Is Buying a Meat Grinder Worth it in 2022?

In recent times, it’s undeniable that technological advancement has been a blessing for many people in all spheres of life. That’s why people clamor to have advanced and efficient tools in their homes.

It’s also safe to say, that’s why people see the worth in buying a meat grinder instead of getting predrilled mincemeat at the store as it used to be.

Is buying a meat grinder really worth it? Yes, buying a meat grinder is worth it. It is cheaper and more economical in the long term, gives you freshly ground meat whenever you need it, and allows you to control the type and texture of the meat you are grinding. It also eliminates your meat’s exposure to contamination if you buy store-bought meat.

Real reasons why people buy a meat grinder

Is Buying a Meat Grinder Worth it?

Back in the day, meat grinders are found in restaurants or at the butchers. However, it’s essential to note that meat grinders are one of the standard tools found in many homes in recent times.

To protect their health

People buy meat grinders for different reasons – some homes own meat grinders to protect their health because repackaged meat is unfresh. It could hurt an individual’s health, especially one that’s battling some serious health issues.

Furthermore, some people purchase meat grinders to save them a lot of time and stress of going to the store to get prepackaged minced meat.


Also, people buy meat grinders because it allows them to choose the type of meat they want to grind. For instance, Muslims who don’t eat pork will find it safer buying meat grinders to be sure of what they eat.

Freshly ground meat

Buying meat grinders means getting fresh meats instead of prepackaged minced meat that has lost its quality. The best part is meats ground with meat grinder tastes heavenly – this is because the meats are fresh.

Flexibility to combine different meats

Having a meat grinder also gives you the flexibility to combine different meats; this gives you a uniquely different taste.

Saves you a ton of money

More importantly, meat grinders help you save a lot of money compared to buying prepackaged minced meat or getting your ground meat at the butchers’. This is especially true when you’re one of the few people who grind up a considerable portion of meat every year.

Besides that, meat grinders are also durable, incredibly easy to clean, and their maintenance is also relatively easy. As long as your meat is nearly frozen, a meat grinder wouldn’t cause any problem, as frozen meats prevent clogging.

As stated in the section above, many people buy meat grinders for a whole lot of reasons, and when we look at the pros of purchasing meat grinders, we’ll notice that it’s worth it.

Meat grinders are worth it for those who are very mindful of what goes into their stomachs; this way, they get to control what goes into their ground beef and attain optimum health consciousness.

Why is grinding your meat better than store-bought meat?

As stated above, grinding your meat is safer and better than a store ground’s meat. Reasons are highlighted in the paragraphs below.

Is Buying a Meat Grinder Worth it?

Avoid the chances of getting contaminated meat

Studies show that factory ground beef is more likely to get exposed to bacteria like E.coli – this makes you prone to illness like a foodborne disease.

Robert V. Tauxe, deputy director of the Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases at the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, purports that “a typical hamburger may contain meat from hundreds of different animals.

And, the more cattle that go into your burger, the greater the odds of contamination.”

It is recommended to cook your meat at 160 degrees to ensure that your food is safe from contamination.

It’s cheaper

Grinding your meat enables you to save a few extra money for other things. If you’re into frugal spending, you might want to consider the option of getting your meat grinder.

Getting prepackaged meat means paying someone a few extra money to do the job for you. The worse part is, it doesn’t even taste as good as the one you grind yourself. Why do you have to pay for it when you can do it yourself?

It’s fresher

Grinding your meat enables you to take in quality food – you eat fresher meat when you grind them yourself. Most prepackaged meats are often shipped from a factory at someplace to your local store, and the sad part is, it sits in your local store for a few days before you picked it up; this allows it to lose its taste and quality.

You’re in control

Grinding your meat makes you aware of things you ordinarily wouldn’t know if you bought a store’s ground meat. You’ll learn first-hand how fresh your meat is, how fatty it is, and you’ll also be careful of keeping your work area clean and tidy; this will help you avoid bacteria contamination.

However, when you get your meat from a store, you have no control over the quality of meat – it could be low quality for all you know.

You can experiment with it

Another critical reason grinding your meat is better than a store’s ground beef is because of its experimental tendencies. If you’re someone who loves to experiment with your food in different ways, then this is a good reason why you need to own your meat grinder.

Grinding your meat enables you to experiment with different flavors such as ginger, garlic, curry, and some other things. You’ll also get to know the various cuts of meat – this gives you a uniquely different taste and texture. Little wonder home ground meat tastes better than a store’s ground meat.

Control the fat

One of the many good things about grinding your meat is the opportunity to control your fat, as grinding your meat gives you first-hand information about how fatty your meat is. You can manage your fat by choosing lean cuts of meats.

What else do you use a meat grinder for?

Is Buying a Meat Grinder Worth it

Some people believe that all a meat grinder does is grind Meat, probably because it’s called so. Although the meat grinder’s primary function is to grind any Meat, meat grinders are used for other tasks too, and each is highlighted below.

For making sausages

Meat grinders are useful for making customized sausages with various Meat of different textures. The sad part is that not all meat grinders come with the sausage attachment.

However, you can get a separate one. You’ll also need to get a casing that’s directly put into the extension – this allows your sausage to slip out without having any issue.

Making a homemade sausage with a meat grinder enables you to add your favorite flavors to meet your requirements, ensuring that your sausage is tastier.

Your sausage might either come out tied or twisted; it depends on the duration. Grinding a sausage with a meat grinder ensures that you grind your sausage to the precise specification according to your recipe. The good thing is it will also save you a lot of time.

For grinding bones

Certain meat grinders also serve the great purpose of grinding bones – this is essential for those who have pets. Crushing the bones will make it easier for your pets to chew them rather than battling with a whole bone.

You can serve the ground bones to pets like chickens, rabbits, cows, goats, or ducks.

For grinding vegetables

Many vegetarians and vegans will find a meat grinder quite helpful to grind vegetables. It can crush various vegetables alongside other spices you might want to add.

The fun fact is, some chefs prefer a meat grinder to a vegetable mixer grinder. You can use the meat grinder to ground peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and the likes.

For grinding a cookie dough

Many people love to eat cookies, despite knowing it could be quite unhealthy. The good thing is, you can prepare a healthy homemade, healthy cookie dough with your meat grinder. All you need to do is put all your ingredients with the cookie dough into the grinder.

Preparing a burger patty

You can also make a burger patty with a meat grinder. You can be as experimental as you like with the burger patty. You need to select any meat of your choice and put it in the meat grinder, add a few spices and oil.

The patty’s texture will come the way you want it because of the ingredients you put inside the burger patty.

The only work you get to do is to mold the shake of your patty once it comes out from the machine, and then fry it.

For cutting potatoes

Another useful feature of the meat grinder is for cutting potatoes. The exciting part is that the meat grinder doesn’t mash up your potatoes; it cuts them very nicely – this makes the result look good, it ends up a little mashed with small potatoes in it.

What meat grinder can you buy for home use?

To save you the stress of searching around, highlighted below are some of the best meat grinders on Amazon.

Happy Buy Commercial Meat Grinder

This particular meat grinder is electronic, and it’s excellent for home use. Highlighted below are some significant reasons you need to get this product.

  • Premium quality: The product is of high premium quality. Some of the fantastic features with this premium package include rust-proof, dust resistant and, it’s also made with food-grade stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and stays up for an extended working hour as a bonus.
  • Extraordinary performance: The product saves you a lot of time and stress as it’s guaranteed to grind meat quickly and efficiently. It has an 1100 power motor, can reach a speed of 193r/min, and can grind about 250 kg/550lbs per hour.
  • Simple to use: many aren’t a fan of a complicated product; the good thing about this product is it’s easy to operate – all you need to click is just a button.
  • Used for other things: the meat grinder is also available for other options like grinding vegetables, fish, and the likes.
  • Refined details: the details of the product is well-designed. It considered many things, hence its remarkable features such as a meat tray – this essentially for placing the meats at hand available for grinding—a meat pusher – for easy stuffing of beef. Buyers are also provided with a 6mm grinding plate on the machine and an 8mm grinding plate.

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Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer

This product is one of the best meat grinders on Amazon. It’s efficient and perfect for home use.

It has a superior design capable of grinding meat in an incredibly smooth and quiet operation. It’s also built with quality materials that are guaranteed to last longer – it is rust-proof, meat contact safe, and anti-corrosion.

The product also comes with some useful accessories such as stinker steel, a large-capacity meat pan, a stuffing plate, and the likes.

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JIAWANSHUN 20-30lb/h Electric Meat Grinder

This meat grinder has some fantastic features – it saves you time and is also safe for home use. It is easy to clean, thereby ensuring your item is kept hygienic at all times.

Also, a stirring ring is one of the fantastic accessories included in the product; this enables you to stir meat sauce appropriately, and so many excellent offers from the product.

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Is Buying a Meat Grinder Worth it?

A meat grinder is becoming a must-have for every home. However, some are still at a crossroads as to whether to buy a meat grinder or not.

You don’t need to dwell too much on the issue, as meat grinders have many pros than cons. You should buy a meat grinder if you’re health-conscious, a meat lover, love to work faster and efficiently; and according to, on ‘who should buy a meat grinder,’ “parents have commented that meat grinders are a lifesaver…”

Final take, buy a meat grinder to save yourself the stress of going to the store and keeping extra costs; also, get a meat grinder because the benefits of a meat grinder are beyond meat grinding; you could use it for other purposes. As a bonus, meat grinders enable you to eat fresh meats.

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