Can You Grind Spices in Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is so useful, so compact, and quick to use that you can put it to work every single day, unlike bulky blenders and unwieldy food processors that most of us bring out of storage for specific recipes and special occasions (probably several times a day).

Can you grind Spices in Magic Bullet? Sure, why not? The compact and strong magic bullet blades will grind your spices. The magic bullet helps to transform the various types of herbs and spices into a beautiful powder that is finely blended. In a Magic Bullet, you can undoubtedly grind your spices.

Just before your eyes, imagine the flat blade whipping, and then you begin to wonder what kind of sorcery this is. To perfect consistency, it doesn’t spare puddings either.

It’s quick now to spice your life up… Using your Magic Bullet now. No pre-ground sauce will hold a candle in a mixture that is freshly ground; you have no idea what you’re missing.

You can have pancakes sprayed with fresh cinnamon in seconds or eggnog with a pinch of fresh, zesty nutmeg. The list is endless, mouth-watering, and effortless. And you can serve right up to the table with the ingenious Shaker Tops. Bon appetit! Yeah!

Best of all, it saves you time because, in 10 seconds or less, it does almost every job in the kitchen!

What makes the magic bullet suitable for grinding spices

You can chop, mix, blend, whip, mill, and more with the Magic Bullet for the easiest, tastiest meals ever in just seconds. Visualize anything, including chopped onions and diced garlic, to a light, fluffy cheesecake, all prepared in 10 seconds or less! And that’s just the start.

The Magic Bullet comes with two blades which makes it a great blender for spices.

  • Cross Blade
  • Flat Blade

The Magic Bullet Cross Blade is used for:

Can You Grind Spices in Magic Bullet

  • Chopping: Great for garlic, onion, and excellent for dips like salsa, etc.
  • Blending: The Cross Blade helps to pulverize
  • Mixing: Batters for pancakes, muffins, and quick bread are mixed in seconds.
  • Grating: Your hard and soft cheese and chocolate are grated in seconds
  • Puréeing: Dishes such as hummus, natural soups and makes creamy smooth baby food in seconds.
  • Grinding Meat: Makes delicious ham and chicken salad in seconds.

Flat Blade

Can You Grind Spices in Magic Bullet

The straight Flat Blade is excellent for working on hard items such as:


  • Coffee beans
  • Nuts
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Dried fruit
  • Whipping foods such as homemade cream cheese,  whipped cream, schmears butter

How to grind Spices in the Magic Bullet

  • If required, take your spices and cut them down to size to fit into the Magic bullet container.
  • Choose the flat blade,
  • Secure the blades in the jar and position them on the blender’s foundation.
  • Just try softly pressing it down to pulsate a few times to make sure it’s going to handle whatever spices you offer it.
  • Lock the blender in places and then let it run for about 30-60 seconds until the texture you want has been reached by the spices.
  • Relish your spices, freshly ground!

What spices can you grind in a magic bullet?

  • Peppercorns
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Pepper fruit
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric, and onions, etc., are examples of the spices you can grind with the magic bullet.

Let’s look at how to use a magic bullet to grind cinnamon, onions, and garlic. Know, unless you want to use all the powder, you should just ground the cinnamon into the powder. This is because it starts to lose its scent the minute cinnamon sticks are ground into powder.

There’s no problem with the magic bullet; once you have your cinnamon sticks at hand, fill them precisely one of the mixing cups made for it in your blender, then screw the shot out of the right blade for what you want.

How can you grind cinnamon with a Magic Bullet?

Let us see how we can use the Magic Bullet to grind cinnamon sticks. Having your cinnamon sticks ready is the first thing to do.

Saigon Cassia, Korintje cassia, and Ceylon cinnamon are three different kinds of cinnamon sticks. Depending on the reason you use them, someone of your choosing may be used. For example, since it does not contain a high level of coumarin, cassia is good for meat sausage, Ceylon is suitable for food spices and is safe for health.

How to do the grinding

  • Break the sticks of cinnamon into smaller bits,
  • Set the magic bullet blade to flat and brace it for the job it knows to do the best.
  • To begin grinding, pour the pieces of cinnamon sticks into the blender and turn it on.
  • For your cinnamon, you can grind to meet the coarse texture or grind until you get to the delicate surface.
  • Remove the ground cinnamon and insert it with another batch.
  • Repeat the same steps until all the grinding is thoroughly done.

How to chop Onions and Garlic

Chopping onions and mincing garlic are effortless with the Magic Bullet. You are seconds away from chopped, minced, even pureed onions and garlic. No more for knives or knife cuts, no more cutting boards, and less sticky hands.

How to do the grinding process

  • By removing some skin and making sure the parts will fit into the Magic Bullet cup, prepare the onions or garlic.
  • Then, in the Short Cup, put all the onions, onion bits, or garlic and twist on the Cross Blade.
  • Could you give it a few rapid pulses?

To prevent it from locking on, remember to add a bit of counter-clockwise pressure to the cup. Offer is a quick tap and releases with the other hand as soon as you hear the motor start. For coarser chunks of onion or garlic, pulse just a few times. Pulse five or six times for a thinner consistency.


Can you put ice in the magic bullet?

No, the low 250 watts capacity of the magic bullet makes it unusable to crush ice. This bullet blender makes dense smoothies due to its low power, cannot work on ice.

It also can’t be used for heating sauces and soups either.

Can you put carrots in a magic bullet?

The magic bullet will definitely crush baby carrots if inserted into the machine. All you need to do is toss your baby carrots right into the magic bullet, add little water and crush away to make your carrot juice.

It’s important to remember that there’s nothing that the magic bullet says or scratches. It breaks it all down to pieces. You get a carrot that looks like it’s been chewed and spit out instead of pretty grated carrot-okay for making soup, but not for a salad topping.

Can hot liquids be put in the magic bullet?

Do not try it! Do not bring hot liquids into the magic bullet. Not just the magic bullet alone but also other blenders available to you. The steam from hot liquids may build up, generating much pressure to blow the lid off of the top or even splatter a steaming hot mess in all directions.

The steam may burn you when you take it off, even if the lid stays put. If you want to blender anything on your magic bullet, ensure that you start with cool ingredients or room temperature.

Can magic bullet chop nuts?

High-speed magic bullet blenders have steel blades specially designed for grinding and crushing nuts effectively. They also have an edge for milling, which grind nuts, coffee, seeds, and beans.

Let’s take almond nuts, for instance;

The Magic Bullet blender is pretty lovely, and we will show you how to make your almond flour using raw, whole almonds.

Except in a case where you need finely grounded almond, your magic bullet can give you properly grounded almond flour.

  • Using the flat blade that comes with the tiny cup and the Magic Bullet.
  • In the tiny blender cup, put 1/2 cup of almonds and attach the flat blade.
  • For a few seconds, mix. An almond can often get stuck under the blade, so you will have to cut the bottom and unstuck the almond.
  • Remove the blender cup after good blending, and shake to disperse the almonds evenly. Often, at the bottom, the bigger chunks get stuck.

What are Magic Bullet recipes?

The magic bullet is an essential home blender that is perfect for that quick-time recipe, boosts kitchen performance, and reduces workload by a ton. Here are some essential recipes you can make with the magic bullet aside from the regular smoothies;

Tomato Sauce

We are sure this is a sauce loved by many, especially when it comes with grilled cheese. Tomato, milk, and garlic are included in this recipe. And, of course, everyone knows how to make grilled cheese to go with it.

Magic Bullet Salsa

This is a mix of garlic, lime or lemon juice, onions, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, and cilantro. And also a bit of salt and pepper. Great to eat with chips and considerably better than salsa out of the jar.

Frozen Margarita

Yet another touch of paradise… the margarita! If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to drink a margarita to forget the cold when you wake up to 10 degrees Celsius. Blend some tequila, lime juice, sugar, ice, and salt (if you’re fancy) around the cup bottom.

See how in all of these recipes there are no steps? And they don’t have any. Toss the ingredients in and turn on the Magic Bullet.


The magic bullet is a structurally designed home appliance that will not just help make kitchen life more comfortable; it would also increase efficiency, reduce workload and improve food taste.

The body build makes it very portable, meaning it does not take up much space and doesn’t need a whole kitchen cabinet to itself, making it compatible with any kitchen arrangement.

It’s a less pricey version of its counterparts but with almost the same results, meaning you will be getting more for less. If you plan to save more while getting the best kitchen appliance, you should go for the Magic Bullet.

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