How To Grind Weed With A Credit Card In 2022

Is a manual grinder out of your reach? Do you have a weed stash to grind? There are, of course, many ways to go about the situation like using a credit card to grind your weed.

There are also numerous DIY approaches to grinding weed, which you will find out in this post.

While it is necessary to grind weed, it is not absolutely essential that you use an electric grinder. Most smokers make use of keys, scissors, and small bottles, or a weed grinder card.

It may sound weird using a credit card to grind weed but it works. Have you tried it out?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to how to grind weed with a credit card as well as other great DIY approaches to grinding weed at home or where the electric grinder is out of reach.

One reason why you can use a weed grinder card is that it is absolutely convenient and portable. Just slide it into your pocket or wallet and you are cool to go.

Before we go into how to use a credit card or weed grinder card to grind weed, have you not wondered why it is even necessary to grind weed?

What makes the grinding of weed a process in smoking?

This takes us to the reason why you would want to keep a grinder or items like a credit card next to your weed stockpile.

Can credit cards be used to grind weed?

Yes. A credit card can be used to grind weed. Not only that, but there are also many other DIY approaches to grinding weed into fine particles. In other words, you do not necessarily need a grinder to get the best out of your weed bud.

But to be realistic, using a grinder will make things a lot easier. When a grinder is out of reach and you are left with no other option, a credit card will come in handy.

It’s just like when you try to use a mortar and pestle to grind cooking spices compared to throwing those spices into an electric blender. While you will eventually get the same result, the latter seems a lot easier and time-saving.

But when you find yourself in a situation that you can get a grinder, the use of a credit card and other similar DIY items could come in handy in grinding weed. Let’s now move to the process involved.

Steps to grind weed using a credit card

So here is a detailed process on how you can use your credit card, or grinder card (if you have one) to transform your weed bud into fine particles.

Let me also mention that to use a credit card, you need to have a Cannabis bud and, of course, a sturdy card.

  • First and foremost, make sure that your instrument is free from any hazard. In order to prevent bleeding all over the weed bud, make sure that the surface has nothing of sharp or pointy edges. If not, you may bleed in the process of applying pressure on the card to grind weed.
  • Use your least prominent hand to pick up the credit card and use the other hand to hold the weed bud. Before you begin the process, make sure that the two items are firmly held.
  • Use the card to scrape the weed bud from side to side or up and down. Try out the direction that gives you the best grinding result. This process should be done gently.
  • Repeat this motion with little more force until the entire bud is thoroughly ground.
  • Now that you have a smoothly ground weed, all thanks to that credit card you had thought was only useful for transactions.

Are there downsides of using a credit card to grind weed?

It is somewhat a miracle when you transform your weed bud into finer particles using a credit card.

One of the disadvantages of using credit cards to grin weed is that it is obviously breakable. This is why I always recommend you use or buy a sturdy grinder card, rather than a flimsy one.

Another disadvantage is that using a credit card to grind weed exposes your fingertips to risk. In the same way, where you store these cards such as the wallet or pocket are not safe.

With this, we can also say that lack of storage space poses a disadvantage. There is also no kief catch when using a credit card or grinder card for grinding weed buds.

It may not be as effective as a knife, grater, or grinder itself, but when you are on the go, using a credit card comes handy and convenient.

Best grinder cards for weed

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Slightly away from credit card, a grinder card works in a similar, convenient manner. While grinder cards come in different styles, they are just about the same size of a credit card

When you want to buy a grinder card for weed, make sure they are sturdy. After this, you can consider the design of the grinder card and all. Don’t choose a flimsy one.

So, instead of spending excess time on the internet looking for the best card grinder for weed, I have helped you in the research and I will recommend you choose Green Goddess Supply Herb Grinder Card with Sleeve.

This grinder card is really cool and convenient. After using this item, the end result will look like it is coming out of the grinder feed tube.

It is an Aluminum cheese grater style that is very sharp and durable and spaced out just right, delivers nothing but uniform results every time.

Most reviewers say This card offers them a quick and easy way to grind. You may want to check it out on Amazon HERE.

In addition, I can across Raw Threads, Raw Grinder Card. If you skipped Green Goddess card then this is the next best option to choose.

I like this grinder card because it allows you to grind in 3 different ways. In addition, raw threads card grinder will fit easily into your pocket or wallet.

While it is made of medical-grade stainless steel, it is a convenient and easy to clean grinder card that you will love. See it for yourself on Amazon HERE.

Other DIY options for grinding weed

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For every weed lover who is caught in a helpless situation, you don’t have to be bothered. Without the use of an electric grinder, these DIY items will come handy in grinding your weed buds.

Using a Pill bottle and a coin

Either a pill bottle or any other compact container and a coin are enough to make powder and get the best out of your bud.

Put the coin and the bud inside the pill bottle and seal the lid of the bottle. After doing that, begin to shake the bottle energetically.

After a few minutes, you are sure to get a fine powder. Keep shaking to get the desired result. A very crucial caution is to not use a plastic bag to carry out this step

Shot glass and scissors

With just a shot glass and a pair of scissors, you can grind your weed bud perfectly. How do you go about it?

Simply break the weed bud using your hands and put it in the glass. Afterwards, using the bottom of the scissors to start picking at the bud that you have placed inside the glass in a quick motion and make sure the scissors don’t come out of the glass while doing it.

In just a few minutes, you can get even results. Another tip is to make sure that the shot glass you are using is small and wide enough.

Another important thing is to avoid some of the bud flying out of the glass while chopping.

The use of a Grater

No matter how bad the situation is, there would be a grater wherever a grinder is absent.

That is also cool because you can use a grater to grind weed. Not a special grater, the same one you use for spice and other vegetables. It is a manual method that can assure you an easy grind of your weed bud.

All you have to do is to hold the weed bud in your hand and move it in a straight line back and forth after pressing it against the edge of the grater.

Be careful to injure yourself in the process as this can happen when you are distracted.

If you are just about to buy a grater, go for the one with tiny hole size. But have it in mind that you won’t have that fine powder that a grinder will give you when using a grater.

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Knife and chopping board

Similar to the way you chop vegetables using a knife and chopping board, you can apply the same method to grinding weed and get an even result.

When there is no grinder, this is another eff the DIY option. The process will be pretty much easier when you have great chopping skills coupled with patience.

It is, in fact, a common way to grind weed among weed lovers.

Ceramic mortar and pestle

Generally, most people without a grinder go for the use of mortar and pestle. It is quite effective and well, effort demanding.

I recommend the use of a ceramic mortar and pestle so that the residue of the weed will be easy to wash away after use. This is to avoid it contaminating other food.

A cool benefit of using mortar is that you will be able to check the consistency of the powder to stop at the right time.

The benefit of grinding your weed

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Having a sticky-icky on your fingers may be inevitable when you do not use a grinder. This will happen especially when you use the finger chop method.

No matter how often you use weed, you want to run from having hands smelling of marijuana or face problems of rolling and all.

When you use the finger chop method, it can be really hard to pack pipe or bong. This is why you should grind weed first using an electric grinder or other DIY items like a credit card.

I’m not disputing using your hands to chop weed, but some say that this method is determined by the much effort you put in the process.

Grinding weed prevents chunky bits in joints and bongs. And it doesn’t sound like this will be achieved by using a finger to chop weed.

When dealing with sticky buds such as Papaya, Big Bud, or California Orange Bud, you know better than to use the finger chopping method.

Using a DIY option like a credit card and grater will be fast and easy. It makes the process of weed grinding quick and quite convenient.

Or, just throwing it into a grinder will save more time than struggling those buds within your fingers.