Best Food Processor For Making Almond Flour (2021 Picks)

Are you looking for the best food processor for making Almond flour, then your wait has come to an end as we have put together the very best for you to make your choice. Keep reading.

Best Food Processor For Making Almond Flour – Top Recommendations

Image NameMarkWhere to Get it
Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor2,570 RatingsCHECK ON AMAZON
Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection566 RatingsCHECK ON AMAZON
Decen 12 Cup Food Processor693 RatingsCHECK ON AMAZON
If you want a grinding processor for making almond flour in any setting, whether at home or at your restaurant, a food processor is just the best answer for you. It is like the earth, ready to take anything crushable, blendable, grindable or what have you.

Best Food Processor For Making Almond Flour – Detailed Review

EZ BASICS Food Processor


This food processor, although small, is powerful and most Ideal for grinding nuts and grains. If you want to make your own almond flour, then this machine is the right pick. When you need to get your food items processed fast and effectively with little cleaning afterward, this food processor is most ideal for the job. FEATURES

  • COPPER MOTOR: Copper is one of the most Ideal materials used to make electric motors due to its high rate of conductivity. This 260W Power Copper Motor is no different. It gets the job done fast.
  • EASILY DETACHED: All the components of this food processor are easily detachable. Which comes in handy when you want to clean it after use, and has easy storage.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Due to its size and portability, this device is very lightweight and can be moved around with ease.
  • The sharp stainless steel blades are powerful enough to crush most food items.
  • VOLTAGE: 110-120V.


  • As far as portability goes, this food processor is very lightweight and ideal for the kitchen because it does not take up space.
  • It is dishwasher safe. When you want to clean it, all you have to do is disassemble it and pop it in your dishwasher.
  • It is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Does not require much power to function, in other words. The power consumption is low.


  • It does not hold as much content as larger food processors.

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection

Best Food Processor For Making Almond Flour


Without a doubt, Cuisinart has remained an outstanding brand over the years. Their work concerning blenders and good food processors cannot be easily overridden; they are one of the best kitchen appliances designers in the world. I want you to look at this powerful product they have got for you again. It is powerful and can do the best of food processing for you.

The features of the food processor

  • It is a powerful food processor that is equipped with a 1300 watts motor power
  • It is an amazing convenient food processor that enables quick slicing, dicing, chopping, and Purees of your food items in the simplest approach.
  • Due to its speed and power, it drastically reduces food preparation time in the kitchen and also saves your energy accordingly.
  • It comes with a 4 to ½ cup small work bowl that is attached inside a large 14 work bowl.
  • This machine is versatile and therefore can prepare a lot of different food items as you may desire
  • It is so strong that it can handle multiple batch food preparations no matter their sizes.
  • The bowls that come with it are durably made of polycarbonate construction, measurement marks up the side, and drip-free pour spout.
  • This system is an exclusively seat tight advantage device that seals the bowls and locks the blades for neat and safe food processing and pouring.
  • It is also made of a unit-wide mouth feed tube which is large enough to accommodate a larger amount of ingredients and as a result reduces the need for you to cut food items into small pieces first
  • As if it is not over, the machine is designed with an electronic touchpad control panel that provides four selections for on, off, dough, and pulse.
  • The accessories include a Stainless Steel slicing disc, a stainless steel reversible shredding disc small, and large.
  • It has small Stainless Steel blade for chopping and mixing
  • It is an intelligent machine that provides blue LED indicator lights.
  • It is a simple on and off the system with push-button release, a retractable cord comes with it, It is also made of dishwasher safe parts that are easily removable and easy to clean.
  • This machine is made of a lockable accessory case, spatula, and recipe.
  • It also comes with instructions book
  • The dimensions of the food processor are 4/5 by 10-1/5 by 17 inches.
  • The product carries a 3 years warranty with 10 warranties applied to the motor only.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is easy to use
  • It is a versatile machine for a food processor
  • It is a durable food processor

Decen 12 Cup Food Processor


Although this food processor may seem intimidating to use at first glance with a bit of guidance from the instructions manual, it becomes very easy to operate. This food processor can be used to process most food items from Vegetables to Nuts and Grains. When you want to make almond flour, this machine will make the process easier. FEATURES

  • LARGE BOWL: The bowl of this food processor is large enough for you to hold as much as 12 cups of whichever food items you want to process.
  • MOTOR: This food processor is equipped with a 600W motor that is powerful and efficient enough to reach speeds of up to 1100-2000 Rev/Min. Leaving you with finely processed and well-blended food items each time.
  • VERSATILITY: Whether you need to knead dough, shred veggies, or cheese. Or simply blend some nuts and grains. This food processor can be used to carry all the aforementioned out.
  • CONTINUOUS FEED: This feature means even when you open the top lid to add food items or water to the food you’re processing, the food processor does not stop. Until you stop pulsing.
  • VOLTAGE: 110-120V.
  • Stainless Steel Blades.


  • If you read the “easy to follow” instructions manual, operating this food processor should be relatively easy.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It can be used to process many food items, it can also serve as a “makeshift” blender.
  • The stainless steel blades are less prone to rust.


  • Some customer reviews online show concerns about safety issues of the continuous feed feature.

Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor

Best Food Processor For Making Almond Flour


Breville brand is another product with a great impact on people’s life talking about kitchen appliances. Breville has come stay and will be a great means to reduce your stress in the kitchen. In fact, it will help curb overwork in the kitchen.

The features of the product

  • This product is designed with an optimal size that can accommodate your ingredients no matter how large they are, and as such there will only be a lesser reason for you to cut ingredients into smaller units.
  • This product comes with 5 multi-function discs and 3 blades
  • The large 5.5-inch wide feed chute will drastically reduce the need to pre-cut most fruits and veggies
  • It is a BPA free processing bowl 16 cups i.e. 3.5 L large bowl; 5 cups (600ml) small processing bowl
  • This is an LCD Display that displays count up and count down auto timer
  • You can store your accessories in two ways either horizontal or vertical position is convenient based on the storage space.
  • This machine is dishwasher safe.

Getting this food processor for your restaurant will be a good decision since it can reduce stress and also maintain your energy as the case may be.


  • It has a very good blending power
  • It is a versatile food processor ideal for every kitchen
  • It is a durable machine with standby operations
  • It will give you a good quality time to prepare your food
  • The body is made of good material that will make it last longer.


  • Some of the customers made negative reviews about it and then came back to praise it.
  • A customer complained of the dough blade penetrating the lid at a time.

Our Guidelines to purchase the best food processor for restaurant

Purchasing a good food processor demands the aid of an expert or an experienced person. If you are still under seventeen In a football team, kindly ask a senior boy to tell you how to manage a keeper like Buffon. What I’m saying is that food processors come with some parts and features that you must know before investing your money in them. Here are the guidelines you should follow before buying a food processor :

The power of the motor should be observed

500 watts and above are always the most ideal motor power for a food processor due to the heavy-duty it has to carry out on a daily basis. If you want your restaurant business to run steady and fast, it means you must get it right from this point while you prepare to purchase your food processor.

The body of a food processor

You need to consider the body of the food processor you want to purchase too. The reason is that there is a general rule that the larger the body the better the body of the food processor. One other thing about the body of a good food processor is that it must be able to deliver sufficient torque to chop through tough and heavy food and also retain the power and speed to fibre grind more fragile food items. A good food processor should be able to operate for a very long period of time without overheating. This is what is needed in a restaurant where food is constantly needed. The motor quality of a well-built food processor is always high and as such the most essential part of a food processor. It has to be high if you are using your food processor for some heavy-duty.

The warranty period of a food processor

This is another very important factor you must consider while buying a food processor. You need to secure your money so that it doesn’t become waste along with a machine that couldn’t serve you well. So, ensure that the brand you are about to purchase carries at least one year guarantee before purchasing it.

The food processor controls

The controls of foods processor are other factors you must consider for easy use and convenience. Most of the food processors come with little control s or functions such as on, off, or pulse. Some of the machines may come with a special feature of dough making. These are not the main points I’m trying to hit at, what really matters in a machine is in its ease of cleaning. You can go for machines with touchpads and smooth inset buttons for a good experience when it comes to usage. Your first priorities while planning to buy a food processor should include the ease of cleaning to get such target, you need a food processor like these ones I recommended due to their easy way to be wiped when done with the food processor.

The versatility of a food processor

A product cannot be called a food processor and yet cannot even process food for an hour. Such is not a food processor perhaps it is an honoured grater. Leave that aside, a food processor should be able to do a lot of things such as dicing, slicing, shredding, dough, and many more. In fact, some food processors come with blenders attached to them. Especially when planning to buy a food processor for restaurant purposes, it must be versatile.

The durability of the machine

A durable machine is said to be sturdy at work and also maintain a straight track to delivering heavy-duty via strong energy and power. This has to do with both the body and motor quality of the food processor. So, take your time to see how sturdy your food processor is before paying for the shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions and answers about food processor for making almond flour

Let us answer some frequently asked questions about the food processor to see how we can further improve its usefulness. Here are some answered questions as the case may be:

What do you use a large food processor for

You can use large food processors for varieties of foods such as pizza, enough gazpacho in batches, some people puree in their food processors, some people can decide to use the grating and slicing feature of the food processor, it is also another fantastic for things like vegetables, fruits, to butter and cheese. In fact, this question is a very interesting one: since I got my food processor for decades, I have been using it to make a variety of foods such as ganache, cake frosting, tart dough, muhammara, pastry cream, hummus, sauce, coulis, veggie burgers, chunky soup, marshmallow fluff and so one. There are many other uses of food processor which are not mentioned, but with these few ones listed, it shows that a food processor is a very powerful heavy-duty machine.

Can someone cream butter and sugar in a food processor

Well, you may be able to cream butter and sugar in a food processor but it cannot be as perfect as when you mix them with a mixer. Like a person, I read about who have made a lot of cakes in a food processor.  Instead of him to cream the butter and sugar in the food processor, he rather whizzed the eggs and sugar and then added soft butter, followed by the dry ingredient.

What is the best method of cutting an onion into chunks before shredding in the food processor

One wise method you can use to cut an onion into chunks before shredding in the food processor is to cut in half in the north pole to south pole, and then place the halve standing up in the feed tube of the food processor. Depending on the food processor, for instance, if you are using a Cuisinart food processor, you may want to buy medium-sized onions. Then try to reduce the size more with a grater blade and then with a slicing blade should in case the grater blade cuts the onion into sizes that are too small.

Can I mix my dough in a KitchenAid instead of a food processor

The paddle attachment that comes with a stand mixer is the most ideal method through which you can mix your eggs for pate of a choux. If you use a whip, it will add air to the choux which is not a good idea. A food processor can do the job in as much as you do a quick pulse for each of the egg and then scrape well for each egg you add. You may also want to mix your dough by hand, though it is hard but don’t worry, at least you can build your muscles.

Can I actually blend with a food processor

One thing recipe called for in a food processor is its ability to do multiple jobs and blending is not excluded. The problem here is that a food processor may not produce smooth puree as a blender will do despite it is widely useful for many reasons.

Is it possible for me to make delicious mashed potatoes in a food processor

You can make mashed potatoes in a food processor but the problem is the gumminess that comes with it, if you can find a way to minimize it, you are good to go. A way to minimize the gumminess is to make use of russet potatoes, gold or similar waxy tomatoes will even do worse in gumminess so focus on russet Potatoes though they will be faster than the russet tomatoes. Soak or rinse the peeled and diced russet potatoes in several changed water so that some starch will be leached out in a similar way to how you prepare your fries. Start by adding the potatoes in cold salty water and then cook the potatoes until it is tender enough to crush, but ensure you do not overcook it. You can process the other ingredients such as milk, butter, sugar, and so on in small batches, and then pulse minimally, then join everything in a mixing bowl provided and complete the whisk. You can also make use of ricer or a stand mixer to paddle the ingredient and whisk. You can also use a masher on the potatoes in a drained cooking pot.

Final words on the best food processor for making almond flour

The entire products I recommended here are the best in town. They have a lot of good reputations especially the brands that produced them. You will get your job done with these food processors as they can handle heavy duties, work continuously without overheating. What is your take about these food processors? Your opinion will be highly welcome in the comment box below.