You can use your hand

I have also tried wrapping biscuits in a plastic bag and using my hand to grind it on the counter till it is well crushed. Though most times biscuits are not usually smoothly crushed but broken into tiny pieces.

Use a food processor

You can also use a food processor; pour your biscuits (you can break them into it if you like) into the food processor, then allow the food processor to crush the biscuits.

Cast-iron pans

I’ve also heard of people who use a cast-iron pan; which mostly only flattens and breaks the biscuits but doesn’t crush it.

Mortar and Pestle

Using a mortar and pestle is also another method. Put your biscuits in large quantities inside your mortar and crush them to pieces with your pestle.


You can also grind biscuits in a mixer and pour out content for use.

Can You Crush Biscuits With A Stick Blender

There are several other easy methods to use when crushing biscuits. Some might be harder than others and some might not produce the desired results, but you get to choose which method you prefer or which one works best for you.

You can also use blenders (not stick blenders) for crushing biscuits; blenders usually grind to a powder and might not give you your desired result but you can control how crushed the biscuit gets.

Pour biscuits (broken or not) into the blender, turn on the blender then allow it to crush the biscuits. When they are done, pour the biscuit out into a bowl.

Clean the blender.


Crushing biscuits is one of the most interesting methods of cooking. There are so many methods to choose from and so many meals to prepare with biscuit crumbs.

It can be used for cheesecake’s base, walnut raisin, tarts, chocolate modak, chocolate cake, lemon cheese pie, biscuit crumble ice cream, rhubarb biscuit crumble, apple crumbles cookies, velvet crumble cake, coconut cookie crumble, fried chicken biscuits, and many others.

Most times the method you use in grinding your biscuits can determine what kind of meal you plan to prepare.

Using a stick, hand or immersion blender has proven time and time again to be very effective.

Some people even go as far as running their car over a plastic bag filled with biscuits in order to crush it easily. I hope you won’t do that.

Instead, use a stick blender with a comfortable grip and a controllable speed level that will enable you comfortably crush the biscuits to your preference and prepare satisfactory meals.

Stick blenders are also a good appliance to use with deep bowls and pots.

You can use them in crushing biscuits, grinding and mixing fruits, mixing soup, whisking eggs, preparing smoothies, and making all forms of meals in an easy and quick manner.

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