Best Large Mortar and Pestle (2021 Detailed Guide)

Having a large mortar and pestle is ideal when you usually wish to grind a large number of ingredients and still being conscious about your time.

For a perfect mortar grinding experience, you would not want a narrow, skinny, or short pestle. Most people find it difficult to stop their hands from banging against the mortar edge when using the tool, and this is sometimes caused by using a shorter pestle.

The overall solution and recommendation are to get a large mortar and pestle that will not only be efficient but also help you save time… and money.

As you probably know, mortar and pestle are made in different shapes, sizes, and materials. In this post, we have focused on the size aspect of a mortar and pestle and luckily, I am going to take you through the best large mortar and pestle to buy that are ideal for both home and professional use.

How do you even know, or how can you clearly say that a mortar and pestle is large enough? The tool should have a roughly eight-inch diameter and at least a four-cup volume.

I am not throwing any shades on the use of smaller mortar and pestles because they can be equally useful in the kitchen especially when it comes to grinding a little number of spices and garlic.

But in most cases, we need that large size function to get them done quickly and to make grinding in batches not cumbersome.

See my top 3 recommendations

NameImagesWhere to Buy
Vasconia 4-Cup Mortar and PestleBUY ON AMAZON
JLD Large StoneAzureGreen Wooden Pentagram Mortar and Pestle Set

ChefSofi EXTRA Large Mortar and PestleBUY ON AMAZON

You cannot do without using a large mortar and pestle especially when you want to make a true pesto sauce. You need the right capacity of mortar and size of pestle that can contend with the volume and variety of ingredients the recipe requires.

Choosing the best large mortar and pestle can be difficult as there are many fewer quality products out there but I have helped you do the research and this list holds the best of the best that are as well affordable.

Full review of the best large mortar and pestle to buy

JLD Mortar and Pestle


About product

The Large Stone Mortar and Pestle is carved from solid stone and has a nice smooth finish. It measures 4 1/2 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter outside rim, 5 1/2 inches diameter inside the bowl
10 pounds of solid stone.

The large mortar and pestle are perfect for grinding spices, herbs, and making sauces. It also appears to be a very beautiful mortar and pestle that can easily be noticed anywhere it is placed in the kitchen. It will also serve as a decoration on your counter.

The mortar and pestle are particularly sturdy for all your herb, spices, and nut crushing! Besides, this is a wonderful grinding solution compared to using a small mortar and pestle that just gets broken too quickly.

What I like about JLD Large Stone Mortar and Pestle

Although I learned from a verified user that this product is not level on the bottom, I believe that is just part of the personal experience thing playing its role.

Because you can simply set it on a tea towel to use and it will work flawlessly. It is a great large mortar and pestle that is very sturdy and a little heavy.

You will love everything about the quality of this mortar and pestle. It has been beautifully made to impress you.

And for its nice big size and how great it works, you can use it as a decoration on your counter. Since it serves as a great gift idea, you can trust this product to bring out the smile of gratitude from the gift receiver.

Considering all these benefits, I can clearly say that every home kitchen needs at least one of these large mortar and pestle.


  • It measures 4 1/2 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter outside rim
  • It is decorative
  • Works great and nice big size


  • Did not level at the bottom.

Vasconia 4-Cup Mortar and Pestle


About product

Right there in your kitchen, you can easily create a traditional recipe using this amazing Vasconia 4-Cup Granite Molcajete Mortar and Pestle.

It has been built with an extra-large grinding capacity to accommodate large batches of grinding to save time and resources. And also to save you the stress of an arm workout.

You can now enjoy an authentic, hands-on tool for grinding grains. This mortar and pestle are also great for grinding spices, and herbs, as well as making salsa, guacamole, and pico de gallo.

And if you look at it, you will agree with me that it is beautiful. While the tool has a 4-cup capacity, you would always love to fix it permanently on your counter because it looks super beautiful to match your kitchen decor.

It has a smooth interior and it is to a certain advantage such that you can be able to grind with that pride of the traditional design.

This interesting Molcajete Mortar and Pestle is also a great tool to mash up a banana, avocado, pumpkin, and similar fruits and vegetables. Hand washing is also recommended for this mortar and pestle.

What I like about Vasconia 4-Cup Granite Molcajete Mortar and Pestle

First of all, you can now enjoy an authentic, hands-on tool for grinding grains, spices, and herbs. Making salsas, guacamole, and pico de Gallo is not an exception too.

The mortar and pestle have a large capacity for grinding. It is a beautiful granite Molcajete with a 4-cup capacity.

This is, in fact, the ideal grinding tool that you need because the smooth interior is an ideal grinding surface for your recipe. In addition to this, the tool is super easy to clean, and so, you don’t have to place it in a dishwasher, just hand wash and allow it to air dry.


  • Authentic tool for grinding
  • Easy to clean
  • The ideal grinding tool
  • Large capacity for grinding


  • Most users complained that the bowl is too smooth 

ChefSofi EXTRA Large Mortar and Pestle Set


About product

Second to the last on this list is this amazing ChefSofi EXTRA Large 8 Inch 5 Cup-Capacity Mortar and Pestle Set. There is a lot you can try out with this amazing mortar and pestle.

It is time to level up and improve your Indian cooking by using a durable large mortar and pestle just as this one to crush cardamom seeds, or even create flavorful Asian recipes.

This mortar and pestle is perfect for smashing fresh peeled ginger or intensify your Italian bread.

Garlic cloves are nothing to this mortar and pestle as they can be smashed into paste regardless of their quantity. It is super versatile because you can also use it to whip up amazing guacamole, curry paste, pesto, or chimichurri.

I’d say that this ChefSofi EXTRA Large 8 Inch 5 Cup-Capacity Mortar and Pestle Set takes the perfect shape and form that I can ever look out for when choosing a large mortar and pestle

This is because it is built in such a way that it has this deep round shape that keeps your ingredients from jumping or spilling out.

It also measures 6-inch mortar and the 2-cup capacity is sizeable. So you can mash both large and small quantities of spices and herbs.

Coming down to the pestle part, it has been designed with a rounded base so ingredients do not pop out from under.

The base of this tool is stable and will not give marking to your countertop, thanks to the non-skid felt base.

So, it is time to get the most flavor out of your spice with the use of this simple, yet efficient mortar and pestle. After buying it, all you need to know is how to pound and crush the fibers of your herbs and the mortar and pestle does the rest I’d the work.

What I like about ChefSofi EXTRA

One thing I like about this mortar and pestle apart from the fact that it is a large one is that it comes with two pestles set.

You can use the larger 8.5-inch pestle to CRUSH the tougher ingredients or you can make use of the 6.5 inches one for the grinding and muddling action.

That’s high functionality compared to other kinds of mortar and pestles. The tool is a 5 CUPS molcajete! And versatile to be used for various applications.

This includes grinding of seeds, ground garlic, and herbs. You can also use this mortar and pestle for preparing to make homemade salad dressing, sauces, and condiments, such as fresh mustard and pesto.

Most pharmacies and apothecaries also make use of this excellent mortar and pestle


  • An extra-large mortar and pestle
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Effortless use
  • Versatile mortar and pestle
  • Comes with two pestles


  • It will take a while to season the mortar and pestle

UMIEN Molcajete Granite Mortar and Pestle Set


About product

Lastly on this exclusive list of the best large mortar and pestle to buy, but not the least of them all is this yet another quality granite mortar and pestle called the UMIEN Molcajete Granite Mortar and Pestle Set.

It allows you to easily grind, crush, mash, and even mix any and every ingredient imaginable and you can be always sure to get a consistent result. An incredible one!

The grinding set has been fashioned from real granite and it will remain stable while you’re grinding or crushing your ingredients.

You don’t have to bother about using your other hand to keep the balance. The product also comes with a felt pad at the base of the mortar bowl that will prevent scratches on your countertop or table. Isn’t that nice?

That is not all, this mortar and pestle have proven to be a flawless addition to your kitchen tools and appliances as a result of the mesmerizing design that looks great on your kitchen counter.

It performs mainly three functions as a large mortar and pestle which include grinding, Crushing, and Mashing.

If you do home baking, this mortar and pestle are ideal for growth baking goods, sauces, or dips. And when it comes to crushing, this one is equally Great for recipes that demand crushed ingredients, spices, and herbs. Just as the previous ones.

And please, in any case, you should not use a dishwasher to clean this mortar and pestle as hand wash is highly recommended.

The best part is that this granite mortar and pestle set includes a BONUS avocado tool!

What I like about UMIEN Molcajete Granite Mortar and Pestle Set

To be honest, I’d say this mortar and pestle is a must-have for every household, especially if you boast to have all the tools you need to make your recipes excellent. Since it can be used to effectively grind, crush, mash, and mix any grain, spice, or herb.

It is a must-have for any household because it can help you in creating stunning dishes, including guacamole, salsas, sauces, pesto, and many more.

Also, this mortar and pestle is not only large but also made with an authentic granite design. That way, you know you are getting value for your money spent on this product.

From the beautiful color pattern that will match the décor of your kitchen, to the large size and quality in Thickness, you wouldn’t want to look further than to pick this particular one.

There is no other better way to impress your guest with an excellent recipe made with excellent grinding tools like this  UMIEN Molcajete Granite Mortar and Pestle Set

Another reason why I like this product is that it seems easy to use and even easier to clean and maintain.

One of the reasons why most people don’t like using large mortar and pestle is because they think it is difficult to clean after each use.

But it is because you have not met a mortar and pestle like this UMIEN Molcajete Granite Mortar and Pestle Set.  It is hand wash, easy pizza, and easy to maintain.

To crown it all, this awesome mortar and pestle include a bonus avocado tool that helps you to Easily prepare delicious, nutritive avocado meals.


  • The product includes a Bonus avocado tool
  • Easy to use
  • Super easy to clean after each use
  • Authentic granite design for the tool
  • A must-have for every household – the reputation of a complete kitchen

Gorilla Grip Original Mortar and Pestle Set



This mortar and pestle is made from 100% natural granite. It is durable and will not slide when used.

This mortar and pestle features a cushioned underside to prevent scratching on countertops. It’s also built with an optional foam bottom to provide added support.

The mortar has a rough interior that won’t absorb odors or flavors. This is ideal for making wet or dry mixes.

Granite mortar is best used after cleaning and seasoning. To season, add garlic, cumin, and pepper, and then wash properly. Do not use soap to wash.

What I like about this product

This versatile mortar and pestle has the capacity to hold up to 4 cups of ingredients. It is ideal for all your grinding needs.

It’s time to forget the heavy mixers and blenders and get back to the basics, which is to crush and stir food, herbs, and spices using this heavy-duty pestle.

The texture and weight of a mortar and pestle are both critical to the end result of any product. The quality of this product is very reasonable.

The set comes with a clean and easy-to-clean cloth. It’s ideal for those who season their dishes exactly as they should. No soap or dish soap is required.


  • Natural Granite
  • Helps Lock in Flavor
  • Easy to Prep and Clean
  • Generous Sizes


  • The seasoning process is very time-consuming and it can take a long time to get the desired results.

TENINYU 8 Inch Large Capacity Mortar and Pestle Set


About product

This versatile tool can be used to create various savory and sweet sauces, pastes, and marinades.

It features a built-in mortar and pestle, which can be used to crush, paste, and mix various herbs and spices.

No need to assemble or heat. This mortar and pestle set is made of solid stone and is ideal for fine food preparation.

This mortar and pestle set is made from 8-inch thick granite. It is durable and will work well with most kitchen equipment.

What I like about this product

The capacity of this mortar is not limited by its size. It can accommodate different-sized mortars.

The two pestles come in two different sizes. The larger one is used to crush the tougher ingredients while the standard one is used for the muddling action.

The texture and taste of these objects are authentic. They can be used to create authentic food textures and flavors that can’t be replicated with ordinary kitchen tools like mixers and food processors.

It is easy to use and clean. Since manual grinding doesn’t require sweat, it is very durable and easy to clean.

This kitchen implement is ideal for taking up space on your counter.

The mortar and pestle is simple and versatile.


  • Comes with two pestles with different sizes
  • made from 8-inch thick granite

Conclusion on the best large mortar and pestle to buy

One thing that you can be certain of when using a large mortar and pestle regardless of the material or shape is that there is no assembly required, and you will not have to disturb others, and also, they are all easy to clean after each use.

This is an edge over the use of food processors or spice grinders because you don’t have to deal with the complexity of assembling the tool or having to wash sharp blades that may have you injured.