Can You Grind Cinnamon Sticks In Magic Bullet

Can you grind cinnamon sticks in a magic bullet: The magic bullet is a lower version of Nutribullet. It is a blender and yet specially designed to grind other ingredients such as nuts and spices, therefore, it can grind cinnamon perfectly to a fine powder with smooth fragrance.

As for the two magic blades, the magic bullet is a small monster machine that claims to do almost any job in the kitchen within 10 seconds which indicates that it is a very fast machine.

Do you know that magic bullet as the name has three secrets that give it the power it possesses? Yes, it has 3 secrets behind his powerful functions, I mean its multi-purpose functionality and those secrets are; its unique oblong shape mixing cup and two magic blades that are made for different functions.

The shape of the magic bullet is designed in such a way that it can create a cyclone effect in the mixer, where it forces food items down to the blade selection to deal with them mercilessly.

I love one thing about a magic bullet, it is made of a cross blade with four prongs that can be used for grating, blending, chopping and whipping.

The cross blade as it is can be used for making frozen drinks and sauces as your choice takes it. Do you know that you can even grate cheese with a magic bullet as a food processor would?

Can You Grind Cinnamon Sticks In Magic Bullet

Can You Grind Cinnamon Sticks In Magic Bullet

Cinnamon sticks cannot escape being blended by the Magic Blender. You can definitely grind your cinnamon sticks in a Magic Bullet. The magic bullet helps to turn the sweet cinnamon sticks into beautiful, dark ground cinnamon.

Imagine the flat blade whipping right before your eyes and then you continue to wonder what kind of magic this is. It doesn’t spare puddings to perfect consistency too.

The magic bullet does not only grind cinnamon sticks to powder, but it can also go as far as grinding coffee beans, soft nuts and spices.

Remember, that you can only grind cinnamon into powder unless you want to use all the powder. This is because the minute cinnamon sticks is ground into powder, it begins to lose its fragrance.

The magic bullet has got no problems, once you have your cinnamon sticks at hand, just fill them into your blender precisely one of the mixing cups designed for it, then screw the bullet from the right blade for what you desire.

Turn the magic bullet blade over and press it down to the base.

Come up and hold the blade in space in your need a smooth texture. If you want it done in another method, you can pulse grate the ingredients by releasing and reapplying pressure.

The method can be used to create delicious meals like salsa, or sauce.

When you are done with every grinding or whatever settings you assigned, just remove the cup from the base of the blender, unscrew the selected blade and then screw the lid of your choice.

How to grind cinnamon with a Magic Bullet Blender

Let us see how we can grind cinnamon sticks with Magic Bullet. The first thing to do is to get your cinnamon sticks ready.

There are three types of cinnamon sticks namely Saigon Cassia, Korintje cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. Anyone of your choice can be used, depending on the purpose you want them for.

For instance, cassia is good for meat sausage,  Ceylon is good for food spices and is safe for health since it doesn’t contain a high level of coumarin.

How to do the grinding

  • Cut the cinnamon sticks into smaller pieces
  • Set the magic bullet blade to flat and get it ready for the job it knows how to do the best
  • Pour the pieces of cinnamon sticks into the blender and turn it on to start grinding.
  • You can grind to achieve the coarse texture for your cinnamon or grind until you get to the fine texture.
  • Remove the ground cinnamon and replace with another batch.
  • Repeat the same steps until you are finally done with the whole grinding.

Important Parts of a Magic Bullet

The magic bullet is not just called magic, there is a reason behind it. If you can observe very well, I have mentioned three of the secrets of magic bullet earlier, the oblong-shaped cup and its companions the two blades that come with the blender.

Now, let us check the parts together:

The power base of the blender. The power base of a magic bullet is just 250 watts and yet it performs those magic at its own level. All you need is connect the plug to a power source.

Two blades of the blender. The blades are of two types. The cross blade that has four stainless steel prongs sticking up and the flat blade that had two prongs.

A blender with two short cups It comes with various mixing cups and this very short type is known for its great performance when it comes to chopping vegetable parts or grinding coffee for a special morning enjoyment.

A tall cup of the blender: The blender also comes with a larger cup that aids in the appropriate mixing of smoothies and shakes.

Two lids of the blender: It is a blender with two re-sealable lids that can be used to keep your prepared food into the cups fresh.

It has two shaker lids: The shaker lids are designed to have two holes in the top and the function is to microwave foods right inside of the mixing cup, or to turn the foods into shakers if you desire cheese, cinnamon and other food that are grated.

The four drinking mugs of the blender: The blender is a great companion in the kitchen. It also has four for drinking mugs. The mugs are designed for you to be able to prepare and then drink smoothies and shakes at your convenient time from the same cup.

Since the cups come in different colours, you can always easily identify which is for which drink.

The blender attachment:  You can you the base of the blender to make larger volumes of drinks and mixes.

The recipe book:  The recipe book is one of the best accessories I love about a kitchen product as it will guide you to make a lot of delicious dishes in seconds.

The magic bullet recipe book comes with 100 pages that include all the recipes seen in the commercial settings.

Juicer attachment of the blender: The blender comes with a juicer attachment that turns it into a juicing machine.

Can you now see why magic bullet is magic?

With this power of the magic bullet, it is highly recommended that you should find a way to make it a perfect kitchen assistant for your home use.

Comparing the Magic bullet and Nutribullet

Can You Grind Cinnamon Sticks In Magic Bullet

Magic bullet and Nutribullet are two similar blenders made by the same company. One is small and the other one is large.

The magic bullet is the smaller version of Nutribullet despite being small comes with a lot of accessories as mentioned above. The size of the blenders is not the only difference existing between them.

There are similarities both in the name and the shape of the two blenders, yet Nutri Bullet is not as universal as the smaller but mighty magic bullet.

The Nutribullet is made of 600 watts motor and strong blades that are perfectly designed for tearing through ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts and as a result, turns them into drinks that are nutritious enough.

The magic bullet is not as powerful as the Nutri bullet with its 250 watts motor power but it has two powerful blades that allow it to perform wonders like chopping, and grating.

With all these similarities, there is a cost difference which is, in fact, the major difference between the two blenders apart from the motor power.

The Nutri bullet blender is sold around $200 while the Magic bullet is sold below $100.

Power250 Watts600 Watts
AccessoriesComes with More AccessoriesComes with less Accessories
Recipe BookYesYes
Warranty1 yr, and can be extended an additional 4 yrs.1 yr, and can be extended an additional 4 yrs.

Here are some powerful magic bullet blenders I recommend for you

Some recipe ideas for magic bullet recipe

I am sure you may think the magic bullet is only for making smoothies or shakes. The idea is beyond what you think. The magic bullet can make soup, ground spices like cinnamons, make sauces and many more.

Here some of the recipe ideas I gathered for you:

Broccoli soup


  • 1 cup of broccoli florets
  • A garlic clove
  • Half cup of chicken stock in the tall cup

How to Prepare It

  • Use the Shaker cap and micros the ingredients for about 3 minutes until the broccoli ingredient is soft.
  • Add 1/3 cup of cream or a less fat yoghurt, salt, pepper to taste well.
  • You can now use the cross blade to blend the ingredients until you are satisfied by the consistency of a creamy soup. If need extra flavour, just sprinkle the grated cheese on the top when you are done.

Berry smoothie


  • One cup of berry of any type
  • ¾ cup of yoghurt
  • ½ cup of orange juice
  • Protein powder options

How to make it

  • Add one cup of berry selected to the tallest mixing cup with ¾ cup of yoghurt and ½ cup of orange juice. If you like, you can add protein powder to influence extra nutrients and benefits.
  • You should use the cross blade to blend your ingredients until you reach your desired consistency. If your smoothie is the frozen type, freeze your ingredients before blending.
  • You can also use a magic bullet to make guacamole especially when you need something to top your salad desperately.


  • Pealed Avocado
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Lime juice
  • Cilantro leaves

How to make it

  • Place a ripe and peeled avocado in your magic bullet small cup along with about five ton6 cherry tomatoes, a garlic clove, lime juice, one tab of cilantro leaves and salt and pepper. If you need a smoother dip, add a tablespoon of sour milk. For a better result, use the cross blade and pulse technique.
  • Egg Salad.


  • Celery stalk
  • Boiled egg
  • Onions
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard powder

How to make it

  • Cut one celery stalk and ensure you remove most of the strings as much as possible.
  • Get your small cup and add the celery stalk with two boiled eggs, two spring onions will be okay, mayonnaise should go inside invoke tablespoon and then mustard powder should go inside in one teaspoon.
  • Now, use the cross blade and pulse the combination of ingredients using the short burst technique so that it doesn’t Blend it.
  • Tap the sides of the cup to adjust the food position to reach the blade
  • If you follow this step correctly, you will make creamy egg salad mixed with some small pieces of vegetables and proteins.

Final Words on Can You Grind Cinnamon Sticks In Magic Bullet

The magic bullet may be a small blender but the jobs it does is very unique and amazing. You can see the powerful features of the magic bullet analyzed above. Judge by yourself to see how powerful this blender is.

It has a small motor power of 250 watts but the way it grinds ingredients in seconds is still a matter to understand.

Despite the size and power of the Nutribullet, it is not as Versatile as this small monster called Magic bullet. The small blender comes with a lot of amazing accessories that are mentioned above.

As you can also see in the article, magic bull6is not only used for making smoothies and shakes but also for a lot of other foods such as egg salad, broccoli soup and so on.

As if it is not over, it also comes with two types of blades that work differently, one does the blending, the other one does the grinding.

There is also a juicer attachment that turns magic bullet into a juicing machine just like magic

If I must recommend a blender for you, magic bullet cannot escape my mind. It is designed to blend and grind, no wonder it can grind cinnamon sticks perfectly.

Let me know your thoughts about the magic blender.

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