Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle Review

Do you have a special tool in your kitchen that effectively does all the mashing and grinding? Are you looking for the perfect type of mortar and pestle that will bash and muddle ingredients just as the way Jamie Oliver has said? Well, jump into this article to get a well-detailed review of Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle.

In the academy of using mortar and pestles, a lot of us are still in the learning process. Some are even confused when looking for that perfect kitchen tool that can naturally allow you to create wonderful and healthy foods.

Using mortar and pestles allows you to bring out the essential oils and flavor essence of your spices and it is ideal to have a very efficient tool like mortar as a backup plan especially when the power goes out.

Where to buy Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle

Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle Review

Getting the Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle will serve as an inspiration to make better tasty and healthy recipes.

It is available across major online stores. Click HERE to shop for Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle on Amazon. You will also get to some of the hidden pros of the product outlined in the product description.

What is the Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle

Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle Review

Jamie Oliver is one of the world’s best-loved chefs, and those who aspire to be like him are interested in using the kind of kitchen tools that he uses. This includes Jamie Oliver’s Mortar and Pestle.

In this post, we want to comb through every single detail of mortar and pestles by Jamie Oliver. We have found out that this type of mortar is among the top buyers’ choices and we want you to know why it can end up being your favorite when choosing a mortar and pestle to buy.

One thing we know and love about Jamie Oliver’s Mortar and Pestle is that, unlike other fewer quality mortars, they are made of beautiful, durable, and long-lasting granite. Reviewers also consider the mortar to be a very attractive one that matches almost any kitchen decor.

Jamie Oliver’s Mortar and Pestle is widely bought because of its unpolished interior for the ultimate grinding experience. The same thing goes for the pestle as it is comfortable t handle.

We also think that Jamie Oliver’s Mortar and Pestle is a perfect answer to the question of which size of mortar and pestle should one buy. While the Mortar has a large 6-inch diameter, we have tested and discovered that ideal for crushing and grinding herbs and making dressings.

The Jamie Oliver’s Mortar and Pestle is designed by DKB household and Jamie Oliver. Being one of the world’s famous chefs, and partnering with an innovational brand DKB, they release one of the best mortar and pestle in the market called the Jamie Oliver’s Mortar and Pestle.

Why is it important to buy Jamie Oliver’s Mortar and Pestle?

Jamie Oliver Mortar and pestle are made of beautiful, durable, and long-lasting granite. This the principal reason why it should not be ignored when looking for the best mortar and pestles to buy on the market.

This is a great kind of mortar made of quality granite that will enable you to release the full, true flavor of herbs and spices. Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle is widely used as a versatile smashing tool in the kitchen for pulverizing and grinding herbs and spices until they become seasoning pasts and spice mixtures.

There are various types of mortar and pestle as well as the materials used in making them. What material you choose to buy will depend on the purpose of buying the mortar and pestle in the first place, but like we have always recommended in subsequent articles that using a granite mortar and pestle may be the best option. A perfect example of an ideal granite mortar and pestle is the Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle. You may want to know why it is important to choose Jamie Oliver.

While there are a lot of other options, their disadvantages far outweigh their advantages when compared to mortar and pestles made with granite-like Jamie Oliver.

Jamie Oliver Mortar and pestle are pretty hard and sturdy, this only means that the mortar and the pestle will not break randomly on any occasion. Also, mortars like this do not have the disadvantages that other types of mortars and pestles like wooden, marble, or metal has.

Since granite stone can never be harmed by acid at all, and of course, doesn’t absorb water, you can be sure to have a great smashing experience using the Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle. Also, it is very easy to clean use, and maintain.

The only thing we do not like about the mortar is the weight. Since the product is made with quality and durable granite stone, it may appear too heavy for anyone who is looking for a comfortable easy to handle mortar and pestle.

But when we compare other pitfalls and uprise, we can conclude that the heavyweight is worth the sacrifice for a perfect mortar and pestle like Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle.

You will not have any problem grinding your herbs and spice with Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle because the materials are pretty rough and durable.

If you are looking for a granite mortar and pestle to buy, this is one of the best we can recommend.

What are the Pros of Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle?

Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle Review

It is a granite mortar and pestle and often preferred to other materials like clay, ceramic, glass, marble, or wooden. This is the major feature of Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle that makes it outstanding to use.

One of the significant pros of the product is that it helps the chef in producing the best most delicious paste in a very natural way. Using the mortar and pestle enables you to pound ingredients well such that their natural oils and fluids will be released. They produce superior flavors from your spice compared to other types of basic mortar and pestles.

The efficiency of the Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle can not be compared to electronic devices as it has its own special unique and natural way of delivering maximum flavor in your recipes. The Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle is a granite mortar and pestle that is made of very non-porous stone.  The inside of the mortar is very smooth which makes it very easy to use and clean.

Since it is made of quality granite, the Granite dust gets into the ingredients pounded in the mortar and adds 5 percent potassium with 16 minerals. This improves health.

What are the Cons of Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle?

The major downside of using the Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle, for all we know rests on its weight. Since it is made of granite stone, it appears to be heavier than the other material used to make mortars and pestles. But since granite is the best material available for mortars and pestles, it is worth your shot.

As long as you won’t have any problem grinding or smashing your herbs, getting the right flavors, and cleaning the mortar and pestle without hassle, the Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle is the answer to everything natural grinding.

How to Season the Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle

Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle Review

We are pretty sure that you would want to take your time to squeak in excitement after getting your Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle. It is rapid progress to start making recipes just as Jamie himself. But there is something important to do before you pull the mortar and pestle out and begin to use.

Before we conclude this review on Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle, we want to show you how to properly season the product before using it.

Seasoning a granite mortar and pestle is a very simple process that you can do without having someone beside you to give directions so long you follow these few tips.

Step 1: Scrub the Jamie Oliver Mortar and Pestle With Warm Water

The first step to carry out is the scrubbing of the mortar and pestle using warm water and a mini brush. Please do not make the mistake of using any kind of soap.

After scrubbing with warm water, wait for it to dry.

Step 2: Distribute Garlic Cloves around the mortar and pestle and mash consistently

Secondly, grab garlic cloves, I mean the entire bulb, and distribute it around the mortar, ensure to add salt to the garlic cloves, and begin to mash the garlic using the pestle.

After the garlic must have turned into paste, do not wash it away, allow it to sit on the mortar and the residue on the pestle for 24 hours.

Step 3: Rinse the Garlic Paste Using Warm Water After 24 hours

After 24 hours, rinse the paste from the mortar and pestle using warm water. You may need to scrape them out. After doing this, add a small cup of wet rice into the mortar and use the pestle to mash the rice until it turns to paste.

Once it turns to paste, it should give you a white color to tell you that it is time for adding the rock salt.

Make sure you are strict with the measurement as only two tablespoons of rock salt are needed to be added into the mortar. After grinding the salt into a fine powder and rinsing, you Jamie Oliver mortar and pestle are well seasoned and ready for use.

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The combined grater options come with blade covers that enable you to save storage.

We have assurance from Jamie in this product that it is going to last for years as the super-sharp blades will not dull at any moment.

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