What Size Mortar and Pestle Should I Buy

There have been various considerations regarding the type and size of mortar and pestle one can buy and this post is to help you make the right buying decision regarding size.

Are you the type of person who is fond of making the mistake of buying things too small or too big? Is such a habit affecting your decision in picking the perfect size for mortar and pestle? This post has all the information you need on buying the perfect size of mortar and pestle for you.

People usually ask which type of mortar and pestle is the best, and this type of question is usually centered around the size of mortar and pestle to choose. Well, truth be told, it is not that simple to tell you the size of mortar and pestle to choose as it depends on your preference, the advantage, and disadvantages of the size.

But in this post, we will shed more light on mortar and pestle sizes and how they affect effectiveness in grinding with a mortar and pestle so that you will make the perfect choice for you.

We can argue that not all things that a mortar and pestle can do are a piece of cake when using food processors or blenders. don’t get it wrong, you may be saving time and energy using digital kitchen appliances but when it comes to achieving the perfect homemade curry paste, and developing seriousness in making real pesto, mortar and pestle is the natural way to go to get a significantly better result.

Needless to say, not all mortar and pestle are created in the same size, texture, and material. In the same way, not all size of mortar and pestle is ideal for some specific mortar purpose.

What size mortar and pestle should I choose?

The good range for mortar and pestle size that we recommend for an all-purpose function is 6 to 10 inches. This is because mortar and pestle with sizes ranging from 6 to 8 inches are not too small to accommodate enough food items to grind, and not too big that you won’t be able to handle easily.

When buying mortar and pestle, don’t be distracted by the size of the product that you won’t pay attention to the texture of the mortar and pestle.

Another thing you want to consider when choosing the size of mortar and pestle to buy is how narrow and deep it is. For us, we think this is the most important thing when considering size because mortars that are wide and shallow will not give you convenience and you may end up spilling all the contents on your kitchen shelves.

It is the hard truth that you may regret buying a small mortar especially if you are not a seasoned mortar and pestle user because you will hate the way all ingredients even down to seeds garlic will spill as you smash them.

Above all, you want to get the perfect size that works best for what you intend to use the mortar and pestle for. And for the pestle, never choose one that is too heavy to handle. An ideal pestle size is one that is not too long but provides extra support for the size of the mortar you are working with when smashing ingredients.

What determines the size of the mortar and pestle that you should buy? 

We are probably going to dwell on this section more than any other section in this post because once you have an idea of the things that determine the size of mortar and pestle that you should buy, you will have no reason to read nine hundred and ninety-nine steps to choose the perfect size of mortar.

So as you know, there are various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors of mortar and pestle. To find a good large one may not be all that easy. (not too large though, well, depends on the purpose of buying the mortar and pestle)

Firstly, let’s face choosing a small mortar and pestle. What are the pros and cons of having and using a small mortar and pestle in the kitchen and how do they determine our final choice when buying? Well, the truth, to begin with, is that small mortar and pestle have fewer used in the kitchen because they are less versatile. But this does not mean they are no essential tool.

If you are getting a mortar and pestle for the sole purpose of grinding whole spice into a fine powder, then using a small size mortar and pestle would be the best pick. An electric spice grinder is an option but we are talking about cost-effective home grinding options here, spice grinder fans should shift!

A large mortar and pestle are not ideal for grinding whole spice into powder, it won’t give you that great convenient and time-saving advantage. But if we are serious about time-saving, especially for large quantities, then we have to admit the favor of using an electric spice grinder.

And again, if you are not this mortar and pestle kind of person, or you just choose to get a mortar and pestle to take care of your small batches of puréed garlic, ginger, and other ingredients, then just choose a small size mortar and pestle.

The overall important thing is to get the best small mortar and pestle (we have a little surprise for you on this, just read on!).

So these are the few factors that determine choosing a small size mortar and pestle. What about large size mortar and pestles then?

A good reason for choosing to buy a large size mortar and pestle would be to make authentic pesto sauce and curry paste. If you choose to use a small mortar for this kind of food prep… don’t even try to think about a nice outcome or grinding process because all you will get is ingredient constantly spilling.

The small mortar can not contain the volume of the ingredients that are required to be ground when making such recipes.

If you make research on the best mortar and pestles to buy, most products that will result will be the best small size mortar and pestles. Do people not do large parties where they need to make traditional pounded yam anymore?

Well, it is glaring that digital kitchen appliances are taking over the heavy-duty task in the modern-day culinary lifestyle. But this is a little away from the context of this post.

Why a larger mortar and pestle is better than a smaller one? 

There are some significant reasons why a larger mortar and pestle are better than a smaller one. When we consider what determines our choice on this, you will see the effect of both the advantage and disadvantages of both sizes.

With a larger mortar and pestle, one can grind a large volume of food items. This is because the mortar size can contend with a large volume of food ingredients. Most large mortar and pestle are heavyweight and not easy to move from the surface where they are placed.

Large mortar and pestle will not fall or shake at a slight push. This ensures a firm balance when grinding because you won’t have to use a hand to hold the mortar while using the other to hold the pestle.

In such a way, they will be easy on your muscles when smashing these food ingredients. And as we have seen with most large mortar and pestle that we have reviewed, they are made with quality materials. But this should not stop you from choosing the right material of mortar and pestle to use that will work best for what you intend to grind.

Why a smaller mortar and pestle is better than a larger one? 

The advantage most people get from using small size mortar and pestle is that they are lightweight, there will be no difficulting smashing ingredients with a pestle in a mortar that is seated comfortably on your spread palms.

It is also easy to carry around, you can move it from the cupboard to the kitchen selves without having to ask for assistance. Most small mortar and pestles can be put inside a bag and carried anywhere. They are travel friendly and usually compact.

If you are working in a small spaced kitchen area, then you may not like the idea of bringing in a large mortar and pestle that will take more space, whereas, a small size mortar and pestle are compact and space-saving.

Also, a smaller mortar and pestle is better than a larger one in the case of your budget because we have discovered that most large mortar and pestle come with relatively high price than smaller ones.

Above all, a smaller mortar and pestle are the best for smashing whole spice and other small ingredients especially when you do not have many quantities to smash. You can also use a small mortar and pestle for crushing pills but this will not work well when using a larger mortar and pestle.

Since they are also easy to clean and keep, the lazy guy kind of cooks will frown at choosing a large mortar and pestle.

What is the biggest mortar and pestle? 

Are you looking for the biggest mortar and pestle? then perhaps, you will need to go to where you will find huger granite stones at where the world ends. That is only a joke!

So here are a few examples of really large mortar and pestles made with top quality materials.

Natural Stone Mortar And Pestle Set Big Capacity


About product

This natural stone mortar and pestle set of big capacity is made from premium heavyweight natural stone. It is one of the hugest mortar and pestle that we recommend for making spice pastes, dressings, sauces, marinades, dips, and even drinks.

It is indeed a perfect crafty work made by experienced craftsmen, as you can see in the image, the product is not only beautiful and chic, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen. Not only small mortar and pestles are beautiful and attractive.

It has a very thick and durable bottom and walls, making the mortar super durable and giving the mortar enough capacity to contend with a large volume of food at a time.

The mortar is ideal for bit wet mixtures and dry spice coatings. We love the way the mortar maintains position when you are crushing, shows that it provide the ideal surface for roughing to fines.

Do you know any larger mortar and pestle? Do let me know.

What is the smallest mortar and pestle? 

After all, said, some lovers of space-saving kitchen tools and those who just want a small but mighty concept playing the roles of power rangers in the kitchen will want to buy a smaller mortar and pestle that is made with the best materials and lasts longer. Here is the best we recommend.

Fox Run Marble Mortar and Pestle


About product

The 3-inch diameter mortar and pestle are made of total marble, that is, natural elegant stone with unique patterns and colorations. You can be sure to get a better grinding result thanks to the Unpolished interior.

We also applaud the sleek design of this mortar and pestle that makes it stand out from all other small mortar and pestle out there. So when you don’t have a spice grinder, or you want to go natural, this mortar and pestle is ideal for reducing herbs, spices, and nuts to powders or pastes

All in all, it is a 4″ versatile mortar and pestle made of beautiful, durable Black marble that we can trust to handle all your herbs and spice grinding.

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