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3 Best Meatball Forming Machine for 2021


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Checking for the best meat forming machine to buy? You shouldn’t waste your time searching all over the internet In here, I have put together our list of great meatball forming machines you should buy. It is your one-stop location for all things ground.

There is nothing as exciting as making your own meatballs by yourself. Meatballs are basically foods from meat that can be used to prepare some specific recipe.

When it comes to creating meatballs, you will need the best forming matching to do the job perfectly. This can be a very easy process when you have everything in the kitchen.

And when I say easy, I mean it.

All it takes to create meatballs for wonderful meatball delicacies is just some basic ingredients, your matched meat and a very good meatball forming machine.

Using a good forming machine will not only give you a desirable result as a chef but also save your time and hassle involved in making whatever recipe your place to use your meatball to make.

One of the interesting recipes that can be made at home is homemade meatballs. They are one of the easiest ways to make dinner very quickly.

In fact, most people now buy just a little cooking guide manual to learn the process of making meatball perfectly

Most people are actually interested in getting the best machine for forming meatballs at home for 2020.

Ones that are easy to operate and will do the job perfectly. In this article, we shall look into some machines that are recommended for meatballs.

Just in case you are in a rush, here are our top picks on meatball forming machines that you can buy in the market today

Product NameWhere to buy
Commercial Electric Meatball MakerCheck on Amazon
JIAWANSHUN Manual Meatball Maker Check on Amazon
FY-1112 Gas meat ball makerCheck on Amazon

Best meatballs forming machine review

Choosing the best meatball forming machine to buy can be a very hard task for some people. This is because you must look out for so many essential features such as durability, longevity, easy to clean and operate, easy to carry around and all.

But save yourself the stress as I have just put together the best machines for making meatballs in the list below.

1. Commercial Electric Meatball Maker

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I have made the commercial electric meatball maker the number one choice in this list because that’s simply what it is!

With this machine, creating meatballs involves just three simple phrases which include meat cutting, meat beating, and the machine perfects the job.

The commercial Electric meatball maker can be used to perfectly prepare not only meatballs but other delicacies like pork/beef/fish/chicken balls.

Key benefits

The use of the commercial electric meatball maker in your restaurant or school cafeteria will not only save you time but relieve the so much effort that is required when making meatballs.

The moulding job is not taken away from your list of hideous tasks.

The motor is 100% copper and has good power to function. Long-term operation of the machine is guaranteed

Another advantage is that the Machine spindle here uses imports of machine processing, has a high processing precision as well as stable operation to improve the longevity and service life of the machine

Key features

  • Stainless  Steel
  • Strong durability, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 2 Copper meatball Mould
  • Size:1.8cm, 2.2cm, 2.6cm


  • Wooden package.
  • Internal foam filling.
  • 3Parameter and Operating Steps
  • Parameter
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 1.1KW
  • The size of the meatball( three mould): 1.8cm, 2.2cm, 2.6cm


  • Not everyone would prefer stainless as the body can be quite tough to clean if stained.

How to use

  • Place the machine on flat ground.
  • Ensure the machine is properly Cleaned before making the meatball.
  • Before putting meat into the matching, grind them to a pulp using a mortar and pestle.
  • Work on moderation because  when the meat paste is too enough, meatball will be longer and when meat paste is too little it will become flat
  • The thermostat is adjustable which allows you to control the amount of the meat.
  • A basin filled with warm water should be placed under the meatball outlet.
  • Ensure you Clean up the machine after use.

This is a very great machine for making meatball that can be used in Restaurant & Kitchen Systems, Dining hall, Hot pot skewer shop as well as Meat-packing plant


2. JIAWANSHUN Manual Meatball Maker

If you are looking for that perfect meatball machine that will save your time while making up to 10 pieces at a time and saving your effort in the process, then you have found the JIAWANSHUN Manual Meatball Maker. This is one of the best a professional can have. It is also used to make fish balls, meatballs and vegetable pills

I recommend this machine for school cafeteria restaurants and restaurants in general.

Key benefits

You will not have any problem installing and disassembling the brackets and pressure bar on the machine as they are easy to remove and put back together during the cleaning or fixing process.

Although you will have to use this machine directly on the oil pan, the bucket can hold 2.5kg of stuffing at a time.

Key features

  • Height of meatball machine: 30cm
  • Diameter: 13.3cm Weight: 3.5kg


  • The double bracket holes can be selected according to the size of the oil pan and the oil temperature.
  • A diameter of 16mm/19mm/22mm/25mm.


  • The meatball will not form until meats are beaten into a slurry with a beater and the vegetables are chopped
  • Quite manual.


3. FY-1112 Gas meatball maker

The FY-1112 Gas meatball maker will crown up my article on meatball forming machines. There is so much to gain when using a gas meatball maker. It is among our top machines to recommend because of the efficiency in preparing meatballs as well as how conservative it is in terms of power-saving.

Key benefits

Speaking about this product, every user can testify to the fact that it is easy to operate and to be cleaned. Plus, the cooking surfer is non-sticky.

As long as it has an Adjustable Thermostat, Efficient heater and it is power saving, it is ideal for preparing your meatballs.

Key features

  • Interchangeable Plates: octopus ball
  • Gas meatball maker ( double ) , meatball oven
  • model: FY-1112
  • size for machine: 500*500*240mm
  • net: 13kg


  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Built-In Cord Wrap
  • Cool Touch Exterior
  • Non-Stick Cooking Surface


  • Some reviewers will pass this product only because of the poor diameter when compared to the other two. but to me, this is insignificant.


Will meatball forming machine work?

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With different skills emanating in recent times, most people embrace the use of appliances to replace some manual activities in the kitchen. While others don’t.

You may have come across other guides that will show you how to create perfect meatballs without a machine. This is cool because you will be able to improvise if you can’t afford any of these machines at the very least.

But don’t you think the process is daunting and not worth the time you will waste. Why not buy a machine that will serve you better and save your time giving you a perfect circle-like meatball shape.

These machines have been fashioned to give you desired results when you use them in the proper way and follow the guides.

Yes, a meatball forming machine will work. If I decide to show you reviews from people who use some machines to save themselves stress, this article will become endless.

Whenever I want to buy any cooking equipment or appliances, I love to see all the details to know which will last longer and work effectively well. So if you are just like me, It is time to go into details.

The benefits of well-prepared meatballs for health

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Still in the line of recommending the best product to create nice looking meatballs for your preferred recipe, let’s quickly run through the benefits of serving or consuming well-prepared meatballs.

Sometimes people use ground beef first to make meatballs, then they mould knot spheres. And I have just shown you machines that can also do this perfectly.

However, we know that meat contains a variety of important nutrients that function as body and brain growth.

Doctors will recommend that you consume meat three or four times a week. This means that you are likely to do meatballs more often. Hence you can see why these machines will be important.

Meat contains nutrients like protein vitamins and iron. And a better substitute for meat, or would I say variety, is meatball which has a delicious taste. Some benefits of consuming well-prepared meatballs include the following:

Boost Brain intelligence

Maybe I should mention to you that people who eat meatballs will have good intelligence.

This does not mean that every dull person should start eating meatballs like no man’s business. But when compared with those who rarely eat meatballs, this can be true.

Meatballs are made of meat that contains some vital nutrients which enrich brain intelligence.

Overall Body growth

The dominant nutrient in meatballs is Protein. And in any circumstances, this nutrient must be preserved during the preparation process. These machines that are used to form meatballs will ensure that.

Protein from these meats will contribute to the body group of large parts of the body such as muscles, skin, heart, and lungs.

Energy booster

Although carbohydrates are regarded as energy giving foods regular consumption of well-prepared meatballs in various recipes will add some moderate-fat to the body that will bring about growth.

A solid source of energy in man is the fact that you can also find in meat. With these benefits, I’m sure you will agree with me that meatballs are not only nutritious but important to be among our diets.

Making meatballs can also be a source of income if you’ve got the right equipment such as the machines provided in this article.

Hygiene and a quality meatball machine  is an essential thing when it comes to starting up a meatball business.

Interesting meatball recipes to try out with meatball forming machines

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We all know that meatball can generally be used to prepare myriads of delicacies. But it can be a little bit tricky to use them for just the right dishes.

Let me show you a few examples of recipes that well-prepared meatballs will go well with, and they are easy to prepare.

Swedish-style sausage meatballs

This is, in fact, the easiest meatball recipe you can find on the internet. Just get a creamy dill and mustard sauce and be ready to prepare a sumptuous supper for the weeknight.

Swedish meatballs, gravy and mash in two bowls is one of the most prepared meatball recipes all over the world.

Red Thai meatball curry

Having a Pot of meatballs, green bean and pepper curry placed in front of you is a food experience to talk about. It is tasty and colourful when prepared well.

It doesn’t take much effort to learn how to make a zingy curry that the whole family will fall in love with.

Melting meatball macaroni

You can fill your Pot with cheesy meatballs in sauce. It is called meatball macaroni and just anyone can learn the easy steps in preparing it.

It is suitable for a midweek meal. To top up the game, popping plenty of chess under the grill will just be perfect.

I hope this article has been able to help you in making the right choice when it comes to the best meatball forming machines.

Do reach out to me through the comment section if you have one problem or the other relating to the usage of these machines.

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