Best Commercial Meat Cutter Machine in 2022

Before you make the decision to buy your commercial meat cutter machine, check this very detailed review out.

It is totally normal when cutting meats at home, to use a knife even if it is done on a regular basis but this cannot be said for restaurants and other commercial kitchens as that might not be the best option.

Cutting the meat by hand will be labor-consuming, waste lots of time, it would not be very precise and so much more.

The option of buying a commercial meat cutter now becomes valid and makes so much sense. It is very important that when buying a meat cutter, you do not end up wasting a lot of money on a model that does not meet your needs.

Below, I’ve compiled ten of the best meat cutters, listing their pros and cons as well, to give you a better look and to make the best buying decision.

Before we get to that, see my top 3 recommended meat cutter machines.

Top Recommendations

NameImageWhere to Buy
KWS MS-12HP electric slicerBUY ON AMAZON

American eagle commercial meat cutterBUY ON AMAZON
Berkel redline 220 food slicerBUY ON AMAZON

Best commercial meat cutter machine  above 500 dollars

KWS MS-12HP electric slicer

Best Commercial Meat Cutter Machine


This meat slicer was specially built and designed for a commercial kitchen, commercial use in restaurants, farms, dells, butcher shops, and even for use.

The kitchenware station high-quality stainless steel blade semi-automated meat slicer has 450 watts of motor power which is perfect for commercial applications.

It features a numerical scale knob that effortlessly slices meat quickly up to .6” thick. It is also perfect for slicing vegetables, fruits, and cheeses very smoothly.

It also has a built-in dual whetstone sharpener and a ring guard assembly for the blade that makes the machine more convenient and safer.

The body of the kitchenware electric meat slicer is made with aluminum which is really durable and very less likely to corrode. The blades are made of stainless steel which is of high quality.

The on and off switch has a waterproof cover and the feet of the slicer have skid-proof rubber feet that secure it to the countertop while slicing.

Also, note that spare parts can be purchased directly from the kitchenware station’s official website making it very convenient.

Details and features

  • This high-quality blade is not only firm and durable, but it also is equally anti-rust unlike some other blades made with carbon steel which have a shorter lifespan, get easily oxidized, and become blunt. The KWS 12” offers different spice adjustments while also being precise giving you the options of choosing the thickness of the meat. The blade can cut meats from paper-thin to 0.6 inches thick and it does this effortlessly. This is also applicable to vegetables or cheese, the meat slicer also spices vegetables and cheese as well.
  • A consistent cut is ensured with the metal pusher on the feed tray which allows you to be able to provide pressure against the meat when it is being sliced to prevent it from slipping and also protect your hands from the slicing blade
  • It features a built-in sharpener. The built-in sharpener sharpens the blade and also hones it. This sharpener keeps the blade sharp by maintaining the sharp edge that is used for slicing. It achieves this by pushing the front and back button for a couple of seconds making sure that your blade is always sharp and ready to slice
  • The product tray of the electric meat slicer uses gravity to hold the meat against the knife as it is mounted at an angle of 45 degrees. This is done this way so you would only apply little pressure while making sure the product is consistent.
  • The tray carriage can also be removed very easily when cleaning reducing the trouble of reaching hard places when cleaning. This prevents bacteria from growing in crooks and also makes the electric meat slicer very easy to clean

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 24.5* 22*25.5 inches
  • Item weight: 84 pounds
  • The material of parts: Partially plastic
  • Blade removal: no


  • Perfect for slicing paper-thin meat
  • Slices frozen meats well


  • Not able to hold large items, items need to be cut to fit

American eagle commercial meat cutter

Best Commercial Meat Cutter Machine



This commercial meat cutter offers the best value for restaurant owners, food service professionals, butchers, hunters, and even home enthusiasts with its patented design and really competitive pricing.

They are really ideal for open commercial kitchen, home countertop, front-end meat operations due to their compact design which makes the meat cutter attractive and really reliable.

It is a heavy-duty design which means that there is absolutely no form of plastic gears or shafts. This meat cutter slices cuts of meat into 3/16 strips and also keep in mind that other sizes of thickness are available (1/8”,1/4”,1/2”).

You are saved a lot of time using this meat cutter than if you were to manually cut the meat and this meat cutter processes meat effectively into strips in a matter of seconds.

Round steak, skirt steak, boneless chuck steak, venison, flank steak, and even chicken can be cut with this meat cutter as it is ideal for these meats. It is extremely easy to maintain, clean and dissembling is equally easy as well.

The knives are 3.5″ diameter dual rotating knives that easily cut through the meat. Ball bearings support the heavy-duty shafts which are mounted on it making operations in the kitchen smooth.

This was specially designed for commercial kitchens and handles high-volume processing very well. Prepares meat for any type of dish that strips of meat is required.

It also accommodates large extra cuts of meat as the input chute measures approximately 2 inches by 3.5 inches.

Details and features

  • Slices meat to 3/16” thick strips easily which are perfect for salads, soups, stir fry, marinade, or fajitas
  • The extra-large circular knives that have dual combs cut meat easily and quickly
  • The dual shafts are mounted on ball-bearing and they make for an easy and smooth operation in a commercial kitchen
  • Made of high polished stainless steel construction and it is very durable and really easy to clean

Some key specification

  • Dimension: 11*11*11 inches
  • Item weight: 4.19 pounds
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Blade removal: no


  • Processes meat in seconds
  • Easy to disassemble


  • Only cuts strips of meat
  • Ideal only for boneless meat

Berkel redline 220 food slicer

Best Commercial Meat Cutter Machine


This food slice is good for slicing meat, food cuts, fish, ham, cheese, bread, fruits, and vegetables and it also features an adjustable thickness dial.

If you own a small restaurant or a small food establishment or even a small food truck then this food slicer is ideal for you.

This Berkel food slicer with its good quality and innovative design is perfect for slicing meat and other things. It comes with a built-in adjustable thickness dial, a blade sharpener, and a blade guard for safe cleaning.

It also features a reduced dimension with ease of use and the state-of-the-art solution ensures you get a perfect cut every time.

Details and features

  • This electric food slicer is very professional and it has a modern and elegant design that makes any countertop stand out
  • The blades are made of stainless steel and it is really sharp, accurate and also resistant
  • Dishwasher safe and saving you the time of doing the washing yourself
  • The materials of this electric food slicer are made with high-quality material and they are really sturdy
  • Push buttons have LED indications and this looks very professional

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 19*20*15 inches
  • Item weight: 48 pounds
  • Included attachments: blade sharpener, blade guard


  • Does a great job of slicing
  • Features an elegant design


  • Not recommend for foods with bones or frozen food
  • Not ideal for large and frequent commercial use

KITMA stainless steel commercial electric meat slicer


This product was made with a focus on making the best catering equipment experience and this makes cooking healthier and safer for the family of people.

Details and features

  • The blades of the slicer machine are made of high-quality Italian stainless steel and it has a large cut capacity giving you the opportunity to put much meat on it. The motor is driven by a powerful 300 watts which is fast and yield a high slice.
  • The blade of the meat slicer is removable and they are Italian imported blades. The food pusher and knob for adjusting the thickness is also Italian imported. The slices are precise and there is control on your side
  • The power button must be pressed simultaneously for it to start if you want to operate the slicer and this avoids the inadvertent reaction of the meat slicer if there is a case of power interruption or interlock interruption. The feet of the slicer is kept stable while working by the non-slip suction line on the feet
  • This slicer is easy to clean,a permanent ring guard cover, deflector and metal knife sharpener are removable, and sealed splash zones also prevent food splashing in your kitchen and soiling your kitchen. This adds sanitary protection.
  • It is versatile

This meat slicer can be used to prepare various tasks like the cutting of meat, cheese, bread. It can also be used to make paper-thin prosciutto, roast slices. This food slicer is really ideal for preparing sandwiches, deli trays, healthy salads, or buffet food for entertaining parties

  • The base is made of aluminum alloy and it is stain resistant and really easy to clean

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 26*21*21 inches
  • Item weight: 69.9 pounds
  • Blade removal: yes
  • Included packages: commercial semi-auto meat slicer instructions


  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Has a large capacity


  • Can not cut through hard meats, frozen meats, and bones

KWS MS-12A automatic commercial electric meat slicer


This meat slicer is made with a very high-quality stainless steel blade and it is specifically designed for restaurant use, commercial use, delis, farms, butcher shops.

The electric meat slicer can be operated by you either manually or automatically and the heavy-duty motor has a power of 1050 watts suitable for commercial applications.

It slices massive meats, vegetables, cheese, and fruits effortlessly and quickly up to .6” thick and does this with the numerical scale.

A ring guard assembly for the blade and a built-in dual whetstone sharpener is part of this meat slicer. This is more convenient keeping a razor-sharp edge on the blade and it is also safer to use.

The blade of the electric meat slicer is constructed with high-quality stainless steel. The body of the meat slicer is made of anodized aluminum which is more durable and very less likely to corrode.

Details and features

  • The skid-proof rubber feet secure the feet of the electric meat slicer while it is on the countertop during slicing.
  • The on and off switch has a waterproof cover

Some key specifications

  • Dimension :29*26*32 inches
  • Item weight: 180 pounds


  • Cuts meat very nice
  • Can cut frozen meat


  • Hard to clean

VBENLEM three in one electric commercial meat grinder


This meat slicer is made of high-quality stainless steel and it was designed to be a multifunctional, labor-saving, and time-saving product.

It works as meat processing equipment to slice, dice, shred and stuff the meat. It is highly efficient and consumes low energy.

Details and features

  • The meat grinder, the outer casting, tip tray, blades are made with wear-resistant and rust-proof stainless steel which offers you a more reliable experience for a really long time. The stainless steel materials are food grade and ensure no harm to the body.
  • The meat cutter has three main functions which are slicing, Grinding meat and vegetable, and stuffing sausages grinder. Fine grinding and coarse grinding are available with the two cutting plates which are of different diameters of the mesh
  • It has a powerful electric copper motor that has an advanced design. The energy consumption and noise are greatly reduced and the 1100 w ensures the meat slicer is running in a steady condition. This is highly efficient and greatly benefits the meat processing factories
  • Operated with just one button and you can change the methods of cutting automatically with the dual-clutch design. The food falls in with gravity and this is achieved by the high capacity tray I. The upper and this prevents meat blockage to the machine
  • There are vents in the bottom of the machine which helps dissipate the heat of the motor and the rubber feet keep the meat slicer securely in place and balanced. The accessories can be washed thoroughly with water and the problem of internal blockage and ease when cleaning is solved by the removable accessories which make it easier.

Some key specifications

  • Dimension : 20.5*17.7*23.5 inches
  • Item weight:92 pounds
  • Removable blade: yes
  • Included package: meat grinder and slicer machine, 3 mm blade, two-hole plates of 6mm and 8 mm


  • Easy to clean
  • Has lots of power


  • Heavy and difficult to move around when needed

NEWTRY commercial meat cutter machine


This meat cutter machine can do more than you think. One time to slice, twice to make into strips, and three times into cubes.

This list of foods can not be put into the meat cutter to cut and they are, hard melons, hard fruits, frozen meat, bony meat as they all can easily damage the blame.

If you still want to slice the hard melon and fruits, then slice the hard melon and fruit manually first before putting it into the cutter to be sliced into small pieces.

It is advisable and recommended to use a blade size of more than 3.5 mm if you are going to cut cooked meat.

If the meat slicer is not used for some period of time, rust will appear but this can be countered by putting oil on it and then putting dine vegetable pieces and cutting.

To maintain the blade, after cleaning it and drying the water, add cooking oil on the blade while turning the Machine for a few turns to prevent the rust phenomenon.

Details and features

  • It suits any meat which is not frozen or with bones like beef, mutton, and so on. It is multifunctional, first time cuts into meat slice, the second time cuts into shredded meat while the third time cuts into cubes. Slices, shreds, and diced pork, beef, mushroom, pig ear, kelp, chili, tofu, ham.
  • The upgraded blade and fast motor can process 352 lbs meat per hour and this meat slicer can totally be applied to businesses and homes.  The meat cutter also has an enlarged higher inlet which makes meat feeding faster
  • Very easy to clean and really durable. Can be washed directly as it is waterproof and made of thick full stainless steel
  • The cover of the machine when opened automatically makes the meat slicer power off and thus safeguards the users’ safety. This prevents trouble before it happens

Some key specifications

  • Dimension: 20.3*16*15.5 inches
  • Item weight: 50.8 pounds
  • Rated power: 550w


  • Great for shredding and cubing meat


  • Cannot cut hard melon and fruits, frozen meat or bones

Newhai 850W Meat Cutter Cutting Machine


Straight to the real deal:  The outer shell of the meat slicer machine is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean. The blade is also made high strength stainless steel.

The meat cutter is equipped with a powerful 850W copper motor, which can reach a speed of 1400 rpm, making it a great tool for cutting meat. Its blade can be easily washed with clean water.

The meat cutter machine comes with a water gun to help clean the blade.

Use the water to clean the blade, and not putting the whole machine in water.

The meat cutter machine can be used for various kinds of fresh meat, such as pork, mutton, fish, and other meat without bones.

The meat cutter machine can also be used for preparing soft vegetables such as carrots, celery, and parsley. It does not include bones or frozen meat. This machine can not cut hard vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes.

The following ingredients are not allowed to be placed into the meat cutter machine: fruits and vegetables, such as POTATOES. Also, the blade can get stuck by trying these items.

The machine made from stainless steel can not cut materials with strong acids and alkali. It is also important to clean the machine several times before use to remove the smell.


  • High strength materials
  • Strong copper motor
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Applications


  • Not versatile, for cutting meats and meats alone.
  • Not dishwasher safe

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli meat cutter


This deli-style food cutter features a built-in spatula that allows you to easily slice different kinds of food such as ham, turkey, roast, and cheese.

This 9″ x 12″ deli slicer is compact enough to fit in most kitchen counters and cabinets. This deli slicer is great for making beef jerky, ham, and cheese sandwiches, as well as sliced fruit for dehydrating.

The retractable 6.5″ blade and 180-watt AC motor provide maximum power and control to allow food to glide through the slicer.

It features a non-slip blade safety guard and a food pusher to keep the slicer in place. The meat cutter features an on/off switch that allows you to cut safely and clean up after each use.

The food carriage and pusher are designed to allow you to slice and place food directly into the carriage for precise cuts.

The 8.6″ retractable blade and removable housing make this versatile knife easy to clean. Its retractable design allows you to slice diagonally with ease.

The adjustable thickness dial makes it easy to get the precise cut you’re looking for. It’s ideal for cutting thick slices of meats, fruit, and Italian bread.


  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe and smart


  • It is advertised as easy to clean, but it is as opposed to what a cross-section of reviewers say about the machine.

Mxmoonant Meat Cutter Machine


It is the cutting size variety of this meat cutter for us. The thickness of the cut meat is determined by the blade gap. For example, if the meat is 3.5mm thick, the blade gap will be 3.5mm.

Usually, 3.5mm is the size most people choose for their blades. The blades are replaceable, anyway. The meat cutter machine can cut various types of meat, such as pork, beef, lamb, fish, etc. It can also cut soft vegetables, such as mushrooms, kelp, etc.

Mxmoonant Meat Cutter Machine can also cut cooked meat, frozen meat, and meat with bones or muscle tendons. However, it cannot cut raw meat, such as pork, beef, and lamb.

This high-quality meat cutter features a sturdy design and is ideal for busy kitchen setups. It can handle a variety of cuts without taking up much space in the kitchen. It saves a lot of time and helps prepare more meat.

The meat grinder can save a lot of time and effort. It can cut a lot of meat without leaving your hands. It is very popular among establishments that serve food.

Put the meat into the feed inlet. The meat will automatically cut once the switch is turned on.

After draining the feed inlet, turn off the power and then flush the feed inlet with water.

This meat cutter can cut the meat into strips, slices, and cubes.

Mxmoonant Meat Cutter Machine will automatically shut off when the cover is opened, and it’s easy to clean. It’s also waterproof and It’s simple to clean, just follow the instructions on the box to clean it.

Mxmoonant Meat Cutter Machine features anti-vibration footpads that help keep the machine more stable.


  • Power Off Protection
  • Simple to Clean
  • High Quality
  • Anti-vibration Foot Pads

What I considered before reviewing these commercial meat cutters

There are a lot of things that I had to look out for when picking these meat cutters, the price range was set as I already knew I was looking for meat cutters above 500 dollars but there were also other important factors I considered before finally kicking them. I also only kept my eyes on solely commercial meat cutters and those meat cutters that were not flimsy.

  1. I looked out for whether the thickness of the meat slicers was adjustable, which was very important as it was probably one of the best features of a meat slice because it gives you control of how thick or how thin your slices were going to be. When choosing them, I skipped over the models that did not offer it and picked slices with varying thickness and thinness
  2. The material that the body and components were made of was very crucial as it affects how the meat slicer was going to last. So avoiding slices that have predominantly plastic bodies was done as it would not be able to withstand the wears that come with slicing meat.  I looked more for slicers with metal cranes and stainless steel because they are likely to have a longer lifespan
  3. The ease of use was another thing that came into play when I was picking out these meat cutters. I choose those that were easy to use
  4. The blade size was also another important thing that I checked when picking out these meat cutters
  5. Safety comes first. So I was also looking close and well for models that provided blade coverings and had other safety measures so as to prevent accidental cuts or to harm one’s self. I also eliminated slicers that require you to place your hands close to the actual blade and picked models with slip resistance as this prevents unexpected movements
  6. While I was picking the meat slicers, I also had my eye on those that were versatile as well with all these factors that I had to look out for, the meat slicer listed above are for sure the best commercial meat slicers above 500 dollars.

So, if you intend to use a meat slicer, you should check out my considerations as you read the details, features, pros, and cons of the slicer you intend to purchase.

Let me know how it turns out for you.