10 Best Stone Mortar and Pestle (Our 2022 Top Picks)

The mortar and pestle is an important kitchen tool that most people tend to put in the corner and it has been around since ancient times, crushing and grinding ingredients.

Since the coming of the food processors and blenders, people assume that anything the mortar and pestle can do, they can perform it better.

But that is not the case for some dishes like pesto or curry paste whereby a subtle difference makes a big change.

If you want something that is significantly better with grinding, emulsifying, and blending that yields an authentic ingredient like the curry paste or pesto, the hefty mortar and pestle is what you need.

The mortar and pestle have been used for a lot of purposes from alchemy, pharmacology to cooking, etc, and should be in every modern kitchen.

We are going to be looking at some of the best stone mortar and pestle above 100 dollars. Stone mortar and pestle are usually made of granite and marble, they are heavy and can withstand the heavier pounding.

Before using any of the stone mortar and pestle, a general thing to do is to clean them up. This can be done by pouring some dry white rice into the mortar bowl and found till it is powdery then discard the price and rinse the mortar and pestle with warm water then dry.

In a hurry to make your picks? Check out my top 4 favorite stone mortar and pestle.

Below are the best stone mortar and pestle that are suitable for you.

1. Chefsofi

Best Stone Mortar and Pestle


This mortar and pestle is a best-selling Chefsofi item. A great gift idea you can think of for people you love or anyone.

This mortar and pestle do an effective job when it comes to grinding and crushing herbs or spices.

The three items separate also come separated into three different packaging boxes and can be given as individual gifts.

Details and features

  • It is not only easy to clean but this mortar and pestle is also durable as well
  • It is very sturdy and can withstand frequent heavy use easily and the inner surface can be used for both dry and wet mixes.
  • This mortar and pestle are very ideal when it comes to crushing or grinding almost everything from herbs, garlic to spices, etc.

Some key specifications


Extra-large; 8-inch diameter mortar, 8.5-inch pestle, 5 cup capacity

Standard; 6-inch diameter mortar, 6.5-inch diameter pestle, 2cup capacity.

Package content; a Standard 6 inch 2 Cup mortar and pestle and an Extra Large 8 inch 5 Cup Capacity mortar and pestle with the Original ChefSofi Cheese Board

2. WLGQ Abrader


This stone mortar and pestle are made from a hundred percent marble which is a good addition to any kitchen be it a professional or home kitchen.

This mortar and pestle can be used with ease to grind and crush ingredients for making seasonings, pesto, dressings, and pastes.

Because it is made from marble, this mortar and pestle will not absorb any liquid allowing any oils extracted while grinding to remain in the bowl until you are ready to use them in your cooking.

The surface area inside the mortar bowl is wide (13cm in diameter) along with the shape of the mortar which makes it efficient as possible when it comes to crushing, squashing, and smashing.

Details and features

  • It is an essential kitchenware

This mortar and pestle are reliable and solid and it completes a kitchen. It is made to the highest quality for your kitchen

  • Made from a hundred percent premium quality marble which is crafted to be durable. This assures that it will never absorb any liquid but allow you to easily extract any oils from your spices and herbs of your choosing.
  • This mortar and pestle have a traditional design that is tried and trusted. It is great for grinding and crushing sources and herbs to make excellent pesto, seasonings, paste, and dressing.

It is important to note that after purchase, this mortar and pestle set should be properly cleaned before use.


Mortar: 13cm diameter (outer edge), bowl – 9cm diameter (inner bowl), 9cm Height | Pestle – 14.5cm long, 2cm width. Weight: 2290g

Package content: One pestle and mortar


Best Stone Mortar and Pestle


This mortar and pestle set is made of a natural stone for grinding spices, guacamole, pesto, paste, seasoning, etc.

To use just add your spices, herbs, nuts, etc into the mortar, applying strong pressure with the pestle to the mortar, grinds the ingredient into a very fine paste or powder.

The desired texture will be achieved due to the smooth surface. When you are done grinding, wash the mortar and pestle with warm water, rinse it, and then air dry it before finally storing it. this mortar and pestle also make for a perfect gift to give to someone.

Details and features

  • The good thing about this mortar and pestle is that it has control. You are able to effectively control the degree of grinding when using it.
  • Not only is this mortar and pestle set very ideal when it comes to crushing, chopping, and grinding spices and herbs to make condiments, seasonings, pastes, and pesto, it can also be used to grind coffee beans, crush ice and chop garlic.
  • This is a timeless multi-purpose kitchen tool that can be used as a thoughtful gift to someone as it makes cooking in your everyday life simple.
  • Dipping sauces and other good condiments can be made with the mortar and pestle to make food more delicious
  • This mortar and pestle is durable and can be used for so many years.

Some key specification


Mortar: 14×10.5cm 5.5×4.1 inches (LxH)

Length: 14.5 cm 5.7 inches

Weight: about 3.65kg

Package content: one mortar and pestle

Material: Stone

4. MV Mortar and Pestle

Best Stone Mortar and Pestle


This mortar and pestle were made in Thailand and it was carved out of granite. It is a very durable product and it is of high quality. This mortar and pestle is an important tool for cooking around the world and it will not chip or crack.

This mortar which is carefully carved by hand is cut from a solid granite gown. Not only does it have an amazing visual appeal, but it is also one of the finest in the market as it is made with the finest raw material.

Details and features

  • When it comes to durability, it is practically indestructible and will not chip or crack even if you pound very hard
  • This mortar and pestle are excellent as it brings out the flavor from your spices, nuts, seeds, etc.
  • It was also handcrafted from just a single block of very hard dark granite and it was also manufactured in Thailand with the highest quality.
  • The appearance is beautiful and it is a worthy art to show in your kitchen.

Some key specifications


  • 9.25″ diameter, 6.50″ inner bowl, 7.25″ height. 9.25″ pestle
  • Item weight: 29 pounds
  • Package content: one mortar and one pestle

5. Thai Super-Size

Best Stone Mortar and Pestle


This is another Thailand-made stone mortar and pestle.  It is a king-sized mortar and pestle and one of the largest sets offered. This way you do not have to worry about any kitchen job is too big.

Due to the large bowl, it is suitable for grinding and crushing large fresh herbs like oregano, rosemary, and thyme while the pestle which is usually large grounds more efficient and quick when doing the work.

This mortar and pestle set is most suitable for larger kitchens, professional kitchens, cooking schools, or caterers. Use this set as a gift to someone who loves cooking, they would enjoy it for a long time.

Rinse with warm water and drip dry after using to clean the mortar and pestle. The use of soap is only when needed.

Details and features

  • It has an approximately 5-6 cup capacity and as stated above, it is supersized making it convenient for you when grinding or crushing bulky herbs or spices.
  • This supersized granite mortar and pestle were made in Thailand.
  • The appearance and design are beautiful and a showpiece in the kitchen.

Some key specifications


  • 9.5*9.5*7.5 inches
  • Item weight: 30 pounds
  • Package content: One supersized mortar and pestle

6. CEMCUI Volcanic Stone Mortar and Pestle


We all need durable mortar and pestle to crush and process food items with ease. Stone mortar and pestle do an excellent job of crushing most spices.

They are durable, firm, and sturdy ensuring you have a smooth and fine finish. This volcanic stone mortar is made from pumice which is a slightly porous hole that is perfect for all kinds of food substances especially spices.

Its origin is from Mexico crafted by special gifted artisan hands. Its design is elegant and rounded with smooth edges and a strong pestle.

Attached to the base is a wooden block that separates the stone base from scratching countertops and staying firmly stuck in place as you perform all your crushing and grinding tasks.

Its dimension is enough to hold medium amounts of food ingredients ready to be crushed. It is easy to clean and doesn’t react with food items being processed in its bowl.


  • Volcanic stone construction
  • Wooden base
  • Handcrafted
  • Medium-sized bowl


  • Made in Mexico from beautifully volcanic rocks with extremely durable properties that last longer and suffer little wear and tear.
  • Its bowl is designed to crush and pulverize food items quickly and easily.
  • The construction is handcrafted with extreme attention to detail.
  • Its curves are smooth and soft on the hands, with its stone brushed to perfection preventing scratching of your hands.
  • The base is attached with a wooden block that gives it a unique look and solid base.
  • Its dimension is enough for adequate processing.

7. Large black granite and pestle


Granite stones make excellent mortar and pestle. This product isn’t any exception with its large volume and dimensions, it can handle a variety of food processes.

Spices and other condiments are easily crushed to powder, also wet food ingredients can be crushed smoothly within its bowl. Its solid weight and stone-on-stone action guarantees total crushing and grinding power for any substances in it.

Its granite makeup is perfect for breaking down the leathery skin of dried chili and tough seeds.

Fibers and tougher fruits, vegetables, and leaves too are crushed to perfection very fast and with ease. Major food condiments like sauces and avocado sauce can be ground with this granite mortar using the smooth and efficiently designed pestle.

It fits the hand well and has the proper amount of weight to allow have the best results in any preparation you desire.


  • Environmental friendly structure
  • A popular choice among experts
  • Multipurpose use
  • Improves spices
  • Stable weight


  • This granite mortar is non-reactive with your spices and ensures all your flavors are properly released into your food. The taste of crushed food items remains the same after every grinding.
  • A versatile tool, it’s a very important kitchen essential to have as it has application in a wide range of food products, spices, nuts, and even pills.
  • Washing and storage are done easily as nothing sticks to the surface granite.
  • Every material used is 100 percent food safe and environmentally friendly.

8. Mortar and pestle Large Size Granite


This Mortar is constructed with premium natural granite stone that is non-porous with high durability.

This high-quality mortar and pestle guarantee all your food grinding and crushing are done in a stable process, with its 7 pounds weight it ensures that slipping doesn’t occur from any countertops.

Its exterior is polished allowing for easy cleaning. Its granite surfaces are designed sleek and grind nuts, spices, herbs, vegetables, and other food items into powder or paste according to your desires.

Many chefs and cooks prefer the stability it gives, the pestle is broadly shaped with adequate surface area to crush and grinding any food inputs.

The volume of the bowl is large, accommodating a significant amount of food ingredients. Its sloped and deep allowing for extra force to be applied when crushing or grinding ingredients with a uniform texture all around.


  • 100 percent granite stone
  • Suitable for a variety of food items
  • High durability and stability
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Easy cleaning


  • This solid granite mortar and pestle can handle most kitchen crushing and grinding tasks with high accuracy and ease, the weight keeps it fixed for stability while grinding.
  • It’s completely durable and large enough to process large quantities of food ingredients. The bowl is sloped to keep the food items in the middle ensuring proper placement of anything being processed
  • Highly efficient to use and also clean. It is also non-porous.

9. Mortar and Pestle set Herb Grinder


A unique Mortar made from granite and polished to perfection is just what you need for all your grinding and crushing tasks. Its surface is ideal for grinding powdered food items and dry spices, with its polished surfaces allowing complete removal of finished ingredients.

Herbs, coffee, garlic, and peppers are suitably crushed within the depth of this mortar. The pestle is well designed to give comfort when in use and also wide enough to deliver adequate maximized effort in grinding most food items.

Its structure is comfortable to handle and corners are polished smooth. It has a wide d9iamteeros to accommodate more than enough food ingredients at once. It is non-porous and polished surfaces help to make cleaning easy and prevents odor or mold forming.


  • Made from natural strong stone granite
  • Attractive polished surfaces
  • Large bowl
  • Proper weighted grinding pestle
  • Simple cleaning
  • Crush and grind different kinds of food items


  • Constructed from quality granite stone that is polished to perfection
  • Its shiny and attractive piece of kitchenware improves the looks of your kitchen.
  • Its unique pestle makes reduces stress while significantly improving crushing and grinding power
  • Many kinds of herbs, nuts, and spices can be ground. With dry and wet process done effectively.
  • Its diameter is wide and deep enough to process large amounts of food ingredients.

10. Granite Mortar and Pestle Set


This mortar comes highly recommended. With materials made from original granite which has incredible crushing and grinding ability.

All your food items can be easily pulverized with uniform textures all around.  It remains stable throughout the process of crushing and never slips from your countertop.

The bottom is protected with a felt pad that prevents scratches and damage to countertop surfaces. Multiple kinds of nuts and spices can be properly crushed within their depth and the pestle design reduces labor and maximizes efforts.

It’s easy to use and easy to clean preventing molds from forming in their depth. the texture of the interior provides a significant crushing finish to spices and other dried ingredients, it allows for the mixing of two or more kinds of food items retaining original flavor and aroma.

It’s highly durable and long-lasting.


  • Stable construction
  • Durable and authentic stone
  • Wide diameter
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy to use and practical


  • A well-distributed weight ensures its stability once any crushing is going on.
  • Authentic granite composition means its highly durable and doesn’t react with your food items
  • Pestle is perfectly shaped to give complete autonomy and control as you crush ingredients to powder.
  • Alternative wet and dry food items can be processed with amazing ease.
  • It grinds spices, herbs and mixes properly multiple ingredients for different processes.
  • Its base includes legs that ensure it’s stable on any countertop or surface it paced on.
  • The insides are well-rounded and curved. This makes sure all ingredients are kept in the center for proper contact with all surfaces of any food substance.

Why you should own a stone mortar and pestle set

This is a kitchen tool most people do not know they need. From crushing garlic to making pesto, check  out some of the best ways to use the mortar and pestle

For making pesto

Pesto is better made with mortar and pestle rather than a blender or food processor. It is a summertime favorite and the flavor comes out authentic and even better.

For making guacamole

Yes, the mortar and pestle can make guacamole. All you need to do is toss in the avocado and add other ingredients if your choosing and whip up that delicious fresh guacamole

For making Thai curry paste

Although you can just go to the store and buy one, making your own Thai Curry paste is fun to do and even better. Simply mash the ingredients together in the mortar and pestle to form a paste

For making fresh salsa

Slicing and dicing by hand or with a food processor or blender is something that cannot compare to actually crushing the ingredients together in the mortar, this deepens the flavor of the salsa and makes a difference

For making hummus

Although the hummus might be chunkier, most people do not mind the rustic taste as it is very tasty.

For making aioli

If you love putting mayo in almost everything then you should get a mortar and pestle.  The aioli which is a creamy mayonnaise based condiment that is flavored with a lot of garlic comes together quickly with the mortar and pestle and makes a great dipping sauce for fries

For grinding  spices and herbs

For the freshest and more aromatic flavors, Ditch the spice and herb grinder and use the mortar and pestle for a better taste.

For crushing garlic

For a smooth garlic paste if you detest having chunks of garlic in your food, use to mortar and pestle and add a pinch of salt to speed up the process and draw out moisture from the garlic to make it softer.

For crushing crackers

class=”s2″>Instead of bringing out your bulky food processor to crush a small cracker, go with the mortar and pestle as it is quicker

For making salad dressing

Homemade same dressings are very easy to make

For grinding nut and seeds

Crush almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, etc evenly while also being able to control how fine you want them to be

For crushing coarse sugar

This makes the sugar easier to dissolve by making it finer

For crushing berries

Berries that are soft like blackberries and raspberries can be crushed with the mortar and pestle to name a quick berry sauce

For making chimichurri

This comes out beautifully when made with the mortar and pestle