Can you make Hummus in a Blender?

Yes! Absolutely, you can! Your Hummus will definitely come out better in your blender than making in a food processor. Blender makes your hummus creamier delivering your top-notch hummus fast and smoother. As technology takes its full course, hummus is often made in a food processor. What then happens if you have neither of these … Read more

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Can You Grind Frozen Meat and Refreeze?

Can you really grind frozen meat and refreeze it? If your priority is your meat preservation, since you don’t want to consume your meat immediately, and you aren’t concerned about the quality, taste, texture, and safety of your meat, then surely, you can go ahead and refreeze your ground frozen meat. Otherwise, No. Do not … Read more

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Can You Grind Frozen Deer Meat?

Freezing deer meat helps preserve it for an approximate duration of 6 – 9 months while maintaining its best quality. Freezing helps to prevent the meat from oxygen which can cause bacteria growth. But, can one grind this frozen deer meat? Let’s get to it. Can You Grind Frozen Deer Meat? Yes, frozen deer meat … Read more

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Can You Eat Cooked Gammon the Next Day

In old English, when a dish is made from the hind leg of pork, sometimes topped with jelly or pineapple, it is called gammon or ham. Can You Eat Cooked Gammon the Next Day? Yes, you can eat cooked gammon the next day depending on how quickly you preserve it and what method of preservation … Read more

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6 Best Meat Slicers for Pork Belly in 2022

Pork belly as the name suggests is a boneless cut of meat, fatty meat at that from the belly of a pig, and is particularly popular in the region of Asia – found in Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Norwegian cuisine. One might begin to wonder if there is any difference at all between Bacon and … Read more

7 Best Meat Slicers for Bacon in 2022

As opposed to purchasing pre-packaged Bacon or meats generally which are usually processed and of course with preservatives which could eventually lead to bad health, getting and making use of a meat slicer would help save you from health risks associated with buying store-bought meat. You’ll be getting your Bacon fresh and having to slice … Read more

Best Meat Slicers for Carpaccio in 2022

You may be wondering why you’d want a meat slicer in your kitchen. A meat slicer is not only useful for slicing all of your meats, but it can also be used to cut onions, cheeses, bread, and a variety of other foods. But for this article, we will be focusing on its usefulness in … Read more