Best Preethi Mixer Grinder in USA (2021 Picks)

Best Preethi Mixer Grinder in USA: From the word mixer, it means a machine for mixing things especially an electrical machine that is used for mixing food. If you look into the two words mixer-grinder, these simply mean a grinder machine that can also mix.

Preethi mixer grinder is a specific type of brand of mixer grinder. I am to review the various best models in the United States of America.

To do justice to this query, there is a need for you to learn those things you need to know before purchasing mixer grinders.

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Five Things You Should Know before Purchasing Mixer Grinder

No matter your location on this earth, there are five things you must know before purchasing mixer grinder. Here are those factors:

The Motor

The motor of a mixer grinder is the first thing you should consider before purchasing it; the power of the motor of a mixer grinder will determine how fast and accurate it will work.

For instance, 500watt and 750watts motor are ideal for a good mixer grinder. For a large family, I expect you to get a mixer grinder with a 750-watt motor.

Overload Protection Function

Ensure the mixer grinder features overload protection function so that when you overload the jar with food items such as vegetables or other spices, will not get the motor burnt.

Many customers complain of similar machines such as food processor getting burnt, but that’s the result of overcrowding the jar with food items. Your mixer should be protected with this kind of feature.

Number of Jars

The number of jars a mixer grinder comes with is 3.

Ensure that the jars are complete before giving out your money to buy.

The Number of Blades

Two or three blades are ideal for a good mixer grinder. The blade should be the type that doesn’t rust precisely; the one made of stainless steel will be perfect.


This is the revolution per minute of the grinder blade. When you can more RPM, it means you can grind faster.

So, ensure the RPM of a mixer grinder is speedy enough to get your job done quickly and easily.

Once you get these five factors right in a mixer grinder, you are good to go.

Try and get the products and enjoy your mixing and grinding.

Quick Recommendations

Here are the two selected quick recommendations for you:

Name of ProductWhere to Get it
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer GrinderCheck on Amazon
Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 Mixer GrinderCheck on Amazon

A detailed review of the best Preethi mixer in USA

I am going to review each of them one after the other so that you can easily determine which one to go for.

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

Recommending this product is one of the best decisions taken this year. The product is very efficient for its job and will deliver a great result after mixing and grinding.

It is a robust machine that guarantees you of powerful performance.

  • The very machine has a powerful motor that promises great operations that will deliver your job diligently. Go for it and forget about premature mixing and grinding.
  • The product comes with a master chef and Jar that can process food like monsters. It makes Atta kneading in one minute, can chop food items with just 2 pulses, grates and slices in seconds can mince meats in minutes and citrus presses.
  • It is made of non-slip feet. The product is made of 3 in 1 insta fresh fruit juicer jar, centrifugal juicing for instant juice, super extraction for coconut and tamarind extraction and blending.
  • The mixer grinder is a powerful and efficient machine with 750w vega W5 motor that can grind turmeric flawlessly in 2 minutes.
  • It is made of 3-speed controls, 230V and 50Hz AC.
  • The material body is ABC; flex cord, PVC insulated 3 core, flex cord with plug top and earthing.
  • The 5 years motor warranty reached the factor you must consider before buying such a heavy-duty machine.
  • It is endowed with 2-year safety indicator should in case there is overload the colour and indicator light will change from Blue to Red. When such a thing happens, it means the motor has tripped and the user needs to reset the overload protector which is located at the bottom of the item.
  • You have no problem when it comes to installation. If you are willing to enjoy a post-purchase feature, contact the manufacturer’s customer care number under the product’s features.
  • You may encounter motor varnish getting heated when using this product for the first time. What it means is that there could be a burning smell when you run the mixer grinder for the first time. It is normal, so don’t panic. However, this experience shouldn’t repeat otherwise contact the brand service Centre.
  • The noise you will hear when using this mixer grinder is not for faulty sake but due to the fact that you are running it on a powerful motor. The power operating level is 80 Db. The most acceptable noise level is between 80 and 90 similar to the human voice as a reference which is between 50 to 60 DB. The voice level shouldn’t be higher.


  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It is made of a stainless steel body that will make it last long
  • It can quickly mix and grind your food item in a short time


It is noisy due to the power of the motor

Final Verdict

This product is a heavy-duty product with a powerful motor that can deliver your result as you want. It is a very special machine and getting it will be a very good decision.

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 Mixer Grinder


What are you still waiting for when you have come across this powerful machine? Are you still hesitating to purchase this extraordinary machine due to the very significant reviews some users gave it? Consider those high recommendations and forget about what the minority says.

  • The mixer grinder will last longer and there is no doubt due to the fact that the product is hefty and well made with stainless steel jars with flow breakers for fine grinding.
  • For convenience, and smooth trouble-free operation, the machine is made of neoprene and Delrin couplers. It is of a high grade.
  • It also comes with transparent polycarbonate domes and lids.
  • This product is, made if sturdy ergonomically designed handle.
  • It comes with clear transparent polycarbonate domes and lids
  • It has sturdy and ergonomically designed handles to suit your need
  • It is promoted with lifelong free service. The Jar contains Main Jar 1.7 L, middle Jar 1.2 L, super extractor 1.5 L, and grind store 0.4 L.
  • It is also made of sealed oil-filled sintered bronze bushes that make the bush life extended.
  • It is made of heat-sensitive cutoff for protection against voltage fluctuation and overload.
  • It is constructed completely with shockproof ABS body.
  • It is a PVC insulated machine having 3 core, flex cord with 6 amps plug-top and earthing.
  • The warranty period placed on the product is 2 years from the time of purchase.
  • The machine is high power system with 750 watts while the operating voltage is 230 volts.
  • It makes some loud noise due to the power of the motor.
  • You may experience some burning smell at first use due to the motor varnish getting heated; don’t panic, it is normal until it persists more than one time.


It is easy to use and clean

It is fast and convenient for grinding


It is noisy due to the power of the motor

Final verdict

The mixer grinder is quite strong and can do a lot of heavy-duty because that’s exactly what it is made to do. It is one of the best mixer grinders in town, if you get it, will be a great decision.  Many customers have been so excited with the usage. You can in fact, use this machine in the restaurant, hotels and for large family or party food.

Preethi Steel Supreme

This is another great machine that can grind and mix your food items with ease. It is an effort enhanced machine – meaning, it helps to retain your energy, so you don’t need to mix and grind manually.

It is a machine or mixer grinder with great efficiency, durable, strong and capable of its job.

No matter how tough the ingredients could be, this mixer grinder is a superstar when it comes to grinding it like a soft vegetable.

  • Over the years, it has won an outstanding grinding performance. It is worth it if you really want to smile.
  • It can help grind the toughest of ingredient in minutes and you will enjoy it comfortably.
  • It is made of machine ground and well-polished blades for speedy grinding.
  • It is a turbo vent technology mixer grinder
  • It comes with an advanced ventilation system that keeps the mixer body cool and thereby prevents any ingredient from being heated and then helps retain good food taste.
  • The system is designed to work so that the motor life will be increased.
  • The body is coated to resist finger marks
  • The steel body of the mixer grinder makes cleaning easy and maintains the new appearance all the time.
  • It is a super extractor machine
  • It can completely extract juices, coconut milk, tamarind, essence and many more.
  • It is made of sturdy handles for convenience sake
  • It is also made of ergonomically designed stylish handles using chrome plating
  • It is made of the heat-sensitive cutoff for protecting it against voltage fluctuation and overload.
  • It comes with LED indicator
  • The high-grade nylon couplers that come with it are for smooth trouble-free usage
  • The power is 750 watts, while the operating voltage is 230 volts
  • It includes mixer grinder, 1.5 L Jar, 1 L Jar, 1.5 L super extractor Jar, 0.5 L chutney Jar, whipper blade and stirrer.
  • It has 2 years warranty policy should in case you are not satisfied with the usage.
  • It makes noise while working because it uses a high power motor that should be expected.
  • You may experience a burning smell for the first time of use, it is the motor varnish that is getting heated, don’t worry about unless it persists.


  • It is strong and sturdy and therefore mixes and grinds a large number of food items.
  • It is easy to clean and can last long due to the stainless steel body and internal construction.


Noisy due to the powerful motor

Final Verdict

This is another good Preethi model you should have already in your kitchen. If you are in haste and want quick food, kindly get this powerful machine to get your work done within some seconds. It is a good mixer grinder that makes sense to your desire.

Preethi Popular MG

The is the white model of Preethi mixer grinder with 750 watts power. You surely need it for commercial or domestic purpose. It is a grand grinder that will do justice to your ingredients in no time. The grinder is designed to last.

  • The body is totally made of stainless steel and Jars with flow breaks for fine grinding
  • It comes with high-grade nylon couplers for smooth trouble-free performance
  • It consists of clear transparent polycarbonate dome and lid
  • It is designed for long life service
  • It is made of completely shock resistance body
  • It has PVC insulated 3 core, flexicord with amps, plug top and earthing
  • It is made of oiled filled sintered bronze for extended bush life
  • The power id 750 watts, while the operating voltage is 230 volts
  • It includes 1 mixer grinder, 11.7 L big Jar, 11.0 L medium Jar, and 10. 4 chutney Jar
  • The warranty is for 2 years.
  • It makes noise due to the fact that it operates with a powerful motor.

Final Verdict

It is an easy to use machine that can give you all the performance aspired. You will enjoy the usage without any problem because it is designed with a powerful motor to grind your ingredients conveniently.

Why You Should Choose the Preethi Mixer Grinder?

Preethi mixer grinders have good reputations all over the world, and therefore are reliable machines you can confidently invest your money into. The reputations of good performance have been there for decades, and therefore, a reliable brand to enjoy.

Low Energy Consumption

You should choose Preethi mixer grinder because the brand designs some of the best functional mixer grinders with low energy consumption. The manufacturers have been working day and night to ensure less power consuming models are released for the users’ convenience.

Motor Strength

The strength of Preethi motor is powerful and ranges from 750W to over 1300W, the smallest I know so far is 500W—Preethi’s mixers and grinders are one of the most powerful ones in the market.

Overload Protection

Overload protection is another reason you should choose Preethi grinders, they are protected in case there is a sudden voltage fluctuation. Go for safety and the Preethi products are assuring you of that.

Anti-slip Feet

The entire models so far have anti-skid vacuum feet, this feature enables the mixer and grinders to remain firm on the ground no matter the speed of the motor. You can grind various food items conveniently using Preethi grinders.

Beautiful Design

The Preethi grinders come with beautiful designs that you will be glad about. Especially, if you are a person that loves beautiful things, Preethi designs will quench that taste. The exterior is elegantly designed and comes with various shades you can select for your choice.


The cost of Preethi mixer grinders speaks of their qualities. They are costly, they work with great power and will always move your business or home feed in the speed of light.


Maintaining every item is an ideal practice so that it will last long for you. I have come with some tips on how to maintain your mixer grinder after purchase.

How to maintain your grinder

Clean It Thoroughly after Every Use

It is very important to clean your mixer thoroughly after usage. This is not only good hygiene but also adds to the longevity of the machine. Leaving your mixer unclean is a sign of poor maintenance and therefore will soon be faulty.

You should get a wet wiper with a mild cleaning dishwasher gel and gently rub the mixer grinder machine. Once this is done, take a clean wet wipe to remove the soap solution that might have gained access to the machine.

Make Sure That Your Jars Perfectly Fits into the Blades

You must pay attention to whether the jar is fitted on the machine before switching it on. If you fail to observe this simple procedure, may damage your newly bought machine Jar blades and as such can adversely affect the performance of your machine.

Follow a Weekly Routine to Clean the Jars and the Machine

Following a weekly routine of cleaning your machine will help you find more debris that may accumulate in the system. You need to get rid of this dirt to ensure the good performance of your machine. In order to clean your mixer, get a solution of dishwasher gel and water, or sometimes, you can use a cleanser like lime to get the job done for you. Baking soda and others can also keep your machine neat and new.

Ensure the Ingredients Are Not Too Much

The ingredients used in grinding should be at room temperature. If you pour extremely hot ingredients in the jar; it will damage the jar.

Use only recommended accessories

For best performance, follow strictly the accessorial recommendations of the manufacturers. They made the product, and therefore know it better than any other person. Listen to their direction of usage before any other suggestions.

Assign a Proper Place in the Kitchen for Using the Machine

A spacious place in your kitchen should be created for the machine so that you can do proper mixing and grinding.

Final words on the Best Preethi Mixer Grinder in USA

Preethi Mixer grinders are one of the best in town. With good reputations over decades, many faces smile after using the products. I have recommended these products because they are the best you can ever come across except the coming up models from the same brand.