Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant (2021 Picks)

Making or preparing food in the restaurant has to be constant, and that’s why a person needs powerful machines that can handle that work accurately and there is no better machine for that but a powerful continuous feed food processor that can work continuously.

One great thing about continuous feed food processors is that they work tirelessly without overheating. So, I have to inform you earlier about the monster you are about to purchase.

They are heavy-duty machines that will take your restaurant to the next level.

Here, I am going to introduce some powerful continuous food processors that will be the ideal ones for your restaurant, and believe me, they are simply the best you can ever get.

Best Continuous Feed Food Processor – Our Top Picks

Product ImageName of Product Where to Get it
Waring Commercial FP2200CHECK ON AMAZON

Best Continuous Feed Food Processor – Detailed Review

Robot Coupe R2N Continuous Feed food processor

Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant


Robot coupe is a food preparation specialist in the USA that supplies a wide range of products for every professional to benefit.

This brand is a powerful one and this product, in particular, being a very expensive one, the rating is 35 which indicates that it is a very good and powerful machine a person can rely upon.

If you are already thinking of getting it as your new commercial machine, you are already doing yourself a big-time good.

The features of the product

  • The product is an amazing one with a smooth blade and the smooth blade comes with the bowl assembly of the machine that enables you to blend your ingredients, emulsify liquids, and also helps to chop them to a coarse texture.
  • The product is made of a 5/32 slicing disc and 5/64 grating disc that will make your job easier and neater in the kitchen.
  • The product is designed with a 3-quart bowl: this 3-quart grey bowl is so powerful that it can process multiple ingredients together at a time. The same 3 quart has a transparent top that enables you to see the ingredients contained in the food processor.
  • Talking about an easy-to-use on and off switch, this powerful machine possesses it and as a result, makes food processing a very easy thing for you.
  • The machine also has pulse options which give you the control to execute more specific features it comes with.
  • It is an automatic machine which means it can restart itself any moment you need it to do so. For this reason, it is a user-friendly machine and also optimizes throughput.
  • Should in case you finally purchase the product and suddenly, it develops a default, you have no problem since there is a year warranty against defects in the material or performance including labor for replacement of defective parts of the machine.


  • It is a very quiet machine while it works
  • It is a very powerful continuous food processor
  • It can serve a large number of people within a short period of time.


  • There was no negative review at the time this article was developed.

Above all, I will recommend Robot Coupe R2N to any professional looking forward to a powerful machine that will take good care of its foods in his or her restaurant without any disappointment.

Robot Coupe (CL50)

Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant


This is another powerful machine produced by the Robot Coupe. It is another model of continuous feed continuous food processing machines.

So far so good I have been able to observe that this product is a very powerful one that will make a lot of food in your restaurant within a short period of time. This can also be seen in customer reviews.

The features of the product

  • The product comes with a large hopper that is used for processing bulky veggies ranging from cabbage to celery. It is extra-large that it can contain 10 tomatoes at once.
  • It is also made of a cylindrical hopper which is used for processing long or delicate veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms with faultless precision.
  • This powerful machine is made of a polycarbonate motor base that can withstand the processing of large quantities of ingredients for your food in the restaurant.
  • it is made of a lid and pusher that is designed to remove open catch areas where food particles could gather.
  • It is a great model with a lever-activated auto restart, which makes it a user-friendly machine and optimized throughput.


  • It is an easy to use machine
  • It is a well-built machine and sturdy
  • It is an excellent machine


There is no yet a negative review at the time of the development of this article.

I will recommend Robot Coupe (CL50) to you as it will deliver the best performance as long as I am concerned. It will work continuously without overheating.

VBENLEM 110V Continuous

Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant



VBENLEM is another powerful model that produces a continuous feed food processor and the product is counting up every day in ratings. This is a reliable product you can invest your money in and for sure it will bring in return.

The feature of the product

  • This is a wonderful product with one of the best materials. It is a fruit and vegetable cutter machine that is made of good grade stainless steel and high-quality cast aluminum alloy with a silver anodized surface.
  • It is made of rubber feet which gives it more powerful stability whiles it is on its normal heavy duty.
  • If you need a machine with powerful performance, this is just the best food processor for your restaurant.
  • It is equipped with 550 watts high-performance motor with a high rotation speed of 1600r/min.
  • The machine has a speed rotation of cutting disc that can reach up to 270r/min, and the cutting is highly improved.
  • This is a multi-functional machine that offers you 2 sizes of feeding holes which allow it to adapt to different sizes of vegetables.
  • It is also made of 6 kinds of detachable cutting disks and H3 i.e. 3mm shred, H4 i.e. 4mm shred, 2xH7 i.e. 7mm shred, P2 i.e 2mm slice, P4, which is 4mm slice, to meet up to all your demands.
  • The rubber feet machine is too sturdy that it doesn’t slip and as such ensures good stability throughout the operation.
  • It is made of transparent cover of ON or off switch that guarantees your safety or that of your staff during operation.
  • The switch is magnetic and thus automatically stops as you open the hopper.
  • This is a machine that gives you versatile cutting. It is a great vegetable slicer and the dicer is suitable for cutting all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and cheese such as things like cucumbers, potatoes, onions, and so on.
  • If you need a great slicing and shredding can be easily realized by one machine.


  • It is highly recommended by customers that have experienced its usage
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It is a machine that is steady and powerful


  • A customer complained that he bought 2 of the machines that didn’t work
  • Another customer complained that it doesn’t cut but shred as described

I am recommending this product to you because people are very excited about it, in fact, people that complained about it still gave it up to 4 stars ratings.

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra



I have come up with another Robot Coupe model; this is also another powerful product people are already talking about.

It will give you what is necessary for your restaurant and believe me; it will just do the best job for you.

The features of the product

  • It is made of a direct motor, fan-cooled. These two features are the reasons why it works continuously without overheating
  • It is designed with on and off and pulses switch
  • 3 Qt. stainless steel bowl and the see-thru lid is one powerful feature this machine is endowed with
  • It is made of easily removable attachments which make the cleaning of the machine easier


  • It is an ideal machine that can produce a large amount of food within a short time
  • It is known for its good ability to shred and cut
  • It is a quiet product more suitable for use in the restaurant


  • There is yet a negative review of this product at the time of the development of this article.

Waring Commercial FP2200



If you are in the market for a heavy-duty continuous feed food processor to make your job easy in your restaurant, look no further than this piece of machinery.

It is built to be durable and for large-scale food processing, it can be used to process a variety of food items.

It is easy to use and works fast when you are on a deadline. Most of the food processing done in restaurants is done on a large scale to be more efficient, for efficiency, choose this food processor.


  • It is equipped with a powerful ¾ HP motor that gets large-scale processing done in no time.
  • Power: 120V
  • It has a large bowl capacity that can hold up to 20 cups of food items for processing.
  • The hopper is made of a Polycarbonate material and embedded with stainless steel blades.
  • The base of this food processor is made of Aluminum and it is none-slip.
  • The bowl has handles to ease carrying and avoid spillage.
  • Has a see-through cover.
  • It is “continuous feed”, which means while working it has a tube on the cover that allows you to add more food items. Hence the name.


  • You can process up to 24 pounds of food items per minute with this food processor.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The high-performance motor allows you to process food for long periods without overheating.
  • The see-through cover allows you to monitor the process.


  • It may be a bit difficult to clean, without proper knowledge.
  • The bulky nature makes it difficult to store.

Sirman 40752558W6 TM A6

Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant



Sirman brand has been manufacturing food processing machines for over 50 years. This fact alone should give you the confidence to want to purchase this product as soon as possible.

The features of the product

  • This product comes with 6 pack plates, 1/16- 1mm, 5/32 – 4mm, 3/16 – 5mm, 3/8 Slicer – 10mm, 1/8 shredder – 3mm, 3/8 dicer – 10mm.
  • It can prepare up to 600 foods in 2 hours or less.
  • The speed of the disc is also a fantastic one which is 300 RPM from a powerful ¾ hp fan-cooled motor that enables high output and durability.
  • The disc is made in such a way that its speed is optimum and precise and doesn’t smash the machine which in return gives it a longer lifespan.
  • The product is made of double interlock on feed hopper and product pusher for a safe and continuous feed operation that is needed in your restaurant.
  • It is a machine that is made in Italy.


  • It works fine and great
  • It is very fast and durable
  • It is a great machine that delivers its job within a short period of time
  • It is 100% rated five stars


  • It is not produced in large quantity
  • Only two is left in the store for now

I am recommending Sirman 40752558W6 TM A6 because it will do your job perfectly well, it is so fast that it can make a lot of food as high as 600 within two hours and will still be ready to perform more.

Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant – Buying Guide

The buying guide is like life to us, we don’t like missing it on any of our articles. So, I have prepared this simple one for you.

When planning to purchase a commercial food processor, it is very important that a person should take note of some things which are the features of the product.

These features are the most important parts of every machine so, their matter is critical and a reason why you must get it right so that your money will be valued and at the same time, your product will serve you well.

Power of the machine

The power of a food processor is what gives it the ability to work continuously without crashing for a long period of time. Therefore, every customer should treat this feature of his or her machine as important as they can.

A machine with higher motor power will help you process more food compared to the one with lower motor power; especially as a person who is planning to use your food processor for a restaurant business, it should be clear to you that a small, weak, and unstable machine cannot do that job.

A power machine can help you mix, slice, chop, dice, or even blend as the case may be. So, it will be a good idea for you to get a machine with a very powerful motor in order to make your restaurant a better place to eat.

Another thing you should consider while purchasing a food processor of this like is the RPM, this will enable it to process your food faster and more accurately.

The food processor attachment

You need to check for the best attachments in a food processing machine. They are not only essential but they have to be present in a food processor.


Your food processor must have a disc so that it can do slicing of food items equally. This is thus an essential part that must be present in a food processor.

Julienne Disc

Julienne Disc should be part of your food processor. It is essential as it helps to boost the presentation of your ingredients with great speed.

This disc attachment helps to produce fine, match-stick style cuts in a very short time. Another good thing about this disc is that it is good for a vegetable plate, salad and more.

Grating Disc

Your food processor should have a grating disc that is able to grate cheese and veggies and thought finely and quickly. You must ensure that the grating disc is present for your food processor.

Shredding Disc

Shredding disc should not be missing in your food processor. It is an accessory that cuts vegetables in speed into long, thin strands.

Some of this kind of shredding disc is reversible, which enables them to feature medium or fine shreds on either side.

If you must bake zucchini bread latkes, this disc is essential.

A dicing disc is another part you must not joke with especially when you are willing to cut a large chunk of vegetables in your restaurants which is a must for stew, salad, soup, and many other ingredients.

If you have this wonderful feature in your machine, you have got it right already. With this disc, you save your time and also spare you the use of knives from additional tear.

Dicing disc is expected to come dicing kit so, watch out for this while you count your money to buy a food processor.

French fries Disc: if you want your restaurant to give fresh homemade fries with great speed, your processing machine should possess this part by all means.

Pulp disc is also essential

The pulp disc is a part of food processing cut ingredient into zest extra flavor so powerful. If you need special compote, preserves, coulis and more.

There is also waffle-cut

Waffle-cut disc will help you with a waffle appearance for any type of ingredient.  This is a powerful feature that your food processor should have.

Brunoise disc

This is an addition to the dicing disc you already have. It is a very specific dice that produces a 1/8 inch. If you want a mind-blowing flavor to your soup or your stew, ensure you have Brunoise disc in your food processor.

Whipping disc

With a whipping disc, the food processor will be able to add the work of immersion blender to help you produce fresh cream and butter with a smooth texture.


Bowl is another feature of a food processor; this is where your ingredients will be accommodated. Ensure that the size of the bowl of your commercial food processor be large enough since you are using it for restaurant dishes.

There used to be a small bowl that will be needed for churning out large batches of ingredients.

There is a cylindrical tube attached to a food processor that aids in pushing ingredients through the feed tube.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant

There are lots of things you can prepare with your food processor and these are some of the great things you need:

  • You can use a food processor to make delicious, healthy, and soft-serve out of frozen banana and Nutella.
  • You can make use of heavy cream with a food processor
  • If you are interested in turning rolled oats into gluten-free flour for the best taste you ever want.
  • You can grind meat with a food processor
  • You can turn cookies into cookie crumbs within a short period of time.
  • You can whip up flavored and delicious mayonnaise that’s way far better than the stored kind
  • A food processor is also that ideal machine that will do quick shredding lots of potatoes.

Why you should use a food processor

The food processor as a whole is a very versatile machine that can prepare varieties of food in a very short time is really an important machine you should have at home and restaurants.

If you are actually ready for a good restaurant business, you can’t do without a food processor and the continuous feed food processor type is the best you need as a person running a restaurant business.

You can chop nuts, grind meat and do many other tedious works a food processor can carry out for you is a reason you should use a food processor.

What are the common food processor issues?

No matter how hard rock could be, it can be melted by fire. Food processors may be rugged and monster in nature, but they also have problems that come up once in a while.

I am going to talk about some of the problems generated from time to time in a food processor.

Dull blades

When you continue to use a food processor, definitely a time will come, it will become dull that it can’t cut, slice, dice, or even chop or liquefy food as you really wanted.

So, if such a thing happens, it is either you change the blade or contact the manufacturers if there is a means for the provision of new blades.

A blade stuck

Sometimes, you will read some customer reviews complain about blade stuck. It is a common problem for food processors. This normally occurs when you have food accumulation in the blade assembly or the food processor’s drive has built-up rust.

Don’t use a food processor whose blade stuck as it is dangerous and can blow up. This is why it is good to read the user manual thoroughly before usage.

It fails to on

Two things may cause this. It is either you have damaged the food processor cord or the motor is faulty.

In this situation, you will notice that you connect your food processor to the electricity but refused to run. Don’t try to fix the problem by yourself if you are not trained to do so, otherwise, you will worsen the case.

When your food processor only function at a certain speed

It is a painful experience for you to run your food processor with a certain reason in mind only to discover that it doesn’t run as you expected.

A food processor is normally made with various speed functions but an internal problem may occur allowing only one of the speed options to work.

This kind of problem will require that you move the covering of the processor and then inspect the electrical components.

Final words on Best Continuous Feed Food Processor For Your Restaurant

I have been able to review the best continuous feed food processor you need for a successful restaurant business.

These powerful machines are great at slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping, or liquefying your food processor with ease.

They are also great machines that perform heavy duties in the kitchen. This means, your energy and time will be saved automatically.

The speed at which a food processor works is very amazing and will play a big role in moving your business to the next level.

They are the best kind of food processor you should have right away.