Aucma Stand Mixer Replacement Parts

The Aucma stand mixer was primarily developed to suit your needs for kitchen mixing and baking. It is designed professionally to help you make better use and feel of mixers to mix your dough and batter.

What is Aucma stand mixer replacement parts?

These are parts of the mixers that can serve the same purpose as the above-stated attachments, provided a fault is developed or you wish to enhance the ability of your standing mixer.

Some of the Aucma stand mixer replacement parts are:

  • Stand Mixer beater Blader Mixer Replacement Parts Accessories perfect for 4.5 and 5 Quart Tilt-Head Mixer Bowls
  • Stainless Steel K45WW Wire Whip Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
  • KSMC7QDH Mixing Head 7 Quart Stainless Steel Dough Attachment
  • Fetechmate KN1PS W10616906 Mixer Bowl Pouring Shield
  • 6 Quart Kitchenaid Mixer Attachments, that has a Flex Edge Beater Paddle with Scraper for Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer Beater Blader Mixer Replacement Parts

Aucma Stand Mixer Replacement Parts

  • This replacement part is excellent for 4.5 and 5-quartz tilt-head mixer bowls
  • Upgrade Style, less mixing time, and more comfortable. The flexible edge beater scrapes off the inner surface of the bowl and thoroughly mixes the dough.
  • If you’re stirring wet and dry ingredients together, kneading bread dough, or whipping buttercream, strong enough for heavy-duty.
  • All metal beater with flexible edge toughness that scrapes ingredients thoroughly into the cup.


  • High quality (100% high value)
  • Rubber-like silicone material
  • White in color
  • Product Dimensions:5.8 x 1.5 x 6.2 inches
  • Conserves steady wattage draw
  • Appropriate for dishwashers
  • Great for 4.5 and 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Bowls

Stainless Steel Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Aucma Stand Mixer Replacement Parts

  • Rustproof: Made of high-quality durable stainless steel, which is rustproof.
  • Great Capability: Perfect for the following KitchenAid mixers: KSM15, KSM110, KSM103, KSM75, KN15, K45, and KSM90.
  • Very easy to clean: You should handwash

Replacement KSMC7QDH Mixing Head Dough Hook Attachment

Aucma Stand Mixer Replacement Parts

It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is sturdy and difficult to rust, much healthier and better-looking than the original aluminum one, safe and without aluminum traces in your food.

You can knead the dough with Stainless Steel Dough Hook to make homemade yeast bread, make pancakes, delicate cakes, etc.

Easy to Operate

To make homemade yeast bread, make pancakes, delicate cakes, and more, you can use the Stainless Steel Dough Hook to knead the dough. It is safe and straightforward to work.

Stainless Steel Material

The Dough Hook is made of stainless steel material of high quality, which is sturdy and rugged to rust, far more robust and better-looking than the original aluminum one, healthy, and no trace of aluminum in the food!

Fetechmate KN1PS W10616906 Mixer Bowl Pouring Shield

On your stand mixers, mount the KN1PS Pouring Shield tilt shield. It is effortless and does not require any other tools.

You can add ingredients and seep into the liquid ingredients, which will help prevent light ingredients such as flour from flying out of the bowl while stirring. The cover for the entryway is safe to use in the dishwasher.

6 Quart Kitchenaid Flex Edge Beater Paddle with Scraper for Stand Mixer

  • Is a great attachment for the aucma mixer – It is very powerful for mixing heavy jobs, sturdy, and strong enough to enable ingredients to mix with speed and consistency.
  • The grade of the material is excellent for good and makes healthy meals – Possess a food-safe plastic, with silicon rim.
  • The silicon edge makes it possible to scrape food from the side of the mixer bowl. You can infact also use it as a spatula.
  • It is very dishwasher safe.

Attachments that work with the Auca Stand Mixer

Now that we are over with the aucma stand mixer replacement parts, let us get on with the types of attachments that would perfectly work with the aucma standing mixer are:

2-Piece Pasta Maker Attachment Set for Stand Mixer

Aucma Stand Mixer Replacement Parts


  • Attachments attach to your stand mixer’s power hub and use the power of the motor for operation.
  • Lasagnette cutter produces egg noodles or fettuccine
  • The cutter Capellini produces spaghetti and angel hair pasta
  • Simple to use and simple to clean
  • Lifelong operation of all-metal housing guarantees

This pasta maker attachment gives you the opportunity to make pasta from the comfort of your home. It is designed to use for Kitchenaid stand mixers but can also be used for Aucma and other stand mixers.


  • Fresh pasta made easy – enjoy the taste of fresh pasta in your home by mixing your dough in your great stand mixer
  • Stainless steel cutters that allow you to clean-cut of pasta dough.
  • The great lasagnette cutter cuts pasta sheets effectively


Easy to Clean,:-.You can use a cleaning brush to remove flour and pasta from your pasta cutters. You should not immerse the pasta cutter into water or clean it in a dishwasher

Pasta Maker Attachment


You can easily and quickly roll your pasta dough into the thickness you desire and easily into thick pappardelle noodles or lasagna sheets.

Mix up your favorite recipe for pasta dough and mount the roller to any stand mixer, and in no time, you can roll out your noodles.


  • The device attaches to the power hub on the stand mixer and uses the power of the motor to operate
  • Build thick noodles with pappardelle or lasagna sheets
  • Simple to use and convenient to clean

Winterseet 4.5-5 Quart Flex Edge Beater

  • Time-saving Design: It almost gets rid of hand-scraping and build-up batters on the blade. The cuts down the time required to mix by 50%.
  • Dishwasher Safe: When you’ve got the beater done, just put it in the dishwasher. It’s easy and safe to sweep. Hand washing is also quick.
  • Lasting Use: Flat beater of the food-grade for heavy-duty and excellent stability. They are built for durable use.


  • Main Mixing Jobs: The flat beater mixes potatoes effectively and mixes frosting, cake batter, cookies, pie, easy bread, and biscuit dough thoroughly.
  • When pouring finished batters and frostings from the tub, the versatile silicone edges will wipe the bowl clean.

DANYIN KA-5L 5QT Flex Edge Beater great for Stand Mixers

 Aucma Stand Mixer Replacement Parts

  • Food Grade Flat Beater: For heavy-duty and high reliability, the flex edge beater is made of non-stick coated metal construction and elastic silicone edges. This food-grade material beater blade is better and healthier than a standard mixer paddle. Great for cooking healthily.
  • Saves you time and energy: The ever-ready flex edge beater will always beat during mixing, and this can significantly increase the speed of operation, as high as 50%. The flat beater paddle also eliminates wear of the mixer’s motor by removing the need to turn off and scrape the bowl on the mixer.
  • Dishwasher Safe: This 5-quart mixer attachment also decreases wear of the mixer’s motor by eradicating the need to turn off and on the mixer to scrape the bowl; this quick clean beater blade can easily be washed when you’re finished in the dishwasher. It’s easy to clean and secure.
  1. This flex edge beater offers 100 percent auto-mixing to save you time and energy – no need to stop the mixer to scrape the bowl.
  2.  Soft silicone edges on both sides guarantee that mixing is completed thoroughly without scratching your 5-quart mixing cup.
  3.  No batter build-up; there is no batter build-up on the blade anymore with the silicone tip. And it is also possible to apply the beater paddle like a spatula.
  4.  It also acts as an outstanding spatula blade attachment to scrub the bowl clean after mixing work performed while pouring finished batters and frostings from the bowl.
  5. This kitchen mixing blade gets the job done well as a perfect mixer beater substitute.

What are the Aucma stand mixer accessories?

This stand mixer has three mixing accessories. These are:

  • Whisk

This provides you with the chance to combine light mixtures. Examples of these blends are egg and butter,

  • Dough Hook

Allows slightly healthy mixes like idli batter, pancake batter, etc.

  • Mixing Beater

It helps with healthy bread and pastry mixes.

The mixer features a high-performance 660W with impressive ABS housing. This increases the strength of this machine’s efficiency. Typically, you would expect such mixer efficiency to create a lot of noise. The Aucma stand mixer, however, aims to reduce noise with its low 76dB noise level.

The six optimized pulse function speed allows you to pulse and blend different recipes that you carry into the mixer with versatility.

The pulse feature gives you the power that you need to make the batter stronger. With the right length, the 6.5QT high-capacity stainless steel bowl helps you hold anything you want to mix.

The Aucma stand mixer also has a tilt-head & outside configuration that allows bowls and other extra attachments to be added and removed as seamlessly as possible.

The paint is double-coated, and it protects the Aucma Stand mixer from rust and different intense environmental reactions.

There is also a blue light indicator around the velocity control, which tells you when the Aucma Stand Mixer is OFF or ON.

Under the Aucma Stand Mixer, the anti-slip pad enables rigid and durable performance as it is challenging to get the mixer to slip off any surface on which you place it.

Aucma Stand Mixer Specifications

  • Rated Voltage is given as 120V
  • The Rated Frequency is 60Hz
  • Power of the Mixer: 660w
  • The capacity of Bowl: 6.5QT
  • Dimensions: 15.2 inches x 9.4inches x 12.4 inches
  • Possesses FDA certificate
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