Cost Of A Mixer Grinder – 2022 Detailed Review

There are lots of factors that determine the cost of a mixer grinder. The manufacturer, the quality, and the type either hand mixer or manual are all the factors that influence the price of a mixer.

In this article, we will look into many facts surrounding a mixer grinder especially the stand mixer.


What Is A Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is a machine that combines mixing and grinding of ingredients as operation. It is the ideal machine that should be used often to mix and grind your food ingredient if you aspire for good taste, healthy food, and flavour.

Cost of Mixer Grinder

The table below was drawn up to show the cost of the most popular mixer grinders. Please note that the brands are not exhaustive as we have only chosen the most popular of all mixer grinders.

Mixer Grinder Brands FeaturesSpecificationsCost
BODUM 11381-01US Bistro - It is a powerful machine with 700 watts

- Machine with a 7-speed motor that is known for its ability to deliver up to two times a traditional stand mixer can do.

- It comes with a 5 Qt, 160 0z. mixing bowl

- It is made of rotating attachment head that helps provides orbital movement that allows the grinding easier and also creates a surface for thorough mixing.

- It is made of removable splash guard and funnel attachment that adds up to better use of your machine.

- It is made of assist mixer head that locks into place while using it with a lever for easy release.
- The Dimension: 17 x 10.75 x 15.75 inches

- The weight: 18.9 pounds

- Manufacturer: Bodum


- Item model Number: 11381-01US

- Customer Review: 100 Ratings

- Date First Available: December 29, 2012
KitchenAid KSM150GBQFW Artisan - 10 speeds for thorough mixing

- It can knead and whip ingredient within a short period of time

- It is easy to use that the tilt-head design enables easy access to the when as you add the ingredients

- It is a versatile machine which used motor power to handle various tasks as may be necessary

- It comes with a coarse grinding plate that is superb for grinding raw meat for burgers or meatloaf and then mix ingredient for special meals.

- You can make bread crumb with the grinding plate since it can grate cheeses.
- The Dimentios is 14.25 x 8.75 x 13.75 inches

- The weight is 12.73 pounds

- The Manufacturer is KitchenAid

- The ASIN is B07YBSF963

- The model Number is KSM150GBQFW

- Customer Review is 366
Cuisinart SM-50R 5.5-Quart - It handles the heaviest mixing task through the powerful motor with 500 watts

- It is constructed with die cast

- It helps you mix enough batter for five dozen cookies and stir cup for dry ingredients

- It is made of polished stainless steel

- The handle is easy to grip

- It allows easy access to the mixing bowl

- It is safe for quick cleanup using a dishwasher
- The Dimension is 16.5 x 11.2 x 15.9 inches

- The weight is 17 pounds

- The manufacturer is Cuisinart

- The ASIN is B01LXC4JPJ

- The Item No is SM-50R

- The Customer review is 956

- Date first Available September 26, 2016
Aucma Stand Mixer, 6.5-QT - It is made of 660 watts high performanc motor made of copper

- It has 6 optimized speeds with pulse function

- It is made of 6.5 QT larger stainless steel bowl to accomodate enough ingredients

- The head is tilted

- The belt is decorated with stainless steel

- It is made of blue LED light to indicate power

- It doesn't make much noise

- It is sturdy with slip pad ABS housing

- It is made of two layer red painting
- The Model number is SM-1518N

- The Voltage is rated 120V

- The Frequency is rated 60Hz

- The Power is rated 660W

- The Bowl Capacity is 6.5QT

- ETL/FDA Certificate, BPA Free

- The Dimensions us 15.2In * 9.4In * 12.4In

The price of a mixer grinder especially the stand mixer ranges from about $50 to $400 so far that I have seen on the Amazon store. So, the cost of a mixer grinder should be determined by the factors listed above.

There is no fixed cost for a mixer grinder. A mixer grinder is made by different brands. The model of a brand may come with some features which could make it costlier than another mixer grinder made by a different brand.

Another factor that can influence the cost of a mixer grinder includes the power, durability, the material it is made of, and most of the time the quality.

This is the reason why you will see some very cheap mixer grinders on the amazon store. These types of cheap mixer grinders may not serve you well and could develop a lot of issues before you disposing of them through frustration.

Different Brands of Mixer Grinder

There are different types of mixer grinders of which most people trust and will always buy any mixer grinder made by them. Examples of such mixer grinders are Bodum, KitchenAid, Cuisinart. ACMA

Bodum Brand

Bodum Stand mixer grinder has been one of the most sorts after in the kitchen appliance industry. For many years, people love this brand as well as its products such as stand mixers.

If you actually want to get the best out of a stand mixer, do not hesitate to go for a stand mixer made by Bodum.

For instance, this BODUM 11381-01US Bistro is a super ideal mixer grinder you should go for.

Cuisinart Brand

There is no need to doubt this brand in the first place. Across the globe, Cuisinart products are doing perfectly well. They are simply the best you can ever come across in the mixer grinder industry.

I recommend one of the stand mixer products in the recommendation table above. Check it out on Amazon to find out more about it.

KitchenAid Brand

This brand is among the best of the best. As usual, its machines are always powerful just like the rest above. The machine is made perfectly to fit your needs.

This branch of their product, i.e. Mixer grinder is another ideal monster the brand has been producing. You can also find it in the table of recommendation.

Acama Brand

I personally love this brand. The brand its good in colour combination and machine structure. Despite the two mentioned features are not the main things a person needs in a mixer grinder, the motor and watts of this machine meet up the standard.

What Are the Best Watts for a Mixer Grinder

The speed of a mixer grinder is very necessary, that’s why it is very important to consider the wattage of a mixer grinder before purchasing it.

The ideal wattage of a mixer grinder should be 500 to 750 but some can come in 1000 watts.

What Is the Importance of Wattage in Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder with high wattage of 500 and above will grind tougher ingredients with speed and convenience. So, it is very important that you should go for something that will not make work tedious for you at the end of the day.

You need a motor power that can crush and mix your ingredients like a breeze so that your time and energy will be safe.

Recommendations of the Best Mixer Grinder to Buy

ImageName Where to Get it
KitchenAid KSM150GBQFW ArtisanCheck on Amazon
KitchenAid KSM8990ER 8-QuartCheck on Amazon
Cuisinart SM-50R 5.5-QuartCheck on Amazon
Aucma Stand Mixer,6.5-QTCheck on Amazon

What Should I Look for When Buying a Mixer Grinder

There are lots of things you need to look at in a mixer grinder. For instance, the wattage is important. If you have a mixer grinder with good wattage capacity, definitely it is going to put a smile on your face due to the speed at which it works.

Another thing you should consider in a mixer grinder is the quality of the material that is used to manufacture it. It should be materials that will make it last longer.

A material such as stainless steel is one of the best a mixer grinder parts should be made of.

You should also look at its usage level. The machine should be a kind that is easy to operate It shouldn’t give you any inconvenience experience.

The reason why I have to chip this in is that a lot of customers love stating this for fact in their reviews. They want something that will be easy for them to use rather being difficult to operate.

People also look for the parts a mixer grinder comes with, especially the safety parts. An example is the driven-gear of the mixer grinder.

It should be the type that should be able to control speed when necessary to avoid the burning of the motor and the safety of the user.

Another essential part of a good mixer grinder is the jar.  The more the number of jars the better for a mixer grinder.

So, your target should be to look for a mixer grinder that has at least 2 to 3 jars with different capacities for different purposes that will satisfy your needs.

You know, when something becomes easier, it sweetens the heart of man. Did you know that you can use 3 jars for different purposes? You can use one for ground spices, another one for juicing, and the last one for things like chutney.

Consider a durable body of a mixer grinder. A mixer grinder with a durable body and a break-resistant lid can withstand the daily wear and tear caused by constant use.

Ergonomically designed mixer grinder handle is another factor you need to look at before spending on it and I am sure you will like a good grip.

Other things like a good blade and price should also be considered for a good mixer grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mixer Grinder

Why Are Standing Mixers Expensive

It is true that standing mixers are expensive not only because they are the electric version of the hand mixers but for the heavy-duty and speed of operations they render on a daily basis.

Another powerful influence that can affect a standing mixer grinder is the brand. For instance, the KitchenAid standing mixers are always expensive due to the power with which they are made.

The brand is highly reputable and the world community has accepted it as a reliable source of standing mixers. So for these reasons, it should be expected that standing mixers should be expensive.

Do You Really Need a Stand Mixer

To me, a standing mixer grinder makes my work and world easier. I don’t need to grind in a grinder and the mixer in a mixer. You see, a mixer grinder is perfect because it does two in one job for you.

So, there is a great advantage using a mixer grinder. A mixer grinder is really worth it.

Are Hand Mixers as Good as Stand Mixers

A standing mixer to hand mixer is like comparing a Lion with an ant. Even the smallest of standing mixers will outperform a hand mixer not only in speed and power but also will whip, beat and mix ingredients like breeze.

There are other useful attachments that come with a standing mixer which include: whisk, dough hook, and paddle, these things are not found in a hand mixer.

What Can I Use Instead of a Stand Mixer Grinder

If for example, you don’t have a standing mixer, what can you use to grind and mix your ingredients? The answer is hand mixer but the setback is that it cannot beat, whisk.

I prefer to use a stand mixer by all means even though it will take me several months to save money to get one.

What Is the Difference Between a Mixer and a Grinder

A mixer grinder also known as a mixer is normally used to grind spices and then prepare homemade delicious meals. A grinder is used to grind mostly dried ingredients but there are wet grinders that grind wet ingredients too.

A wet grinder can do heavy-duty mixing while a mixer grinder is used normally for fewer duty operations.

Can You Use a Good Processor in Place of a Stand Mixer

I advised that if you can lay your hands on a stand mixer, you should. It is better at doing its own job than every other alternative.

A food processor may go a long way to do some mixing but if you want a better mixing of your ingredients especially baking ingredients that will come with the appropriate beating, whisking and mixing, mixer grinder is the best for the job.

How Long Does a Mixer Grinder Last

Some brands will tell you their products last for 15 or more years. An example of such brands is KitchenAid. A mixer grinder especially the stand mixer lasts for 30 years if used carefully.

Can I Knead Dough in a Mixer Grinder

It is very possible to knead your dough in a stand mixer grinder. It can knead bread dough, pizza, and the rest. It is better to use a stand mixer to knead your dough rather than the hand mixer that is tedious to use because it takes time and energy.

I will recommend that you use the stand mixer for kneading once more because it comes with a hook attachment for the job, which makes it easier.

How Long Do You MIX Bread Dough in a Mixer

It doesn’t take time at all. If at all kneading bread dough in a mixer takes too much time, it will not be more than 8 to 10 minutes by hand and then 8 to 10 minutes in a stand mixer.

If your job is done within this short time, you should be confident to use such a machine anytime and moment.

Can We Make Smoothie in a Mixer Grinder for Breakfast

A mixer is an ideal machine for making smoothies. As the name implies, what it does is to grind an ingredient and then mix it in a similar way a blender grinds ingredients.

A blender is a normal machine used in making smoothies. If you don’t want your smoothie to have some lumps, avoid blending whole frozen fruits in a blender.

How Do You Grind Something Without a Mixer Grinder

If you don’t have a mixer grinder, there are other ways you can grind your ingredients. You can use a blender, mortar and pestle, a rolling pin, a hammer, a knife, a food processor, and a clean smooth white stone.

Remember, a mixer grinder can grind and at the same time mix. Now, we are focusing on grinding operations. Let’s take the grinding of the coffee beans as an instance. So, how do you grind coffee beans without a grinder or mixer grinder? Here we go:

Mortar and Pestle

It has been in existence for long that chemists and pharmacists make use of mortar and pestle to grind chemicals, herbs, weeds, and so on.

Mortar and pestle combine pounding and rolling of the ingredients. You may not get a complete powdery form of your ingredients but it is better than none.

How to grind it
  • Get your ingredient and fill it in the mortar in a specific amount but do not overload it.
  • Hold the mortar down for steady with your left or right hand depending on the dominant one.
  • Start pounding your coffee bean by pressing them with pestle forcefully and also don’t forget to support it with rolling of the pestle from time to time.
  • After you must have crushed them to consistency, and you are satisfied with the result, empty the mortar and start brewing your coffee

You can repeat the same procedure for another batch of coffee beans if it is necessary.

Using a blender

An ideal alternative for a grinder is a blender. A blender’s blade chops coffee beans in a similar way a blade grinder does. The fact remains that grinding your coffee with a blade grinder or blender cannot be as even as using a burr grinder.

You only need them when there is no choice to use a burr grinder for your coffee grinding.

Some grinders come with settings meant to be used for coffee beans. One more thing, if you must be using a blender as a hack make sure that you grind the coffee beans in short and speedy burst instead of running the blender continuously.

The reason is that blades run at high speed and then heat the beans.

The heating of the beans may damage the beans by overheating the natural oils and therefore turn the beans into carbons which make them become harsh and taste bitter when brewed.

This method is also good if there is no coffee grinder or burr grinder. Grinding with a blender will give you a relatively coarse texture.

How to grind it
  • There are two options for your blender. If it comes with grinder settings, select it if it doesn’t come with it, then use a moderate speed.
  • Pour some amount of the coffee into your grinder and then cover it with the lid.
  • Grind the beans until you are satisfied with the consistency, you should use the pulse technique enabled for blender.
  • Don’t grind at a goal, ensure you grind the beans in short and fast bursts.
  • If you want a very delicious coffee, tilt your blender slightly from side to side as you grind the coffee beans. This technique will allow the larger portions of your coffee beans get to the blade points so that you can get more even grind though it may not be as perfect as when you use a burr grinder
  • Once you are done grinding your coffee beans, you can then empty the blender and add new beans. Carryover the same procedure anytime you want to grind your coffee beans with a blender.

Using a rolling pin

You can also decide to use a rolling pin

This method is one of the best alternatives to burr grinder—it requires energy but can crush and grind beans evenly better than many other methods. If you can apply this method well, I assure you of a moderately fine texture.

The basic tools needed

  • A rolling pin e.g large bottle, round smooth wood or stone, food can, etc
  • Large counter space
  • Parchment paper
How to grind it
  • Get a measurement of your choice for the amount of coffee you are willing to grind and pour in the parchment paper
  • Ensure that you lay flat the bag on the counter
  • Just in a similar way you use your hammer, press down the coffee beans to crush them
  • Once you have crushed the beans, roll the pin over it several times coming forward and going back.
  • Continue to roll the pin over the beans until you get to your desired texture.
  • You can now pour out the fine beans from the parchment so that you can replace them with another batch.

Using hammer

Hammer can crush your beans. All you need is to be careful while using it because it can crush both your hand and the counter or board—smile. The ground is sure that it can’t give a fine ground, so sorry for this since it is not possible.

How to grind it
  • Get a plastic bag and fill it with coffee beans of your desired amount or you can decide to place the beans between two sheets of parchment and fold the edges so that the beans will not escape while hammering them.
  • You can now use the hammer to press the beans down with power so that it crushes them. Once your desired texture is reached, empty the sheets of parchments and start over with the same steps for a new batch of coffee beans if necessary.
  • You may want a more consistent grind, crush the beans from one side of the bag and then move your hand gently to the other side.

If you can follow these steps carefully, you will get the best out of this method. Note: do not hit the beans with the hammer. Crushing is the ideal style for grinding coffee beans without a mixer grinder.

For a more consistent grind, start crushing on one side of the bag and move gradually to the other side.

Using a Food Processor

The food processor is a powerful heavy-duty machine. It has a larger space and a larger blade grinder. It can do well, but not as a burr grinder when it comes to the consistency of ingredients.

The only time I can recommend a food processor for you as an alternative for a mixer grinder or grinder is when you have exhausted all your options together a grinder for your coffee.

How to Grind Coffee with A Processor
  • You can pour a few amounts of coffee in your food processor bowl and then cover it with the lid.
  • Start grinding by adopting the pulse technique on your processor, grinding in short burst.
  • Tilt your food processor from side to side while the grinding process is on so that the larger particles can be easily reached by the blades that will crush it.
  • When you are done crushing the beans, you can now empty the food processor so that you can repeat the same steps on other batches.
  • If you want to get the best result, the pulse technique is very important to help you make a nice cup of coffee for your morning joy.
  • Another trick is to grind the coffee beans in short and then succeed each batch in a similar approach.
  • The food processor will grind your coffee in a coarse form and then your time to enjoy your coffee cup is ready.

Final Words on Cost of a Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are known for their double operation power—they can mix and grind ingredients at the same time. Whenever you want to buy any mixer grinder, ensure that you go for the best ones.

I have recommended some of the products above. There are factors you need to check when buying a mixer grinder. For example, the blades should be strong and durable; the body should be made of durable materials such as good plastic or stainless steel.

The motor power of a mixer grinder should be high ranging from 500 to 750 watts and above.

The parts of the mixer grinders are also one of the most important factors you must consider before purchasing it.

Sometimes, you may not have a mixer grinder or grinder and may want to grind things like coffee beans, there are many alternative ways you can use to get the ground.

I mentioned those ways in this article. So, you can choose one out of the multiple-choice ways to get your coffee beans ground.

What is your opinion in this article? Is there any suggestion you will like to share with me? I will like to hear from you through the comment box.

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